Saturday, January 28, 2012



So I am back from Ryan's! Before that, I will blog a paragraph about my week:
I'm quite glad that this week is a short week, really. School is tiring as usual, I have three tests all on Thursday next week and I need to spend the entire of tomorrow studying, I suppose. Sigh. IT KINDA SUX ESP SINCE ALL OF THEM ARE ON THE SAME DAY I have my physics + chem + history test on thursday and E math (I think) test on Friday omg plz kill me naoz.
Otherwise, Thursday and Friday were alright I guess, normal school days. Lessons, hanging out with Grace after infocomm on Friday, having an extremely bimbo morning trying to take a polaroid (which turned out rly well actually) with Mrs Lau, having homework dumped on us, etc etcccccc. Tiring ttm but guess we have to live with it. I can't wait to graduate. Actually no, I'll really really miss MG, but I want to graduate for certain reasons. Oh well. Maybe I'll blog those reasons down when I actually graduate. But for now, I'm gg to enjoy my time in MG. :')

TODAY! Went to my mother's boss's house for some CNY gathering lunch thing, had 2 popiahs and Kueh Lapis my ultimate weakness for lunch! Stayed there for 2h + it was quite boring, I was just playing Scramble with friends on the iPad with my brother...... Yup all because I forgot to bring my book. :-(  Left for church after that though!
Worship! OH HAPPY DAY HAPPY DAY, YOU WASHED MY SINS AWAY! Sing that during chapel sometimes, its a cute + good song (': Message today was alright, I think it was really what I needed hahaha. *refers to message notes* Today's message was titled His heart, my heart and essentially the repititive question being asked was "Is God holding your heart?" and I think it was really just wanting to let God take control, and be like the center of everything we do, and that really everything after that will fall into place because God really does care for us and He loves us and everything. & His grace is so wow! Also, when the pastor prayed for me, there was this one sentence that went something along the lines of how she prayed I would seek after God's love, and God's love is something human love can never match up to because its so great, and yaaa. I think that's what I've been doing. I mean, of course I will still want love from other people because I am needy like that, but I think what that meant was that God will always be there to pour forth His love for us. So yup, I guess that's what I needed. (':

After message! Talked to Bella who was being a queery like she usually is. Seriously she gives the QUEEREST comments about everything. Perv. HAHA. Thennnnn yup took polaroids w my prince <3 + my two bimbos LOL :-) WENT TO RYAN'S AFTER MUCH PREP
Hung around there with Heidi taking pictures and eating gummies & listening to Tianyi tell some stories about random things. HAHAHA whilst waiting for the rest to come back w Ryan because they were stalling him! HAHAHA pretty funny trying to find a place to hide to surprise him. I think he sort of knew about the surprise but it was good fun anyway! GOODBYE RYANNY YOU (& your hair omg I really want to take a picture with him when he's bald, I think it'll be rly funny HEHE ^____^)
So the rest came back and dinner was served! Spent the rest of the night eating + sitting on the couch and talking and taking pictures with Jess my hamster prince, & Krissy. Talked to Joel & Tze Jun too hahaha they were quite funny.
"Do you find it hard to talk to boys? (cuz I'm in a girls' school)"
"Errr, I'm talking to you now?"
Anyway, my hamster prince did really weird things with my phone like tweet nonsense to herself, whatsapping herself, and omg Instagram ("how do you take a picture" "press the centre button (I meant the "Share" thing)" *presses home button* HAHAHAHA WHAT). And there was this period of time when Jess + Krissy + Weiren just started singing Disney songs HAHAHAHAH. A whole new world, Mulan songs, little mermaid songs and, er, Dora the explorer? HAHA. But it was a good time spent nonetheless, really good food & good company & must really thank Ryan's parents for being so nice HAHAHA we are forever going to his house to eat food (LOTS OF IT) and do stuff hahaha!
Had a great night, mah hamster prince waited for the bus with me even though her's came first (awwww. Initially she was willing to walk to the super far 176 bus stop HEHE I love my prince <3), bus-ed home with Xyn Yee and I was practically BRAIN DEAD ON THE RIDE HOME hahaha but it was fun anyway! (: Talked and stuff. (:
but yuuuuup really pray Ryanny + Yong Quan + Yong Xiang have a good time in army!!!!!!!!!!!! And that God will protect & guide them all the way aww gonna miss them and their hair HAHAHA. (':

OKAY TO BED, need to wake up early to study tomorrow lesighz.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

chinese new year I

So to sum up my day:

1. Woke up at 10.30 harharhar ate breakfast got ready and went to my grandma's house to pick her up!
2. Super long drive to Simei + whatsapping Hamster Prince about how hungry we both were HAHA.
3. House #1 in Simei + really nice relatives + really good lunch + whatsapping hamster prince about how full we both were after that HAHAHA.
So Jess my hamster prince goes all "I WILL SLAY THE DRAGON!!!!!!!" HAHAHAHAHA hamster princess <3s hamster prince! :')
4. House #2 in Sengkang + super good pineapple tarts + watching wedding videos + Whatsaaaaappp.
5. House #3 in Punggol, really nice polaroid with Ahma + grandauntie + cousin + brother :3 + talked + ate more food omg.
6. House #4 in Kallang, had dinner there WAAAH + Hamster prince going "Stop eating, my hamster princess!" HAHAHA + awkward conversations w cousin about my future boyfriend (gg to get 5 and get them to meet Mrs Lau on separate occasions for her to choose LOLOL.)
7. Last house at Havelock! It was super windy there HAHAHA talked to my aunties (omg it makes them sound really old, they are actually only 20+), yeeeaaaap

And got home! :-3 Finished, well, nearly, with dolphin research for the Bio AA! Hahaha, had a nice first day of CNY. Spent much of it receiving compliments from relatives (*flicks hair*), stuffing food into my face (my ultimate weakness for pineapple tarts + kueh lapis + food in general AIYAH), & whatsapping my hamster prince (and coming up with a lot a lot of funny things HAHA) hehehe! :-)
Tomorrow gg to spend the day at my grandma's! STUUUUUDY.

