Sunday, December 30, 2012


I haven't blogged in ages - result of fall asleep in front of my laptop about half an hour after I turn it on, every single time (maybe God's tryna tell me not to spend so much time in front of my laptop - something I have learnt to live with lesser of especially after mid years, prelims and Os).
I feel like I'm gonna fall asleep again, so let's do this thing.

On Wednesday, I went out with my brother to catch Wreck-It Ralph, and it was a really good movie. I thought it was really cool how they incorporated all the different games into one movie, and all the different characters from the various games etc etc. And the storyline was quite moving HAHA aww. Super liked the movie, and it was worth rushing all the way down to watch it!

(this laptop/internet thing is putting me to sleep oh man)

On Thursday, went to Provence to meet Liz for lunch to satisfy our bread cravings! Whenever I go to town, I have this odd feeling that I'll bump into at least one person I know. It's pretty much true la HAHA, for whenever we go to town. Anyway, the pizza bread thing was really nice but it was also really oily. I love the milk thingy. Yay, craving = satisfied!
After Liz checked out the prices of her school shoes, we visited the supermarket in Taka to get some baking goods - cream cheese and muffin liners - and then headed back to liz's, where we had a major bake-fest! We baked mini, muffin-sized blueberry chees ecakes, and chewy oreo cheesecake cookies, and both taste pretty good, though I do say so myself. It was a productive day baking, Liz is also on her way to making enough baked goods to feed an army, seriously now.
And then I spent the whole night, from the time I got home, bathed, and ate insta-porridge for dinner, till about 12.30 to 1, drawing. Actually, copying stuff off tumblr and modifying and tweaking a li'l bit.

On Friday, I went to school to pass Mrs Lau her birthday present, but then I also ended up doing favours for my dear teachers for the whole day. It was actually pretty fun, sitting down and copying math answers - or in Ms Kek's case, she made me work them out myself. What faith in someone who hasn't done Math for about two months or something.
And it was nice to be back in school, to see all my teachers. I've missed them, really. I'm pretty excited for orientation week, next week. Gonna go back & help out then too :)

Today, I went to town to meet the boobs for lunch, and I have the best friends who are the worst at lying & keeping secrets & making themselves look normal, instead of downright suspicious.
We had Jap for lunch, and being our stingy auntie selves, we had to make sure we didn't spend too much - this will do good for our lives later on, when we grow up even more.
We had ice cream @ 313, and they bought a cake for reenah & I, but because reenah turns 17, and I turn 16, they decide to stick in 16 and a half candles, like seriously, HAHA but it was pretty cute :-) I had fun with them, and I thank God for friends like them (:
Off to church after that, Thanksgiving service! Worship was really powerful. Haha, something always goes in me when we sing How He Loves, because that was the song I kept listening to last year when shit happened, and it somehow got met through with the knowledge that God's love surpasses anything that we may face, no matter how crappy we are as people that He still loves us. Crap person, crap time, I think that's why this song was kind of it.
We appreciated our leaders, yay! And Joanne shared with us a few verses and the vision for next year, stuff like that. Interesting. I can't wait for 2012 to be over. It has been such a terrible year. A t r o c i o u s I hated this year. In general, not every moment was terrible, but it was. ugh.
I would've told you that I was scared. I am scared.

Okay, I'm hungry and sleepy so I'm going to sleep now before I am tempted to eat something.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

animals and christmas

It has been a good Christmas Eve & Christmas! :-)

Went out to town yesterday with the animal gang, and I suggest that if you don't like crowds, and you don't like huge hoards of people in the same shop as you, you don't go anywhere near town during the festive season. We went yesterday and we nearly suffocated because there were just too many people around, aaaah! But it was a good day, anyhow!
On the way to Plaza Sing to meet the animals, we decided on an animal name for dottie so we could all be animals (Jess being hammy, Kath being Panda, me being hammy too, or Kath's bunny-bear hybrid thingum HAHA). So dottie is a bunny HAHAHA, cute. After we met at the MRT station, we went up to get some lunch. Being the indecisive girls we are, Panda decided on what to eat, we were there to celebrate her birthday anyway so she could make all the decisions that day :-)
Ate at Xin Wang and had wanton meeeeee & HK milk tea hehee. Panda and I decided over lunch that we would pull a PS I Love You on hammy, hahaha so exciting! :-) Also, panda was spazzing over the Friend Love Comic that we all saw on Tumblr, "AAAAAAH LOOK AT HER SHE IS CRYING"/"HE IS GAMING!!!! GAMING!!! ITS THE BOY!!!"/ "THE CLOUDS ARE THEM!!! I thought they were random clouds at first, BUT THEN I REALISED THAT IT WAS THEM!!!!" This is the Friend-Love comic:
HAHAHA so cute right. Was really really really full after lunch, and because panda wanted to go shopping at 313, hammy & I were like, hey, why don't we walk there because it's relatively nearby! But Panda was being really really lazy, "Huh aren't we taking the MRT???" HAHA. It was raining, so we couldn't walk there, panda believed it to be a sign from God that we weren't supposed to walk there. HM, so it was a stop down to Somerset and the shopping began! 
I decided not to buy anything for the rest of the year because of my shopping splurge in Bangkok, HAHA, so it was mainly Panda & Dottie who were shopping, Hammy has too many clothes to wear too :P 
We visited F21, Cotton On (which was SUPER suffocating btw, because the air conditioning wasn't working very well + there were just SO many people there, aaaah oh my gosh), New Look & random shops at the basement of 313.
Dottie was on a ROLL, she's such a shopper because picks things out really quickly! HAHA. 

got the photos below from Hammy's instagram, 

@ F21, panda in a panda hat (: 

these girls, already naturally taller than me, all decide to put on heels and take a photo to emphasise my height, or lack thereof. 
They should all stick to flats (: 

Walked to H&M after we were done at 313, you could drown in the number of people along Orchard road. Hammy had to make sure I wouldn't get lost in the crowd HAHA. She felt like using a sword to slay through the masses of people, embracing her inner prince. Watching panda try on clothes in H&M was really funny, because she looked weird in some, and we kept losing her along the way! "Where's Miss Oh?" But she still managed to get some clothes, which was good, because the sale was pretty good! :-) Hammy tried to fit me into Hello Kitty sneakers in the kids section.
Our last stop was ION: the toilet (there were so many people in the toilet that hammy & I just decided we didn't need to pee anymore HAHA) and Daiso, so Panda could (attempt) to get the plastic bags she wanted! WHOA it was a tiring day, and we all took the train back home. What made today tiring, I think, was the amount of people in town because they were trying to soak in the festivities or do some last minute shopping or whatever. Just don't go to town during the Christmas period.
It was a really fun day shopping/window shopping with the animals though, i love them :')

Got home to keren's christmas card, I love kerenny, she's so sweet :') :*

Went for Christmas service this morning, and it was a good service! A reminder of the true meaning of Christmas - that we received the greatest present of all, Jesus! (I know it sounds kinda corny, but it's so so so true). I wanna sit at Your feet / drink from the cup in Your hand / lay back against You and breathe / feel Your heartbeat / this love is so deep / it's more than I can stand / I melt in Your peace, it's overwhelming. 
Something clicked this morning, during service.

I love you guys. 

Hitched a ride from Jon, Jess & Joanna to Matt's house! So we were kinda there early, waiting for them to come back from church. It evolved from a CG Christmas gathering, to a half-the-youth-ministry kinda gathering HAHA. But Matt's such a nice guy, so he actually went to order pizza for everyone, HAHAHA. It was fun though, playing with Matt's new puppies and talking to the cg, having our own little gathering at the dining table while everyone else was in the living room.

Liangle baked red velvet cupcakes, superrrr yuuum. :-)

photo in a photo HAHAHAHA happy birthday dear :')


After Leen & Dottie left, and there were a few youths who were still at Matt's, got to catch up with Minwei :') Aaaah I've missed her. Talked about post Os and stuff like that, it was a good time!

