Thursday, January 31, 2013


so I received this when I woke up and turned my phone on this morning,

my honeymoon period, having unlimited freedom (I've been going out everyday since december mmm HAHA) constantly visiting MG is over :-( I'm going to miss my juniors and my teachers SO MUCH, thank you guys for making my day, thank you guys for being such a freaking amazing family. :') I couldn't have been blessed with better teachers for my entire four years in MG, thank you for your guidance and for all your love. :') to my bbjuniors, ALL THE BEST FOR Os I love y'all so much, I'm here if you need me :') 

you can take the girl out of MG, but you can never, ever, ever take MG out of the girl. it'll always be home to me. 

last few days have been hectic, we have taken to working out math solutions, doing chemmy stuff for Mrs Lau, and yesterday I spent a total of 8 hours on my laptop editing lit essays (hahaha but Mrs Choo was whatsapping me about my awesome editing skills tyvm), our bench is always super messy because there were so many pieces of paper strewn across the tabletop HAHA. but i kinda enjoyed it a lot, busying ourselves + getting our brains moving again heheh.
accompanied Mrs Choo to RV today to watch MG's C Div badminton play HAHA managed to meet leenie in RV :') yay yay yay made my day i love you panda :* anyway spectating badminton was pretty cool + Mrs Choo knew like ALL the rules I was q amazed HAHAHA. "you're not v sporty right, apart from running and swimming" INDEED. HAHA. 

and tomorrow I'm going to school. MY OGL DID NOT CALL ME I'm q scared I'll be super lost in RJ tomorrow because the campus is HUGE. SO. BIG. OMG. HUMONGOUS. but it'll be so easy to spot MG girls because we have to report in our MG uniform heheh ^_^ cannot change in class anymore oh dear HAHAHA, gotta get re-adjusted to co-ed schools. 
above all, I hope that not being in mission school won't shake my faith. above all, this is His plan for me, this is where He wants me to be, and it's time to be His light in new circumstances, in a new environment. 


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

second day of intense visitation week before JC starts, today. :-) went back after lunch, at about 12+ today because grace, char & natty were going to speak for the lit sem/talk thingy at 3. so Mrs Choo came out with STACKS of essays (ok fair enough it was only 2 essays but she printed for like the whole level so it was a mountain mmm). 
sat outside the staffroom playing the guitar :-) Char's so good hahaha she was playing Safe & Sound and doing the cool plucking thing for the intro aaaahhh I super need to practice more. My fingertips are going to be q ugly after a while but it's okay. it was a good time just chilling and strumming and trying to get the finger positionings for the chords right. yay yay yay :-) went down to get some food (i ate cereal at 2.30pm and I was very happy) before going up to the chapel for the lit thingy. mega thankful for the super good company, gonna miss char a lot a lot A LOT esp since she was my table partner and hence can take all my nonsense on a daily basis & gracey of course :') 

made grace play turning page on the piano for me, and my two unbelieving friends have finally realised that twilight soundtracks are GOOD despite the suckiness of the actual movies. anyway it sounded quite bad when I told them that turning pages was "the song that they played when bella & edward were having sex (in breaking dawn part I)" hence we referred to it as the "sex song" and it sounded bad when grace & char were telling Mrs Choo "edlyn's making me play the sex song on the piano" yep. 
the lit thing was v funny hahahaha it was really nice seeing qi andrea elinor abi kris ayn tania (even though ayn and tania did not see me waving to them) :-)))) so much love for my wonderful juniors :') and it was q funny seeing my friends go up on stage and talk lit HAHAHA. + Mrs Choo & her huge ego. aaaaah gonna miss all this so much. 
hung around after school for a bit after, talked about JCs (ok i'm excited but at the same time scared x8109840 because I'll be facing hoards of geniuses every day of my life starting friday) and subject combis (BCML/BCMH or maybe even BCME aaah) q cool how Mrs Choo will know who I'm talking about in conversations without me mentioning the name(s) of people aaah so thankful for her too :') 

going back to school tomorrow at 7.40 ikr what.
all because i want to watch Lim Qi Min dance for TDD. 