Monday, January 23, 2012


“I love you also means I love you more than anyone loves you, or has loved you, or will love you, and also, I love you in a way that no one loves you, or has loved you, or will love you, and also, I love you in a way that I l ove no one else, and never have loved anyone else, and never will love anyone else.”
— Jonathan Safran Foer


had a rather enjoyable day yesterday! :-) Youuuuth :-) Had worship before going to Ryanny's, and I thought worship was really powerful! It felt good to be worshipping God after a week of school, as it usually is :-) Yup! Then went around taking polaroids with my dearest Kristel & Kathleen :-) Too bad my hamster prince (Jess) was sick yesterday :-( </3 HAHA
Went to Ryanny's for dinner! :-) It was a good dinner, yummmm! Talked a lot w Leen, Krissy, Ryan, Jem, Daniel, etc etc :3 I love my CG, they're such amazing people! Spent the night doing a lot of random things and playing random games like the Safari one I totally sucked at + wasn't paying much attention to because I was whatsapping hamster prince HAHA BUT I STILL TIED W RYAN IN THE END :3 Anyway. Related the entire story of the Chrysalids to Jem, HAHA, his book was about some tribe and eventual suicide. Sent Kris down to the bus stop w Ryan, super steep slopes and shtuff HAHAHA, talked about random things! (This is not in chronological order btw)
Just thankful for the company + the good food :')

Woke up rly rly late today, went out for lunch, and actually did Cold War + English homework + a little bit of Chem this afternoon, so that was good! :-) Stupid ednamode, idk how not doing homework is 3 demerit points!!! (Actually. When I was Sec 2 I had a lot of demerit threats from Mrs Lau who would go "EDLYN TAY DEFIANCE IS 3 POINTS" or something along those lines harharhar idk what I did already lor :P)
Reunion dinner!!!!!!! Lots of salmon i essentially ate rice, salmon, salmon, salmon, soup, salmon salmon salmon salmon veg salmon salmon mushrooms salmon salmon salmon salmonnnnnnn.
Cousin taught me Chem HAHAHA she's hilarious, she taught me organic chem ahead. Watched MEGAMIND I love megamind so much. Watched a little bit of Mulan as well. :') Webcammed with Estella! Its snowing in America, so beautifuuuuul, I want to experience snow! :')

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

I can't wait for this to come out to the theatres, FIRST OF MARCH omg please. I was nearly crying watching the trailer itself, who knows what will happen when I watch the actual movie
Aaaaah! :3

Yay Happy Chinese New year! :3

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Mmmh so the week's over :-)

I'm looking forward to the long weekend! With painted nails and a stomach waiting to be filled with good food, I bid goodbye to school for the next five days :-) I'm so excited, can't believe its Chinese New Year already! Anyway, this week was better than last week, in the sense that I could control my emotions much better than last week, so I didn't go into emo lapses so often this week.

Idk, I guess I'm really just trying to commit everything to God now. I mean, if He means for it to be this way, then I should trust Him and where He is leading me to right? And if God meant for this all to work out, then it will. I should just stop trying to do things with my own strength and instead lean on Him. I'm trying to. Its hard, but I'm certain that after I do, everything will be how God means for it to be. Yuuuuup.

Managed to finish all my homework this week, got back my physics evaluation test which I did not bad for, considering I did not have full understanding of thermal physics. Also, we had a bio MCQ today. I thank God, really. All the questions that came out today, I did the night before in my TYS + assessment books, so effectively, I knew nearly all the answers. I hope I do really well if not I'll be really disappointed with myself. Also, we don't have to do the fuel cell questions for Chem anymore so that's a yay :-)

I believe that Term 1 is going to be soooo busy. I'm quite sure my Bandage responsibilities will come up soon, I am in POH admin as well (thankfully, Kristin promised that it would be slack hehe. Relatively la). Class appointed me to lead the St Luke's visit, which means I have to go and sort out the activities for the visit, as excited as I feel about going for the visit, it is hard to a certain extent to work with some people. Heh. oh well, we shall see! Being in Infocomm comm is quite fun hahahaha, even though it is another responsibility. The comm just spends the CCA time doing admin stuff for the CCA :P Not too bad! March holidays = gone! Wheeee. Okay.

But yes, another week has passed, and I can't say I was happy at all points of this week. I've had those moments where I'm just like, omg, why. I want to be Sec 3 again, why why why why why. And like, those omg life sux how to liddat moments. Or those, omg I'm so tired please kill me and get this over with periods. I'm quite thankful cuz God has brought me through yet another week, and I am alive. God has blessed me with classmates like Char & Keren & Kristin & Claris who make me smile hahaha. And I feel touched that Jess makes the effort to whatsapp me even though she's busy + tired and stuff and she has been a wonderful friend who has shown care :')  Anyway, read through my archives. I miss youuuuu. And I hope that you're happy now that it is the holidays. And I hope that you're happy everyday and that you're not stressed. And I wish I could talk to you often again, but that would be super selfish of me. Anyway. <3.

Daddy got me a polaroid + hello kitty film from HK :-) Actually, he just bought it for me, hehe, it was my good progress award money! I'm so excited to take some pictures tomorrow (:
Need to catch up with loads of studying as well, hope this super long weekend will be productive + good :-)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

mid week

Hahaha hello,

Today was not bad! Like even though it was sucky Wednesday (ya, we have our worst schedule on Wednesdays, sigh), it didn't turn out all that bad! Started off the day with going to 4T and reading Gerald & Piggie books with Steffi HAHAHA. We role-played HAHA. Gerald the elephant is so needy (very much like myself, I AM A NEEDY PERSON I WILL NOT LIE OKAY HAHA. But I'll only feel needy if I'm super close to the person okay ANYWAY.) But the books are so cute.

Happy birthday Berenice dear (': <3 

ROCs presentations! It was quite fun to watch, omg! The NZ one was hilarious, the part of the video when they were rolling down the hill, and Mr Liu goes all "RELEASE YOUR POTENTIAL ENERGY" HAHA I think the whole audi laughed :P According to Barnice, they're gg to show our EE video for the entire school presentation OYEAAA. HAHAHA (': A lot of good memories, but as I sat there and watched our video, it hit me that our ROCs3 was over. After anticipating ROCs3 for three years, we've finally been through it, and I'm like omgggg I'm so old *nostalgia*

History was hilarious, hahaha, Mrs Ng's really funny. I can't deny that I miss Ms Koh's style of teaching, I guess I am more used to it, but Mrs Ng is amazing too! Yeah, we did SEA History.... Hmmm, doesn't seem too cheem! I hope it doesn't get more difficult as the year progresses, fingers crossed!
Chineeeeese was terrible la Laoshi made us do a 1000 word ji xu wen, SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!? I mean I don't doubt his good intentions, but I will never do ji xu wens EVERRRR. My biao da is sooooo bad I can't string a proper sentence of Chinese. Aiyaaaah. I think my compo went quite terribly in the end, but oh well. I'm telling you I will never choose to do this questions, honestly.

