Friday, March 30, 2012

tick tock, this is a clock

Yet another week has slipped from us, and I feel extremely lethargic. For the past 5 days, I have been surviving on five hours or so of sleep a night, this is usually the case when school begins. I'm extremely pressurized because Mid years are in 4 weeks and 5 days, it may seem like a very long time, but in actual fact it is really NOT. So much work to cover, I haven't even started on the new things that I have learnt yet. Sigh, extremely extremely stressful.

Anyway, today was quite a good day on the surface, really did have a lot of fun, but I feel kind of bad now....... HAHA shall not be said here! But yeah, about today:
We had a really long flag-raising this morning, because there was an abundance of medals and trophies to distribute, and the German students from the French-German school we visited when we went for ROCs3 last year came over for a visit! It was really pleasant, they sang us a short song. It was German but it sounded vaguely like an english song that I recognized. But yeah so cute! Haha! Had devotions, and then went back to class :-) Also, today MG observed Earth Hour, which was really funny because Earth hour & Lit coincided, and we were anticipating Mrs Choo's reaction towards the heat :P

She was in a really really REALLY good mood today, for some odd apparent reason. Had English at the Bamboo courtyard, we sat on the steps and went through compre/summary answers! It was a nice short lesson. She even released us early to get ready for our next lesson, which is really RARE tbh. But yes, she was in an immensely good mood, so!

Went back to class and waited forever for lit to start because Mrs Choo was like fifteen minutes late :P Sat in class and talked a little about personal statements and testimonies and lit and stuff, hmmm! Lisa lent me her fan to fan myself :P It was a really good fan, HAHA! Mrs Choo came and dismissed us to come up with the good points & bad points for the three societies mentioned in the Chrysalids for 20 minutes! Hahaha, yeah so discussed w Kris, Jiayi, Andrea W, & Nicole in the bbcy :-) After discussion, went to the LT because we knew Mrs Choo was there and went in hehe.
Had a good time rolling around on the floor and enjoying aircon cuz I was rly tired and hot.... HAHA, waited for the rest to come in and ranted a bit to Mrs Choo. (who came up with a really scandalous cover-up as to what we were really talking about HALLO WHUUUT HAHAHA) Mrs Choo told us about our target setting next week, which I thought was pretty scary because the school has this programme (it's rather accurate) that predicts your L1R5 for Os and we're going to get that prediction next Wednesday! Aaaah! After that, went through chapter 15 and came up with a new abbreviation for PBQ HAHAHA LMAO RATARD. Lesson ended 5 minutes late, stayed in the LT to talk to Mrs Choo after lesson hehe she's so nice la she has such faith in me, and in all of us its really heartening. Ranted some more, ended up being like 10+ minutes late for SS hahaha I felt quite bad......

SS! Did some handout on globalisation and its PES effects (political, social, economic) haha! Not bad not bad, it was quite interesting seeing how I really don't like SS at all :P Ms Koh's so nice!!!! Haha most of our teachers are so amazing, I swear!
Had Math next! Finished our second integration worksheet aiyaaaa. HAHAHA integration's the reverse of like differentiation, and I'm just like lalala. Okay! Managed to do one question on the homework list because we ended before time!

Recess was HILARIOUS. Went up to 1D & 1I to help Grace give out Bandage thank you cards, but they weren't there, so went to eat w Reenah & Huilin before going back up at the end of recess to hand it to them. Yup! After Huilin and Reenah left had the most hilarious conversation with Megxie & Jiayi I seriously couldn't stop laughing HAHAHA. The way Megan thinks ahhhh, its really funny! Hahaa yup so they followed me up to the 1D & 1I to give out the thank you cards, the people weren't actually in class so I handed the thank you cards to their classmates to put on their table, and like one class had such eager girls that they were kind of snatching to see what the card was about even though it didn't really concern them HAHAA OKAY NEVERMIND.

EYE DISSECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't find my cable so when I do I'll upload the photos on! We watched a youtube demo vid on how to dissect the eye and what we would be able to see and stuff and Mrs Liow paused at certain points and explained a bit and stuff :-) And then we got ready to dissect! Dissected w Char & Jiayi and it was SO FUNNY. Got our gloves & labcoats on and then Mrs Liow said we could take pictures so I RAAAAN to my locker to get my camera I swear I looked kind of demented running in a labcoat + latex gloves on omg embarrassment hahaa........ ANYWAY. Dissection was RLY RLY RLY FUN Char was really grossed out though. I liked cutting up the parts of the eye and tearing off the layers and stuff OMG SO FUN HAHAHA. Char took quite a number of photos because her gloves were clean until the end of the experiment, when she finally picked up her courage and touched the stuff HAHAHA. SO FUNNNN. Answered the questions on the dissection worksheet and got ready to leave for swim meets :-)

Got to Toa Payoh w Stacy after having lunch in school! (: Talked on the way there, took 171 to Newton MRT and then MRT-ed to Toa Payoh. Waited for the swim finals to start, was really hot and stuff hahahaa.... After Reenah came, left to look for Grace, who was w Heliodor! Sat at the Olson block and contemplated just falling asleep because I was so tired...... HAHA. Was quite sad I couldn't be there w the Carnelians when they were having post mortem. Looking through the photos that they took today on facebook I SWEAR THEY ARE THE CUTEST I LOVE THEM OMG HAHAHAHA I'm the most blessed SF ever to have them as my LTC group <3 <3 <3

Anyway, helped Heliodor out a bit with tying rubber bands and walking around with Grace checking stuff, haha! Not bad! Heartened by their efforts towards this project (: Went around and talked to like Sal & Berenice and Tessa and all (: Hahaha! Synchro girls were really good, and they used a HSM song ~*inner HSM fan shines through ok I really loved HSM at this point in my life and I still remember all the songs k~* Was really tired by the time the finals ended, couldn't decide how to go home, I wish I could fly...... HAHA anyway, asked Mrs Lau if I should take bus/MRT because she usually helps me make such life-changing decisions HAHAHA. mostly because I can't ever decide and just nua...... So yup took the MRT home w Huilin and talked quite a bit! (:

Did some plant bio, gg to read it again before I got to sleep so I'll remember it tomorrow when I wake up (: Also, I upgraded my aspiration tonight HAHAHA, really heartening how we came up w a cool plan, made me realise that some friendships/relationships really do last for a long time <3 Gotta go to school for SL day tomorrow, yay! :-)

I feel like such a........... Okay nevermind.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Our God is Greater


This week is DISCOVER JESUS WEEK, one of the reasons why I love being in a mission school :-) They have dedicated the first hour or so of school from this Monday to Wednesday for us to sit through the equivalent of a church service, worship, message and all, and I think its a really good start to the day, and its partially why I'm more excited to go to school for the next two days, today included. Last year's wasn't very relevant to the theme of like, discovering God, although it was good and one could see that a lot of effort was put into it, but I'm already beginning to like this year's :-) Mrs Lau and I agreed just now that today's DJW service was really good, the songs for worship really declared God's love for us and the message was meaningful and personal, which was really nice! :-)

Today's message was more of a brief intro to what to expect in the next two days, I liked the speaker, he's entertaining and he drives his point home, and today's main point is that God loves each and every one of us very very very much. It was really nice reminder because sometimes we go along in life and forget that God's love and His grace is really all that we need, and that everyday is His. Yup! This ties in with the Easter season, and I think its really meaningful, really enjoyed chapel period this morning (: Super super super looking forward to tomorrow and Wednesday's messages and God's word whoooooo! Finally something worth waking up for! :P

Oh yeah, and the entire time I was just reminded of one of the memory verses we were encouraged to keep close to our hearts in Loudgen, (Yay I remember it, ever since Joanne got me to memorise it for her that Saturday hahah!)
1 John 4:10 says that "This is love - not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent his son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins" And I was just thinking, if God loves us so so so much, we should love Him too, not just because for all that He has provided us with, but for who He is and how He's always there la, so hmmmmm just a thought.

