Friday, January 24, 2014

the best of

It's been forever since I've blogged - I'm not very sure if I divide my time productively, but January has sped past, as the months tend to, nowadays

Had the best birthday ever, counted down and stayed over at tianyi's/raju's/tianhui's with loudgen and I had so much fun playing resistance for the whole entire night (thank you for starting and fuelling my addiction, guys). I'm getting increasingly better at pulling all nighters (admittedly always with just about the same company), with all the sleepovers & camp sua.
2AM car ride sending kathy & jaslyn & gracey home (courtesy of driver ryanny, who has an extremely convincing chinese accent)

Polaroids with some of the best people I've had the pleasure of getting closer to in 2013 / (part of my) bimbo cg :'-)

So my friends threw a surprise for me at palawan beach, after leading me all around sentosa island. the only crazy kids I know who would send me the link of a video at midnight, under the guise of forwarding a pw-related email (we don't even have pw anymore????) - a video of themselves singing/rapping/all part of an elaborate plan in which I had to guess where I had to be at 2pm. 
If all that effort wasn't heartwarming enough, they actually got the bimbo cg to come down too and i was really really so touched :'-) thank you for your elaborate plans guys I love you all so much thank you for giving me the best birthday I've had in my 17 years of existence :'-)

impromptu movie date (like really spontaneous) after two whole days of orientation dry run - war games killed me. But rushing out for good company and a relatively good (we had extremely low expectations HAHA) movie was all worth it :'-) 

 Matt Hooi's farewell party (we made him a black & white card bc hipster memories and all) :'-) thank you for being like a big brother (although i am *actually* taller than you heehee) to me, and to all of us :'-) (He's not going anywhere, he's just stepping down from youth btw.)

always a mad ice cream feast + 2-3 hour long conversations when we're at island, much love for my ac bros, though they are retards through and through :'-) they always cheer me up and make me smile. much love for my idiots (you guys are idiots.)

lots of fish eyes the day after my fish eye lens came in the mail THANK U G MARKET here are photos of my attractive friends in the attractive camp shirt that I designed HA HA.

journeyed all the way to paya lebar for dinner @ junheng's (where we got lost because fine I insisted on walking to his house but the roads there are all SO CONFUSING) / the airport after that to send ben off on a school night, after open house WOW it was tiring but it was a great time actually - played FIFA laughed really hard at the airport and had meaningful conversations on the train rides to and fro. I am blessed to have them actually, incredibly, incredibly blessed. 

A WEEK WITH MANDA because she's finally back from the states/her holiday at bkk and we're all in singapore and in school. 'Twas a good week with my usual idiotic company, but I couldn't have asked for better. 

(sneak peek of my planner hee hee)

oatmeal jam bars val baked and brought to school - they were absolutely delicious

brad bought jaz a BEN 10 watch HAHA the snap-on-wrist kind, had fun wearing it and playing with it while booth was giving his lecture on.... um.

#100happydays #100sadddays #100angrydays
or as jh puts it after seeing this on ig, #100randomdays

penny-ing along the corridors outside our homeroom/the mirrors - great thursday company with the usual bunch. thank you viggy for kindly letting us borrow your penny and laughing at us (read: simon) for failing so badly at skating. (actually, he said I did an alright job for someone who's skating for the first time YAY)
also, simon was craving for some KOI so we were like "no regrets" and the two of us walked from school to KOI and back to satisfy his craving.

we took each others' phones to read the each others' notes.
"we're being anti-social creatures"
"yes - but true friends do not use their own phones, they use each other's phones."

1.5 hours of our lives we are never getting back - super good job, HP kids, y'all were fantastic last night :'-)
More than 1.5 years of my life with these kids that I am never going to get back - but time spent with them is always worth it. Especially for my pw group we are so used to each others' companies another 10 months wouldn't make much of a difference HAHA I kid, I love them so much. Thank you for making JC so worth it, y'all keep me going. 
They're mad, but they keep me sane.

Had a wonderful afternoon today with the bravest and most beautiful lady I know heehee, it's been a crazy 3.5 years but I'm glad we're here now and I'm glad we know that we'll always have each other when things get rough. 
thank you for always being my role model :-) 
here's to making the effort to meet up on a regular basis, can't wait for you to make me lunch next month HAHA. I love you more than you know :'-) 

to add on: i visited mg today, and it was a really good feeling to be able to sit outside the staffroom once again and say hi to 80% of the people walking in and out. I've missed my teachers so much because they were, and still are family to me, and honestly I've missed going back to help them out with whatever they needed help with. Just talking to them made me really happy and it made me realize that no matter how far I go I'll never be too far away from home.
i miss mg so much haha but i've been too caught up in j2 to realize it (good and bad)
also, I was talking to yue while hanging around today and she said that she sees a lot of herself/ourselves in the students that she's teaching. Watching the current girls walk around today, I feel the immense urge to jump back into my potato sack and pretend that jc never happened HAHA - I miss when I actually looked forward to studying in school because it meant being constantly fed by our teachers/taking study breaks when we talk to our friends & juniors & teachers. 
I want to go back into my bubble hahaha

thankful for the weekend I need to catch up on lost sleep