Monday, January 28, 2013


basically spent the whole day in school, without my voice :-( it actually worsened today, aaaah, to the point where my teachers are all going "your voice is dying", and Mrs Choo was like "please stop talking, I feel pain for you" HAHA.

anyway, the first thing I did in school was to re-volunteer myself to do math for Mrs Hor, so whilst I was sitting outside the staffroom, working my way through the Sec 2 Pythagoras & Trigo questions, Mrs Choo got me to go upstairs to call her Sec 1 class down to lab 2.2 for lessons (they asked me questions like, why don't you have to wear school u, and what do I have to bring downstairs HAHA). Hung around in the lab talking while waiting for her Sec 1s to come down, hung around for a while after they started lesson before going back to the benches to collate order forms for her HAHA.
Math + order forms + Chouster got to school! :-) Mrs Leong got us to help out a bit with ice cream sticks, so Chou did the ice cream sticks while I did math, and after a while we went down to eat! :-) Gonna miss school food. Met the GB girls when we went back up, Berenice was filling me in about scary RJ orientation & Raffles matters, since we're both probably going in. Needless to say, I'm scared. Mrs Loh got me to go down for lunch with her, which I did :-) she was eating & telling me stories about her sons, hehe I'm q excited for Saturday :-)))) Jovan & Anson sound super adorbz! And I'm super thankful for Mrs Loh :') she bought me starfruit juice with added salt omg it was so salty. It's supposed to be good for my voice (or lack thereof)

by the time I got upstairs, after Mrs Loh was done eating, grace got to school after her brunch :-) talked a bit, went into the staffroom to help Mrs Tan check graphic calculators, supposedly our new best friends come the start of the semester on Friday HAHA. They were q cool ok they were like smart phones in calculator form. anyways, after we were done with that, grace & chou went downstairs w Ms Ho to have lunch. I stayed upstairs to do math since I've already been to the canteen twice HAHA.
safe to say that I'm doing more e math than I did during the Os period HAHAHA. Mrs Choo came out and sat down w me and she was sighing and sighing because she had more stuff to collate HAHA. helped her collate a bit before going back to math.
aft chouster & grace came back up for lunch, we went into the staffroom to start on the deco! we realised that no amount of blutack would work + we couldn't find the 3M thingy (HAHAHAHA Mrs Choo was so funny when she was using the walkie talkie, erryone was kinda ignoring her today la HAHA). So I accompanied Mrs Choo down to the bookshop to get some mounting tape + we detoured to the canteen because she wanted to get a drink + she bought me watermelon juice because, again, it's supposed to be good for my lack of vocal abilities HAHA. mmmmm. I find it rly funny that Mrs Choo can speak all kinds of dialect but she cannot rly speak chinese HAHAHA.
we worked on the deco while the teachers were out for their Monday meetings. it was a good time, we were just chilling, folding paper cranes, arranging things, and the whole staffroom was empty hehe. we got chased out when they needed the tables for meeting, but sokay, because when we went outside, xuannie & en helped me with the folding of the paper cranes (ok they were q new to folding paper cranes so I had to help them out but it was nice la they are such qtps) did up most of the deco, minus the putting it up part, before heading back home.

t'was a good day, spent practically the whole day in school. Somehow, time passes by really quickly when we're in school. going back 12ish tomorrow, grace & char have their lit seminar tomorrow HAHA Mrs Choo didn't want me to go up and give a motivational talk like they are (together w nat) because I give the least politically correct answers. ever, i think. hahahaha anyway it's gonna be a good day spent at school tomorrow, I'm q sure.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

youth chapter


I, 4I :')