Recess with da fraaaanz, English was really slack. Hahaha. Talked to Claris about church and stuff, and then did a little bit of work, hmmm. It was slack. Nuff said, hehe, did a lot of rubbish.
Chem lab! Magsim wasn't here, so we had lab by Mrs Low & Mrs Chong :-) It was quite pleasant, it felt as though we were in lower sec though, Mrs Low treated us a little too much like lower sec girls, but she explained the entire SPA in such depth it made the procedure easy HAHAHA. :-) I liked her when she taught 2I in 2010! So yes, it was pretty nostalgic, but the practical was quite boring hehehe no cool reactions/lighting of bunsen burners or anything, but it was manageable :-) FUN LA HAHAHAHA. I wish Mrs Low did our SPAs with us :P Like she does, but like I wish she taught us how to do them :P

Lunch was alright, SS! HAHAHA I LOVE MS KOH. Did some SEQ thingy, I think I'm showing more interest towards SS than I ever have! I think the topics are more interesting as well, and Ms Koh is more structured! Like History lessons last year (: YA SO NOT BAD!

After school, hung out with guidey friends for a while before walking to KAP! On my, as Mrs Lau calls it, "date" :P NO LA HAHAHA REALLY. It was quite fun hahaha, caught up and stuff okay won't blog about it! I think I only ever told Mrs Lau & Jess about this :P SKIP! Walked back to school to return Nic her umbrella, left school with them! (:
Studied Bio tonight! Going to do my differentiation now! :-)

Monday, January 16, 2012



Monday was alright. Today was alright. It was a really long day, what with school ending at 2.40 and all, but nonetheless, it was alright. I finished all my homework today, 2 Math worksheets worth + SS SBQ. I think that's all the homework we have to do by Wednesday. Also, I revised Chem - ABS - which was good! Getting started! Went for Math tuition after school today as well :-) YUP I need practice for trigo.

Lessons today were okay as well, despite the classroom being the equivalent of a sauna because it was soooo hot today :-( Today was a really hot day grrrr, Jess was raging at the sun HAHA. But yeah, had chinese + PE + 2 Maths + Physics (where I fell asleep/nodded off for about fifteen minutes, but subsequently was sufficiently awake to survive the remainder of the lesson.) yaaarrrr. Okay okay day. Not too bad. Finally got down to saving Keren's number. She is not Keren Tan *emoji kissyface* KEREN KISSYFACE hahahaha okay, bus-ed home with her today :-)

Finished all my homework today because..... Tomorrow I'm going for Fellowship of Burning Hearts!!!! 7.30, can't wait omg really. Jess helped me plan my route there today HAHA I'm not good with MRTing for the simple reason that I don't like to. Can't wait to spend more time with God, really. I think this is taking a step forward and putting God before all my schoolwork and nerd tendencies!! I'm quite certain that this will be a really good encounter, and a good time with the God I love + the churchies I love (': Can't wait to see all of them, don't want to wait till Saturday heeeee. Really thankful for my church friends, they are amaaaaazing really (':

I AM TIRED NOW okay I have some random Chinese test tomorrow + Bandage meeting in the morning, I'll brainstorm on the way to school! When my brain is clearer, probably. I hope tomorrow will be good. Having dindin with Krissypoo before Burning Hearts! Yayz. Fun fun.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Challenge for the week

Somehow know how this feels LMAO. 

“To the people who love you, you are beautiful already. This is not because they’re blind to your shortcomings but because they so clearly see your soul. Your shortcomings then dim by comparison. The people who care about you are willing to let you be imperfect and beautiful, too.”
— Victoria Moran

I hope this week is a good week. Because if it is going to be anything like last week, I think I will drop dead before the school year ends. How wasted.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

week 2


Its Saturday, and words cannot describe this week. I think it was just a strain on me both physically and emotionally, and I've been looking forward to the weekend so much. HAHA. I just don't exactly fancy being Sec 4, I mean, its alright, but its so tiring and I'm sick of lessons. Hahaha I think I'm just tired of pretending I'm like some happy pappy in school as well, when inside I'm just like ngeh. I think this has been an emotional week for all the Sec 4s (evident from all our tweets). Not looking forward to school next week, if its anything like this week. At least we have holidays like crazy for CNY.

As much as I love MG, a lot, there is just so much to do and I have nothing to look forward to anymore and also, I think I am really bipolar HAHA. I don't knowwww (my favourite phrase when I feel confused). The work is piling up (clearly, MG, the homework policy is not working) and MG is finally going all hip with the WIFI @ MGSS hahahaha. I think its quite hilarious, but I love that our classroom is next to LT1 and so our WIFI @ MGSS strength is very high. I like how the Sec 4 classes are on the first level, our grass patch! Its quite fun to go hang at the grass patch after school with like Tessa, Steffi, Nicc, etc etc whoever's there HAHA and bollywood dancing with the tree.

amazingly on friday, had the best time during CCA I had in a few months harharhar. It was just hanging out with the comm, and I swear my comm is hilarious. Cris + Kimfoo + Kimchong, it was ironic how the comm were the ones being relatively noisy and laughing whilst trying to plan Sec 1 Orientation next week harhar. So er, next week is Orientation! I think we won't have any problems w the sec ones because they are all very. Vocal. Hahaha.

Friday is probably the best day out of the whole week, timetable wise. Had loads of fun during Lit la, it was really amusing how Mrs Choo named the Sealand woman Seasealea and asked me if she could call me Seasealea for a week. And then Bio lab, Liz & I looked crazy carrying measuring cylinders full of pond water + a squirty bottle of paraffin oil and walking across the hot hot quad. HAHA. yeaarrrhh. then did ROCs sales for Bandage and that was pretty fun la hahahaha (; Sat @ the trellis with Nicc Tessa & Danielle talking while waiting for the parents briefing to finish. Yaaay (;

Can't wait to start getting intense over bandage + POH (omg Kimfoo goes all "I'm going to call you BAPOH from now on - Bandage + Pink Of Health"). I think just want to be really busy with SL stuff + schoolwork till I can't think of anything anymore (as busy as you). I will buy any Bandage merch they make I PROMISE. Also, I'm gg to buy myself a polaroid with the 200 bux the school gave me as a "Good progress award". Yay i'm quite excited!

Today was churchie, so glad to see everyone again, Qiqi opening the window to meow at a cat downstairs (cat boy ttm), helping RJ with binomials + venting about school stuff harharhar, sharing about our week + planning CNY reunion dinner (we're gg to have it at Ryanny's as usual, HAHA, can't wait!!!) + writing our New Years Resolutions + playing 4 Kings (HAHAA). It was a really good CG bonding time, ate so many snacks :P + Vicky brought along her friend and she was an ex-MG girl!!! #MGPRIDE. HAHA okay love my CG they're such wheeee people.

Yup, quite a sucky week. Really glad for classmates like Keren & Charmaine & Kristin who make me feel happier, at the very least. They're so adorbz, and I like talking to them in between lessons, before school, after recess, during lunch & things like that. Really really thankful for Jess, (': Really glad for her, hehe, thank you so much for whatsapping with me throughout the week and really just being so sweet and affirming! Just really touched by the effort she made to talk to me and all because I was emo and stuff harhar (': So so glad to have found a friend in her, much love! x And thanks to Linx too, for being so encouraging HAHA both of us were really quite dead through the week and tweeting each other and stuff.

Really thank God for such people, although I still miss you. I've been trying really hard to let God take charge, but there are some instances where I feel I let myself let schoolwork or something else take presidence over God, and that shouldn't be the way, really. I don't know, I pray that next week will be much better and that I will remember that TODAY IS THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE so I will try to REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT. (':


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

perpetual confusion



Terrible mood the past few days, forgive me. I don't know when I'll get out of this. Something tells me that I never will. 2012 is going to be eerily lonely. I'm not looking forward to facing the year alone, no, not after 2011. I hate myself why do I have to suck so much. I used to do these when I felt terrible to make myself feel less directionless but I don't know if they'll work anymore. Or that they'll just remind me of when I was happier and content with life and everything was going well and I had what I needed and I was sufficiently busy but not deathly busy and I didn't feel the urge to kill myself every few hours.

I was drowning in my own memories during Chinese today.

What are you listening to right now?
The radio

What are the last 4 digits in your cellphone number?
Why should I put it here ~

What was the last thing you ate?
Dinner. I didn't want to eat.

Favorite type of Food?
Jap. Yay.

Do you want children?
Depends. I'm not too sure. Wait 10 years and maybe I'll tell you then.

Favorite holiday?
ROCs2/3 I guess.

Favorite Season?
I don't like it when its too cold.

Last Movie you Watched?
A Walk To Remember (for the second time hahaha)

What books are you reading?
My Chem/SS/Physics textbooks.

Favorite Movie?
My Sister's Keeper / The Lovely Bones.

Who would you like to see right now?
Nobody la who would want to see me at 10PM at night. Psh.

Do you like to travel by plane?
Nope, I don't like plane rights tbh.

Right-handed or Left-handed?

If you could go to any place right now where would you go?
Heaven. Straightaway please I do not wish to live (physically) any longer.

Are you missing someone?
Yes. Badly. But it wouldn't change anything.

Do you have a tattoo?
No ew.

Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings?
No. I have better things to do.
Like study.

Are you hiding something from someone?
I am hiding something from everyone (but one)

Are you 18?

Did you get enough sleep last night?
No. My eyecircles sux.

First thing you thought about this morning?
"Why am I alive lmao good morning"

Are you afraid of the dark?
Very. I am afraid of a lot of things.

Favourite hangout?

3 things you can't live without?
God. My text/assessments books. Idk. Company.

What are your nicknames?
Eds / Ed

First thing you'll save in a fire?
Not myself ^____^

What are the things you always take with you?
Phone + Wallet + Pen + Carol bear.

What did you wanna be when you were a kid?
A teacher. No shit.

What do you usually do when the clock turns 11:11?
Lol what am I supposed to do, make a wish?

What do you think about before you go to bed?
"Finally, it is time to sleep."

Today, Linx shared with me a verse he got from Felly after reading all my er, .... tweets. "I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are things I will do; I will not forsake them"  -- Isaiah 42:16.
The past few days I have felt really directionless and so overwhelmed and alone. I realise how I don't tell my friends my problems, for the main reason that I'm not comfortable sharing about myself to people (like hahaha nothing implied or anything I like all my friends and all but) and my problems and stuff and like so I don't know how things are going to turn out without you but. So much work as well, got really pissed off during Chem today with her slipshodness, I am paving my own way to my failure. I'm so scared I'm going to fail chem this year. And like, back to the verse, haha, I think God's trying to tell me now to worry too much like that He'll be there and all and this is definitely something new. And I'm trying la trying really hard. (but sometimes trying isn't enough right? that's what i've learnt, anyway)

I am literally afraid of everything that will come. Gg to tackle 2012 alone, I never thought it would come to this. I'm not ALONE alone, I know I have God, I know I have my friends, but. I'll be alone. Anyway, I must really thank my churchies for being such encouragements the past few days. Thanks Jess & Linx, you guys are so sweet and I love the both of you.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Its been the first two days of the week and I'm dead beat. Physically, emotionally drained. I'm going to start with my thanksgiving, to lighten up the mood a little so this post will not be all too depressing.

1. I actually got an A1 for my Chinese Os. I couldn't even believe it okay, I was freaking out for it before that, because chinese has always been my weakest link, and I was fidgeting just waaaay too much during class. But I can't believe it, I really couldn't believe how amazing God is. I mean, to jump from a C5 for EOYs to an A1, it does not only take effort, but it is nothing short of a small miracle. Yup, thank God, really. :')
I sort of feel really motivated now, because I think if I can jump four grades for Chinese, I can jump four grades for any other subject. If I can do well for Chinese in the end, I can do well for anything I set my mind to. (er, except maybe higher Chinese, as that is a different story altogether)

2. Seeing the class of 2011 doing so well for Os, seeing all those seniors going up on stage because of their exemplary grades really motivates me to do well. I need to work hard, I want my 9A1s (& er, 1 B4 haha). That is my ultimate goal for Os, 9A1s!!!!!!!!!!! (Last year, I remember talking to Mrs Lau about Os and she went all "I WANT TO SEE YOU UP ON STAGE AH" hahahaha). Good job, MG ;-) y'all did so wellllll. History being the best humans o yeah buuuuurn (other than Chinese Lit. LOL)

I must not be complacent I must not be dumb I must work hard.

4. I felt really touched by Jess's whatsapp just now. Heh. :') I think after being rather alone for a week + because my usual text buddy whom I confide in everything to is quite busy now I've been feeling really listless and directionless. But I think her whatsapp really made my day haha small things like these. (: Please take care of yourself though.

I need to work on my History research + Physics after this, I am dead beat. I think this has been a rather draining and emotional two weeks for all the Sec 4 girls in MG at the very least as evident from our depressing tweets HAHA. Just count on God, and I know that's something I've been struggling with because recently I've just been asking Him like, why. Why liddat HAHA, but I think we all must know that He has a bigger plan for all of us than we can imagine, and like, you just have to trust that things will work out with Him somehow.

That is something I really have to learn to do. I hope God sorts things out. Is it too much to say that I miss yooouuuuu ://////

Webstagram is down I cannot upload my photos :-(  Oh yay its back up!


Sunday, January 8, 2012



I am here to rant uncontrollably so please bear with this post. Firstly, tomorrow we are getting back our Chinese O level results. Keeping my horrible (this is not an understatement) Chinese in mind, I should be over the moon if I manage to get an A2, let alone an A1. I hope to at least get a distinction, maybe an A1 (this ties in with my dream of getting 9A1s and 1B4.) I just do not wish to repeat normal chinese and retake normal Chinese Os this year - who knows how long it'll take me to get over the fact that my 2 points off is gone. HAHA. Anyway, I'm not feeling afraid or anything. I think its because I know I studied hard for it. But who knows how I'll fare, except God?

History retest on Tuesday & SS retest on Wednesday. I'm done with my notes + revising for the first time for Korean + Cuban, I just need to go over my notes again tomorrow and i should be set, since its SBQ, it will not be taxing on my memory. However, I cannot bring myself to study SS at all. I just don't like it hahaa. But hopefully Ms Koh will interest me in SS this year. The Sec 4 topics appear more appealing than our Sec 3 ones, just saying.

Woke up today feeling quite bleah, but I'm thankful for Jess's whatsapps (': Exhausted from school, but aiya whattodo. Can't help but feel that I've just committed myself to too much. The Bandage responsibilities have yet to roll in, other Swho knows what a Chef de mission does for Olympics (btw, 4I'12 NORTH KOREA REPRESENT), running the EE booth w a few others on Friday night, being in my CCA comm (reluctantly, I might add) with CCA orientation coming up and Ms Kek listing out what we have to help the newcomers with, teach them stuff like P/A and photoshop etc, volunteering to lead chapel worship in March and also my responsibilities as a student - my compulsory retests begin next week & all the homework that has been coming in. (typing all this out has made me kanchiong HAHA) Thank God I dropped my class chair position - it was fun but I would be dying. It has been a hellofa first week, staying back every single day.

I don't know how I survived the first week really, and partially why I took up all these roles is to fill my time, to make myself so busy I don't dwell on anything else. Here's to the second week of school, I hope I don't die. I miss 2011 mainly because I knew that no matter how sucky my day may have been, when I got home and shared about my day & woes & joys I would always be happy and I never felt alone. But aiyah. Idk if the past is going to remain the past. We shall see? Crazy week. I sincerely hope the next will be better because I spent a few days moping + hating everything lmao.

"When we are controlled by our fears, we are indeed a danger to ourselves." 

Reenah's belated birthday present from all of us.

a. campfire b. Tessa & I. From when we crashed campfire night during OC. 


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reenah should be coming to get me soon, to go to her birthday party, and I'm excited for it and all, but all I want to do now is sleep sleep sleeeep and mope around in bed. Aiyaah. I just don't feel too good ok. I just felt kind of suckish after OC yesterday. I mean, it was fun and all and the company of the SLs was really good as usual, but aiyah I guess stuff happened and I was just trying very hard not to break the happy atmosphere. It was good seeing the Sec 1s all happy and pumped up, and I hoped they enjoyed their camp and all (They're doing the Macarena better than we are now, and they were so amazingly hyped up last night)

Yup, did prepared ppt for youth later and I was feeling just very ..... Like I was assured in God's promises and all, and felt a little better about myself, but like I can't help but feel that I'm always disregarding God whenever I feel upset. I just like, withdraw and stuff. Aiyah i don't know how to explain. Idk, I just feel quite hurt right now la. Like. It kinda sucks how you are second place to someone you have always prioritized above everything else.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

orientation camp part I


Today I have been in school for 14.5 hours, and we're going to be back tomorrow in less than 12, such is the life of an SL, not that I would have it any other way, really. Anyway, my day can be effectively broken up into 5 major parts,

a. School, curriculum time.
b. Carnelians meeting
c. Strolling around OC with Bahnice & Grace
d. Bandage meeting
e. Helping out at OC 2012.

School was really dead boring, I mean, I got a headache because I nodded off too much during Chinese and my head was literally nodding nodding nodding until I felt motion sick HAHAHA WDF anyway, our lessons today were rather long and tiring, but it was good to see some of our teachers again. I mean as much as I don't want to go back to school and lessons are probably going to get intense + boring, I still sort of miss our teachers HAHAHA I mean they're such nice people and it always feels good to see people whom you are familiar with.
Other than that, we learnt stuff like kinetic theory + linear law + matrices, which was alright, I only ever fell asleep because I was dead tired during Chinese. I'm sort of enjoying the ability to sleep early, I mean, its the first week of school therefore I'm not going to stress out so much, so I'm just going to sleep whenever i feel tired (ALL THE TIME, as of current hahah sad life). I was pretty happy when school ended!

Headed to the trellis to meet my Carnelians! I love them so much, they're all so cute :-) And they're a very welcoming bunch, esp to their SF hahaha I mean like we're kinda just sitting in and stuff but they make me feel really welcome and a part of them! After spending a month or so with them, I've come to grow closer to like Nicole, Vess, Su Ern and I think the prefects are so adorbz, Qimin and Celene :-) YUP LOVING MY LTC GROUP I am so blessed to have them ;) anyway, had a good time listening to them discussing and stuff, and they were really amusing, esp Daniela who is super obsessed w Harry Potter ("JK Rowling is from Britain!" ROFLMAO)
Then Ms Ng came and she ran through their timeline and what they have came up with with them :-) Hahaha it was nice that she knows my name despite never working w her before. They're a good bunch!

Left them, after they dispersed and went on to touring the OC station games with Bahnice and Grace my SL buddszzz <3 Hmmm :-) Anyway, no comment! We were just walking around and observing them, and Berenice was taking note of things to bring up during their post-mortem. :-)

BANDAGE MEETING, whole comm! We have quite a lot of things to tackle, but it was pretty fun listening to what exactly was going on, I love my comm they're so hilarious! :-) Also, Siyue sat in too so that was fun, she had really good feedback from last year! Anyway, ITS TIME TO GET STARTED ON BANDAGE, its such a blessing to work in Bandage, I think despite it being a really heavy task, it is for such a good cause, and its going to be so fun planning :-) Comm meeting at 7 tomorrow, WHOOTS LETS GO.

