Monday, October 29, 2012



Coulda done better for A Math Paper 1, lost 10 marks to careless. But I got everything else right, so i guess I'm pretty thankful for that. Idk.......... AAAAH I FEEL SO INADEQUATE sigh.

A Math crash course with Ms Ho, Grace & Chou this morning after SS was hilarioussssssss HAHAHA I finally know how to draw exponential graphs, so yay :-)
Also, after the SS paper, I went around school and then went back to the study spot and called Mrs Choo. She then came out a while later. Apparently she randomly came out to the study benches outside the staffroom and grabbed an SS paper thinking it was mine to go and see what came out HAHA. But it was grace's so it wasn't so bad HAHA. Anyway, watched as Mrs Choo had an ego fight with her sec 3. I sat there and almost died HAHAHA their egos are so big haha!

Talked a lot to Abi & Mrs Choo today, on separate occasions of course. Talked to Abi for about an hour, walking around school and eventually settling at the bamboo courtyard. She told me stuff, can't believe that girl (that girl not referring to Abi HAHA) but anyway, glad she did and got it off her chest! Love you dear, :* after that, did some A Math and Mrs Choo walked out of the staffroom to get me to pass some notes to Hannah Chua, and she sat down and talked to me about stuff. Asked very deep questions hahaha and got me thinking a bit. Anyway, told her I'd tell her everything on Friday, when I don't have papers to worry for, so lets see how that goes. Blessed, anyways :)

Went to tuition after the paper and spotted all my shit mistakes sigh. Gonna get 70 for paper 1. I'm aiming for full marks for paper 2, and hoping the plane geom question will close up the gap. Thank the heavens because I can safely say I'm pretty confident for plane geom questions now. Feeling a bit ngeh, I guess. Gonna read a bit more Chem and go to bed. I need to be 100% awake for A Math tomorrow. OMG PLEASE GOD PLEASE HELP ME :'(

(believe me when I said I've tried. I really have.)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

sugar we're going down

2 hours of mind-numbing physics. Shall do a consolidation of this week's photos before going to check my answers for the chem and bio papers and going to beddd! (I've been falling asleep anywhere, anytime, so often this week. Oh well.) 

Ayn my sugar muffin :* and her braces-free teeth that she was admiring so much HAHA

Talking to these people....... AHAHAHA. 

Nik, Kris & Grace :* 
Walked Nik back to class this morning before assembly, talked to her & Kris outside her class before going back to study hee. Love those two bobos :* 

Grace & Abi :-) 

thought i was over it a looooooong time ago.
guess not. 

Wheeeee gift box & letters from the sweetest CGLs ever :* love you, Krissy Ryanny and Matt :') 

super sweet card from Mrs Choo before I stepped into the hall on Monday :') 
so blessed, she's a great person to talk to. 

above box used to contain snacks that I am currently using as my stationery box! :) WHEE. 

okay back to work.
here's to the mad week ahead, 8 papers next week sigh.

e math: level completed


Spent practically the whole night on chem & whatsapp la I really need to start concentrating from tomorrow on, super crazy week coming up to kill us all. Anyway, today (I might not have time to post anymore next week so) was E Math Paper 2! :-) as usual, had math tuition in the morning, finished yet another practice paper, and then set off for school!

Met grace in school, did a bit of E Math before going down for lunch! Mother actually got father to bring breakfast for me when he picked me up this morning, but I already had breakfast, so that became my lunch + soup. Hee. Spontaneously decided to go and crash the May Oh challenge shield after telling grace about my hobby of reading movie plots (especially horror movie plots) on wiki HAHAHAHA. What a shit hobby but ok. HAHAHA.

Went up to the gallery and watched what remained of the debate with Abi! :-) and then headed back down to do more e math, got to talk to Nik bb, Kris & Mrs Choo before finally going up for our paper!!!!!

Okay the paper was rly easy like Chie gave us links to leaked answers and I got 175/180 (176, if there is such a thing as error carry forward for math) (assuming I remembered my answers correctly for paper 1, so I got full marks and assuming the answers are reliable and accurate) so I was really quite contented. It's got to be an A1 right?!? Anw found out about this at 11 whatsapping the crazy idiots (6-2ians whooooooo) on our whatsapp group shit couldn't stop laughing the whole night HAHAHAH. Feeling much better because I felt so shit after the paper because I lost 3/4 careless marks and I was like OMG MEH. But anyway Praise The Lord!!!!!!!! Every victory belongs to Him, gotta remember that :-)

LET THE CRAZY MUGGING BEGIN but also I'm gg for the MG funfair tomorrow WHEEEEEEEE k goodnight

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

e math 1

Day 2!