youth chapter was fun :')
It was great to see everyone (not everyone turned up, but I got to see who I wanted to see anyway, mostly) T'was a great time of catching up, playing games that included Queen of Sheba, which was pretty hilarious because we sent up Kristin for "quickest hair braid-er" and she has never braided hair before in her life, and we sent Char up for sexiest HAHAHAHA to which Sam commented, "I think we just sent up the anti-sexy" & we had this revision game HAHAHAHAHA forgot a lot of things already, how to go to JC aaaah. Okay anyway
Food was good too, we were stuffing our faces with swesens ice cream, sandwiches, a variety of savoury pastries, doritos, fishballs and brownies (yeah we ate a loooooot)
we released balloons into the sky - the balloons were of course, in school colours: blue and gold - a symbolic act of sorts. doodling on the balloons were really fun HAHA, and before we released the balloons into the sky, 4I tied all our balloons together, supposedly another symbolic act, but nonetheless q sweet la :') right after we released our balloons, we all whipped out our phones to insta the hipster moment HAHAHA

all in all, I'm so so so so thankful to God to have placed me in MG, going to MG will always be like going home. I'm so thankful for all the relationships fostered, the bonds strengthened and the lessons learnt. eternally grateful for my MG family ♡
thank You.

gonna miss my pittas/lunch buddy 


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

what have I been doing the past few days.

I've been visiting school, visited on Monday and today. We helped out with the Bandage recess sales, they brought back more sellable items than we did when we went for ROCs 3. I remember the mad rush to hunt for a souvenir on the last day, hahaha whoops. The primary schoolers are intimidating in large groups, so we have learnt.
this morning, while I was waiting for grace, Mrs Choo made me read the newspaper (even tho i didn't want to because i am a lazy), and then "tell [her] who to vote for!" she doesn't even live there HAHA.
and then we did favours for our teachers HAHAHA it was q fun doing those favours la. Ms Kek accompanied us for two hours by doing her work outside with us before she had to go for lesson hehe ^_^ fun playing with the teachers' kids too, I enjoy talking to Mrs Ho's daughter because we're both edlyn :-) Xuannie & En are the cutest ever!
was sick for a bit on monday evening-night, but I slept for 15 hours and felt much better after that HAHA. one of the greatest lessons learnt in EE: feeling unwell/sick? just sleep. sleep until it gets better HAHA.

yesterday, liz's mom treated us to tea at marmalade pantry to celebrate liz's IGCSE grades (THANKS AUNTY YAY). So, so proud of you boob :-) your hard work and effort has paid off whoohoo! it was a good, fatty tea with fries and pasta and milkshakes. It was more of a teanner because I was so full for the rest of the night. but it was a good time pigging out and talking with the boobs :-)

this afternoon, after paying a visit to school, met stin at goodview gardens so he could give me guitar lessons :-) he taught me basic guitar theory and made me realize how hard you have to press down on the strings and my fingertips will never be the same again + it was a good time catching up with him! (:

prolly gonna go out to town because i need to get stuffs + watch silver linings (alone HAHA but it doesn't matter!) tomorrow :-) i just really want to watch silver linings again ok.
gg back to school on friday with chou & grace :-)

my week.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


my holidays are running out :-( Three months is an extremely long time, but when it comes down to it, it actually flew right by. The thought of JC is intimidating, but for now, I'll enjoy the time I have on my hands (and also how often I can go back to visit MG)

Last Friday was my day out to USS with my retards/porks/asses/boobs/idk HAHA. I spent like everyday with them, in between lessons, during recess, free periods, when we were in school. We're all going our separate ways now, aaah school's going to be so weird without them :-(

(my favourite attraction in the whole of USS, by far. I love the castle) 

Had a lot a lot of fun :-) 
Love you guys, long time :*

Over the weekend, 
my new wallet, like finally! hahaha I got it at 70% off it's gorg I love it :') happy auntie :') 

my new bby - a new guitar in exchange for my good grades :-))))) 
trying to learn off youtube; probably meeting Justin this week for him to teach me, Matt offered too! WHOO :-) ON MY WAY TO PLAYING THE GUITAR, how exciting :3 

otherwise, I have a lot of things to to do tomorrow at school + I'm so tired because I woke up early today to go down to church to help out with the toddlers :') Worth waking up early for, totally. Serving God + playing with cute little toddlers, couldn't get better :') 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

been back to school pretty often the past few days, I'm tired. Not of going back to MG, but because of the tasks that have been set out for me there. my days are truly numbered, because after January, no more going back to MG, not as often anyway.
It's been fun (kind of, minus the handling primary schoolers bit) selling souvenirs from ROCs 3 2012, hanging out at the usual hobo spot, catching up with some of our teachers for a bit, seeing our juniors.

twilight movies may be bad, but their soundtracks are pretty good. take a listen.

I would've done everything differently.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


"We have a very unconventional chemistry, it makes people feel awkward, but not me. She’s the most beautiful woman I've ever been with. It’s electric between us, okay? Yeah, we wanna change each other, but that’s normal, couples wanna do that.I want her to stop dressing like she dresses, I want her to stop acting so superior to me, okay? And she wanted me to lose weight and stop my mood swings, both of which I've done. I mean, people fight. Couples fight. We would fight, we wouldn't talk for a couple of weeks. That’s normal. She always wanted the best for me. She wanted me to be passionate and compassionate. And that’s a good thing. You know? I just, look, I’m in my best self today, and I think she’s her best self today, and our love’s gonna be fucking amazing."

"If you stay positive, you have a shot at a silver lining." 

"Dear Tiffany, I know you wrote the letter. The only way to beat my crazy was by doing something even crazier. Thank you. I love you. I knew it from the moment I saw you. I'm sorry it took me so long to catch up. I've just got stuck up. Pat."

I watched this movie today - my first legal NC16 movie (Perks was 3 months before my sixteenth birthday, so. But I still don't think Perks should have been NC16), and it was the best. I really really really loved it, I enjoyed today solely because of this movie. This movie, I think, was NC16 because of language. 
Everyone in the movie had their own problems, mental or otherwise. And it was quite interesting how Jennifer Lawrence's & Bradley Cooper's characters came together. And I loved it. Jennifer Lawrence was GORGEOUS (with the exception of her first jogging outfit, she looked like she just ran out of the hunger games. No joke. It looked exactly like her hunger games gear.). But she's so pretty. So so pretty. Their chemistry is so cute. 
anyway, please go watch it. I'm going to watch it again, that's for sure. 


back to school tomorrow, seems like a pretty busy day of helping out! Can't wait though, back to MG as many times as possible before I start school in a totally unfamiliar environment. I love MG, it's the best home one could ever ask for. 
I'm so tired.
Hammy flew off today :( be safe & take care, prince :*

Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm so tired after today, I could fall sleep right now, but it was such a good day nonetheless :-)

Left the house after watching Ellen and getting ready (as usual. What's a morning like without watching Ellen hahaha)! Got to school at about 11AM, met Ayn at the trellis and passed her my (95% undone) Bio Topical TYS, and then began hunting for juniors, namely Nik & Raju to pass them my history notes! Yay! :-) Met Qi (Chee Min) & Andrea, walked around with them before their recess ended and they had to go back to class. Qi was carrying my bag around for me for the fun of it, and Andrea was insulting me by calling me an auntie because I brought along a recycling bag to put my files in :-((((
my juniors (':

Was talking to cordi about JAE stuff, because she was back to look for teachers, until Mrs Choo came out of the staffroom and requested company to the printing room. She also began to tell Cordi how she would totally send me to a nunnery for the good of others. Mmmm. Aiya ok so I walked with her to the printing room and she was telling me stories of slipping through the narrow gap between the pillar and the lockers, a shortcut to get to the printing room instead of having to walk around the lockers (Hahahah MG girls will understand) HAHAHA.
talked to her a bit outside the staffroom until sal & grace came, and then we went downstairs for lunch (I'll miss canteen food la haha), and then we went up and talked about our JAE choices, the future, lalalala. I still don't understand how they expect sixteen year olds to be able to know what they want to do with their lives, it's quite hard okay. Said hi to our teachers, to our juniors. :') I love the MG family with all my heart. A lot of MG girls are heading to ACJC this year, aaah, but there's quite a number who applied to Raffles too :-)
I think Mrs Choo loves to make fun of me srsly HAHA. She told Ms Koh they shoulda left me at the concentration camp last year HEY (to which Ms Koh replied, she had to bring me back so I could contribute to the number of A1s for history HAHAHAHA). So funny watching her terrorize the qtps hehehe I love the teachers' kids, they're soooo adorable.