Glad I got to spend the past two days with crazy amazing people, :')

Merry Christmas guys, :* 

Monday, December 24, 2012

This weekend has been pretty alright, I guess! Managed to swim for an hour on Saturday, and then go to the gym to use the treadmill + cycle for 45 minutes today, burrrn themmm faaats. (borderline obsession with exercising & losing weight, I know)
Relatives from Malaysia came down today, so I had dim sum for lunch for two days running, not that I am complaining, I love dimsum to death but I think I'm gonna lay off it for a while now, after eating 3 hargaos today. Mmmh.
Yesterday, we had our Christmas service, and it was a good time of worship (the line that really touched me was "You loved a people undeserving" because we really do not deserve the love and grace that God has shown us, I would know that), and then I had to do ppt for the whole service but it was okay, I had fun watching hehe, the shiny cg won third for all the games heehee *o* and then we had a yummy dinner, omznomz I love church.
also, i bought the pair of butterfly shoes I have been eyeing for a long time at H&M on Saturday, I am a happy kiddy.

Tomorrow I'm meeting panda, hammy & dorothy to celebrate panda's birthday (Christmas) ahaha! Excited, i love them :') Can't believe we're on to the last week of 2012. And Christmas is coming! We're going for matt's for potluck on tuesday after christmas service in the morning too.
Worrying about results for the first time since Os ended, or something. I've been having this peace about my results for the past month or so, but I don't know anymore. I don't want to think about starting at a new school, not going back to MG, not seeing my classmates, not seeing my teachers, having new classmates, having new teachers (most of whom will probably pale in comparison to the ones I have currently, or used to have up until I finished Os, anyway)
Okay, I'm tired and tryna straighten my thoughts out and. Uh. I don't know anymore (something I say very often - I am such a saddo.)

Friday, December 21, 2012


The last two days were pretty eventful, and I have much to blog about - which is a good thing? Hahaha, anyway, before I start, two very important things because today is the 21st of December 2012.

1. The world has not ended yet, and it's probably already the next day in Australia, or wherever in the Southern hemisphere or something. We have lived to see another day - only God knows when the world is ending because only He knows when Jesus is coming back. Can't believe I was stupid enough to believe this in Sec 1, but then again, I was pretty stupid in Sec 1 HAHA okay.

2. Happy birthday Mrs Lau ♡ I always feel like I've never thanked you enough, so thank you. For helping me grow up, for teaching me so many things, and for all the ups, downs and all arounds.

Okay so those two things aside,
Yesterday I went back to school to help out with Sec 1 Regis! Okay I actually got to school at 7.30, normal school time. Aaah it was really early, I don't know how I'm going to wake up when school actually reopens (something I don't want to think about - going to JC) Anyway, waited for Mrs Choo and then we went up to the hall together! So basically each teacher is assigned to a counter, and at each counter there was a Sec 2 (the LTC group in charge of doing OD). So the counter I was at had three people - Shan Hui, Mrs Choo & I!
Mrs Loh: "So girls, check that the excel sheet is named after your registration counter number! It should be, is it?"
Mrs Choo, too excited, immediately replies: "YES!!!!!"
Shan Hui & I, after checking: "NOOOOOOO"
HAHAHA we make a great team.

SUPER ENTERTAINING OKAY HAHA. The parents and students started streaming in at about 8, 8.30? Each counter had about 25 new girls registering, and basically we had to give them this booklet/file thing with forms and informative letters, stuff like that, and then they had to go fill it up and come back to return the forms to us. And after they return us their forms, we had to key in the relevant information into an excel sheet. IT WAS TIRING WORK, because like everyone kinda comes at the same time, and when they're busy listening to talks there isn't anyone coming back. So it was kinda like bursts of people?
Anyway, when they were busy listening to talks, we just started chatting among ourselves. Idk man, we were talking about Shan Hui's obsession with Justin Bieber, and Taylor and 1D, and suddenly my very hip lit teacher tells me that apparently Selena Gomez is trying to get together with the "guy in 1D whose name starts with an N" WHOAAA HAHA. Also, I started blabbing about holidays and friends to Mrs Choo HAHAHA I miss doing that between lessons.
Basically, Shan did most of the talking and collecting forms and whatnot, and I keyed in all the info from the forms onto the excel sheet. We went to Mrs Choo when we didn't know what to do/panicked a bit HAHA. After everyone left and our regis counter was closed (we were the first counter to close HAHAHA Mrs Choo had this competition thing with Mrs Lau's counter next to ours so we won! Apparently Mrs Lau owes us coke now? I don't get where the coke came from but she texted me about it last night HAHA), I went to help Mrs Loh collate info. I had to collate the number of each shirt size, dietary restrictions of campers, and the dietary restrictions + attendance of parents on some parents get together night from each regis counter on a piece of paper. The only frustrating part was the counting part HAHA, staring at the excel sheet counting the number of shirt sizes was killer.

So that was basically it for regis! (: Was gonna go for lunch with Sal, but we saw Qi & Rachel downstairs so we went down to talk to them and decided to go for lunch at KAP Macs together! But they got off 'work' (they were selling school uniforms and PE attires and labcoats at the canteen) at 1, so Sal and I hung around the canteen, and we subsequently went up to our usual spot to sit down and talk and wait for Qi & Rachel.
After they were done with working (HAHA), we walked to KAP! Qi was telling us EE stories & showing us a few photos from EE on the way to Macs, SUPER HILARIOUS I think she has successfully gotten over her fear of Mrs Ng after being on the same ROCs trip as her HAHA. Aaah I really do miss EE! :') Oh my gosh I have broken my not-eating-macs record though, meh! Figured I could pig out because I didn't have any breakfast. Also, we ran into Ayn & Aastha at Macs! Couldn't really talk to Ayn though, aw :( Super amusing talk about Sec 4, and about school life in general! I miss Qi so much, moo :( Miss studying with her, and taking prolonged breaks together, and just talking to her around school. I have the best juniors I could ever ask for, hands down.
Went home after lunch to bathe, rest a bit, watch some TV and pack up my things before going out again for dinner @ Coro bux with Liz hehehe. We each had a toffee nut frap for dinner, not the healthiest thing to do, but it was super yums! Shovelled frap into my mouth with a straw, hee. I miss drinking bux, haven't had it in ages! Her dad picked us up and sent us back to her's! And so we unpacked her IB books that she bought in UK, the math book was HUGE and ULTRA THICK HAHAHA. Read through the Physics IB book, and the content was pretty familiar, but definitely harder, but still! I hope its the same for the As syllabus. Pretty much set on taking physics in JC already.
And then we stalked people on facebook, hur hurrrr. I feel like a creep. It's funny to see how we've grown up, the people from the past in the present. Tried playing liz's classical guitar for a bit, Ojo came in and started to attack awkward & carol bear, HAHA!

FINALLY, it was time for XF :-) By 10PM at night, our toffee nut fraps were clearly not sustaining us, so we resorted to eating some chocolate - caramel cadbury chocolates that tasted so guuuud hehe. Liz's youngest sister watched the XF performances with us! We were easily bored by Tate, but that sort of applies to everyone because they have sort of found their own styles and are sticking to it week after week, which is not a bad thing because they're all singing well.
Carly Rose the queen.
The duets were especially funny - Carly out-sang Leann Rimes because she could hit the big notes with much greater ease than Leann, because Carly is fantastic heehee; Tate who had this pedo face on at certain points of his performance HAHA; Demi who sang soooo weellll because tbh, you have to give it to her that she is a really good singer despite the fact that she's not that good a mentor, (this may be a biased opinion) and just totally pulled up 5H's performance. I don't really like 5H, but okay. It was a cool finale :-)
After XF, it was ANTM Cycle 17 ALL STARZZZZ. The episode in which Shannon Stewart refused to wear underwear and do the shoot. I kinda miss watching ANTM, but it got so trashy.
We stayed up a bit more, up till about 2.30, talking about things like the future (JC, careers and everything, its like the time to think about these kinda things right now) and enjoying each others' company (plus Stephanie's who was probably jet-lagged and packing her things to bring to her friend's house the following day) Mmmh, we finally fell asleep on the couch after making sure we had set our alarms to wake us up to watch the live broadcast of the results show at 9AM today.