The only downside of our first DJW session this morning: I REALLY NEEDED TO PEE HAHAHAHA I swear there is something wrong with my bladder oh my goodness.

Chinese! Did some summary thing HAHA skimmed through it, I need to try harder for Chinese, yes, I get it I get it! But I am trying :P Let's see how my Higher Chinese turns out, heh.

PE! HAHAHA ran 4 rounds as a class after Mr Ling gave us some pep talk about how a slow jog will alleviate our muscle pains because our lactic acid would be released in the process OR SOMETHING, haha! But I found it quite effective, running as a class, because like I ran further up in front, and I wouldn't want to stop because the rest of the class is going, and I wouldn't want to slow down either! Heh. Yup, even though I didn't want to run. I even played bench ball :P HAHAHA, first round was just random-ish grouping, but my team won! (: YAY! Which was quite cool la HAHAHA. Second round was Benchies VS Rest of 4I, and benchies trashed 9-3 despite being outnumbered :P I love them la HAHAHA they're an amazing team tbh.
HAHAHA but yes quite a miracle that I moved so much........ HAHAHA

Recess w the usual recess babes, talked quite a bit this session, somehow it seemed like we had more time today during recess. (: Went back to class, changed! I hate changing after PE if I'm still sticky, which I kind of was today. ): HAHA.

Physics! Electricity is such a huuuuuuge chapter, oh my gosh! But yeah, we learnt quite a bit of this in Sec 2, kudos to Mr Lim, he really helped us build a solid foundation. Mr Heng went around showing us how circuit breakers worked with our very own circuit breakers in class which was really cool tbh HAHAHA how the lights all switched off and everything HAHA. Mr Heng's good (: Thankful for good Physics teachers the past 3 years!

E Math was gg through the E Math 2010 mid year's Paper 1, and then doing probability! Math lessons are always bearable because we are always working out sums so yup (: Time passes pretty quickly!

Lunch w Loueyyy (: Hahaha, talked and I whined about my full body aches oh my goodness they are really quite bad ok :P I think she was really entertained because I kept talking to myself whilst braiding my hair, sigh such a bimbo :P I like to talk to Louey about Christianity :-) haha!

A Math whoowhoo integration aka opposite of differentiation! Finished my homework within the lesson WHOA FIRST TIME HAHAHA I was super happy with myself. Heh. And right after Mrs Tee left, Laoshi came into class and announced that there was no ke today. The Sec 3s weren't free for ke i think? BUT YAY ANY REASON WILL BE SUFFICE. NO CHINESE TODAY (:

Slacked around in school for a bit before coming home to do E Math. LOTS of E Math. ARGH OK I REALLY LACK LOGIC HAHAHA this is not fun. But I think I'm prepared for the mock tomorrow :S SO INTENSE. Okay, anyway, did some physics too!
I shall go do more E Math! (:

Can't wait for DJW tomorrowwwww! And ROCs4 on Wednesday! And I'm not sure if I'm gg to watch THG on Wednesday w Stace & Nicole... Hmmm. Swim Meets on Friday! And gg to Jess's house aft school next Thursday to watch PS I Love You whoohoo our ~*date*~ HAHAHA. Don't think I'll have time to blog because I really want to catch up on Sec 3 work this week too. AIYA WOES OF Os BEING A TWO YEAR SYLLABUS THING

Ok goodnight!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

we are golden

Hello :-)

Yesterday was truly a day that was wonderfully spent, I just had so much fun in school and it was a good day on the whole (':

Got to school at about 6.45 and rushed the Olympics poster like crazy, after gg to class and changing into my class tee (that was left by Cristina in class wheee thanks dear!) and I was so so so psyched for the Olympics aaahh! After I was done, most of the Carnelians got here, and I just tried to help them prep before I left to assemble at 7.15 (:

Got to the sports com at 7.15 after dropping off my bag in class, hung around a little w the other CDMs and Game officials whilst waiting for everyone to come. Idk why they got the CDMs to come early though, because they only briefed the Game officials..... But anyway, after everyone came we had the opening ceremony and everything it was rly cute la (: HAHAHA. Megan also brought eyeliner, and she drew battle marks on our faces with her black eyeliner HAHAH. Went around the entire day with 4I in black eyeliner on my face (:

Opening ceremony was super cute because when the host country was gg to light the olympic torch to declare the games open, they just ran up to the second floor of the sports com, outside the PE teachers' office and lit up this candle placed on the cupboard HAHAHA damn cute (you would kind of know the lay out if you're from MG hehe anyway). Okay anyway, the games began after that!

Our first game was with 4S, and we lost that one ): They were good tbh, and it was a good game. But I guess after that we really got ourselves together and Sam was like our coach and telling us the strategies we should take up and everything HAHA. Between our first game and our second game, went around taking polaroids and talked to Reenah and watched 4O's game w 4T and all hehe.

Kris made her grand appearance after the second game! Because she had some physical fitness test for her national team thing before that heehe. WHOOOO our best defender alongside Sam, the two of them are plain amazing la <3 Sat out the second game w 4M because we had more people, screamed my head off, I was their cheerleader for this game HAHAHA, we won this one! (: we were soooo happy because we really wanted to qualify for the semis quite bad. Hehe. GOOD GAME 4M! Nicc was damn cute la she was their mascot, the avatar HAHAHA. 

Ran and checked on the ROCs3 Fair during the break time before our next game, and got back shortly before the third game started (: Talked to Qi & Vess about how the fundraiser was going, and it seemed to be going quite smoothly, went up to level 3 to check also cuz Qi said something happened upstairs but yup, after that returned to the sports com. 
HAHAHA BELLA WAS SO CUTE, was walking with Bella and Kris and then "Glad You Came" started playing, so Bella turned to Kris and went "This song is for you Kristin, I'M GLAD YOU CAME~" HAHAHAHA HILARIOUS OMG. 

Third game w 4R, won that one too! AAAAH we were so excited tbh, and we were so amazing. Andrea Wong hurt herself though ): Hope she's better now! Geared up for our last game with 4H, we were quite jittery about that and we talked about the odds. Like if we won this game, we would have a three way tie with H & S for the final 2 spot, but if we lost, H & S would go along to the finals. So we really wanted to win this one, because our benchball team is the strongest team in our class, but yup

GOD WAS AMAZING. Gladi said before every game she would go "Thank You Jesus for letting us win this game, amen!" HAHA SO CUTE, but yes we won our game with 4H (': Super super happy, we were jumping after that because we were really afraid we would lose to 4H because they are a very very good team (: But yes, amazingly, we qualified for the finals! AAAH! Despite the 3 way tie. To determine the final 2, they counted the number of goals we won by for each game, and added them all up to have one final score. So we go to the semis w 4S (': 

First semis game with 4O, and we won that! Omg we were really happy seeing how 4O trained a lot and stuff, YESSSS. I think there was just a general sense of great accomplishment whenever we won a game, (: I love my team, they're the best!

Prayed before the finals, and Sam goes "SEE WHICH CLASS GETS INTO THE FINALS, the one who puts a verse on the front of their class shirt!" HAHAHA truly, God is amazing (: Drama happened during the finals though, anyway FORGET ABOUT IT, told Mrs Lau about it yesterday because tbh it made my blood boil that they would think we have no integrity at all, but yes. WE WON WE WON WE WON BENCHBALL OMG <3 

Went to watch the kick off for the winner of the semis between O & I, sadly, we didn't get thru to the finals, but its ok, was pretty glad for 4O seeing how much they trained. Didn't stay to watch much of the semis between H & E, and subsequently the finals between O & H, instead, ran to check out the LTC kiddies' progress (: They seemed to be doing real well, made rounds with Nik and then she walked me back to the sports com for the closing ceremony (: 

Closing ceremony was rly cute, gave out prizes and stuff! Went up to collect medals for winning benchball, and it was so cute, because after our team got our medals and took our team photo and stuff, 4I shouted from the back "LONG LIVE KIM JUNG UN" HAHAHAHA LOVING MY NORTH KOREA CAN <3. Yup, so watching a routine by the MG cheerleaders marked the end of the Sec 4 Olympics, and rly enjoyed the time we spent playing (': can't believe its over!~
Ran off to meet the kids and spent the rest of the afternoon going around with them! Bought lunch from Ayn's class's stall. Its rly funny how the Sec 3 juniors I know are either from LTC (HAHA I saw Kristine today, it was so cute because when I saw her I went "KRISTINE" and she was like "EDLYN" HAHAHA cool how she still rmbs my name) or they are Nicole's guidey juniors like Ayn and Minhea HAHA.