Spent the rest of the time before I had to leave school playing with Min Xuan & Min En!!!! Min Xuan is sooooo cute, I was like some human slide for her teddy bear (she brought it to school for her show and tell). And with the same teddy bear, we played catch. (remind me not to let Min Xuan prod me with her poor bear ever again) love the little kiddos though, sooooo cute.
talked to qiqi a little after her HCL outside the staffroom, before leaving for orchard at 3.50 from school! Thing is, we decided to meet at Star Vista instead, SO I had to get from orchard to Buona and omg I got there in 15 minutes, took a U turn and bus-ed down to Holland V, and took the circle line (1 stop) to Buona Vista \\\\o//// (tip this is how you get to buona from orchard without having to take the whole green line)
Met the animals at Subway :))))) Where Dottie & Kathy had their dinner while Hammy was writing her thank you letters! I bought a subway cookie yum yum (conclusion: hamster knows me pretty well.)
And then we had froyo & sofries hehehe. had a good 1.5h with my animals just talking and eating :') hammy was having so much fun making fun of my eyes + making kathy feel uncomfortable with her chewing pattern HAHAHAA

my animals :****** love you guys sah much :')
Hahaha, to put it as kathy did: "you're jess's hamster and jess is my hamster" HAHAHA. 

hammy gave us all friendship bracelets :') gonna miss my prince so much, but God has so much in store for her whoooo! 

lesson of the day: blueberry froyo is always pink.
be safe, don't freeze and become a hamsicle, take care of yourself, I love you hamster :*

Sunday, January 13, 2013


I submitted my JAE this afternoon, I filled up six options for good measure, even though I'll only be happy if they put me into the first two schools, heh.

there you go. 
hopefully i'll be able to squeeze into the 250 spots for JAE students in RI,  though I'm a little intimidated by the size of the school, and of the student population (the number of students in one level is probably equivalent to the whole secondary school population in MG, but I guess it's the same for all JCs) 

RI open house yesterday with my two "AC bodyguards", Sidd & loke! :-) 
It was q fun going to the OH with them, mostly because they were good company. 

my new shoes from H&M \o/ I love them so much

Hamster royalty, gonna miss her sooooo much.

hahahaha i love kathy :3
we are quite the touchy sort of people. 

shared this with the bro for lunch today, yuuuum. clam chowder!

Decision-making is super tiring stuff. I didn't expect you to sound so condescending. you were always super supportive of whatever i chose to do, and talked me through making the toughest decisions  maybe that was the year before. pushing my luck while on an indecisive high.

I bought a new guitar today too! in exchange for my A1s :-) it's only coming later in the week though, because they shop is getting in a new one for me :-)
and, well.

Friday, January 11, 2013

decision making

decisions, decisions

went back to school this morning with charmaine to talk to Mrs Choo. mainly, Char consulted her because I am, sort of, pretty set on going to Raffles. It was still fun talking anyway, passed her the huge card (that she shamelessly asked from me last night) I stayed up to finish! I'm still a bit undecided about my subject combi because of what she said, but aaaaah.
it was fun seeing my other teachers too :-) I really really really will miss them because they are the best bunch. seriously, i've gotten to talk to so many of them, and they're such a sweet bunch.
today was like insult edlyn day because they were all JUDGING ME. OKAY Grace, Char and Sal!?! they kept saying I was strange. Mrs Choo was still the best because she's been going around telling everyone I have a boyfriend alamak I DON'T and she told me that I should wait until the last minute to submit my JAE application in case I get a higher calling to join the nunnery (then she took it back, saying that I probably wouldn't be able to sign some form saying i would abstain from boys ?!?!?!?! sigh HAHA). issokay still love her and my dear friends sigh. HAHA.
been whatsapping my doobs, i really think school will be so different without megan & jiayi. We're all heading to different schools, probably, and it's q sad :(((( I'm gonna miss them so much.
RJ open house tomorrow with sidd & loke! (: let's see how this goeeessss


results day

this day, 10 Jan 2013, was so so so surreal. And I'm so so so amazed by His faithfulness and His provision. How I did for Os, it really went beyond how well I expected to do, and there was seriously seriously no way I could have got what I did if it weren't for God, like aaaaah. 