RESULTS WERE DISAPPOINTING, I MUST SAY SIGHPIE. I thought carly should've won. This week's results show was two hours long, something they always do for all the final results shows in XF, I guess. Liz & I were pretty excited HAHAHA and I was whatsapping Mrs Choo excitedly about XF results too (alamak she can't remember the things I told her yesterday lor HAHAHA like how I told her yesterday I was sleeping over at liz's so we could watch the XF finale together and she was like "you didn't!" "when?" lmao)
WAAAAAH CARLY DIDN'T WIN :'( But at least 5H finished third - where we expected them to finish hehehe. Not that I don't like tate or anything, but I think Carly's better :-( SO UPSETTING SOMETIMES, these variety shows!!! Hopefully Carly gets a really good record deal too though, because she really deserves one. Her voice is pure amazing, and she's only 13! (Which sucks because that means I am talentless and sad @ 15-soon-to-be-16 years old)

After we were done with watching the results show, we left for HV to have lunch! We wanted to go for lunch at the provence cafe/bakery place at HV, but it was closed!!!! :( Upsetting stuff. So we went over to have some subway instead. HAHA I have missed eating my Subway Raspberry Cheesecake cookies, I had one this afternoon and now I'm happpzzzz. Parted ways after lunch because I had to go meet Matt & Grace @ West Coast Plaza to settle the goodie bag things we were getting together for tomorrow's Christmas service gift exchange thingy!
Picked up post-its and a whole set of sharpies at popular, and then headed down to the supermarket to get Freddie Frog chocolates & mini milky ways! We decided that we were all set, so we went to Matt's to pack them into goodie bags that we so tactfully made from wrapping paper! Minwei was overseas so she wasn't at home when we went over, awww, wanted to see her! I miss Minwei :( But it was pretty fun times, and after we settled the goodie bags, Matt taught us how to play the guitar!!!
Okay he taught me, the musically under-educated how to play G, C, E minor and D! And he taught Grace cheemer things, because she already learnt the basic guitar stuff and of course she's much more musically experienced than I am.

I WAS SO TIRED BY THE TIME I GOT HOME HAHAHA, but it has been a good two days! :-) Now I shall go do slides for worship tomorrow, and then go to sleep because I am really tired and its super cold now - good sleeping weather!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Met up with the staffroom cru today, and it has been a pretty eventful day :-) Got out of the house really early because we were meeting for breakfast @ Hup Choon. Hup Choon, I soon learnt, is a coffeeshop really near school, it's like, opposite Maplewoods. So we met at the bus stop along the main road at 9.30 and walked into the estate area to get to the coffeeshop! :-)

They really do have pretty good toast there, yum! :-) There was a bit too much butter though, but it was good toast :-) Had a really good talk for a good 1.5h there about the shootings in America, and the little kids. I feel really really bad for them. Sal pointed out that the shooter went solely for the 6 and 7 year olds. I can't imagine, really. And about going overseas in general? Like for holidays and to further our studies.
Our conclusion: Singapore will always be the safest, we're really blessed like that.

Decided to pop by school since we were so near by anyway. I was breaking 5 school rules at one shot. HAHA, 1. didn't french plait my hair 2. wearing slippers 3. non-MG attire/school u 4. painted nails 5. using my phone above the ground level. But we've already graduated, so it doesn't matter. Cheap thrills, breaking MG school rules. HAHA. Ran into an LTC group in school! The ones doing OD! They were busy getting ready for sec 1 regis tomorrow (which I am going back for, which I will get to)
We talked quite a lot to the Sec 2 prefects in that LTC group :-) Shan Hui, and two other cute prefects, but I didn't manage to catch their names haha :( Telling them to enjoy Sec 3 to the fullest because you'll be forever studying in Sec 4, seriously. Please please please enjoy your Sec 3, don't devote your whole life to studying - not just yet. Cute.
Some teachers were back in school too and I felt so happy to see them again, like really :') HAHAHA, managed to see Mrs Ho!!! She never taught any of us, but because we study outside the staffroom a lot, so we see her quite often, and she's really nice :) Mrs Lim came back to school today too! And Mrs Loh!!! Who was doing stuff for Sec 1 regis! Mrs Loh is so cute even after 4 years! "HI MRS LOH!" "How are you babbeehhh" HAHAHAHA. I miss our teachers so much!!!!! Whatsapped Mrs Choo to ask her if she was back in school/going back to school since we were there right (and then Shan Hui grabs my phone and starts spamming nonsense HAHA) and she told me that she was going back tomorrow, so I'm gonna go back to help her with regis stuff, being a "willing slave" quite exciting though! To see new faces, the girls that are coming in just as we are leaving!

Mmmh, after the LTC girls went to do more things, we just sat outside the staffroom and talked. About like everything, especially JC and unis and our careers and stuff, aaah. Pretty scary stuff, I mean, I'm very set on some things. Like for instance, I've decided that I'm not going to do IB, since I'm staying in Singapore for sure, and to be honest, its hard to get into like med school unless you get 44 or 45 for IB, and everyone says I'm more suited for the As system, so I'll go for As. I've recently decided to take Physics over Bio and Lit over History in JC. I don't think I'll regret not taking bio, because I've heard that those who really love bio in secondary school go up to JC and they start hating it, so I'd rather not. Desmond told me that Physics is really much more bearable, and since I have nothing against physics, and I kind of like it, I'm going with Physics. PCML it is.
AAAAH its just so daunting.
But He is Lord over EVERYTHING, and He already has all of this planned out, so why am I worrying so much? I don't know, really. I should stop trying to take things into my own hands, but trust that He already has paved a perfect way out for me. I can't help it, though. :/

Set off for lunch with Sal & Grace, to Provence ION at about 2. YUUUMMMM I really love the bread there. Sat there and ate lunch and talked until we had to go back home, it was a good time :')

I love this

GOOD TIMES WITH WONDERFUL PEOPLE yay I'm looking forward to helping out tomorrow, plus I haven't seen Mrs Choo in ages, plus going out with Sal & Grace for lunch again although we are highly indecisive people, and dinner and sleepover with Liz! :-)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Amusing day spent with the 6-2 cru!

Walked over to Gombak MRT to meet them, and then headed over to gombak Macs!!!! Where
1. they refused to eat until Ms Loh got there, but then I told them that she wouldn't come for a while, and finally they relented to their hunger and went to get lunch
2. Weikit stole my phone and started texting awkward things to random people eg "Kk i love u <3<3" and posting gross things on my fb & twitter NEVER LETTING HIM TOUCH MY PHONE EVER AGAIN
3. They had a super heated debate about love and relationships with Macs cups. They, being Sidd & Bels, I was kinda just like interject and talk a bit, Erwin too, Wei Kit was just sitting there stoning because all this is too deep for him HAHAHA, Fiona & Jasmine were in a world of their own. I think we were quite loud la, hahahaha, they were slamming tables and everything and trying to get their point across and talking about how it was stupid to get into relationships at this age, with army and everything, and what they look for in the opposite gender, and Sidd was sharing his little infatuation crisis with everyone present HAHAHA.
4. alamak they keep insulting me for my height, and my age. Like how Mrs Choo always teases me in school times like five people ok.
5. there was this couple making out at a table behind ours, but I wasn't facing their direction. Phew. HAHAHA Sidd termed it "low budget making out", uhm, making out at Macs a bit awkward???

And then Ms Loh came and we started discussing about the MBTI personality quiz thing, and Sidd started guessing everyone's personality types. He got mine spot on la, but he got everyone else's wrong HAHAHA. And then everyone started doing the test to find out their personality types. We decided, after a long time, that it was time to leave macs, so we all crammed into Ms Loh's car, like Wei Kit riding shotgun because he was the biggest-sized person there (and he's like average-to-skinny sized the whole of the 6-2 cru is super skinny ok seriously), and five of us at the back and we headed for Clementi Mall!

HAHAHA went to visit Richie at his job, at the supermarket HAHAHA. It was super funny because we were looking all around for him and he was so engrossed in arranging his loaves of bread on the shelves that he was oblivious to the fact that weikit went behind him and started taking loaves of bread off the shelves. hilarious omg we waited for him to get off work, and then we went to JP!

Stoned at Ya Kun, Ms Loh's treat hee! (: They started having a heated debate about relationships again and Sidd was sharing more love stories. This time though, we had more experienced input as to what Sidd should do and what human love is HAHA.
We're really growing up, huh.
I can't even remember what we used to talk about in P6 but I'm pretty sure it had nothing to do with finding love, being in love, or treading anywhere near the subject of relationships. These people, despite being crazy, super lame, and despite their love for making fun of me/embarrassing me, are the people that I'm glad I grew up with, because they remind me that some things never change.Anyway, it was kind of interesting to hear about their takes on relationships. Like how Erwin looked utterly shocked + disapproving when he heard that a girl had to foot the bill when she was out on a date, and how Sidd was so passionate in discussing about relationships HAHAHA.
We'll always be the kids that chased each other around class and made the lamest jokes.