Really should be using my time better and cramming stuff for next week, but ok this is worth the time when I grow old and look back on my secondary school days. Anyway.

Had Math tuition bright & early in the morning at 8AM! Quite thankful I can do math in any given state of mind, half asleep, half awake, meh. But yeah did a whole practice paper before leaving for school! :-) & the bus ride was pretty short, so got to school by 10.45!

Sat at the usual study spot and did a bit of E Math (I realise that I have yet to finish the 2009 E Math paper 1 shit lol I'm such a good student mmh) and then went down to have lunch with grace because I was really hungry. I am quite hungry now, too. Went back up after lunch and did more e math. Somewhere along the way, Ms Kek took Carol Bear away for some walk, apparently she took her to scold the cockpit or something HAHAHA. And then at about 1, took a walk down to the general office and back with Mrs Choo lalalala. Came up and she helped me with work for a bit.

After that I just fell asleep HAHAHA I was really tired........ Grace woke me up but I fell back asleep TOO TIRED LA and then Mrs Choo came and woke me up because I was "sleeping like don't know what" and then proceeded to tell me about how Ayn didn't want to sell her guides cookies alamak HAHAHA. Trudged up to the exam haaaalll.

Yeah our CPE was really nice! He was reading out the instructions to us and was all "ok, after the paper you can take your question paper back" and then we were like......... Huh? And he realised and started bursting out laughing and so did the rest of the hall. Good start to the paper! And the paper was honestly pretty easy. I'm scared of the bell curve now, it's gonna be pretty extreme I would think, hm :( BUT IT'S OKAY gonna go home and do one E Math & one A Math paper and maybe some SS before going to bed! :-)


Monday, October 22, 2012


First day of Os, hmmm.

Got to school early (or rather, at the usual time) today! Talked to Abi, mad rush to put our stuff and then sat in for Christmas service! It was pretty awkward, being the only Sec 4, but it was a good service. I felt that the video was super super appropriate and so sad + the message was pretty short and succinct! Had a good time sitting in, really :-) didn't regret whoooo I mean how to regret right, spending the first hour of the day with God!

The teachers were really sweet today :') while walking out of the hall, Mrs Ng saw me and exclaimed (seriously, exclaimed) "WHY ARE YOU HERE SO EARLY?!?" And then proceeded to tell me to not eat anything spicy, oil, fried, creamy or cold HAHAHA. (During recess i was drinking fruit juice and Mrs Ng was like "not too cold ah" HAHAH) Whenever I saw Ms Koh today she'd be all "JIAYOU, we'll keep you in prayer!" *pumps fist* Ms Ng & Mrs Liow were really sweet too, and at about 12+, prayed with Grace & Ms Lau :'''') Got to talk to Mrs Choo a fair bit today too, she found some book with short stories for me to read (Looking For Alaska was not for appropriate today, as much as I love it) and gave me a super sweet card before I went up to wait for the doors of the hall to open :') Was tryna convince her to go up HAHA and she did in the end :)

Praise The Lord x10948294 because our Chief Presiding Examiner is a super nice man :))) like he was really jokey and nice to us, THANK GOD because we heard last year's CPF wasn't thaaat nice HAHA. ++ our invigilators seemed like really nice & gentle heehee ++ instead of 2 familiar faces in the hall, we had 3! Mr Seow is an invigilator! Aiya so used to seeing our teachers walking around and stuff now they're not there meh :( WHOOOOOO okay super blessed.

Not feeling too good about the English paper, I guess compo was okay, but compre and summary were BLEH. Recounted the paper to Mrs Choo after it was over, maybe I could've done better? Idk but what's done is done and now it's all up to the man in Cambridge who's marking our papers, and most importantly, God :))))

Thankful for juniors too, my wonderful darlings who came to wish us all the best today!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS I love my Sec 3 juniors seriously seriously. :')

E MATH TOMORROW supposedly one of my strongest, if not my strongest, subject. YUPPPP okay time to go to bed and pray for the best tomorrow!!!! :-)

Sunday, October 21, 2012


quickie picture post of a summary of this week before I finish writing (another) Chrysalids essay. I have developed an aversion to lit essays this week because I did soooo much lit this week but ok I'll still do it even though I told Mrs Choo I wasn't going to. Anyway.

(I actually have to email all these pictures to myself because stupid instagram won't let me copy image URL anymore)

From Ms A Ng, omg awwww so sweet :') It's hanging on my wall now, so so blessed. 

The random essay Mrs Choo sent to me for Grace & I to edit. The essay that I nearly died trying to edit. 

My crazy juniors. I love you guys, Nik & Kris :-* 

I thought these only existed on tumblr. Thanks Abiabiabi :') :-* 
(they tasted super good, btw)

taking a picture in the toilet ehehehe. 

lunch todaaaay

bought myself new clean colours :-) Except the pink isn't exactly that shade of pink, the shade of pink came out differently in the picture. Oh well. Its like a reddish pink. I like. 

scared la :'( was telling Mrs Choo on Friday how I didn't want to sit for Os, sigh. 

this week was a really really really really good week, like I spent the whole of the five days in school, studying. Talked quite a bit to my dear sweet juniors, QI FLEH I miss uuuuuuuu & I heard you did first aid today HAHAHAHA, Ayn my sugar muffin, Nikkyyyy (oh oh oh so excited for all of them next year ok, y'all are gonna be fabulouuuus), Abi, somewhat :-(, Graces :'), managed to talk to Elinor & Andrea, like random exchanges when I see them. Oh and Raju & Erica the GENIUSES OH MY GOSH. I'm gonna miss my juniors oh-so-much, :'((((( never thought I would, but thank you God for the best bunch of juniors (they are technically my age) ever. 
spent time with grace (omg i see her like 6 times a week sometimes WHAT HAHAHAHHA), got to talk to Andrea Wong & Keren & Cristina (HAHAHAHAHAHA she makes me laugh, whitian.) this week, talked to Mrs Choo quite a bit this week too. IT WAS A GOOD WEEK, ALL IN ALL
Okay I really should go and do my essay now.
PTL for this week, need His grace SO MUCH next week plsplspls omg.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Another short, before-I-go-to-sleep post!

Today was pretty fun! :-) got to school in the morning, Qi and her uneaten breakfast paid me a visit, along with her super a lot of bags for PB camp! En En came to look for Qi + say hi this morning too :-) I miss Qi. Fleh. :-( HAHA.
Assembly with Ms Ng (as usual HAHA!) and Nicolette today :-) walked Ayn up to class after flag raising, got to talk to her before gathering up my things (I left my things in class) and going to my usual study spot to study! :-)
Managed to finish 1 bio paper, and did random questions from other papers, before grace & Charis came! Walked around, did some SS, finished NI & Bonding. Went down and had breakfast with Kereny :-) HAHAHAHA I swear she's so cute to whatsapp HAHA. Had a good breakfast, good company, she showed me her baby photos and she was so cute when she was younger (WHAT HAPPENED HUH HAHAHA jkjkjk luv u Keren :*)

ANYWAY MY PLAN WORKED managed to get everyone to sign in the card!!!! Proceeded for lit shortly after breakfast and a little more SS and hunting around for my lit classmates. YES SO had our second last lit lesson!!! SO SAD OK really gonna miss lit. Anyway, Mrs Choo had to go declare some buffet open HAHAHAHA which I thought was pretty hilarious. She brought us some grapes, which I got Andrea Wong to feed me the ~*royal way*~ HAHAHAHA we're so retarded.
It was the usual lit lesson and today I really did see light!!! (HAHAHAHA every lesson she comes in and goes "girls today you will see light" man imma miss that) brought grace for lit as well, which was quite fun for her probably ;-) HAHAHAH I love lit lessons. "Girls let's run to Geylang now!" HAHAHAHA. Mrs Choo was pretty mean today HAHA. Yeah, hung around after class to ask some questions, and gave her the card WHOOO stayed up last night to finish it :-)

Slobbed around, did some work, Chem & some history and all, and Yue came to visit at around 5! :-) she gave us the sweetest gifts omg ill post up a picture here soon AAAAH! talked for about half an hour, before finally decided to leave school at 5.45, when it wasn't exactly raining? It was drizzling. Got out of school and got a whatsapp from Mrs Choo asking if I was home because it was raining v heavily (apparently! In other parts of Singapore at least.) so she was afraid i wouldn't be able to get home. Awwwww. :') and reenah finding out that her Andrej the male-female supermodel is coming to Singapore HAHAHAHA. Interesting day on whatsapp today, managed to finish more Chem and I'm REALLY TIRED even though its pretty early, gonna go to bed!!! This week sped by :'(