got to school at about 12 noon, hung around and waited for meggie & jiayi or for any of my dear classmates to appear in school. Went up to the staffroom with Char & Kristin when they came, and hung around. Got to talk to Mrs Choo, mostly, and I'm so mega thankful for her. she didn't just look at my lit grades but she looked at all my subs so hahahaha omg the wait was a bit killer AAAH. 
chapel was so good because we sang all the calming songs :') And I finally got to see all my classmates again and it was just so good. Singing God's sovereignty over all our grades and our futures - definitely something I'm going to miss so much once I leave MG. Ultimately, God has our futures all planned out - a perfect plan, nonetheless - and our results are just His way of directing us to the path He has laid out for us! 
going into the hall was so unnerving, I clapped so hard when they announced all the subject MSGs. I'm so so so happy for the full history MSG, a 1.4 if i remember correctly, WE HAVE DONE WELL MY FELLOW WARRIORS AAAAH :') And omg we did well!!!!!! AAAH class of 2012 y'all make me so happy, so proud, and so glad that I went up a year instead of staying in my own cohort (i love my juniors endlessly too but see i get to make friends with two age groups instead of just one) 

I really really really really thank God that I did well. Especially for my Higher Chinese, like seriously during the paper I was like ugh so sian let me give up and I just whacked my stupid compos and everything and I did so much better than I expected and SERIOUSLY IT'S ALL GOD BECAUSE MY CHINESE IS CRAP I did 20% of my chinese homework for this year (sorry laosh thanks so much though really really)  AAAAH.
After handing out the results aaah I LOVE MY TEACHERS SO MUCH they came and congratulated me, Mrs Liow was mega cute she came up to me and was all "congrats edlyn!!!! you did so well! aaah can I hug you?!" Best bio teacher I've ever gotten in my life I swear, she's the best :') And Mr Ling & Mrs Tee (Mrs Tee's the sweetest Math teacher, seriously, super nice and v patient when she explains problems to us). Aaah was super happy to see Mrs Lau, spazzed and she gave me a hug :') Eventually just settled and sat at Mrs Choo's counter talking to her and watching people thank her HAHAHA. OH OH Mrs Loh texted me i think she saw me in the hall and aah i called her after everything and i was so happy when i saw her downstairs :'))) i love Mrs Loh, she's so sweet :''") ALSOOOO MY JUNIORS thank you guys for all your hugs and EVERYTHING I'm glad I made y'all proud, it's time for all of you to make me proud :))) Gonna wanna go back to watch them get their results back and cheer so loud. Nik, Abi, Ayn, Graces, Qi, Elinor, Andrea, I love y'all so so much :'''') Teared a bit because I'm going to miss my teachers and juniors so much. you guys are such blessings, really. Everyone should just come to MG because the MG family is the best you'll ever have. 

You can take the girl out of MG, but you can't take MG out of the girl. 

spent a bit of time with char, shelbs, keren & andrea. I'm so proud of my classmates, so proud of everyone. and finally left school to go to ION to meet liz & stace! otw out, met Mrs Choo at the concourse so we just stood there talking until she realised she hired her cab(s) wrongly. so we walked down the hill tgt which was super funny because Mrs Choo is someone who CABS to KAP HAHAHAHA. anw really thankful for her :') best best BEST lit teacher, and someone I can really talk to! :') 
Swensens with Stace, Liz, Steffi & Stace's mom was really really nice :') AAAAH HAHAHA Steffi is so funny!!! liz talked about school and WW (Welcome Week) and we talked a bit about Os results, all whilst eating ice cream and swensens' fries nom nom nom!!!!! walked around ION a bit with stace & liz before going home!!!! I love you guys, aaaah so proud of my qtpies, Stace, Jiayi, Meggie & Reenah :***** ENDLESS KISSES HAHA.