True love will always = God, and relationships will happen in His time.
For now, hammy has her claim on me. HAHAHA.

Goodnight, meeting the staffroom cru for breakfast tomorrow near school, where they apparently have the best toast! Can't wait! (:

Oh yeah check out the new desktop wallpaper I made (:

based on this song that, ever since Weiren used it in the camp photo montage, I can't stop listening to heh



We're approaching the later half of the month December, can you believe it? 2012 is coming to an absolute end - who would've thought that the year would end like this, back when the year begun? I actually spent the first few hours of 2012 staying over at Hammy's, how my perma-drunk sounding Kristel called me when the clock struck twelve HAHA. Anyway, my blog is my digital organizer (I have a diary, that is my material - as in like. touch-able idk - organizer)

I spent yesterday slacking, went to the library to borrow some books and stuff like that. Spent the night listening to Sidd's uh, stories. Haha! But I was really tired. Okay anyway, spending more time with God the past few days, and I only hope I can keep it up, even when JC starts (JC, the whole idea of it is so frightening, but at least I have Him!)
The God of angel armies is always by my side (:

This week:
Today, Tuesday: going out for lunch with the 6-2 people later! Maybe catch a movie, I'm not sure!
Wednesday: Out with the staffroom cru ;-)
Thursday to Friday: XF finals sleepover at Liz's with Liz (: And dinner with the doobs too :*
Friday afternoon: Matt's house for baking for Saturday's Christmas service with the cg!
Saturday: Christmas service :-)))))

Next week:
Monday: celebrating Panda's birthday with Hammy & Chipmunk & Dottie :-)
Tuesday: CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

Okay la those are my plans for the next seven days. Now I gotta go get ready before I'm late for lunch date!!!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Saturday was super fun, but really tiring because I went out from like 8.30AM to 11PM #badass.

Anyway, got up extra early (even though I was really tired and it was really early) to get out of the house to take the bus down to vivo to meet my aunties at Vivo. We decided that since Adventure Cove opens at 10AM, being the true aunties we were, we had to get there before it opened. Hence, we decided that we would meet at 9.30 (Meggie was late, so much for being an ultra kanchiong auntie). 
Took the monorail thing down into Sentosa! Adventure cove was at the first stop - the USS stop HAHA I really want to go back to USS, so fuuun. I think we were too kanchiong or something, plus we didn't exactly know how to read maps, so we somehow walked all the way to the next monorail station, thinking we were heading in the right direction. HAHA so we had to walk aaaall the way back to get to Adventure Cove. Never knew resorts world sentosa was so big, but I guess now we do HAHA. 

WHOO so we rented a locker to dump our things, claimed our food vouchers (5 bux off any food item we buy) and it was time to hit the waters! Okay it kinda sucked that we didn't have any underwater cameras around with us, or that the photos the the photographers stationed all over the park take for visitors are super expensive (25 dollars for a photo like saywhuuut) but its all good! There was this waterway thing that circled the whole part, so we went on that waterway with those circular floaty thingys! It was quite fun!!! And then we decided to take a walk around the whole park and look out for rides/attractions. 

The main problem with walking around the whole park barefooted was that the ground was BURNING HOT because it was ultra sunny (super thank God for the weather, because for the whole time we were there, the sky was filled with dark clouds but it was still ultra sunny, and it didn't rain or thunder or anything, but when I got out of sentosa, on the way to church for afterglow, the roads were wet and it seemed to have rained in the area around sentosa, but not at sentosa, so its like God stopped the rain for us. YAY I serve an awesome awesome God :') mega glad and thankful). Aaah so after that experience, we have developed a whole new appreciation towards footwear. Anyway, we went to try out the rides! The first ride we went to was this slide thing! Almost all the rides there were slides, and because they only had like, floaty boat things for two people, I went twice HEHE. And then we went to the wave pool, but after a while, the waves stopped. We decided to wait for the next wave of waves (hahahaa) but then it was taking too long, and this nice chinese lifeguard (like she spoke to us in chinese about the rides haha) told us to go for other rides first, and then when we come back there probably would be waves. 
So we decided to go for the ride closest to the wavepool! And that was like THE MOST EXTREME RIDE IN THE PARK. I went on this one alone, and Jiayi went with Megan. IT WAS LIKE A WATERY ROLLERCOASTER. Like they slowly lift you up to the top on this foam boat thing and then you take a plunge down and throughout the whole course of the ride, there were so many ups and downs and then downs were pretty steep so it was like you were flying off the track and then your boat thing gets accelerated and then you zoom up and then this is pretty incoherent right but it was so THRILLING HAHA. After that crazy ride, we went on this one where we were on a gigantic slide HAHA it was pretty cute but no match for the siao siao one we went for previously. 
We headed towards the last slide that we haven't been on yet, and that was quite fun too! It was like space mountain because it was dark inside the slide, and they had like little lights along the way. 

And so we headed for lunch after that! HAHA okay thankful for the food voucher, and thankful that we actually got to the park early because if not we'd have to queue more and stuff. embracing our inner aunties :-) Meggie & Jiayi both had ham and cheese wraps, while I had this chicken sandwich thing that didn't look like much, but it was ultra filling. And then we camwhored HAHAHA. 

I love these two, my doofs. :* 

For fear that we would throw up if we went back on the rides immediately after lunch, we decided to go for a leisurely swim/float along the waterway to allow our food to digest before going onto the rollercoaster thing HAHAHA. Again, we were thankful that we decided to go early because the park was really starting to fill up and the waterways were congested. 
But when we finally got to our rollercoaster ride, it was closed due to technical difficulties and we were like, awwww :( Following that, we went into the wave pool because we saw that heeeey, the waves were back!!!! AND WE HAD QUITE A LOT OF FUN. The waves were varying in intensity, some of them were average, whereas some of them were so strong you were literally carried away by them. The only down side was that by then, the park had filled up and you couldn't go far without bumping into someone else in the wavepool. After that, we were all chased out of the wavepool because, I think, there was some kind of a lightning warning alert. naaaaaw :( so we had to camp out in the shelter for a while and wait for further instructions. 
By the time they opened up all the rides when they decided it was alright again, we decided we could go on one last ride! So we went back to the first slide we took and went on that before retrieving our things and going to wash up a bit and change back into our clothes! (: All in all, it was a good day with my idiots, I love the two of them because they are my sunshineys :* Meggie's gone to the states until like the day before our results day or something next year, aaaah! 
Thanks for the wonderful day, babes :*

Rushed down to church for afterglow! Thank God that church is near to sentosa, heehee! Even though I was about ten minutes late for service, worship just started so yay! (: Really felt God's presence during worship, and it's like I have lost interest in listening to secular (secular = non-religious? right? I always got super mixed up, hahaha, when I was doing SEA history and they asked about secular nationalist movements and I was like hm is that religious or non-religious i am rambling this is not the point HAHA) music mmmh. WHOO. Hahhaa maybe its after all the illuminati thingums HAHA ok not really la its just that I don't feel like I need to listen to it anymore, and instead I am listening to worship songs? haha! 
Okay, so for afterglow, before we had sharing and all, we had "one last task"! HAHA Felly & Julia are super cute. Our last task as a group was to look around church for clues to lead us to something. But then we went around church reading all the clues and in the end we just didn't get it. HAHAHA srsly so we were like oooookay it's alright. And Yongquan was busy scribbling all the clues down and trying to make sense out of everything. HAHAHA. Oh dear. Apparently it was supposed to lead us to the worship hall, and that other clues was to lead us to Jon, to whom we had to sing a song to and to get the necklace he was holding??? HAHAHA. Quite cool la (: And very well thought out (: 