Anyway, did loads of rounds w Nik, cleared up a bit with them. It was so tiring, running around with them, but so worth it. Problems began to spring up, but was so proud of them by trying their very best to handle every single one. I would say the project was an amazing success, because the Sec 3s ran out of stock quite quickly! YAY amazing! Love all my kids, they're so cute. Met loads of teachers around the place too, HAHA! Saw Mrs Lau, WE MUST TAKE LOADS OF POLAROIDS REAL SOON (L). SAW MRS WONG!!! HAHA so cool ok, fancy meeting Mrs Wong at MG! Ok I've seen her a couple of times, picking up her daughters. But yes, talked quite a bit to Mrs Wong who was exiting the hall when I saw her, and awww she saw me and immediately gave me a hug even though i was so sweaty. "Wah you're sec 4 already?? Oh my goodness so fast!" Really fast tbh ): she was my form teacher back in SAPS when I was P4 ): 6 years have flew past just like that. Anyway, Mrs Wong also told me I seemed more suited for AC than RJ, because of the culture. Hmmm. Saw Mrs Choo around too! Hahaha, saw her when she was climbing the stairs and when she saw me she walked down and gave me two packs of Ovaltine sweets super randomly awww yay yum! Love them la (': 

The day ended with counting the amount of money raised w the rest of the Carnelians in the meeting room, SO PROUD OF THEM, raised so much money!~ Counting money was so fun, hahaha, Mrs Gan and Ms Bong were so funny lor. They settled a date for post mortem, on Friday, I can't be there w them because I need to go for Swim Meets ): DAAANG. But yes so proud of them nonetheless. So thankful for this opportunity to spend time and watch amazing juniors like them grow. They're the batch doing RYC, YES YES YES RYC WAS AMAZEBALLS FUN, was telling Su Ern about it (: So nice that some of them were willing to share w me how they truly felt about their actions and reactions during the course of executing this project, and they just really warm my heart la, I'm so thankful they're few of the SLs we're handing our responsibilities over to. 

You guys are amazing <3

Got home, spent the entire night scanning my Polaroids in and texting (: It was a good time texting, so thankful how she understands what I'm gg through la, and how she's always willing to listen to what I'm gg thru. (: It was a really fun time texting about stuff. Love lots <3 

Slept really early last night because I was so tired HAHAHA. Also, was chased to sleep since 8.30 HAHA. Yesterday was a really lovely day, next Saturday'll be spent with my darling SLs omg love.

Happy Sunday

Friday, March 23, 2012



I AM ABSOLUTELY BURSTING WITH EXCITEMENT FOR TOMORROW OMG. Let the drama that is Sec 4 Olympics unfold tomorrow OMG HAHAHA. I think 4I's more bent on having fun than winning, which is good la (: HAHAHA but I'm really excited to see what happens...... Was just telling Mrs Lau about Sec 4 Olympics drama, gg to have like so many more stories to tell her tomorrow hahahaha.
AND I'M SO EXCITED FOR MY LTC KIDDIES I'm so proud of them, and I'm sure they're gg to do such a fantastic job, they make me so proud and happy daww (': <3 Hahaha! Gg to get to school by 6.50 just to watch them set up and get themselves ready for a li'l bit before heading for Olympics (CDMs have to meet at 7.15 mooo) BUT YES ONLY FOR MY KIDDIES <3

Anyway, let me blog about today!
Got to school, spent my morning with Grace + revising for Bio SPA, and then lessons started!
Finished our compre-summary during English, yay! I didn't manage to write my last three summary points, but she gave us another 10 minutes during lunch, which I took to finish my summary. Anyway, yes, that was about it for English.
Lit! When Mrs Choo got here, 4R wasn't here yet and so I started telling her about my Olympics & english woes HAHA :P hope no one heard what I told her because.... Ok nvm HAHA. Asked her what our mascot should be, and she goes all: "KIMCHI" HAHAHA Kristin and I died laughing.
Anyway, lit was quite alright! Did chapter 14 and Mrs Choo told us about sociology, yuuup!
SS GLOBALIZATION! Greece is so poor thing, we're still tryna do the proposal, Kris & I. heehee. because only she can think of like solutions because I'm not v good w that, did the ressearch!
Math, we did integration aka the opposite of differentiation which was rly .......... HAHA quite funny la its like differentiating backwards ok anyway.
Recess! Ate, got stuff from Mrs Choo aww she's so nice!
BIO SPA was alright tbh HAHAHA -undisclosed- hope I didn't like screw up or anything.........
Lunch lunch lunch spent it finishing my summary!
Went through E Math paper during E Math (: It was alright too, my fridays are generally alright because its made up of all the short periods, so its bearable :-) And today's lessons are quite nice/alright so yay! Fridays have the best timetables.
GEL! Personal testimonial stuff and then got briefed for ROCs4 #psyched, even though I'm so sad its our last ROCs, did 4 years fly by just like that? </3 hmmm.

Gg to sleep soon so I don't die of tiredness tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I'm so excited for the following:

HUNGER GAMES OMG I might die of spasms waiting for this to come out, hahaha.... I MEAN OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG ITS SO EXCITING. REAAAAPING. Probably watching it next Monday after school, I am so so so excited :3

My LTC kids are an amazing bunch, I swear. I couldn't have asked for a better group to SF for, it is so heartening to watch them grow as individuals, as well as together as a group, the past few months. I can't wait until they execute their event because it'll be the best ROCs fair, like, EVER. (': Can't believe I can only be there at 1.30 because of Olympics (not that Olympics aren't exciting, I just wish i could be w them for the entire duration) 
I hope the next batch of SLs are like them, <3.

Today was alright. Had some nonsensical lecture during English, URGGHHH seriously do you even have to -_____- and stop comparing your lesson to math ok, its two entirely separate entities, have you ever thought that you are giving more homework than all our science teachers? humans teachers? thank you for outrightly calling us stupid, let me use this against you, ok? :-) have fun.
Chinese is so much more entertaining sitting next to Cristina HAHAHHAHA.
Math math math lots of math today differentiated my head off.
Bio was alright, we learnt about the eye! It was quite interesting, hehe, I like learning things. I like it when we have theory lessons for bio and we learn something new, because i think its so cool to know.
History was nationalism! Hahaha I quite like history too la :-) despite the dryness, I do still enjoy it! Hmmm


Sunday, March 18, 2012

we're going down, down in an earlier round

Happy Sunday!

Today, I dragged myself out of bed at 9........ TO SNOOZE MY ALARM HAHA. Tskkk. I didn't know what made me turn my phone off silent mode before I slept last night, but I did. Haha, so after going back to bed for like five minutes, Jess called me and my phone started blaring so I woke up officially HAHA.

Got ready, had hot chocolate for breakfast (ish?) and then headed off for church! Stopped at the petrol kiosk at the foot of the hill on which church is situated HAHA and got Polar! Mmmmh, after gobbling down my chicken pie, went up to the worship hall! :-) Was on duty for ppt today! Haha, I spasmed a little bit, but yay worship was really good (; Especially since I didn't go to church last week ): I don't know if I'm gg this saturday, I want to stay with my LTC kids until they are done cleaning up after the fundraiser etc etc, heh.

You are good, You are good, when there's nothing good in me.

Anyway! Service was good, I had to click slides heehee it was a little confusing because Shaun and I were like looking for the slide that matched which verse he was talking about, but message was good! We are called as servants of the Lord :') Mhmmm!