I'm so happy and so tired. going back to school tomorrow!!! this post sound super excited, wasn't typing in proper sentences but hehehe.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

i had fun today, sort of.

went to school after watching half an hour of ellen and getting ready at home today. It was quite early okay, I had to leave the house to get to school between 10 to before I had to leave for AC to meet Mrs Choo. Basically went back in the morning to talk to her because she had free time HAHA. Talked about a lot of random things, and then left for AC after much contemplation. thankful to have someone to listen to my ranting haha.
met sidd & loke at ACSI, finding them sitting on their school field drinking KOI HAHA it was pretty hilarious. Walked to ACJC, or rather, walked along the perimeter of ACJC before finally finding the main entrance because Sidd was all "I told you I know where ACJC is, but I didn't say I knew where the main entrance is!!!!" randomly latched onto a group that was on a school tour, watched performances and went around the school.
I could give you a tour of MG.
we eventually settled at a bench by the school track, just talking. those boys can really talk HAHA. Going to RJ's open house with the two retards on saturday, sidd owes loke & I ice cream if we both manage to get 8 A1s tomorrow :-) thankful for the idiots, they really made my afternoon despite them passing mean comments and hiding from half of their seniors HAHA.

I can't imagine assimilating into yet another unfamiliar environment. indeed, it will be different.

went back to mg yet again, this time, to help Mrs Loh sort out report books. It was alright, just that the names started blurring into one another after a while. had help from qi, andrea, sal & grace, but it was kind of a one man job because I only had one name list. I was tired and a little cranky then, at least it was raining and all, so the weather was pretty good.
Mrs Loh was really sweet though, before i left she gave me hugs and told me that whatever happens tomorrow, i tried my best and that's enough. and that she wanted to see me after i get my results back tomorrow. thankful thankful thankful, nonetheless.

the decisions i have to make after tomorrow, i wish you were still here to help me make them. i could've swore you would.
i'm oddly calm, and I have been since after the whole Os ended. God's peace. because really I haven't been thinking too much about it, I haven't had one Os results dream yet. His assurance. maybe it'll only hit me tomorrow. but He has everything planned out for me.

Monday, January 7, 2013

week 1

hello, we had a staycation @ MBS yesterday (& today, because we stayed over.)

We went for a swim in the infinity pool, and came to the conclusion that the infinity pool is not a very nice place to swim. If you feel like soaking in the water, having a really good aerial view of central Singapore, yes, it would definitely be a good place, though. Stacy and I were trying to get tanner, desperately shoving our bare arms toward the sunlight, haha!
After we bathed and got rid of all the chlorine (we had to take turns bathing, the four of us. While we were waiting for each other to be done, we were watching New Year's Eve, the movie I watched with Liz two years ago, on New Year's Eve. It was a really sweet movie), we walked down to Marina Square for dinner! Had a good dinner of Kimchi Ramen yummmmmmm, and then bought a juice drink at Bux, while Liz & Stace got fraps (Liz was so happy when she found out they still had Toffee Nut, even the cashier was really amused by her reaction).
I think there are times I really take living in Singapore for granted. I left my bag behind at the foodcourt by accident, and when we found out about half an hour later, we rushed up to the food court, and thank God, it was still there. I don't think it would have been the same if we were in any other country. Anyway, something to be thankful for mmm.
We walked back on the Helix bridge, being tourists in our own country and taking photos of the Singapore skyline. We also went up to the skypark and stared down from the 56th level at the highways running through Singapore, the planes landing and taking off in the distance, taking in gardens by the bay at night, the CBD at night. It's actually really pretty. Typical tourists stuff. We even found out our bearings, in which direction Northern, Southern, Eastern & Western Singapore were in. Pretty amazing night. When we got back to our hotel room, we powered up Liz's laptop and watched High School Musical 1 (I've watched this so many times, I am not ashamed to admit that I know half of the lines.) I kinda knocked out cold at about 1+, after we watched Bet On It in HSM2, and missed 21 Jumpstreet. Haha! Oh well

say hello to the tourist bear

back from the pool (:

bux juice drink!