PRIZE GIVING!!!!! Ultra mega proud of team Jonah, we actually finished third for amazing race, and first for all the games on the second day (WHOA HAHAHAHA i think it was cuz we didn't lose any game to any group) and we finished in third overall :))))) And we won the aesthetics prize for best totem HAHAHAHHA gotta luv our whale, seriously. It was the best 3D newspaper whale I've ever seen/had a part in making. :)))) It was a super good camp with them, and super thankful for the new friends that I've made in team Jonah through camp :))) 
And then we proceeded with sharing! As Hammy said, there was no awkward time lags, everyone was just sharing one after the other and it was all really heartening (: WHOOHOO THANK GOD FOR CAMP and all the lives that He has changed/touched. (': We ended afterglow like half an hour late because of all the sharings so it was really (': 
After service, practically the whole ministry (at least, those who were present for afterglow service) went to Joanne's for her housewarming + dinner (: Waited for hammy after service with panda and dorothy to take a bus down to Joanne's! Everyone managed to squeeze onto 200, HAHA. Hung around while waiting for dinner, talking to people! Minwei was there too!!!! HAHA I miss her ): Got to say hi and talk to her for a bit, thankful for that because I haven't seen her in ages! (ok there was her wedding and all so not ages! but it feels long!) 
Talked to Liang Le about post-Os plans, getting a part time job (her) or lack thereof (me). how she wanted to go into business school and how I am still pretty undecided about what to do in the future. Kinda want to go into psychiatry but I'm far from emotionally stable at this point of time. Worried a little together about Os results, but I'm certain that I really did my best for Os, and God already knows what He wants me to do for Him with my life, I just hope I find out what it is soon. 
Food was really good (': Thanks Joanne, for hosting all of us!!!! Super super super big thank you because there were so many of us! Hahah! (: After getting food and eating and all, talked to Linx and Panda & Dorothy and *life decisions* and leaders, not about our leaders as in the people, but what it implies. Hmmm. Hammy comes over and we decide to go upstairs! We settled in an empty room and started talking about random things, Hammy, Panda, Dorothy & I. Took a lot of photos, joined by Hannah, Joanna, Joanne & Jodie too HAHAHA


we have a major thing for squeezing a lot of people into one frame. 

I really really really like this photo (': Smart way to fit seven people into one photo - lie down in a circle
btw, we are all smiling the same smile, I just realised HAHAHA

hammy prince :* 
gonna miss you so much :( 

blur photo of panda and I ft. hammy's fingers :*

Laughed like crazy while taking so many photos (also because hammy nearly tickled me TO DEATH when I tried to lie down to take a photo with panda) and talking and just spending time with my favourite animals ever and my amazing church friends (': super wonderful night spent (': 
Went downstairs after following Hammy to the toilet HAHA, and we began praying for Joanne's family and Joanne's new house, and worshipped Him for a bit (: It was a cool housewarming/house-cleansing thing? Well, it was meaningful (: Left for home at about 10+ with Linx, took 188 together! Hahaha, as usual, we talked about quite a bit of things on the way home. 

All in all, Saturday was a really really good day, (: I think my blog posts are getting longer, or its just me and I'm taking longer to type these posts. 
GOODNIGHT ALL, another week ahead! 

And I am still undecided, sigh. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

one devotion

Back from camp! :-) / :-( (happy face because camp was amazing, sad face because it's overrr)

The four days at camp sped by, camps are somewhat like little escapes because you're just at the campsite with your fellow campers for a few days doing many things..... I don't know how to explain it! But I must blog about camp! To be honest, I went into camp with pretty high expectations. This year has been crazy, and tiring and everything and so I was like, okay, God, I really really want to get refreshed during camp, really experience You and learn more about You because I'm super super tired with everything at hand. So actually I've been looking forward to camp for a while, looking for those four solid days of worship and fellowship with God, and with the churchies, and fun.

"One thing I ask of the Lord, this is what I seek - that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life; to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek Him in His temple" 
Psalms 27:4 

Got to church pretty early on the first day! Because it was really early there were only like a handful of campers around, and all the tls and the planning comm! Hung around, found out who else was in my group and slowly everyone started coming into the level 2 hall. When there was a significant number of people from our group that had arrived, we started with self-intros, as per every camp, or like whenever you get put into a random team in whatever event, mm. Hahaha my group had like four girls and about seven guys or something, and when grace left after the second day, it was down to Jaslyn, Hannah & I! 
Played games to ~break the ice~! Never again am I sitting next to Yong Quan if ever we play the MRT game because he smacks SO HARD and he thinks Josh and I (he was sitting between Josh & I) don't smack him hard enough! OUCH HAHA.

Surprisingly, our first group task, after Jon (our camp commandant) declared camp open and went through all the camp rules and stuff like that, wasn't to come up with a cheer. Prior to everyone coming, Jaslyn had already taken the liberty to come up with a cheer anyway HAHAHAH. It goes, 

Our first task, however, was to make a totem out of newspapers and masking tape! So we basically scrunched up newspaper balls and wrapped them in sheets of newspapers to form a 3D newspaper whale. IT ACTUALLY LOOKS REALLY GOOD. I think Jaslyn may still have it with her. She was carrying it with her after we broke camp, so. HAHA. YAY. Once we were done with our totem, we got to leave for our amazing race! Two years ago, we had an amazing race along the purple line, from Harbourfront down to Kovan station. This year, our amazing race began at Buona Vista. They basically issued each group a stack of papers with clues on them to help us locate each station. Our task was basically to take photos of particular objects found at each location. We figured soon enough that our amazing race this year was along the circle line! 
1. We took a bus to Haw Par Villa and took a train down to Buona Vista station, sped-walked/ran to Star Vista and took a photo with this huge Christmas tree at Star Vista. 
2. Holland Village (the fifth day of holiday land?!?! We figured along the way that it was Holland V, V as in 5 in roman numerals), where we so awkwardly took photos outside frolick and island creamery (Jaslyn's schoolmate was working at Island creamery hahah!) 
3. Farrer Road, where we took a photo on this red horse (it wasn't a red horse. It didn't look like a horse hahahaha its those play thingies that kiddies sit on at playgrounds).
4. Botanics, the really really confusing one because we weren't sure what we were supposed to look for, or if what we thought we should be looking for existed???? So we walked in for a bit, and decided that it wasn't worth it to look around because Botanics is HUGE. We instead took a video of 1. Josh running 2. Us going all, "NEAAAR FAAAR WHEREVER YOU AAAREEEEEE" and a photo of us outside the Botanics. Done deal. 
5. Marymount - Jaslyn's area HAHAHA. Well, it was pretty random, but so's Kathleen who came up with the amazing race. 
6. Bishan! Jaslyn's area once again, we got to what we needed to find pretty quickly! There were so many people at Bishan station though omg. Jaslyn said she would see at least one of her schoolmates, and true enough, she did. 
7. Lorong Chuan, super ulu btw. I've never actually been to Lorong Chuan, I don't even know where it is, tbh. We had to take a photo with "Bob the flying-fisherman" HAHAHA. Kathleen randomly gave this fisherman in the mural at Lorong Chuan station the name Bob. 
8. Serangoon station, where we had to change to the purple line (I know the MRTs in Singapore by the colour of their lines. I don't remember what the name of the MRT lines are called. North East, South West idk really HAHAHA). We had to take a photo of a marriage proposal so we did it real quick, in 2 minutes, while we were waiting for the next train! 
9. KOVAN SWEET KOVAN, walked to the campsite! WHOOSH! 

And that was our amazing race! We were pretty glad that we got to the campsite. Grabbed our bags (Linx arranged our bags by colour omg seriously it was pretty cool though, colour coded belongings) and headed to our bunks! Two years ago, I slept in the centremost bed, which is said to be in the coffin position donno what facing the door and some Chinese beliefs and stuff, but this year I didn't yaaaay slept in the bottom bunk, below Jaslyn! WE WERE GLAD TO BE ABLE TO TAKE A SHOWER, PHEW! Showered, got settled, waited for dinner to be served at 6pm! While I was bathing, I made grace put on my bedsheets and all for me HAHAHAHAH since she wasn't showering or anything, she was going home after service. Thank you friend, I knew you would do it for me (': AHAHAHA. 

The meals we got at camp were pretty good! Dinner was good, and then I had to go and change into jeans because I was on ppt duty! Meh I hate wearing jeans, but ITS ALL GOOD because I'm serving God + it was really cold in the worship hall anyway. 
Ah I messed up ppt pretty badly though ): HAHA its always a little stressful to do ppt. The first message was simple, straight to the point, and an introductory one, to open us up into the series of messages that Pastor Jason Chua was gonna share with us throughout the course of camp. Basically, it was about putting God in the centre, of self sufficiency VS God's provision, and the fact that God, in my life at least, has become more of an option than a solution to my problems, which is really true la. Most of the time I just try to take things into my own hands but I don't remember the simple truth that I can't handle everything by myself, no way. God's strength, however, God's provision will pull me through. Some time ago, I think we were talking about something similar in service, how we look to God when we have run out of our own solutions, that God is our last resort instead of our first, even though He can solve our problems better than anything else in the world can. 
It's a matter of priority.

