Thursday, November 28, 2013


i have this thing for looking through old photos every now and then.
I've realised that I took horrible, downright absolutely HORRIBLE photos when I was in Sec 3, hence the wasted photo opportunities in eastern europe (ROCs 3). Sigh. So I've decided to gather all the photos that I had taken, and put them through some photo editing.
cropping, slapping on filters, rotating them a little, increasing the exposure and the sharpness.
and these are the results.
<it was b e a u t i f u l there, I hope one day I'll get to go back again - this time, taking care with the food I consume and the amount of water I drink, so I won't fall sick again and have to spend my Prague day in a communist hotel, falling asleep in the middle of a movie on HBO. Go easy on the food, chug water consistently.>
also, some photo credits to my friends that I went on ee with, they took some of these photos and I edited them a little, thank you friends (I took some of jiayi's and berenice's photos, heh thanks guys)

was a little hesitant to edit the concentration camp photos last night. I mean, I was editing photos close to midnight. So this was the only one I worked on. 

the black things were the curtains of the bus windows. 

view from the reichstag, i will always remember that spirally shiny place. 

the train station with incredibly high ceilings. 

that is all - i really miss germany. 
i wonder why i'm only doing this two years down the road. i need to take better photos. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

week one of the end of year holidays, summed up in a few photos.


jcube for lunch, dad took leave for the day. I didn't actually ice skate though I'd like to try one day.
the people look so small. 

spent the afternoon baking 
<chewy chocolate cookies with chocolate chunks>

random japanese mart in star vista.

visited the airport at night (as per my request to travel to the other end of singapore) to send my grandma off, she left for Korea with some of her friends.
I love going to the airport, I wish I lived nearer to the place. But maybe if I did, it'll take all the novelty and excitement I get from travelling to the other end of Singapore out of it.

walking around with reenah for the whole afternoon window shopping :-)
also, queued for krispy kreme with her (even though I didn't get any because fattening HAHA). They look really good. But they're overpriced anyway, sigh.

splurge dinner of the week: marche's with these two cuties :'-)

the lighting there was p bad, unfortunately.

this was heavenly, my favourite part of the meal - strawberry crumble cake. 
amazing, I want to have it again. 

i love supermarkets. this one had a whole shelf filled with cereals.

catch up lunch with the P6 homies, talking about old times over lunch & ice cream, them making fun of me as usual sigh, but I wouldn't have them any other way. Thank you guys for 6 years of friendship, for sticking it through together for so long, here's to many more years together to come.

Lunch @ hot tomato with jaz & ramz before watching catching fire with ejaz :-)))) ***CATCHING FIRE*** was amazing you all should go watch it i mean iogjaoishgoas lived up to my expectations. It was incredibly intense, though. 

went crazy with bodi & loke HAHA. Had an early lunch @ subway @ alocassia (it's rly quiet there, actually, *new study spot*) before heading for ice cream @ island @ serene center
It started with a tub of cookies & cream ice cream. And then we ordered a banana split. And then a mudpie, ice cream OVERDOSE but it was a gr8 afternoon of talking and inhaling ice cream, glad for friends like them (the old and the new) :-) 

random qt reindeer i saw at marks & spencer omg look at that :'-) 


skyped with gracey on sunday night wewewEWWW :-)


Thursday, November 21, 2013


it just hit me that it's already thursday and I have been procrastinating all week. HAHA sigh. At least I'm done with the camp shirt design, I have to come up with the points system + logs list for games 
I've been meaning to start practicing on my guitar again, but I've procrastinated on that too. 
And there are more photos I've yet to have uploaded from my phone. Procrastinated on that as well.

Main reason for my procrastination: 
I've been watching four to five episodes per day recently, which adds up to about three to four hours of watching pretty little liars. A day. 
Sigh but it's so goooood. 

for our last gm of the year: exco bought us shunfu muffins :'-) they were so good but they were HUGE and um fattening as far as all muffins go so I ate the top and gave ian the rest HAHA.

Megan megan megan megan :-))))

shared this cheesecake brownie with ali after lunch, while waiting for si to get his haircut before returning to school, and it was soooo goood. 

HH OGL bonding day :'-) blessed. 

not a very good photo, sigh, but I made breakfast! Matcha French Toast + Scrambled eggs.

gotta go get ready now, meeting jaz + ramz for lunch and then watching catching fire DO U FEEL MY EXCITEMENT I have been waiting for catching fire since last year sigh :'-)