Singapore @ night

helix bridge (:

rainbow popcorn!

Woke up earlier than the other two boobs the next morning, lazed around in bed and checked my phone and all. Got up, finally, to shower, and Stace's mom came shortly after with breakfast! A fatty breakfast indeed - hot milo & a hashbrown from macs, Liz had a sausage mcmuffin, Stacy, hotcakes. We had to check out soon after, so we took our polaroids, packed up our things and said goodbye to the room :-(
Stacy's mom was so kind as to buy us breakfast & drop liz outside wheelock & drop me along bukit timah road! We found out about the release of the Os results confirmation date thingum in the car, and we pretty much freaked out. My twitter timeline freaked out, well. Pretty exciting stuff, I guess! It's confirmed that our results are going to be released this thursday, the tenth of January, and I'm scared.
When I got to school, I went up to the usual hobo spot to put my things down before going down for lunch with Grace, Sal & Ms Lau :-) The 4D girls were visiting, and they just so happened to be talking to Mrs Choo when I went up to put my things down and Mrs Choo was like "EDLYN! I expect an apology." and then went on telling the 4D girls about how I didn't believe her when she told me results are coming out on thursday and how she ignored me on whatsapp after that (she did HAHA, after i was all "why you lie to meeeee :(" or something.)
Anyway, lunch was good, catching up and learning disturbing things about Nat in Turkey *wiggles eyebrows* and enjoying school food, HAHA! It was a fun time, thanks Ms Lau for the drinks :-) Retreated upstairs after that, and we began cutting out shapes and stuff for some Math activity for Mrs Hor. It was tough work cutting along all those lines, not gonna touch a pair of scissors anytime soon man. It was kind of fun in a sense though, made Grace & Sal listen to the 1D song Stace & Liz were blasting at 3AM (I didn't hear it because i was out cold, they played it for me this morning) HAHA. It was catchy and it got stuck in my head, meh. Min En & Min Xuan were so cute, they helped us cut out the math things. When Sal told Min En she was bored and had nothing much to do, Min En was like "I know what you can do! You can help me do this (points to her math assessment book)" HAHAHAHA super cheeky okay.
Mrs Choo got me to accompany her upstairs to return her Sec 1s their handphones, and I made her listen to the 1D song too. "I never really liked them" and then I played the song for her and she was like "I've heard this before" and "Who's voice is this? Harry Styles' right?" I didn't even know man HAHAHAHAHAHA quite funny la. Climbed up to the fourth level while she told me stories to find out that her class wasn't there. On the way down to the music room to look for them, we ran into her students so yayyy.
After that, walked around school a bit, talked to juniors, like we were at the trellis talking to Wei Lin, got to talk to Qi for a bit before the doob had to rush off for tuition, meh, she finished the puzzle without meeeeeee. Doing usual visitation things. Got to play with Sal's iPad, and I delighted myself with Fix It Felix Junior, ITS SUCH A CUTE GAME I SWEAR. AAAAH got to level nine and then the birds that were flying all around killed me :((((( & Fruit Ninja too hehehehe. Such a child, but okay, playing games on the iPad is fuuuuun!!!!
Hung around a bit before going home and going for a 4.5k run in the flaming hot sun, whooosh. today is such a hot day.

Famous Amos cookies from Mrs Loy & Mrs Ho! :')

Ex Sec 4s, current Sec 3s, cutest ever :') 

Results are going to come out soon, urggggh. To say that I'm completely confident would be lying, but I've had so much peace the last few weeks/months, I wasn't the least bit scared until they confirmed the date and everything became so real. Times like these, I have to trust that God has the best plan for me, for all of us, and stop worrying because it won't help. Mmmm. 

Anyway, here are the overdue instas from OC,

chillin with nik before assembly

 CCA fair madness!!!!!
 my bbs :*

my hoooome, always.

Goodnight, going back to school tomorrow to help out with some more cutting of things, and uh possibly paint Mrs Choo's nails for her HAHA.