Team time & Supper! Usually on the first day everyone's an awkward turtle, but its all good, so sharing was a bit quiet! Heh. I'm no good at talking, I think, I'm better at typing/writing, stuff like that. We had mudpie for supper, like seriously. We had to mix crushed digestives and melted butter to make the base, slap on some oreos and Mars bars, leave it to cool in the freezer for fifteen minutes and scoop lots of ice cream on it. It was like whoaaaaa. It tasted amazing at first, but because it was so sweet, after a while it became a bit gross....... Must've gained like 10kg eating so much junk at like 10PM at night HAHAHAHA. 
Went to wash up with Kristel after supper! Whoa, what a day! When we finally got everyone back into the dorm, and everyone was done washing up, arranging their things and their areas, writing whatever we needed to write, reading whatever we needed to read, it was already past midnight! Took me quite a while to fall asleep, usually I fall asleep really easily at just about anywhere. But had a good night's rest anyway, PTL! :-)

check out our mudpie. 

Morning of the second day! Stumbled out of bed, but I wasn't really tired or anything. Everyone agreed that my alarm's really annoying. Yep, chose the most annoying alarm tone. It startles me everytime I hear it. Anyway, washed up! Got ready for 5BX, led by our own army boys so it was pretty army-esque. WATER PARADE HAHA omg. "Lim zui ho! Lim zui ho! Lim zui lim zui zin jia ho! Lim zui lim zui pa buay do!" omg i can't believe I typed Hokkien hanyupinyin?!?!?! Which doesn't exactly exist?!?! Mmmm. Water parades. Streeeeeetching, like the stuff we do after our two warm up rounds every PE lessons! And there was a small crab walk thingy before we headed back to the canteen for a hearty breakfast of milo and two pieces of bread slathered with peanut butter and nutella. Omznomz. 
They give us two whole stacks of bread every morning, we see it and we're like whoaaaa that's lots of bread. 

QT in our dorm with Hannah & Jaslyn! The things the world offers are often only substitutes of the real thing. Wake up call 101, edlyn please get your priorities straight. He knew that only in God's presence is there fullness of joy. Stop being so obsessed about things that are not eternal right, and fix your eyes on God, who is worth so much more than everything we have right now. Super a lot of wake up calls in camp la. 
Take a step back, refocus. 
Grace came halfway through QT! Yay (: We decided that we would start leaving earlier for service because we want to sit in front heehee. We have a better view in the front, and Hannah can't see the slides or anything if we sit too far back because she's so small and cute HAHAHA. Gathered our stuff, and left our bunk for the worship hall! 
Again, that we realise that we try to fill up the gaps in our heart, the gaps that only God's love can fill with temporal things of the earth, to try to like complete ourselves but it never really works out for us. Its really true, and I'm just like aaaaah. When you come to the end of yourself, you come to the beginning of God. 
Our image of God determines the way we respond to Him; and the way we respond to other people. Because we shouldn't let what we think God is wreck our perception of what He really is. God's love will never ever fail us, like how human love will sometimes, if not most of the time, disappoint us. And from then on, we can go forth and pour out love to other people, as how He loved us. Which is something I really need to work on from here on out. 
Lunch was omznomz, but even then I was kinda hungover about the message. Hammy was talking about how she wanted steak. I wouldn't understand the wanting to eat steak HAHA.

squeezing all our faces into one shot

love you guys xxxx

GAMES TIME! Okay I'm really proud of Team Jonah because we owned the games HAHAHA like we were seriously pretty good okay. The first game we played involved throwing frisbees. I never imagined myself catching frisbees, but it didn't go badly at all! We basically played two rounds, one round as the attacking team and the other as the defending team. Each team tries to knock out all the players of the other team. If you're the attacking team, you have to throw the frisbee around and tap members of the other team with the frisbee to knock them out. If you're the defending team, you have to try to intercept the frisbee that the attacking team is tossing around. If you manage to whack their frisbee to the ground mid air, you eliminate the opposing team member that threw the frisbee. We won both rounds as the attacking and defending team HEEHEE. YAY. 

Then it began raining, so we went to seek shelter at the canteen. THANK GOD, because the rain died down after a while! While it was raining, however, they had sort of a mini memory verse challenge and we were all :O taken aback because we couldn't remember much. Okay, another goal, that is to make it a point to hide God's word in my heart. Yes. Anyway, after that we decided ok, its all good to play even though the field was muddy and the basketball courts were wet. 
Unfortunately, our next station was crab soccer. We had to be down on all fours like crabs and play soccer like that. The grass was wet, the ground was wet, and there were random muddy puddles all over the field so we got REALLY DIRTY. Tze Jun said we absorbed all the disgusting muddy water because we were the first group HAHAHA. We tied this game, 1-1! JOSH THE STAR PLAYER HAHAHAHA. MASSIVE MUD BATH OMG HAHAHA. 
Went up to Yong Quan's station at the carpark, where we had to pick up paperbags on the floor with assigned parts of the body. So we had to use our teeth, our shins, our noses, our index fingers!?! HAHAHA it was really fun though, and there were two rounds where we had to move as one unit, one group, with like 10 feet and 10 hands on the ground in total or something, and approach the paper bags. interesting stuff HAHAHA.
Next, at Kathleen's station, we had to line up in pairs and transfer pingpong balls from one pair to another, and finally to Zach who was holding the bucket at the end of the line, using a towel. So it was like a pair holding a towel with the ping pong ball(s) on the towel, swinging the towel to transfer the ping pong ball(s) to the next pair standing a distance away until we got to Zach's bucket. WHOO it was exciting HAHAHA, required a bit of hand flicking and force-controlling skill. 
It was followed by a spin off of Pepsi cola. We played pepsi cola, but our goal was not simply just to tap the opponent teams, but it was to pull out a length of cloth that we stuffed in our shorts la HAHAHA. It was quite fun! (: 
Finally, we played CHARADES! OMG HAHAHA. I love guessing for charades. Especially for movies. Matt & Matt had some really weird movies on their list. Basically, the team to guess the movie first wins the point. And we were super neck to neck with the other team, we ended up with a tie because even for the tie-breaker, we both shouted out the answer at the same time HAHAHA. 

Because of our wet, muddy and sweaty state, we simply couldn't wait to bathe. And since the bunch of us, my group and two other groups finished our stations earlier, we were released about five minutes earlier than the rest of the campers to go hit the showers so the toilets won't be that clogged up with human traffic. To quote Jaslyn "I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO GLAD TO BATHE" HAHAHA oh dear, we ran back up to our dorm, grabbed our toiletries and clothes and ran to the showers. IMMENSE JOY. 
Returned to our dorm clean, fresh and nice smelling (: Krissy came over before dinner, and we camwhored excessively, what has become a camp tradition, for us to spam photos of ourselves, and get down to writing some encouragement cards! (: My loopey bimbo. Hahahah!

Dinner dinner! We began doing lots of lateral thinking questions. It slowly became our favorite team past-time. Lateral thinking questions are like haphazard scenarios that Jaslyn gives us, and we have to fill the gaps of the story. For example, "A man goes past a window and hears a telephone ring. He feels very sad. And then he dies" HAHAHA. Most of the stories are really creepy. Mostly because we like the creepy ones involving murder and whatnot over the mellow-er ones.
We are smart people, hence the first questions we always ask are
1. "Did anyone die"
2. "Was there a second party involved"
3 "Was there a third party involved"

Anyway, went up for service early as usual! (: Hammy wanted to harvest my brains and eat them or something HAHAHA.
God's opinions forever >>>>> Human opinion. This message was mostly about being a Mary, serving the Lord, loving being in the presence of God and sacrificing whatever we have, devoting all we have to Him.  What I said during team time, was that what kept jumping out at my face was sacrifice. Nothing worth it ever comes easy, does it, and going after God comes with a lot a lot of sacrifice. But if He could do it for us, if He could do it for all of us, what more can we do for Him but to give everything we have? Besides, it's going to be so worth it, more worth it than any temporal thing this world has to offer.
You were created for love: to love and be loved by Him. And it's really whoa, because we were created for LOVE. Hahahaha, I find it whoa.