Get a grip, edlyn :-(



Short post before I go to bed. Just finished the surprise for tomorrow, from our 2 classes for her :-)

Got to school at the usual time, Abi baked freaking Cookie Monster cupcakes, this girl is talented omg. Thanks babe, :')
Spent the morning with Qi!!!! Because she didn't have to go through bio paper (she doesn't take bio) so she sat outside the staffroom with me, while I did SS, doing her PB camp stuff and telling me lame jokes and about her sad childhood HAHAHA I love Qi :') Aaaaah don't wanna leave who's gonna tell me lame jokes and be my weirdoooo.
Spent the next few solid hours studying omg. Stuuuudied and it was actually pretty productive, got bio done, some physics, and then went to talk to Ayn. Let go and move on, sugar muffin, you were made for even greater, I know you can do it :*
Back to more studying, physics physics and my brain kinda died........ Andrea Wong & Keren came down and we started talking a bit, and then Mrs Choo came out of the staffroom and then kinda joined us HAHAHA. Wong was being retarded and hid her face with her windbreaker, and Mrs Choo tries to figure out who she was............. By smacking her butt HAHAHAH YEAH SERIOUSLY "must be Andrea Wong" HAHAHAHAHA.
Mmmh, walked to the canteen & back with Mrs Choo talking about stuff, before going back and studying some more.
*drowns in notes*
Did more physics, checked my physics checklist, did some SEA, talked to Tanya :))))))), and then did some Bio before going home!
Pretty hilarious afternoon too though :P

Once home, did SS, checked off my Chem syllabus checklist, and then worked on the surprise AND NOW I am tired and I want to go to beddddd.

Goodnight x

Dear self, please let go. (not possible) (try) (idk)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012



Began the day with wet weather assembly, stood on the second level with grace + the level teachers HAHAAA it was pretty funny seeing how we were the only sec 4s there. Anyway! After that, went to 4T with grace to do some physics with Mr Liu & some of her classmates!

Went back to the staffroom at nine and hence began the long arduous lit day. Was only planning to do lit for like 2h, began with a consultation session with Pittas & Mrs Choo, and it went on and we kind of just kept doing lit, like unseen and stuff.......  Also, Mrs Choo was printing her magic booklet thing HAHAHA we took a look at it. Didn't get to help her choose nice fonts :( HAHA Taking a break in between to eat with Graces, my two bbs Kris & Nik came to visit during their recess too, complaining about the mess I made of the table that I was studying on, those two OCD boobs HAHA. And then, continued with more lit......

Pittas & I actually fell asleep waiting for Mrs Choo to come out, and when she did, she saw us asleep and she actually left us a post-it because she didn't want to wake us up HAHAHAHA. When we woke up, like 20+ minutes later, we were wondering where she was and just so happened that she looked out to check on us and came out HAHA, we didn't even see the note until she pointed it out to us...... More lit after that, I guess I was kind of distracted lalalala so I was in this ~~floaty~~ state. Hmph. Pittas left, and I decided to hurry back to my schedule, I was supposed to do Bio. And then Mrs Choo said I should do another unseen because she had to stay back for debate anyway so I could look for her.

Floated around school, talked to Ayn (Cheer up, sugar muffin, really, just learn and move on from it ok luv you :*), Qiqiiii (aka sweaty sticky drill gurl who spent hours looking for Ms Ho, anyway I JUST REALIZED SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO SPEND THIS AFTERNOON WITH ME but I guess she had drill practice so she didn't :-(((( she has prefects camp tomorrow and on friday, sighpiez!) & Nik (:* :* :*) I love my juniors so much ok, don't want to leave them behind :'((((

It was raining pretty heavily through the whole afternoon, so it was dark and gloomy and thundery. Did some history, WWII & fall of communism, read through the unseen and then went to look for Mrs Choo again. AAAH i really did so much lit today.... Stoned and tried to do some more work because it was raining/drizzling so I couldn't go home, until Mrs Choo was leaving and she offered to send me home YAYZ *\o/*  Talked to Elinor while waiting at the concourse alamak they were both complaining about how messy I was whole world complaining about my messes HAHA.
Talked on the ride home, hmmm. Thank you :)

Finished conflict + bonding, did some bio papers, going to make a point to copy the answers out tomorrow morning because I'm too dead to do that now, and I shall do one Chem MCQ before I go to bed!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

some days (5)

So today! It was really a pretty good day, productive and enjoyable :-)

Met Ayn in the morning in the canteen, so she could pass me her letter OMG AWWW so sweet ok :') and then Qi and Kris came along too! Omg I was so so happy to see my juniors, I really love the Sec 3s okay, and then Kris showed me Carly Rose Soneclare's X Factor clip. She's amaaazzzzing. Like Drew from last season but possibly amazinger. Anyway, so much fun just talking to the three of them. The whole school was back today so I felt sane again. :-)

Camped outside the staffroom, finished my Chrysalids notes AT LONG LAST!!!!! Did some Bio, and then the Sec 3s got released for recess, so went to catch a bunch of them. Cheer up Graces :') Anyway, ate a bit before going upstairs to do more work! Finished 2 E math paper 2s, WHOO! Super proud of myself!!!

MORE BIO, and then Mrs Choo came and helped grace with her essay :-) SS!!!!! Attempted doing like an SBQ and did a little bit of content, before going down for lunch! Had lunch today with Grace & Nat (HAHAHAH Nat put her phone on her Tupperware full of apples = Apple on apples HAHAHAHAH) and Ms Lau came and explained natural selection + variation + evolution to us :-) pretty cool!

Went up and did a bit more SS, before talking for like 15, 20 minutes with Mrs Choo about stuff HAHA. She told me about her lit classes and how she was really proud of them, about ~some things~. "Give me two key words" HAHAHAHA. HA, she actually found out about something.... But she was really nice about it. Anyway it was a good time, I like talking to Mrs Choo :') Okay this paragraph sounds cryptic but.

My Sec 3 darlings came down, so got to talk to Nik :') love you Nikkkkk. And Ayn too! Hahaha someone said we looked like we were having a serious discussion. Kind of were, cheer up, sugar muffin :* and Abi, we sent her to Ms Kek HAHAHA after Ms Kek came and went "stop being a drama mama to my Sec 4s! They need to study!" HAHAHA. Cheer up too, sweetie :* QIQIIIIIII, is some freaking humans genius, she recounted her whole chem tragedy comedy to us. Really really love my juniors, what did I do to deserve such sweethearts :')

Back to mugging for the whole of the afternoon! Covered some bio, which was yay! And covered some history as well. Did quite a bit today la, I really love school & juniors & teachers I really don't deserve them ok I LOVE YOU ALL OMG OMG SO MUCH.

Here's to a productive night! Going to do my usual night subjects, Chem & Physics, and editing the random Rosalind essay Mrs Choo sent me HAHAHAHA.

Friday, October 12, 2012

today our hearts confess the debt we owe, the love we hold for our dear MGS

Last official day of school in MG today, gonna try to summarize the last two days into one post before going to sleep, and officially officially swearing off blogging until Os finish.

Yesterday was pretty emotional, because we had about 1h and 20 minutes of history. We spent the first hour going through our SEA mock papers, and after that, we had like Mrs Ng give us a final pep talk, played us a song and she wrote us all personal letters, gave us a file and a bookmark. Really going to miss history lessons with these bunch of people, and I'm so blessed to have been able to get to know them better during EE :') Thank you, my dear SIT history class, and may we never be sent to the concentration camps/gulags/show trials/gas chambers. :') Anyway, walked out of class tearing because Mrs Ng was soooo sweet and yeah, I'm really going to miss her. Particularly because she's the one who really grounds us to God, and Godly values and stuff :')

Otherwise, the rest of yesterday was pretty alright. I'm going to miss Mr Heng too though, he's a reaaaally good Physics teacher and he's always so patient with us :') Thank God, really, for putting all these wonderful teachers into my life, into our lives.

Today, last lit lesson in the morning, guess it hasn't hit me yet because Mrs Choo's calling us back next week (alamak spent about 5h, from 6PM till now trying to coordinate with the class & Mrs Choo HAHA) and the day before Lit Os, so technically, it wasn't our last lesson. Well, I'm still going to miss itttt. Last official lit lesson, really gonna miss Mrs Choo too :( got closer to her this year, and she's really fun to talk to and  keeps up consistently with my whining and ranting, on top of being a really good teacher. so sweeeet. (':

Last english lesson PRAISE GOD HAHAHA okay being really mean. effectively spent half the lesson outside class waiting for Mrs Choo to be done with the 4R girls + asking her a question, so YES HAHAHAHA. Well. I'm really quite happy okay anyway.

Last Math lesson, Mrs Tee sprained her foot and was supposedly on MC today but she came to school anyway because she knew it was our last math lesson, and she showed us this really cute Math prayer and she answered our questions and it was soooo awwwwwwwww. Like she sprained her foot but she came to school for us :''''') Spent Math half doing work, half going crazy taking photos HAHAHA. had math in 3H cuz Mrs Tee wasn't exactly mobile but (''''":

Teared when we sang the school song during Baccalaureate, words cannot describe how much I'm going to miss MG omg omg omg.

This place has come to be home, the people here, my friends, my classmates, my juniors, my teachers, have come to be second sisters, second parents, second family, and I love them all so so so much. I wouldn't have survived Secondary school without these freaking amazing people, and I love how MG's so so so homey. I couldn't ask for a better school, a better school community because I love these people to death. Thank you guys, for making these the best four years of my life.
I'll always carry a piece of MG with me no matter where I go.
Maybe the feeling of finality will only sink in after next week, because I'm still going back to school from 6 to 6 next week to study.

still grasping what it means to have graduated. because of a certain reason, I have wanted this. at the same time, I don't ever want to leave MG so where does this leave me.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Hello all, quick post about today before I head off to bed! :-)

Today began like any other day, did work in the canteen with Nik (Grace came later than usual) before going for assembly! Dirty canteen tables are probably the only thing I won't miss about MG. Heehee.

Lit first thing in the morning! Mrs Choo went through our mock papers (which I did well for even though I didn't study and my last topic sentence was flimsy THANK GOD really want to do exceedingly well for Lit) and did some more stuff....... Don't remember HAHA but I'm really going to miss lit lessons. Mrs Choo has actual stickers that say "You have seen light" that she stuck on our mock papers oh my goodness HAHAHAHAHA. It was adorable and hilarious at the same time.

After lit was English but as usual we took about 10 minutes of English which is yay + stood outside class talking to Mrs Choo for another 10 minutes about my handwriting and idk other random things and how she wants to monitor my handwriting heh = double yay!!!!! Spent English talking to Charmaine anyway so. Idk what she was doing but ah well since when was I ever aware. Okayyyyy.

Recess with Keren Char Andrea & Kristin because my idiots weren't in school today :-( hmmm. But it was fun anyway, they're the most adorable & hilarious bunch HAHAHA spent time in the bamboo courtyard trying to come up with cool rhythms and making some plans for after Os, :-)

Math math SO MUCH MATH I am behind Mrs Tee's math schedule and I intend to make up for it I AM SO BEHIND ITS TERRIBLE HAHAHAHA okay I've really been neglecting my math but I cannot be too complacent about things. So, she returned us our mocks which I didn't do too badly for but I could have done way better. And then after that I rushed out an E math paper 1 in like 45 minutes HAHAHA for fear that she will reach my index number and check my work HAHAHA. YUPPP

SEA history test after school today idk I felt terrible during the test and my hand felt weird and for the first time I couldn't finish my paper and my handwriting was SHIT I'm so sorry Mrs Ng sighhhhhh ruined my mood quite a bit......... :/ the SEQs were easy though, sticking to my trusty independence questions!!!!

Spent the rest of the afternoon with my beloved juniors :') first I attempted to teach Kris about the cardiac cycle which I hope she understood!!!! HAHAH it was pretty hilarious though, anyway it was like revising so it was good too :-)
Went down to eat!!!!!! Love Project Care food, thanks so so so much to all the parents & teachers who put in so much effort getting/making food for us :') I luv errythinnnnn.
Went up and played heartattack with Qi & Elinor & omg I don't know her name ahhhh I feel so bad I MUST FIND OUT. I kept losing okay and they kept laughing at me, we laughed until our stomachs hurt OMG but it was so much fun :') halfway through the game Qi decided that going "HEART A-TTACK!" Was cursing ourselves because we wouldn't want a heart attack so we changed it to "A1!!!!!!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHHA OMG DYING HAHAHAHAHAH.
Love my juniors so much :') they made a point to vandalise my hand before I went home.

Fun times, can't believe next week's the last official school week. I love MG too too too damn much, I don't think I will every be ready to leave. MG's home, and that's that. Friends are home, juniors are home, my teachers are home. I LOVE YOU GUYS TOO MUCH I CANNOT sigh :'(

Shall ignore the shit feeling and go to sleep. The prospect of graduating + other things. Well.