Went for lunch at West Coast after that, and then nua-ed at home for like forty five minutes reading the Sunday papers and idk, checking twitter?? HAHA. Enjoying the final hours of bliss before school starts. I really didn't realise how busy this week would be, but sigh, let's go! Pray that God will give me the strength and the patience (omg the PATIENCE I have things to settle w my class) and the loooove. GOD HALP. Okay.

After Math tuition (which was matrices. I don't like E Math la tbh A MATH ALL THE WAY hahaha but E Math is easier.... anyway), went for dinner at IMM and bought a new top yay yay yay I thought it was really cute HAHA. Anyway.

Got home and, after watching Disney for like half an hour, dragged myself to bathe, and then got started on revision for Physics SPA tomorrow (HAMANA ITS TOMORROW.) Hahahha can totally imagine Mr Heng nagging at us about the significant figures. I hate the stupid 2/3sf shiz ): Whatsapping Jess simultaneously, until she fell asleep, haha! :-) (Get enough rest ok ): <3)

So before I sleep tonight, I shall try to clear a little more Math homework, (I only finished my A Math paper, I didn't even try my E Math paper, because, you know, A Math > E Math, haha, anyway) Yuuuup here goes Term 2. 

Anyway this music video (PARADISE! by coldplay) is so cute it always makes me smile heh. 

This week:
Getting ready for Sec 4 olympics (CDM stuff to settle, like the educational board whatever, I think we need to decide on the mascot + what we come in as a class on the actual day etc etc)
Kiddies executing their project this Saturday, so its the week-leading-up-to-project madness! AAAH so excited for them, shall try to attend their meetings as much as possible (': 
Bio & Physics SPAs (Bio on Friday, Physics ~tomorrow)
History test on CMC + Fall of communism on Thursday 

Let's see what else this week will bring. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

all the highs, all the lows

Today is Saturday, and it is also the second last day of bliss (you get what I mean, school starts in less than 48 hours and I'm not exactly excited to trudge back into school on Monday morning, but besides that)

My skinny cousin who eats like A LOT came over to stay for the week, and so we had a good American breakfast this morning, yay yum. Amaaaazing breakfast, I must say.

Had Chinese tuition after that, which was. Alright. At least I wasn't on the verge of sleeping this week, must be the fact that I've been sleeping a good 9+ hours the entire week, oh how I love the holidays! Okay anyway, after Chinese tuition, had lunch? Haha, I couldn't eat the entire thing because we had a such a filling breakfast, hence I shoved half my portion to my brother. 
Anyway, we went to a book fair after that and after staring at racks and racks of books (It was so nice, being surrounded by books!) I finally found One Day! It was priced at $8, yay a steal! Haha, saw books like The Lovely Bones, Handle With Care, House Rules & the Hunger Games, all of which I already own :-( Hence, i didn't need to buy them HAHA. Okay anyway, yay check out One Day. 

(the dress I was wearing today served as a nice background heh) 

Walked around J8 after, and saw a pretty top that I liked but even XS was too big for me, MEHHH. Okay so that was disappointing. Went to Scouts HQ with my brother as well, who had to change his pants because they were like 4 sizes too big!?!?! Crazy boi. Anyway, he was giving me a tour like such: "These are badges." "That is the uniform" "We tie knots" HAHAHA. OK. 

Bought groceries (not fun) went for dinner w grandfather. Goooood fooood, even though I didn't have rice and stuff because I wasn't hungry. I don't usually eat 3 full meals a day. Usually I have breakfast + lunch together, and then dinner. But anyway,
Came home to four new packs of Polaroid film that I ordered online, which is tons cheaper even with shipping than buying it here in Singapore! YAY. I need the film for next Saturday, when we have our Olympics + PTM + ROCs3FUNDRAISER (!!!!!!) all running simultaneously on that day. I'm so excited for my bbs tbh, I'm really really really proud of them, and I hope a lot of them make it as SLs (': 

Aladdin tonight as well, even though I could only catch the second half! HAHA! A Whole New World! Could totally imagine Jess singing along to it because she always sings it..... hahaha. Anyway it was nice (: Soooo sweeeeet. Haha. I hate bad guys in Disney movies because they always make me think that the prince/princes is gg to die. Which they don't la because all Disney movies have happy endings, but anyway. Haha. 

Anyway, I should get ready for bed soon, because I need to wake up at 9 tomorrow, attending second service! Combined service heehee! 
But no, I will read Mockingjay, then go to sleep!

In other news, check how pretty Taylor Swift is (':

Also, someone please remind me that my Physics SPA is on MONDAY. *heart attack*
I hope it goes as smoothly as last year's. Haha, last year's went really well (: Let's hope this year will be the same. I like Physics now. I've always liked it. Its quite sad that if things go as planned, etc etc, this will be my last year taking physics. It will also be the last year I'm taking History.
They are revealing who A is on Monday. Let's hope its not Mona. I'm pretty convinced (by Tessa and other external sources that she has directed me to) that Ezra is A. Let's see how Aria copes with this (I like her la, still. But it'd be v drama)

Okay anyway, Mockingjay


goodbye, my love

This is really eerie, tbh. Haha. 

She spoke words of wisdom

Seriously guys, when is this coming out. I've been waiting for it to come out in the cinemas for over a year ):

Today is just one of those "I feel like blogging in photos day". Today is also the last weekday of the school holidays, well, yesterday was, because rn it's past midnight. And me not wanting to go back to school is an UNDERSTATEMENT, because even though I'm sure it can't be worse than all the shiz i had to deal w in Term 1, because most of it is settled now, I don't want to go back. (as much as I love my school) The March holidays were really good, and I have remained completely oblivious to the fact that my mid years are in less than 1.5months (SERIOUSLY, when are we EVER going to get a break)

The answer to that questions is that no, we are never going to get a break this year, at least until we're done with the race that is O levels. 
I want to enjoy my last year in MG. 

Really need the joy of the Lord to fill me to the brim in term 2. For I know He is here. 

Also, I just washed Carol bear about 5 days ago and she is getting dirty again. Slightly. But still ):
Okay goodnight. I have chinese tuition tomorrow *faints* 


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hahaha our phrase :-) 

Dear Holly,
I don’t have much time. I don’t mean literally, I mean, you’re out buying ice cream and you’ll be home soon…but I have a feeling this is the last letter. Because there’s only one thing left to tell you. It isn’t to go down memory lane or make you buy a lamp. You can take care of yourself without any help from me. It’s to tell you how much you move me. How you changed me. You made me a man by loving me, Holly…and for that I am eternally grateful. Literally. If you can promise me anything, promise me that whenever you’re sad…or unsure…or you lose complete faith…that you’ll try and see yourself through my eyes. Thank you for the honor of being my wife. I’m a man with no regrets. How lucky am I? You made my life, Holly, but I’m just one chapter in yours. There’ll be more. I promise. So here it comes, the big one. Don’t be afraid to fall in love again. Watch out for that signal when life as you know it ends.
P.S. I will always love you.
Deathly sweet, made me cry during the movie too hehe, and now I kind of want to watch the movie again, even though I've watched it like 3 times. Its so so so so sweet. I read the book when I was in P6 (HAHA I know right.....) and I think if I read it again now, I'd understand it much much more. I need to go look for the book.

This morning, before I went out to meet Tessa & Lisa for lunch, I finished Catching Fire. It was sooo good, except the part where thoughts are literally running through Katniss's head before she throws the arrow up at the forcefield, it got a little confusing then, I was like, huh, what real enemy? HAHA anyway I was quite upset they didn't manage to save Peeta ): PEEEETA ): Jeannette sent me Mockingjay yay! This will tide me over until I can find the actual book, I really hate reading eBooks hehe, but I just couldn't not read the Hunger Games :P Anyway, how everything tied together at the end of the 3rd Quarter Quell was really cool!
After reading two of the three Hunger games books, I'm quite certain I have learnt at least 50 new ways to kill a person. LIKE SEROIUSLY, Suzanne Collins goes into such depth describing how some tributes are killed. Heh. Then again, I am less fazed by gore now.