Supper was hilarious, I didn't eat supper because its was 10.30PM and supper was prata. So I decided not to kill myself and have something super fattening :P It was funny watching the rest of them eat though! Jaslyn and Josh were hilarious, Josh was going all "it's okay if you eat prata for lunch, and you eat it with curry. But if you eat prata for breakfast or supper, you gotta eat it with sugar. I've always seen prata as a crispy biscuit" HAHAHAHA Jaslyn & I laughed so hard HAHA.
Proceeded with NIGHT GAMES!!!! Went around looking for items and ice cream sticks with our faces on them??!?! While filling up a box with random stuff that we find in hazard tape/stuff that's given to us by the games comm people who were walking around. It was kind of creepy, but it was really funny at the same time because Kath was the one that chose all the photos and did up the individual ice cream sticks, and she chose the most hilariously unglam photos of everyone HAHAHA. And then we tried playing the game at Jon's station, which was basically to keep as many of the fifteen balloons given to us airborne as possible in one minute. Quite smart la, we stood in a circle and hit the balloons against ourselves so they wouldn't get blown away in the wind ;-)
Oh also we ran away from Matt. Who was sporting the nerd look or something la HAHAHA.
WHOOSH so tiring! After we gave our boxes back to Yong Quan, we headed back to our dorms for BED. Some of us had trouble falling asleep on the first night, but I think we didn't have much of a problem anymore on the second night because we were just so tired!

My alarm is so annoying. Got up and did the usual morning stuff - brushing our teeth, washing our faces, getting ready for the new day! I felt groggier than I did after the first night, but no matter! Day 3 was a good day! 5BX at the basketball courts at 7.30! Water-paraded and we played Matt's favourite 5BX game or something since he was in charge today - Pui. HAHAHA. Kathy's so noisy it was super easy to sense her presence HAHAHA Jaslyn and I were like "I HEARD KATHLEEN" so yay didn't have to go around being a blind person for very long (: 5BX was simple this morning, and after a round of pui, we went to have breakfast!
There were sausages for breakfast!!!! So I had sausage bread omznomznomz. Before going back to our dorms to get our QT stuff, we did some lateral thinking questions, as we always do. #favouriteteamactivity indeed! We didn't split up for QT that morning, we did it together as a group! Since we only have 3 girls and like 7 guys.
We need to seek God, because it is only through fellowship with Him that we will have our need for rest and spiritual fulfillment met. Really need to stop taking my time with God for granted, doing my usual daily QT half asleep, and spending too much time doing other things that may not matter as much as seeking God. See, wake up call again. SO MANY WAKE UP CALLS. I realised that Psalm 27 is a really cool psalm after reading that morning (: 

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.
Psalm 27:13-14

Time for our fourth message! The parable of the ten virgins, and Pastor Jason explained a lot of terms that are used throughout the whole bible, which was pretty enlightening (: Now I don't have to read the bible and go all, huh, what's that supposed to mean because I know now!! hahahahha okay. This message was about awakening our love for God - to really grow a personal and intimate relationship with Him, because when all else fails, when one can lose his wealth, his riches, his belongings that are of this world, he will never lose his relationship with God, and it helped me realise why its so important.
Nobody can take away your intimacy with God.
Also, we learnt how it's important that we be keep our lamps burning, to guide others to God and to sustain our fire and passion for God. Which is true. Aaaah okay MORE OF GOD LESS OF ME because I suck but God makes up for my suckiness, in fact, He more than makes up for it. And I really need to stop losing it so easily so I can be a real testimony for Him.
Nobody said it was eaaasy. But it's all good, because it's all worth it (:

We had a super extended lunch + break time after service, because unfortunately, it started raining and we really couldn't get down to playing our games for the day ): I felt a bit upset because I think it would've been really fun! and i felt bad for the games comm people who've put in so much effort into planning all the games and organizing everything and in the end it didn't stop raining for hours ):
Okay this is what happens when my friends are on food serving duty:
Hammy, yesterday: "You eat like a hamster." but she gave me more rice anyway ):
Linx: give her more rice rice is her favourite thing on earth
Huilin: *tells everyone on the serving line* she eats like A MAN.
But anyway, during and after lunch, we did more lateral thinking questions. Like seriously, every meal time this is what team jonah does HAHA. We did the extremely creepy ones, the one about the seagull sandwich and the knocking on the car door, and I can't remember when we did the munching one, but I'm quite sure it wasn't at night, and I'm super glad that it wasn't at night. The stuff's really creepy because everyone is so warped HAHAHA.
Because of the numerous lateral thinking questions and army stories we have heard, team jonah is afraid of the following:
1. Going to the toilet alone.
2. The bottom bunk of bunk beds
3. Trees
4. Grass patches

After spending some time with the group, and with Jaslyn and Hannah, I went to talk to Kathleen. She was telling me about the end days and stuff like that and I guess I got pretty creeped out (quite normal la I'm a super scaredy cat). Went to her dorm, where Hammy, Joanne, Dorothy, Rachel and Felly were talking about this morning's message and cults and a little more on the end days. Whoa. But I was reminded to be courageous because God's always with us, and so there's really nothing to fear (: Didn't really say much, was just listening to everyone talking about it and Hammy was like: "she sits there and she absorbs everything, and then goes to blog and tweet about it" not bad hammy, you know me pretty well because I am blogging about it rn.
Everyone slowly fell asleep, so I just sat on Kathleen's bed writing encouragement cards to my whole group while everyone was taking a nap. Games were cancelled for the afternoon because it was raining, hence perfect weather to sleep HAHAHA really. Anyway, glad that those who needed the rest got to rest (: YEAH finished writing encouragement cards, and tried to think of what to do. Like I couldn't think of what to do, I really couldn't, and I was feeling pretty meh. Even after messages and God's assurance and everything I don't know why, when I think of that I feel really really upset still. My brainstorming paper became my venting paper sighpie okay STOP.
h e l p.

By the time Kathleen got up, I was just about done and we had to go for dinner HAHHA so we decided, Kath, Dorothy & I, that we would eat a little quicker and then bathe after dinner! So I joined my group for dinner, no lateral thinking questions this time round because everyone was too busy enjoying fried rice & hash browns. I ATE A SECOND SERVING HAHAHAHA linx are you proud of me. Yes. Anyway, ate and then went up to take our baths!!!!
Went to service with really wet hair alamak ): HAHA, last night service, and we all thanked everyone in the planning comm & the worship team & the tls (': thank you guys for putting in so much effort into running the camp and making everything possible, super super super appreciate your hard work (':
Our last message was on the Spirit of Elijah - The forerunner spirit. Essentially, it is to lead people to God, to shine for Him and to do His work. And to make God our one devotion, to make Him the focus of our lives, it really all comes down to sacrifice. To sacrificing what we have integrated in our lives, to throw away things that are not as important to make space, to make time for Him.
The In between: Between the temptations that this world has to offer, that is, temporal, and God, who is eternal. Like what Pastor Jason said, it is an active choice, an active decision, every day to dedicate everything to Him, to commit everything into His hands. And I really really really want that to be what I do for all the years of my life, to decide to let Him have control instead of taking everything into my own hands, because I suck and I can't do this by myself without falling flat on my face.
let this be my prayer to You.