LEARNT MASS DANCE WITH THE SLS omg I love this bunch okay. I think our mass dance was quite hilarious, and the Sec 1s were quite amused with us. I think we were much cooler than the instructor we had in Sec 1 HAHAHA "Wash the clothes, wash the clothes, hang them up, hang them up" LMAO. HEHEHHE had a lot of fun leading mass dance, and the enthusiasm that all the SLs had really overpowered the tiredness I was feeling <3 <3 <3 :') HAHAHA YOU GUYSSSS.
We're going for campfire tomorrow! BOOYAH <3
Proceeded for dinner! Hobo-ed around a bit, talked a little to dear stressed Mrs Lau. ALL THE BEST OKKK <3 <3 anyway, laughed with SLs and stuff, and Mrs Lau wanted me to get the teachers' dinner for them, but apparently I was too over-enthusiastic so they were scared and didn't want me to take for them or something AIYAH HAHA. Anyway, didn't get a lot of food. Idw eat after 8. :-( HAHAHA but Mrs Lau was hilarious, she went all "EDLYN TAY if you become anorexic, I will..... No cannot kill..... No cannot curse.... Hehe, er, please, go eat hehe" HAHAHAHAHAHA I love Mrs Lau, srsly. :') Had dinner w the SLs, ate dessert HAHAHA. So much fun talking to them in the trellis. :')
And then Mrs Lau got Grace & I to take care of this poor sick Sec 1 girl, had fun talking to her (her name is Megan!) and her friend Gen, stayed with them for the rest of the night, they are such sweet girls!

Left school at about 9, and here I am now! Omg I am so tired i think I'm going to sleep soon, but yeah, had a really nice day, can't wait to return to OC tomorrow! Its been such fun, esp with the SLs! :-)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I missed so many days

Day 1 - 5 interesting facts about yourself.
Day 2 - The meaning behind your name.
Day 3 - Your nicknames & why you have them.
Day 4 - A date you would love to go on.
Day 5 - 20 Plans/dreams/goals you have.
Day 6 - Share a picture from your day
Day 7 - Something you’re looking forward to this year.
Day 8 - Nicknames you have & how or why you have them
Day 9 - Something you hope to change about yourself and why.
Day 10 - A hobby you have.
Day 11 - A photo that makes you smile
Day 12 - Someone who has made your life worth living.
Day 13 - Short term goals for this month and why
Day 14 - What is something you crave.
Day 15 - Something you regret not having done last year.
Day 16 - The meaning behind your Blog name
Day 17 - 3 things you are proud of about your personality.
Day 18 - A picture of somewhere you’ve been to.
Day 19 -Why are you doing this 30 day challenge?
Day 20 - Discuss some of the things on your bucket list.
Day 21 - Favorite super hero and why
Day 22 – Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future
Day 23 - If you had 3 wishes, what would they be.
Day 24 - Something you always think “what if…” about
Day 25 - Something you’re proud of in the past few days
Day 26 – What are your biggest pet peeves?
Day 27 - Something you’re currently worrying about.
Day 28 - The best things to happen to you this week.
Day 29 - 10 ways to win your heart.
Day 30 – In the past month, what have you learned.

Something you regret not having done last year.
Hmm, prolly the fact that I didn't treasure it enough sigh sigh. Sec 3 was honestly, a really really great year, but I rushed through it, I always looked forward to the end, and I didn't know Sec 4 could be so taxing, so I really regret not cherishing every single moment of 2011, because I'm never going to get it back :-(

The meaning behind your Blog name
I was thinking of the Phantom of the Opera. "Masquerade, masquerade, paper faces on parade" and since like this is a blog and you write down things on paper (er) = paperparades. :-)

3 things you are proud of about your personality.
Okay, I like that I am disciplined, I guess, because I will stick to my schedule (most of the time) and like I can abstain from the internet rather well, concentrate on my work and stuff hehe.
I think I like the fact that I am able to listen to people. I think I don't like interrupt anyone when they are trying to tell me something important, so.
Er, I am proud that I can be enthusiastic about something as long as I try to be. Sometimes that really comes in handy, especially when you don't feel much for the matter at hand at all and you're supposed to present yourself all cheery.

A picture of somewhere you’ve been to.
hi guys check out my school

Why are you doing this 30 day challenge?
I like answering interesting questions. 

Discuss some of the things on your bucket list.
Oh this one is fun. :-)
1. I would like to be at two places at once. (Like Jess said while watching AWTR, if my boyfriend brought me to straddle the stateline and tell me I'm in two places at once I'D MARRY HIM LMAO)
2. See a Times Square (New York City) ball drop when the clock strikes 12 on the new year
3. Be airborne. Like fly. HAHA.
4. Meet hot Hollywood people
5. Depend on God for everything, so by the time I die I can say "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith" (2 Timothy 4:7)
6, Ride a wild animal through a forest. (lmao)
7. Perform an operation on a sick person.
8. Save a life.
9. Witness a miracle
HAHAHA if I think of more I will add on


Hello, :-)

Today was rly rly tiring, to the extent that I ended up falling asleep for an hour whilst studying chem on my bed HAHA I'M SO DEAD BEAT OMG :-( First thing this morning was assembly @ the audi, I can't believe we're the oldest ones already :-( sigh anw, they went through the security stuff at school, and then we had a school rules briefing.

History at Spare room 2.2! ^___^ Having History now with 4S and 4T, Mrs Ng is simply hilarious, began with a short introductory session for us to know each others' names. Most of the girls in my new history class are my classmates/EE frans. :-) Anw, so Mrs Ng went on about her expectations and running the race, and one of her favourite verses, "If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses?" - Jeremiah 12:5. HAHAHA and she ended off with saying we have to run this race tgt or something :-)

Back to class for Chinese, we got a new (male) laoshi! Louey next to me was telling me how she really missed laoshi ): I MISS LAOSHI TOO LAOSHI Y U NO RETIRE ONLY AFT THIS YEAR :-( Our new laoshi seemed nice, honestly. He expects all A1s from us, Higher Chinese no exception. I don't think I can get A1 for HCL until a miracle of miracles happens. We were quite speedy, analyzed our first wen zhang, got our first piece of homework (He's very chill about homework due dates) and we began on a kewen. We had 1h and 20mins so I guess that was a realllly long time. Nothing could compare to the 4h Chinese marathon we had two days before Chinese Os though HAHAHA.

Recess, I preferred the old Chinese rice :(((((( Ate, hmmmm, and then went around running errands for CCA showcase @ 11! Prepared for CCA showcase, made our bored, set up our booth and all, and honestly, I feel quite ..... As in I know I'm in comm and all but like I don't exactly love my CCA? And I just couldn't bring myself to like, promote it wholeheartedly. Spent CCA showcase walking around, getting stickers from various dears at various booths HAHA, some were stuck on me. Visited the Guides + GB booths the most cuz they were right next to the infocomm booth, Tessa bb had a loudhailer and she & Steffi kept blasting in my ear HAHAHA. Nicole goes all "omg i think those sec 1s are scared of me help me go talk to them" to me and I'm all "HI DO YOU WANT TO JOIN GUIDES OMG WHAT AM I DOING" hahahahaha. It was pretty hilarious, how the Sec 4s were competing for Sec 1s to sign up for their own CCA HAHA. Fabs was quite intense about her CLDDS hahaha. Our selling points: 2h a week, aircon, internet, prize money, lots of CCA points. We might have forgot to mention the bit about P/A duty and stuff hehehe.

Missed Chem + English so that was good. Spent lunch w Nicole and Claris, watching Nicole eat (the amount she eats is crazy, seriously) and looking for Mrs Lau to no avail :-( Had apple juice though, so that was (y). Ran back to class for Lit cuz we saw Mrs Choo walking HAHAHA.

Lit was fuuuuun, as usual :-) Mrs Choo had many stories to tell, and it was really entertaining. Class of 2012, you guys are seriously (y). Mrs Choo says if 4I/R gets 100% A1s for combined SS+Lit for Os, she'll throw a garden party at her house ONZ MAN. HAHAHA. We did some essay questions about uncle axel that will never come out ever again. "Mrs choo you are my second favourite teacher" "Nicole, remind me to torture her" rolfmaooooo. All in all it was a good first lit lesson for the year, great great! :-)

Stayed back waiting for Nicole to finish her retest whilst doing my English homework (I FINISH ALR) and still couldn't find Mrs Lau after :-( so went home came home moped around did more work gg to try to do some more work now.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

beginning of the end


So I felt the need to post about the first day of school, after which I will go and study Chem in case Nicole needs my help at Chem tomorrow, ALL THE BEST TO THE BABES TAKING CHEM RETEST! Got to school this morning bright and early! Was frantically texting this morning HAHAHA, I was so afraid of the jam! But yayyy there wasn't any jam and yay thank you for setting my mood all bright and cheery for the rest of the day! :-) Got to school and felt an overwhelming sense of excitement and nostalgia, seeing the Sec 1 girls look blur at the concourse HAHAHAH while I marched down over to my new classroom! And Wong was standing outside so YAYYY HI ANDREA WONG I HAVE MISSED YOU (': she gave me my Christmas card that I didn't manage to send! HAHAHA, hung around in class, disappeared to walk to 4O (dang I typed 3O!) with Steffi who smells more like strawberries than ever HAHAHA. Got my bday gift from Tessa bb, awwwwh, its soooo cool omg I love you bb!

Went up to look for Grace, came down again and got reunited with KEREN AND CHARRRR :3 :3 :3 :3 I've missed those two qtpies like crazy crazy omgggg. Had fun talking to them for a bit, and reminding Keren bb that she is the new class chair HAHAHA. Met a very flustered Kim Chong and went up to the hall to do P/A duty for Sec 1 Orientation! HAHAHA, had a lot of fun joking around w Kim Chong plus being a SLICK SPY! ;-) The Sec ones are so fortunate to have Mrs Lau, really. :') <3 Hehe, so after a while, Mrs Loh signalled to us that we were not needed (thanks) and we went back to class!

2 hour lecture/nagathon by Magsim that I shall not elaborate on HAHAHA. Grrrr why is she still our form :-( Had free period after, spent it with Keren Char Kristin :-) Had so much fun just talking to them, they are such adorable girls, srsly :') Went to refill their water bottles w them because I was just so restless! Passed by the Sec 1 Orientation ongoing in the bbcy, they were quite quiet!!!! HAHA. Waved to Mrs Lau, and she went "Wah edlyn, Sec 4 already!" I consider this a major compliment from the comment last year on the first day of school that I will never forget "Edlyn you don't look like Sec 3 leh!" LMAO. Kk, anyway, got back to class and Keren plaited my hair (When she asked "edlyn can i braid your hair", I heard "edlyn can I rape your hair" HAHAHA laughed for like 2 minutes)

Recess w da bffls! :-) Good to see all of them again! Hehehe, got super sweet presents, I love my recess crew, Reenah Huilin Megxie Jiayi Nic Stace :-) fun times! Sec 4 (WL WE'RE SEC 4) level briefing commenced, with an opening address by Mrs Ong, followed by an entertaining talk about our academics + school stuff with Mrs Sim, and then a run through of Sem 1 with Ms Kek + the pencil story + the ATTITUDE = 100% thing HAHAHA. Can't believe it, guys.

"Class of 2012. Its 2012."

SL meeting w Ms Ho! We were sitting on the staircase and obstructing a lot of people, and Ms Ho was scaring some Sec 3s HAHAHAH. We were briefed on what we are gg to tackle this year, and I simply cannot WAIT. SL projects are highlights, definitely, and Ms Ho was like "Wah, I'm so happy to see all of you again!" AWWWW. HAHAHHA. I love my SLs, :-)

ROCs meeting! :-) We watched a lot of videos + Mrs Ng's 15 minute video montage consisting of a wide variety of Disney songs such as A whole new world. some random Phil Collins song, You'll Be In My Heart, & her favourite Hercules song that goes "I CAN GO THE DISTANCE ~~~" HAHAHAHA. It was a fun time of reminiscing, EE seemed so long ago when it was just about 1.5 months ago ); BUT WE HAD IT IN THE PW ROOM I was taking in the surroundings omg how I love the PW room :'''') So so so many memories, plus today, it didn't smell bad because we missed the first part!

Stayed back in school after and sat in with the Carnelians for a meeting with Ms Ng about their project! Before that, I was questioning them about their classes and their subject teachers. HEHEHE it was so fun. I was just walking past the trellis until Nicole called out my name. I went over to say hi, and I realise they were all standing in a circle AND I GOT SO EXCITED TO SEE ALL OF THEM AGAIN AHHAHAHA. :') Laura's leaving though :(((((( AND SO IS FAYE OMG WHAT WILL BECOME OF MAGIC TRICKS HAHAHA :( Anw, after the meeting, stayed back and talked to Vess at the trellis! I SWEAR SHE IS SO CUTE I CANNOT TAKE IT HAHAHAHA. Speaking of Vess, I JUST FOLLOWED HER ON TWITTER YAY VESSSSSS :') HAHAHA, she was telling me about her english teacher + her first day at school + all her blur moments, she is so blur and her reactions are hilariously slow and epic! Had a good time talking to her, laughed so much! hahaha! I think I'm really blessed to have my group for LTC, they're all such sweet and funny and entertaining girls :-)

Helped out Infocomm a bit, walked around with grace, came home! :-) Proceeded to hobo for about half an hour on the couch texting HAHAHA. NOW I NEED TO GO STUDY CHEM HAMANA hope y'all had a good day at school!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


HI ITS 2012 WOW.

Okkk I'm going to blog about yesterday + today! :-) Yesterday was a Saturday! Met Lizzie @ Cine to watch NYE! :-) Bought our extremely expensive (11 buxxxx) movie tickets & also super ex diet cokes and went into a small little cinema for our movie! The seats were limited, or something, so we ended up sitting in front of each other HAHAHA. But other than that OMG I LOVED THE MOVIE HAMANA. It was so much better than Love, Actually, I LOVED NEW YEARS EVE, they make New Year's sound so magical. But okay I really want to go to Times Square New York one day and watch the ball drop. Yuuup, lovely movie, made me laugh at some parts and hold back my tears at others SNIFF.

 I LOVED NYE and I could get all the parallel storylines (Okay not all of them were parallel, some storylines intersected in unexpected ways!) AND I WOULD WATCH IT AGAIN. I'm going to try Valentine's day one day! WHEE OK. Walked all the way to Shaw house for lunch! MOS :-) Met Reenah there where she unloaded all her presents hahaha THANKS DEARS :-) had a good lunch catching up and stuff, didn't meet them for the whole holiday!

Skipped on over to Prologue to meet Jiayi + so I could get the huge pieces of paper for Joyce + Joash + Joshua + Bernadine's farewell cards! Hahaha, had a good time looking through the aisles and talking, however short! Bought the stuff and walked back down to Orchard MRT! Needed to leave for church, so we took a parting polaroid 

Changed trains like crazy and rushed down to church! Ended up hoboing outside the prayer meeting/kindergarten room waiting for Linx to relate his orders HAHAHA. So yup, we managed to get all the cards done by service! :-) 
Saturday's service was Thanksgiving Service, and really, to end the year right with God. Ya so during altar call I was just reflecting on how God has seriously brought me through the year. I think it was by God's grace that I could balance SL stuff and school work, and manage to do considerably well at the end even though two weeks before my finals I was dying inside and I couldn't concentrate at all HAHA. And how like I really just want to live my life for Him la, and stop. So yaaaa I was really touched by God's grace & awesomeness this year :') THANK GOD. 

After service, Leenie & Ryanny (HARHAR Ryanny started calling me Edlynny LMAO) presented me with my birthday gift A HUGE TEDDY BEAR FROM TOYS R US :333 And Kris and Ryanny made me wear a tiara LIKE SRSLY GUYS AHAHAHA. Krissy baked cookies OMNOMNOM I love and will eat anything that Kristel Tan bakes like seriously HAHA. OKAY :-) Went to Hwanam to have dinner with the churchies~! FUN. HAHAH, sat next to Bala. LMAO @ CHRIS K he was like (to Bella) "If you marry a Chan, you'll be BalaChan" HAHAHAHA. Anyway. She tortured me during dinner HAHAHA I still love you la Bels. ;-) HAHA. Anyway Jess was hugging mah teddy bear (I named it after Kristel and Bella. Guess the name. Kristabella HAHA). Her baby. HAHA. It still smells like her now. 
Mmmh, after dinner, we all crammed into Jess's car and went to her house! :-) went up to change with Jess and then we came down and we watched A WALK TO REMEMBER 

(side note: someone watch the new Nicholas-Sparks-book based movie staring Zac Efron THE LUCKY ONE hallo best of both worlds a sad sobby move in which someone probably dies before/during/after the course of the movie + hothothot Zac Efron, with me next year ok ok set. I like. HAHA) 

Only Jess & I will truly appreciate the goodness and amazingness that is A Walk To Remember. HAHAHAH k whilst we were watching the movie, Krissy was putting make up on Bels, Bels tried putting make up on herself, Jess tried putting on make up on me and then went to put makeup on herself ER HAHAHA. Other than that HAMANA A WALK TO REMEMBER (': Bels kept saying the acting wasn't good/there was no build up to their relationship GRR GO AWAY BELS and I think Heidi & RJ didn't really get the last part where she died (BAWL BAWL SHE DIED) . Ruijun and Huiling were just sitting at the back watching us HAHA. anywaaaaay ;-) Everyone started going home so when we watched the second movie, When In Rome, it was just Jess Bels & I left. hehehe. A little into the movie, Melena came by as well! And then we watched the movie kept gaping at how Kristen Bell is so pretty WHY ARE YOU SO PRETTY KRISTEN BELL look 

PRETTY RIGHT. OMGZOIHAOGHAOSIH. The show was quite funny HAHAH because she had super odd suitors HAHAHA. Mhmmmm! So Melena left after the movie, and Bels was like asleep on the sofa already. AND IT WAS 2012 BY THEN SO HAPPY NEW YEAR my phone kept buzzing and SMSes wouldn't send and everything HAHAHA. And twitter was down too so my facebook sort of exploded with "HAPPY NEW YEAR"s! Anyway! Watched cartoons lying down on Jess HAHAHAHA. Captain Planet, Spongebob (48h Spongebobathon!), & Dexter omg its been forever since I've watched Dexter. After Elijah came to pick Bella up, went upstairs to Jess's room and got ready for bed! Yup, talked in the dark and stuff and finally fell asleep at who knows what time HAHAHA.

Woke up a little too late to go to church on time! But yay! Showered first, and then Jess went to bathe hahahaha. Then when we were all ready, walked to the bus stop and took a bus down to church (wowza the bus fares are off today! Like the bus ride was free! HAPPY NEW YEAR!). Stopped by Esso to get drinks before going for service! Lalalala talked all the way it was nice. :-) YUP, I'm sure we've learnt more about each other! Its nice how we're closer after church camp :-) Wowee, worship hall was full today! So we hoboed at the back hahaha! Thanksgiving service was niceeeee :-) Videos about the different church ministries + sharing + we sang Worthy Is The Lamb. Took turns hugging huge teddy bear HAHAHA. So it was a good hour before my parents came to pick me up :-)

Lalalalala shall not elaborate on the rest of the day for fear of spoiling this happy post HAHAHA. Had Korean lunch and walked around orchard and all thaat. I got quite sleepy in the afternoon. Too lazy to drag myself down to do some exercise so I just stoned the entire afternoon. Wheeeee. 

HI HAHAHA I'm still lying on Carol bear now though sorry I am squashing you lalalala. 
Had a good day yesterday + this morning I love my church friends so much *INTENSE* :-)