Got ready and began my walk to Bukit Batok West! Hehe, met Lisa on the way and so we took 157 and waited for Tessa at the bus stop outside Princess E :-) When she came, we walked to the hawker center and had FATTY WENG for lunch! HAHA YUUUM, it was really good! It was a good lunch talking + eating fatty weng heehee ^__^ I was really full after that, but mmmmhh yuuum. Walked to West Mall, where I impulse-bought pink foolscap, and Tessa bought yellow + normal foolscap. Tessa also went deo-shopping, however she got quite annoyed when the deo spray caps were all sealed and she couldn't make out how they smelled. Heh.

Parted ways w Tessa, headed to Lisa's to do work! Finished my lit essay after much groaning because I really didn't want to do the poem, it was so weird.... HAHA, but I finished it anyway! It took me pretty long, about 1.5h :P Did a few trigo questions w Lisa, and decided to go home because it looked like it was gg to rain, and it was like 4+ anyway! So walked home! It was such a nice walk home, I always like walking around the neighbourhood like back in the SAPS days :-)

Hehe, xiao guilin, RYC memories (': 

Bushes of flowers that Bella, Nat and I used to pick. (mainly to find pollen in the flowers so we could suck on them, hehe)

Came home, moped around for a bit. Ahma made fries and cheecheongfun for dinner, yaaaay. (although I'm a little hungry now, shall go sleep soon since I don't want to eat at this hour). Filed my history stuff a bit, redid some Perestroika + Glasnost notes, and then went on to tackle the A Math Mid Year 2010 Paper 2. Got the shock of my life when I saw the plane geo question, I forgot plane geo existed........ 
Anyway, I finished it ahahah! (except for the plane geo + integration questions)

I need to brush up on my Sec 3 A Math tomorrow (with special attention to circles, Trigo & binomials), and finish revising my fall of communism + USSR + Cuban Missile Crisis........ Sigh so sian with studying heehee, I'm just not in the mood during the holidays.
but that problem'll be solved soon because the holidays are ending? Hmm, no, I don't want school to start tbh, I'll just be really drained and meehhhh again. The holidays are good. I mean, studying and doing work at my own pace, no homework to rush, a whole lot more time than I usually do, going back to school at my own discretion (which is blissful, because I love MG lots, but not when I dread going back everyday)

I'm gg to sit down now and spend some time with God, haha, trying to start doing QT reflections!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

and miles to go before I sleep

Hello, so today!

Rolled out of bed at 9AM, even though the weather was astoundingly perfect, hmm ): removed my nail polish, to my utter dismay HAHA, and got ready for school! Had milo for breakfast (as usual heh), and left the house! It was raining, unfortunately, because I had to walk up Blackmore Hill. (The walk wasn't that bad, it was a nice start, walked up with Berenice because we just happened to run into each other otw to school hahah!)

Mmmh, got to school earlier to look for Mrs Lau, so wandered around school after looking for her! Talked to Reenah outside 4O for a bit, ran into Cristina who came back to school to get her books HAHA. (Left my umbrella in my classroom though, grr!)
Went up to look for my kiddies after that, talked a bit outside the meeting room before Ms Su and Ms Ng came! Hahaha, as I was walking into the meeting room, Ms Su, who was holding the door open for us, went "You very free ah?"


Anyway, had a short briefing in the meeting room by Ms Ng before going down to the concourse to tackle the exhausting task of taking stock. Or as we like to call it, "BAN JIA" HAHAHA. (like, moving house in chinese la! HAHA) It was really funny, Reenah and her classmates walked by on their way out of school, and Reenah asked me what we were doing, and I was like "Ban jia!". Ms Su asked them "Yao bu yao bang mang?" they didn't want to, and Ms Su goes, in a chinese accent "Mei yong de jia huo!" HAHA.
Yes anyway, I wonder how the teachers discovered that there were so many plastic spoons and forks and cups plates, plastic containers, paper plates, etc etc, in the store behind the audi! WOW. HAHAHA. It was seriously quite a lot, and there was even a box of Hello Kitty toys, I wanted to steal one so badly :P (But I didn't la, of course HAHA)

For the next three hours, we starved and took stock whilst the teachers went to Serangoon (AHAHAHA, I don't know, some factory place to get these kind of utensils? :P) to get whatever log we were lacking! Mmm, so after counting how many of each utensil there was, we had to split them up by what each class needed. Grace came somewhere along the way to help out as well. HAHA, I really love my LTC group, they're WONDERFUL. (': In terms of how they're handling their project and that they're really nice people to be around! Really proud of them!!!

Oh, naughty Vess drew this.

Left with grace at about 2? Walked out of school together, and I took 77 down to Orchard! By this time, I was pretty much starving HAHA, ): Went to change out of my school u, and bought bread at Provence (LOVELYYYY. Hahaha, bought this mini pizza thing that tasted like heaven, I'm hungry just thinking about it heh) 
After my lunch (ish), walked down to MUJI to get my refills! Managed to get a refill for my highlighter, and a new marker, but I couldn't find a refill for my blue pen, ): Got Charchar's birthday present too, after about 20 minutes of scouting around for something I think she'd like. Heh. 

My 3G decided to fail on me for half an hour, and I decided not to watch Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, because I would be getting home really late if I did. ): The holidays are going to end soon, I want to watch it again omggg. 

And then I began to walk walk walk walk, walked down to SCAPE from ION to get Gongcha, hehe, and then walked back to the bus stop behind ION to go home :-) Yay! HAHAHA actually met Danelia on the bus home, which was quite cool! They just finished with their meeting in their school. Talking to Dan is hilarious because she has quite the auntie mentality :P HAHAHA. 

Got home, replied toothachingly sweet love note, HAHA (': Read the Hunger Games for the rest of the night, until I decided to come on and blog that is. After this I'll probably go back to reading the Hunger Games, but I don't think I could bear to read (HAHA, it sounds weird right, to read of someone dying) anyone else die, ): I think the main difference between the death in the Games in Catching Fire and the ones in the first book of the trilogy is that the tributes who die in Catching Fire (the ones that survived the bloodbath in the Cornucopia, that is), die readily. Like they sacrifice themselves so Peeta and Katniss can live. I just read how Mags died, and I'm like omg please no )'''': (she walked straight into the toxic fog because they couldn't carry her out and survive, and died, spasming) 

The phrase is SACRIFICIAL PROTECTION!!!! HAHAHAHA. (aiya the ones who know what I'm talking about know what I'm talking about :P) 
The Hunger games is a good trilogy, really. Its really good. 

Anyway, the holidays are slipping away from me, NOOOOO ): Tomorrow, I have a lunch date (FATTY WENG!) with Lisa and Tessa, and after that I'm probably gg over to Lisa's to do work :P HAHA! I'm gg to declare tomorrow Math & Lit day, I need to finish all of that by tomorrow. Figure out my Sec 3 Math (and A Math for that matter). And probably gg to tackle SEA History and more importantly, Perestroika & Glasnost etc on Friday. 
As Mrs Lau would say, "NERD IT OUT!" HAHAHA. 

Hamster prince whatsapps me at 10PM asking if I was gg to sleep heh :P 


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I laughed for like 5 minutes at this HAHAHAHAHHA it is so painfully awkward 

This reminds me of the arena

HAHA okay anyway, what I did today:

1. Extraction of metals whoooooo and thus wrapping up my Chem-related to-dos this holidays *twirl twirl twirl* okay happy
2. After being happy for finishing Chem, I go ahead and read Catching Fire. Caaatching Fiiiiire. I like the first book better. This one just has a lot of fear in it.
Have I mentioned that the Hunger Games remind me of the Chrysalids! YUP IT DOES, QUITE A LOT! :-) Okay anyway moving on.
3. Lalalala text text textingggg HAHA which was quite hilarious. <3
4. Watched a bit of TV, and then decided I should do English.
5. SOOOO I finished my summary! My summary on the cats! Yay! I resolved to finish my english homework this time round, and I did! *twirls some more*
6. Texting texting texted
7. Attempted to do some Chinese, completed like 1/3 of my worksheet (don't judge. It was 27 pages long, I lasted till page 10) It was all MCQ compres but one thing you must know about me is that I read chinese reaaaaally slowly because I can't read any faster, not that I don't want to.
Also tried reading the passages out loud because reading them out loud works for me for Chinese. All I have to say is that I'm glad I finished my chinese oral already LOLOL (my ping yings were all off)
8. Read more Hunger Games! (:
9. Had a stomach ache because I didn't eat proper food since 11 (It was about 7?) waited for dinner ): whilst reading the hunger games!
10. More hunger games, watched TV.

AAAAAND I am here now okay.
I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE HUNGER GAMES. BAWL. HAHAHA. Someone please watch it with me. Gg back to school because the kids have meeting tomorrow. I love my LTC kids la, I'm so so so blessed to have SF-ed them because they're the only group who really involves their SFs (Chaang & I) :P SO MUCH POTENTIAL awww luv the lot of them. It's so nice watching them work on their project. And they are such qtpies who make me laugh :')
After which I resolve to go down to Orchard to buy refills/markers from Muji and hunt for a birthday present for Charchar and yuuuuup. HAHA. I'm gg down to Orchard this week one way or another!!!!


Monday, March 12, 2012

The first day of the school holidays!
(My internet is being lousy)

Mmmmh so today was quite a good day, tbh. Heh. Woke up at 9+, but proceeded to roll around in bed until about 10.45, just because I can, hehe (; When I finally got up, went to brush my teeth + wash my face. Moped around after realising how much homework I had to finish this holiday, and I finally began on English after watching Night at the Museum 2 whilst having lunch :3

An entire compre about cats! Felt really bored after that, didn't want to do the summary. Hmmm. Anyway, Mrs Lau tweeted me to do chem anyway, so I did HAHAHA. Felt really motivated after she sent me her notes, and so I finished Electrolysis + the supplementary assignment! THANKS MRS LAU <3 (': Decided to take a break from Chem after that, and did a bit of my physics tutorial...........

That didn't work out well HAHAHA, did like a few questions and then continued reading Catching Fire :3 The Hunger games is such an amazing trilogy, even though its quite scary. Hahaha. Its super suspenseful (I now associate suspense with literary devices, like how I associate thermal flasks to thermal physics, and blood to bio, and ABS to Chem, which is really quite sad la HAHA) and I find myself not wanting to read at certain points of the book because I don't wait Peeta/Katniss to die even though I know they're not going to die. Errrr. Anyway, can't wait to watch the movie, even though the lead reminds me a lot of Miley Cyrus! She looks a little like Miley Cyrus, and she sounds like her.

Also, Carol bear got a wash today! Yay so now she's all squeaky clean wheee (until she gets dirty again, anyway. Yay my favourite bundle of red & white (not pink. Yet, anyway HAHA) fluff :-) Okay anyway HAHA.

I'm glad things worked out in the end <3

Its only the first day of the holidays, and I can already feel them slipping away from me, oh my goodness ): Anyway, I must really get my game on tomorrow and finish as much as I possibly can, so.
1. Extraction of Metals
2. Physics tutorials
3. English GCSE Os 2006 summary (The cat summary, I just thought the former would look better, more formal, HAHA)
4. FIGURE OUT TRIGO AGAIN OMG HAHAHA I completely forgot how to do Trigo. I'll need trigo before I can attempt the Mid Year papers Mrs Tee set for us......
Then again, I'll need my binomials, equation of circle, modulus, etc etc again, sigh. I need to run and get myself a new A Math TYS.
5. SOOOO I probably have to go to BTP/Lot 1 tomorrow to get it. :(
6. I have this intense stack of Chinese compres waiting to be done, dreading it.....

I think I'll do everything before my Math homework tomorrow and gauge what time I'm gg down to Lot 1 to get my assessment book, heh.
Okay gg to revamp my blog goodbye!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Band[Age]4: The Rythm of Love, The Beat of Recovery

I have not been blogging for the past couple of days, because all my time has been devoted to this:

(the following images are all stolen from Grace's camera. Haha)

(They're gg to take the banner down omg </3)
BAND[AGE]4, its been an insane ride, what with all the technical/full dress rehearsals till 10+ at night, partying in the sound room, learning how to control/do things we have never done in our lives before, doing up slides, helping Grace & Ms Lau with admin, and generally having a great time. Woooow, I can't believe its over, and if I'm not gg to do Longest Day (WHICH I RLY WANT TO DO, HEH), it will be the last big SL project that I have done.

Which in itself is, kind of heartbreaking. I could be an SL for the rest of my life. Seeing them put up the interview lists is really heartbreaking, I feel excited for the new batch of SLs, but at the same time, it's gg to be time for us to step down, and hand over our duties to the next batch. Anyway, NOT TIME FOR THIS. I will find another day to rant about this in one entire post, but BANDAGE.

I really hope we raised so so so so so much to make a difference in the lives of the patients in St Luke's. Like really, no matter who won, no matter how we all felt about the results, it just really boils down to how much we've manage to get out of all of this for them (: Wheeee.

Anyway, we've had rehearsals until 10+, and on the night of the actual event, we stayed till 11+, heehee. It was really good fun, being in the soundroom. On Thursday, I worked on the slides with Grace, and after that we just started FBM-ing Siyue :P Heehee. Full dress was rly fun too, hahaha, Ms Ng was being super funny with the lights yet again! And Grace, Ms Ng & I kept having to switch positions all over the sound room hahaha. PARTY IN THE SOUNDROOM with Cordi Anjali Grace Clare whilst the bands were performing HAHA.

I hope whoever turned up for Band[Age]4 loved it as much as we loved being a part of planning it. That all those intensely nervous souls and sweaty palms in the sound room on the actual day aided in delivering the best Band[Age] in MG history, and it's truly wonderful that y'all have supported Band[Age]4 :-) I hope y'all had so much fun, and all the bands were truly wonderful & lovely (': I thought last night went amazingly.



Wednesday, March 7, 2012

once-wonderful wednesdays

"Memories are what warm you up from the inside. But they’re also what tear you apart."
Haruki Murakami, Kafka On The Shore

The worst day of the week is over! And apart from lessons, today was actually rather fun hahaha! Well, of course, haha, long lessons that seem to go on for forever are what makes the day dreary.

Had LEAPS briefing for assembly in the morning, it seemed less long and draggy this year, for some reason. Anyway, this is probably the last year we have to sit through this, which is extremely great yet sad at the same time (keeping in mind that 2012 is the year of many lasts in MG. Which upsets me, I'm going to miss it here so so so bad.) Yuppp, so that was in the Chapel, after which we headed back to class!

Progress reports. My results were rather polarized, one glance and you can tell which subjects I'm stronger at and which ones I really suck at (namely, CHINESE HAHA but I'm quite happy la whatever as long as I don't fail). After scrutinizing that, we left for History!
I finally remembered my textbook today, yay! But she didn't use it. At least I remembered! :-) Learnt about Nationalism during History, it was alright! :-) Sort of a love-hate relationship with history, but I definitely prefer 20th Century. We had a pep talk by Mrs Ng today about failures and setbacks that we may face in life "SUCK. IT. IN" HAHAHA, served as a rather good reminder for me, :-) Mrs Ng is very good at giving such pep talks, HAHA! She expects all A1s from our full history class, let's hope we do her proud! :S

Chinese falalala wrote some compo. Laoshi's constantly using emotional blackmail on me. I know my Chinese isn't good, don't have to reiterate the point that I need a ton of practice every lesson ha ha ha. I know he means well, but. Haha. Anyway. Compo. BZBD. Laoshi sort of spoonfeeds us by giving us the outline of the compo before we attempt it. Heh.

Recess, talked quite a bit to Reenah Nic Jiayi Huilin Megs. And after I went back to class, went to talk to Charchar and Loui hehe. Getting advice from the significantly mature-er people I know ^__^
English, did my oral practice and some compre practice as well, I'm such a good girl. HAHA. I use her stupid 'toilet visa' every lesson because I usually save my pee-breaks for English. I always need a good walk across the bamboo during English to alleviate my boredom :P Left class 5 minutes early for SPA!

Last minute cramming outside the lab, the rest is history. Magsim nagged at us before we went in for SPA, and after we finished our SPA because she couldn't release us back to class until it was time -_____- hahahaha. Anyway. Mrs Lau co-SPAed our class today, haha! Yuuup, /undisclosed/ all the best to the classes who have yet to have their Chem SPA! :-) I hate when we different SPA dates because I constantly have to be wary not to reveal anything to those who have yet to do their SPA accidentally. Hee.
Lunch break was spent talking to Loui in the canteen :-)

SS! Ms Koh covered more on terrorism with us. She also assigned us our SS SIA hahaha! So cute okay anyway I'm pairing with Kristin to do the SIA :-) Yuuup!
AND THEN SCHOOL FINALLY ENDED HEEHEE it was quite fun after school. Hung around with the guides before guides started outside my classroom. They were busy watching videos, Nic was reading the Hunger Games and I was surfing tumblr/playing Draw Something HAHA/whatsapping :-)

After they left for Guides, I began walking around the school aimlessly sigh. The initial plan was to wait for Saj's text on what time school ended for her so I could go back to visit SAPS with her, but she never replied my texts -_____- seriously la you were the one that pushed for the outing, why didn't you reply me? Ugh. Quite pissed tbh.
Anyway, walked around the school, wanted to go help out the Bandage people, but whilst I was JUST about to open the door to enter the Mac Lab, Mrs Choo approaches me and goes "Edlyn can you be a darling and open up LT2 for me, I give you present *hands me her pass*" YUUUUP HOW COULD I SAY NO TO A PRESENT HAHA so I walk up to LT2 and open it for the debators. It was quite awkward la haha since I just started talking to random people. Anyway. Opened up LT2 and walked back down to Spare Room 2.1 (HISTORY CLASSROOM!) to return Mrs Choo her pass. Told her that the trainer wasn't there, so she had to go to LT2 to check in or something, and she got me to accompany her in her walk upstairs HAHA. So I did. Talked quite a bit whilst strolling up haha!
"I give you present later" HAHAHA.

Proceeded back down to the Mac lab to help with packing, Fabs said she didn't need help with packing the t-shirts, so I helped cut out voting slips instead! haha! It was quite fun, cutting paper. YEAH HAHAHA OKAY, didn't stay long, helped them finish the cutting up the pile of voting slips they printed. Chaang said they didn't need help, so I left! :-) Went to sit outside my classroom because the guides were using it.

AND THEN LIZ APPEARS HAHA out of nowhere, seriously! So for the next 45 minutes we walk around school!
Planted ourselves at the corridor on the 2nd level overlooking the canteen doing "push ups" with the handrails and talking in general. Haha! Said hi to Reenah, met people like Yeseul and Shukit who stopped to say hi to Liz as well! Awkwardly poked our heads into 2.2 because Nic was in there conducting her guides module. Heh.
Talked a bit to Mrs Lau, haha! She was telling me something about the Sec 1s hahaha!
And then Liz, Nic, Chucky, Emae and I ran into Mr Lim! HAHAHA he was so sweet omgoodness. :') Mr Lim walks out and sees Liz in a bright green sweater + FBTs and goes "EH WHY ARE YOU LIKE THAT? Huh!!! You left school last year never tell me!?!" HAHAHA! Talked to him about physics-related things, I think he was generally really happy to see us which is super sweet (': and how he still remembers us! Haha! Told him that we still have his notes that we painstakingly kept since Sec 2 and he goes "Serious ah! I'm flying!" HAHA! And he recounted how it was truly FATE that he got to teach our class since he never teaches Sec 2 mainstream, and we were his very first class.
Tbh it was so so so sweet haha!

Thinking back, Sec 2 was truly an amazing year. Met some of my closest friends, and met two of the best best best best teachers one could EVER have. (hahaha) If it weren't for the people I met in Sec 2, I will not be the person I am today. THANK YOU GOD FOR PUTTING SUCH LOVELY PEOPLE IN MY LIFE.

Liz had to leave, waited for the guides to end! Filled Nic & Chucky in about Joseph Kony and the entire online drama that this has instigated (don't get me wrong, its good to raise awareness that such a thing is happening). Talked to Emae about Bandage stuff while walking down the hill heehee.

Gg to be in school tomorrow and Friday till late, yay they are getting dinner for us! Pray that the auditions will go well! :-)



Tuesday, March 6, 2012

1. attempting to learn the guitar after school / 2. my vitamin Cs in the shape of elephants heehee. 

Hello I have Chem SPA tomorrow, I hope I don't flunk it because I spent the whole of 45 minutes reading through my SPA notes and the rest tweeting/doing up the Bandage video/playing Draw Something HA HA/watching TV.
Mmmmh. Shouldn't be complacent just because Chem is my best & favourite science. Let's just hope its what the other classes have said it to be (the classes that have done Chem SPA said it was rly manageable and there wasn't much to worry about so fingers crossed!)

Anyway, the highlights of today: (there aren't many, tbh HAHA. Normal-ish school day)
#1: Meeting with the Carnelians it was sooooo funny, they're such hilarious people. I hope they get their work done though. Hmmm, shan't blog this bit. Anyway, Vess was DRUNK. Like I don't even know what she was drunk on, she just appeared very VERY drunk. HAHA. She was laughing and laughing and throwing her arms around. Also, she had that really drunk expression on her face and clung onto me like a koala, she's so adorable. HAHAHA it was quite fun, she entertained me quite a bit. (as always HAHA)
Today wasn't a really big meeting though, only Celene Vess Danelia Erica & Faith came, but yuuuup had loads of fun. :-)
I think they're meeting again tomorrow morning, yay!

#2: Was probably playing the guitar in class and trying to perfect my chords. Sat by the door of the classroom, with half my body in class and the other half out of class hehe because I was whatsapping Jess + googling for chords (as you can see from the above instagram HAHA). Mmmmh. Perks of having a ground level classroom tbh, loving how they put the Sec 4s on level one. Its like some form of reward for our last year in MG. 

#3: I ran out of highlights. Maybe the Chinese Field Trip. Ish. HAHA. We just walked around school la admiring feng jing and eventually sitting at the bbcy to draw out the scenery we just 'admired'. HAHAHA. Laoshi's hilarious. I was gg to fall asleep anyway, so that prevented me from dozing off in class. 

#4: OH i read the hunger games throughout english because she was off running some form of errands, and thus was not present in class for the entire 40 minutes. Absolute bliss. Almost to the bit where the games start, can't wait! Its so exciting!

You were really mean. Really really REALLY mean, and you shouldn't have said that. It just shows that you're bitter and competitive, tbh. THINK before you say anything, because they're gg to give you hell now. 

There are two cuts in my inner lip it is so a n n o y i n g because it hurts whenever i rub my teeth against my inner lip (IT IS QUITE HARD TO AVOID DOING THAT) GRRRR. Heal already please ): Okay, I think I'm gg to prepare to go to bed soon. 
To whoever is reading this, please take 30 minutes of your time to watch THIS, I promise you, it's entirely worth your time. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE. Can't believe it, tbh. 


Monday, March 5, 2012

1. I think this photo, and more so the story behind it, is simply beautiful / 2. We need these heehee. 3. Wonderful one I found on Tumblr, that I instagrammed / 4. My latest love. Finally have some time to read.

Mondayyy, and I am sick. I sound really nasal now, which sucks. (Jess asked if I sound like a duck. Which I do, at some points when I'm talking, meh)

Was a little nervous whilst leading worship for Chapel, but I think it went fine on a whole, PRAISE THE LORD :-) I hope the Sec 4s had a good time praising God this morning, tbh, whee! Yup, that was Chapel. Thank goodness God held up my runny nose because I couldn't stop sniffing this morning, that is, until chapel started. MY GOD IS AMAZING (: Stayed back after chapel for some CDM meeting, and then took our Bandage comm picture! ("We'll see ~*YOU*~ there")

Was gg to fall asleep during Chinese, idk why, Chinese has this woozy effect on me. Joy. Did some boring stuff w the kewen, reaaallyyy bored out of my mind. Okay, at least today's lesson was really short + I came in like 20 minutes late. Didn't feel well, as well.

So I decided to skip PE! Mr Ling was so nice about it tbh, he's such a nice person. Hahahaa. I just told him I didn't feel well and he was like "Oh, okay, go sit down and rest" HAHA, k, it was such good weather, the sky exploded and it was so nice and cool, so I just sat down and read the Hunger Games whilst listening to 987 (the Sec 1s were having their Gym PE and 987 was blasting out of da radiooo) Nice way to spend an hour and twenty minutes ^____^ (apart from the fact that 4H beat us flat for multi-sports, but its okay!)

Recess with the usual recess gang, I was unnaturally hungry during recess, oh well! Managed to go back on time and headed to the lab for Physics SPA! SPA was annoying because my plotted points were all rly off after I changed my scale (prior to changing my scale, it was near-perfect) but oh well, I hope things go well for the actual physics SPA! (it was the only SPA last year that I felt confident with after I did it) Hahah Mr Heng's rly nice.

Kk, back to class for Math (Lunch) Math. Math periods today were really bearable, time seemed to fly by, and the weather was so good, so it was really cooling/cold during Math today, and I think that contributed quite a bit to my awake-ness and the tolerability (HAHA) of the Math lessons. Learnt more differentiation, and, "pobbablility" (O HOW I MISS SEC 2 ROFL) .

Chinese lesson @ PW room. I LOVE THE PW ROOM IT IS THE ONLY REASON I DRAG MYSELF UP THE STAIRS EVERY MONDAY TO GO FOR CHINESE I LOVE THE PW ROOM how I miss PW )'; I miss PW s o o o o o o o much )': HAHAHA. Anyway, he went through some compre and he had to leave early, so we were released about 10 minutes early WHICH IS GOOD.
Spent the rest of the afternoon doing my Math homework + reading the Hunger Games. HUNGER GAMES! It is an enjoyable book, I'm glad I'm reading it! :-) It really makes you think about your life tbh, like how fortunate you are as compared to Katniss's district. Yuuup. BE GRATEFUL YALL.

I don't think I'll continue with ANTM, well, we'll see. I really don't like the models this cycle, they're so terrible. Maybe I'll watch after like half of them get eliminated. (the one that looks like a dude scares me) and I hope I see more UK girls, they're much more decent. "Tea and scones!" (HAHAHA when she said this when they were on the float parading down some super crowded street, I couldn't stop laughing HAHAHA) So I might roam around the internet for a short while more, before I go read more of the Hunger games or something :-)


Sunday, March 4, 2012

week 9

1. Bandage 4 in a week, have y'all gotten your tickets yet?! YOU SHOULD SOON :-) 
#rhythmoflove #beatofrecovery
2. I preserved flower petals this week whilst studying for my Physics commons 
3. Super cute sticker gifted by Aang.
4. Verse for the week, last week. 

I am watching ANTM cycle 18, the pilot episode, and my nose feels funny. Should heed Jess's advice and head to bed soon. I don't exactly like how this cycle is turning out because the US girls are all so trashy and horny. Seriously. You could've chosen better people, Tyra? Bitchy's still ok, but seriously, they're so gross, sexually imooral, so trashy and so horny. YUCK. And they're not very pretty.
I hope a UK girl wins. At least they are decent. And they are not as crude as the US girls.
Really speaks of how each country upbrings their youth, doesn't it? 

Goodnight, have a great week ahead.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Okay so today was the first Saturday I spent in a long time without my books! Which was rather enjoyable, today was a relatively good day apart from the fact that I had to wake up at about 7.45AM today so I was really tired. I am still very tired, so I'm gg to catch up with lots of sleep tonight, I am just simply too tired. I don't know why I'm getting tired so easily nowadays. Anyway....

Got up and had hot chocolate heehee. And a bun for breakfast before the parents drove me to school (before they went to the Scouts HQ to change my brother's oversized uniform for him, anyway.) Hobo-ed outside the conference room with SAL, Aaarti, Tessa, Shukit etc etc who slowly came in, whilst waiting for the ICs to finish their IC meeting before we could go in for the full comm one. It was fun, sitting and discussing bandage things like the bands and all haha!

Meeting was good! The ICs all presented their subcomm updates so we know what's gg on, I think its quite exciting that Bandage is next week! Mmmh yeah so we got ~updated and shared our opinions on certain things pertaining to the concert, yup! Good meeting, had a break after the ICs finished their brieifings whilst waiting for the teachers to be done with delegation (?). Followed Tessa down and had 2 minutes with our phones before proceeding upstairs again to take comm photos HAHAHA which was really messy and funny. And Fabian had this really queer pose that she made us all do. Peace sign + small asian eyes + overenthusiastic grin LOL. It was cute, I hope the photos turn out well :3
The teachers briefed us about the pre-concert stuff and the delegation of our duties after, and the meeting ended early! Which was good because it ended right as my parents came to pick me up to go for tuition, so praise the Lord! :-)

Chinese tuition nearly put me to sleep because Chinese is boring and I was already really sleepy as it was so hahahaa. It was quite a long 2h, I wonder how sometimes time seems to fly by whilst sometimes it seems to drag on for forever, like it did this afternoon during chinese, hahaha....

Went for Lunch at Fairprice Finest at BTP, JAP! :-) On of my few proper meals this week, hahaha. Bought some groceries? Yuuup, and then we left for church YAY. (my favourite bit of the week, tbh) Hobo-ed outside the worship hall for a bit before the youth band came up to do soundcheck, after losing my brother when I went to the toilet heehee.

Mhmmmm, went in! AND HAHA Jess cut bangs!!!!!!!!! was just whatsapping her about our plans to cut bangs the other day, hehe. (because she was bored but its not the point HAHA) Concluded after dinner that she looks like Dora the explorer HAHAHA v cute la. Yup anyway took a picture w her and its my new FB profile HAHAHA. Talked to Kathleen & Joshua a bit before service started about school and A level results and stuff!
Service was good on a whole, LET GO & LET GOD, I think that's the point that the pastor was trying to bring across. I mean, just stick to your convictions and know what you're supposed to do to glorify God, just trust that He will bring you through and everything will be fine ya? YES! Haha. Anyway, it was alright :-) Typed sermon notes on Kathleen's phone because she took my notebook and started doodling and drawing + writing stuff down from the sermon everywhere among her doodles HAHA.
So after service, hung around a bit and somehow Kristel & Bella convinced me to go for dinner, which I did! Hahahaha had Jon decide + order dinner for me because I didn't know what to eat :P Jess took my phone and began taking lots of pictures (if you see my instagram you would know. HAHA) had a good dinner on a whole, nice time with the churchies (:

AND SO HERE I AM yay I am enjoying my non-studying Saturday! Next Saturday will be Bandage, and I will probably have 2 more free Saturdays before I have to start studying for my mid years which is super scary actly because Mid Years start end of April/beginning of May, we REALLY don't have a lot of time. Anyway, I was thinking to myself on the way to church today how I only have like 8 months in MG left and it kind of scared me la, like I actually feel more attachment to MG than SAPS, admittedly, and i don't think I can take leaving another school because I'm so used to it and JC will be so so so different. So I'm just gg to make the best out of the time I have in MG because really, I'm this close to graduating even though I really don't want to, sigh. I love MG ): But aiya just trust in God! LEARN TO TRUST IN GOD EDLYN.

Okay I might go sleep soon HAHA