After message, came the crazy night. We had pizza for supper, courtesy of Tiara's mom (: yum yummmm! AND THEN BEGAN THE CHALLENGE - to pull an all nighter, the cut off being 7.30AM the next morning, with no caffeine, no nodding off. PURE STAMINA. So for the first half of the night, we played stupid games. Jaslyn, Desmond, Joel, Kai Keeve, Huilin, Yi Jing, Tze Jun & I seated at the table and trying to figure out the random, mindless games that Desmond knew, for example, 7/11 open 7/11 close, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Black/Purple/Red/Yellow/Pink Magic (we were trying to make it really obvious for Tian Hui so he would understand the trick HAHAHA), mutton chicken mutton bla bla bla, HAHAHA it was a crazy night because everyone was trying so hard to understand the trick to all these mindless games so as to not come off as dumb when you're the last one to get it. MADNESS OKAY but it was super super hilarious.
And then we told lame jokes about paus and siewmais and chickens crossing the road.
We did some lateral thinking questions!!!! Got the really freaky ones for added effect. HAHAHA, decided to pick out the most scary ones. Yep, we loves them lateral thinking questions.
As the night progressed, the number of people at the table grew smaller, with people going to sleep, people going to different tables. Hammy came down for a few minutes after leading overnight prayer for an hour before she went to bed. So then, after "getting rid" of all the smaller kids, we sat and told horror stories. So right now, I know enough army camp (courtesy of the army boys, Yong Quan and Joel) horror stories and RI/RJ (courtesy of Desmond) horror stories to last me for a long time la HAHAHA. And then Yi Jing, Desmond, Huilin, Tze Jun, Kai Shiong & I talked about JCs. Its the first time after a while that I started thinking about JC and Os results and whatnot again, and I'm kinda glad for the church seniors la because in that hour or so of talking I've learnt more about RJ & Hwach from Desmond & Yijing (: Yay!
So the night dragged on, pigged out on some biscuits to keep ourselves awake. Didn't have any problem at all not feeling sleepy and half dead until about 6AM to 7.30AM. I really really wanted to last the whole night, and Josh was super funny because him and Jaslyn had some kind of a challenge, but Josh didn't take an afternoon nap so he was trying really hard not to fall asleep.
At first, he was all "I've got this"
And then, when he was falling asleep, we were like "hey josh don't sleep you got this!" and he was like "do I?" HAHAHA super funny. Jaslyn was going a bit crazy already. At about 7ish she was dancing crazily to random songs. Huilin went to shower and brush her teeth and everything at about 7. Desmond went back to his dorm to sleep at about 7. Struggling super hard to make it for the 7.30 cut off, AAAAH BUT WE DID WE PULLED AN ALL-NIGHTER!!!!!

Probably took this at about 4AM - everyone who was awake then minus the people at overnight prayer

And then after that was a blur. Seriously, Jaslyn, Josh and I just KO-ed in the canteen after the 7.30 cut off. Don't even think we did much to serve breakfast since everyone was still sleeping as well at 8ish. When we had to wake up to do our bit to clean up the campsite and pack our belongings and everything I felt like a legit zombie when I was talking to Hannah and Hammy. TIRED OUT OF MY MIND. WHOA. Now I know how pulling an all nighter feels like (it feels like death)
After we broke camp, I got home and took a four hour nap oh gosh HAHAHAHA.

All in all, camp was a super super wonderful experience that I won't trade for anything, really (: What I have learnt about God, all the wake up calls, and the fun, the new friends made, seriously, it was an amazing time just worshipping God, fellowshipping and strengthening my bonds with God and my churchies (: As Joanne said, the real challenge is after camp, whether, when we go back to our normal routines, we will continue seeking and pursuing God with a strong passion. And I really do hope that I do, because God is worth so so so so so so much more than I can offer Him. (':

Afterglow tomorrow and I'm going to Adventure Cove with Jiayi & Meggie before Meggie flies off to the states till next year!
Btw, Hammy, this post is 5580 words long (:


Monday, December 10, 2012


Camp tomorrow, and I'm pretty excited!!! I have always loved church camps, I pretty much need to hit the restart button, Os has taken a toll on everything. Anyway, got a call from Jaslyn tonight, found out my tls! (: I've always been blessed with wonderful group mates, and I think this year won't be an exception!

Went out today for some dimsum lunch (omg I love dimsum LOVE IT) with Abi & Grace at ION, went around buying things from Daiso, and Prologue and Spotlight, catching up as well! It was a day well spent, thanks guys! I'm really tired though. I'm really tired now. I think I'm going to sleep even though its only 11.30. I'm tired.



Sunday, December 9, 2012


Bangkok was fuuuun :-)

Left bright and early (actually, it wasn't bright. It was so early that the sun had yet to rise, so it was dark and early) at 6AM to the airport to catch our flight! Met up with the extended family at the airport, checked in and everything. We had our breakfast at the departure hall. 

Read this on the flight to Bangkok, listening to the new songs I transferred onto my phone the night before we left. I'm not done with it yet, but it's a good book.

Checked into our hotel, I didn't take any photos of our hotel suite, but it was pretty cool. Shared a king sized bed with my ahma! My brother slept on the couch HAHA. 
Set off to our first shopping destination soon after we cooled down: MBK! It was within walking distance of our hotel, which was a good thing! Did some shopping, didn't really get much from MBK because we didn't spend too much time there, mother said we would go back on the last day of our trip.
Went along a very bugis-esque street around the area after that, when we found out Siam Centre was closed. It was cool stuff, we (being the females; my brother, cousin and dad sat in a coffee house waiting for us HAHA) walked around so much we nearly got lost. 
Went for dinner at Siam Paragon, had subway yum yum!

Brother and the cousin bought Krispy Kreme for desert, kinda regretted not getting some! Dad says it sells the best donuts, oh well. 

Pre-breakfast drink: Meiji coffee milk!!!!! I love it love it love it.

my brother & I at breakfast

Headed to platinum today, I swear I nearly died shopping if that was possible. It took us two hours to finish going through the whole of the first level in our avid hunt for new clothes. Took a break and went for lunch after that, JAPANESE!!!!!!

I luv u matcha. 

We spent basically the rest of the day shopping, walking around, shopping some more. Covered the whole of platinum, with the exception of the basement. Helluva wholesale centre, bought new clothes wheeeee. + the clothes there are extremely cheap, at 4 to 8 bux a piece I am in love. 
Visited Shibuya, some Japanese (it wasn't all that Japanese la, tbh AHAHA) wholesale centre before walking back to the hotel! 
For dinner, we went to this little cafe/restaurant at the end of the little street that our hotel was located on, where their kitchen was out in the open, which was pretty cool. The food there was soooo goooood. Go to Bangkok, have your fill of Thai food. 

Pad thai, my dinner. It was amazing.

everyone ordered some roadside banana prata after dinner. I didn't eat anything, but it looked and smelt really good. No way am I risking the caloriezzz though HAHHAHA.

Day three,

Took the BTS to Central World, where they have all the international brands. Visited F21 (to my dismay, we couldn't find anything there + the non-sales items were like double the price of the stuff in Singapore), Zara, Nike, all the international brands. Oh, and this mega big bookstore that used to be Borders, according to my mother, B2S? I think. 

We had steamboat for lunch ommmmznommmz.

Pau pau pau pau HAHAHA I had to order it.
The iced coffee was amazing too, btw.

We actually went back to Platinum after that, scrambled to buy some more clothes before it closed at 7PM (we got there at about 5PM) WHOA, got more stuff than I did when we went there the previous day! Crazy tiring day, had dinner at the little cafe place again, (: Even though I didn't eat (everyone ate pad thai ok I was the only one that ordered it the previous night, and they all tried and found it so good HAHA), I think I was too full from lunch. I had a banana shake? HAHA.

Chatuchak Market on our last morning in bangkok! It was a crazy experience, it was a humongous market with lots of tourists (we met a few Singaporeans, not that we knew them, but yeah) and lots of little stalls. PTL, because the weather wasn't blisteringly hot, and we got there early. by the time we left, there were greater hordes of people heading for the market from the BTS station, 

As my mother promised, we went back to MBK for lunch, THAI FOOD! The Mango Sticky Rice was heavenly :*** went around searching for my phone cover, and bought RED!!!!! YAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY hahaha I love taylor who cares.
Left for the airport soon after, :(

Carol bear & I on the flight home, I love my bb bear. 
I watched Frankenweenie on the flight home, it was so cute. But it was a pretty dark show. Tim Burton. It was good though, I liked it.

VS BODY MIST HAHA. It smells gooood plus my parents say its really cheap. 250ml for 20 bux, so they bought it for me at the airport.

Aaaah, had fun in Bangkok (: It was a nice holiday! Okay, tomorrow I'm going picnicking with Abi & grace, and then I need to pack for camp on Tuesday. Hammy's coming back tomorrow, I'm happy (: haven't seen my hammy prince in ages, miss you :( Mad week up ahead, can't wait to see what God has in store for me, for all of us (:

Also, I got a letter saying that I received the EAGLES award today, wheeeeee (ok this monetary incentive thing is really working out, MOE, I'm really happy HAHAHA). All earthly glory goes back to God, PTL (: