Monday, February 25, 2013

So we've been getting along on our legit timetable, with lectures and tutorials in their full glory. Can't say it's the most relaxed schedule ever, but somehow the day doesn't feel as draggy as it did in secondary school, and I'm thankful for the company in school.

got to school early this morning despite protected time (ie, school starts at 9.40, but I got to school at 7+) sat around and did a bit of work at raja block before fangshuo & ejaz came, helped me pack my things and we moved over to the windy benches HAHA. We did some legit work, I finished a part of my lit worksheet with ejaz, and fangshuo was lying around doing his work HAHA.
HAHA it was funny when we told ejaz that dui = ahem in chinese and he literally went round asking everyone in the area whether or not it was true HAHAHA. went to the canteen to get some food (being scorned for my eating habits YET AGAIN. On a side note, I really like the apple bread it's so yumz hehe) before school started, and walked around school a bit too HAHA it was a fun morning with the two retards :')

started off the day with a bio lecture, hm, it was alright! The lecturer was having a lot of fun teasing simon though it was q funny HAHA. and after bio lecture, we had a lot of free time because our lit tutor was late so this was what we did in class:

mega love for my class seriously, (': 14S03S on the way to becoming best class ever HAHA

anyway our lit tutor came HAHA so we proceeded with lessons. She finally gave out a prose for us to assess it was the best thing ever I MISS MY PROSES HAMANA.
chem lecture omg mega stoning during chem lecture HAHAHA damn. we learnt new things though! balancing redox reactions, its a lot of steps to remember aaah so hard but I love chem whoo. lunch after that was good HAHA gave my food away to fangsuho because I can't finish and since manda went home to get her things, she da-baoed fries for the whole class YUM YUM FATS HAHAHAA but omg seriously so yumz yet so guilty.
CHEM PRAC LAST LESSON OF THE DAY!!!!! We did titration though aaah titration the bane of my existence back to haunt me after Sec 4 HAHA. I'm so bad at it now, LACK OF PRACTICE HAHAHA. The chem labs are probably the only rooms in RJ with no air conditioning, and the temperature was so nice and warm and sleep-inducing z z zzzzz.
did some work with viggy, alison, maddie & fangshuo (who takes my things so often i'm q used to it HAHAHAHA) (before they had to go for basketball anyways) before going for the council briefing! did the chem prac + chem and stuff.
the council briefing was a little intimidating, but then again, MG has trained us to pass any uniform checks that may come our way HAHAHA once you've passed MG spotchecks YOU HAVE PASSED THEM ALL HAHAHA I do miss MG. AH i really want council so bad God please help me HAHA dang :(((((  talked to berenice and adeline while waiting for my dad to pick me up, it was nice! (:

ok i'm tired goodnight HAHA

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

today was the last day of our slack timetable, but it was good fun because after math lecture on composite functions and weird graphs and weird set notations, plus an admin-filled half-block civics, we went down to celebrate the jan-feb bbs' birthdays :-)))

cheesecake!!!! we cut too many slices so we used the remainder for cake smashing HAHAHA I got so much cake smashed on my face cake was in my nose and on my specs and ew HAHA
but it was good cake. 


the awesome class, thank God for giving me such cool classmates :') 

A LOT A LOT of stoning in school today while waiting for the CA interview in the late afternoon zzz but I'm done with all my CCA trials (hopefully i get into something hopefully i get through council interviews I REALLY WANT COUNCIL OH MY GOSH anyway) 
it was a good day spent, the first half of it at least! :-) 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

thus far

I haven't blogged in a long time (by my standards, anyway), but it's essentially been CNY & lectures-only-timetable-schooldays.
It was so good to go back to mg on friday and not feel a tinge of awkwardness going around the school, seeing so many familiar faces, meeting my lovely-beyond-compare teachers & juniors. Watching TDD rehearsals + bandage auditions, aaaah super super nostalgic.
feels like home.

CNY day #1 polaroid w the brudderboy :-)
side note: I ate so much during Chinese New Year, I am still disgusted with myself damn. 

hunting around for new stationery - two mildliners, one purple and the other deep yellow, and two 0.28s yay
also, found the silver linings novel, I was happy hapz papz :-) still reading it now, but I think I should finish age of innocence first, ngahhh. 

DIY phone cases are fun 

picnic with the class in the HP canteen hahahaha, it was a lot of fun, a lot of good food, a lot of abuse (MRT gaaame) and a lot of nonsensical chats with the classmates :') 
14S03S :') 

w the boob in the train after take 5! 
which was pretty fun, apart from getting all sandy. 

cuties today at sunday school :-) 

MY NEW JANSPORT - in bright pink (:
my old one has served me very well for the past 2+ years.

my favourite kind of dinner.

growing fat, gotta seriously watch what I eat. back to the holiday diet!
super sleepy, three lectures tomorrow + a lot of briefings + chorale auditions HAHA worth a shot!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

we have really relaxed timetables, at least until the 19th of February, when our actual timetables kick in.

On Friday, I had two lectures. In the morning, we had about an hour of break time before our first lit lecture, so hung around with the class in the canteen talking and comparing people to celebrities HAHA. God has super super super blessed me this year okay, like I have an amazing OG + my class is super cool. I have no complaints, no regrets.
First lit lecture of my life! Our lit teachers seem pretty nice + getting an angmoh teacher for victorian lit = YAY HAHA. The only bummer: Lit diagnostic test the following Monday, our next Lit lecture. We're analysing poetry ughoihsaoghwu I suck at poetry :-( Boo. Had a short break before math lecture, so went down w the class to get some food (queued up for the waffles @ 7/11 hahaha well apparently the ones at the RI cafe are nicer)
Maaaaaath ok I was pretty huh when they went through the definitions of functions but I managed to understand after that HAHAH I was q proud of myself after the whole lecture. Spent time with part of the OG, Hong Teong Derrick Yeeting & Audrey before going off! slacked outside 7/11 HAHAHA and made them walk me to marymount gate when I was leaving school :))) HAHA.

homecoming ♡
I've missed MG SO MUCH HAHA even though it's only been a week. Mrs Choo brought me into the staffroom, needed to settle the deco at the buzz area aaah! It was q funny because rachel (she was an ex student! and now she's relieving at MG hahaha I just met her on Friday hahaha) was freaking out over singing for the CNY concert. & she was like "Mrs Choo help me sing with me!" and I was like "haha she can't even read chinese". Sal & grace came totally drenched after that because it was raining so heavily HAHA. Love how Mrs Choo's the SWC yay yay yay we had like brownies & cheesecake & milo & cookies brought to us yuuuummms. super love the MG teachers and how they're always so concerned about our wellbeing.
chilled a lot, tried to do deco. ate super a lot too HAHAH but finally put the deco up after a while!!! hung around school for a bit. my phone was super dying so I basically camped at Mrs Choo's table charging my phone for like half an hour whilst whatsapping her HAHA, her table's a blind spot or something. perf hiding spot! talked to grace & Mrs Lim before leaving school, aaah how I love MG :') feels so so so much like home.

here is a photo of my fave og @ marymount field pre-war games (essep faqih's eyes are closed)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

HH05, 14S03S

orientation was intensity, but I had so much fun + the OG was really really cool, I'm really starting to miss them arrgggh :-( it's okay, OG breakfast tomorrow :-)
I have no photos as of now because they - namely, Adriel hasn't - haven't uploaded the photos yet grrr :( but I will update this post once the photos are uploaded yay! had war games yesterday, that was pure intensity, fell down in the muddy marymount field a lot + wore muddy socks mmm. wrecked my old pair of school shoes HAHAHA it was filthy.
danced our hearts out, sang our hearts out, cheered our hearts out. Loved Orientation, so so blessed to have been through the whole process of it all, blessed with an amazing OG, and thankful to have been placed, of all schools, in Raffles. 4 years ago I wouldn't have imagined that I would ever step foot in RI, but I'm sorta glad I did, as much as I miss MG.

today, we got our class allocations, BCML REPRESENT! We played a few icebreaking games with our Civics Tutor (haha he's pretty funny) and our classmates, and I think I have pretty nice classmates! Aaah I hope they don't judge my weirdness sigh. 2 truths 1 lie, which was quite interesting to come up with. Settling admin matters in class. hmmmm.
14S03S (or, 3S hahaha I think we have a really good letter of the alphabet)
after that we had a really long break in between civics and our first bio lecture (the first lecture of my life) and we just hung around in the canteen for about two hours.... Got bored after finishing my food and walked around the school with Kristin :-) Really really missed Kris, and I'm thankful for someone like her in RJ whooo! Love you girl :* sat in the noisier side of the library (the library is HUGE and it looks really good btw HAHAHA + there is a movie watching corner, we were sitting there) to talk hehehe :')
went for my first bio lecture with Natalie, new classmate whoohoo! she was so excited about her new set of zebra pens & mildliners HAHAHA. We jumped straight into the syllabus right after the lecturer gave an intro of As bio and our teachers and the assessment mode, resources and whatever. I was like whoaaaa okay but it was a pretty good lecture! I don't think I'll regret taking bio, even though I still want to do physics HAHA but its okay because I like both :-)
had four talks back to back for the next 3h!?!?!?! I just kinda drifted off halfway hahahaha sat at the back of the PAC catching bits and pieces of it while whatsapping the boobs & Mrs Choo & the OG HAHAHA. Mmmm well.

Chem + lit lecture, and then rushing back to MG because I end early! I end at 11.30 but we're only allowed to leave school at 12.30, some school rule thing. hm. :(
OH WELL, homecoming :')

Monday, February 4, 2013


orientation is TIRING oh my goodness HAHA. what we did today, in lists because I'm too tired to write in proper paragraphs but today is a blog-worthy day.

1. 1.5 hours of SND dance oh my gosh dancing in the moonlight is freaking hard to learn + I'm not a natural at dancing so it's like *flails arms around random and attempt to look like I know exactly what I'm doing when I don't, not AT ALL.* I CANNOT REMEMBER ANYTHING.
2. learning the institution anthem tbh i miss the MG school song with loooving hearts and joyous song we sing to MGS and tell the fame of that fair name for we can do no less we hope that we may honour bring and heaven ever bless our school the fairest in the land our own dear MGS. I miss MG. I do I do I do. 
my favourite part of the instituition anthem is the last line that goes "with God to guide the way" and I was like whoaaaaa. HAHA. 
3. SND song! learning our batch song, which was q well written whoohoo had fun singing :-) 
4. house hour! The HH cheer is damn cool HAHA like in raffles they take cheering & houses 109504902815098521 times more seriously than we do in MG HAHA, but it was q fun learning all the cheers and stuff :-) House hour was cool. 
5. lluuuuunnnchhhh we started with forfeits HAHA so we made guys propose to guys and lame stuff like that. I miss the good camp food that MG always provides like MG provides damn good food but here, we don't get very good food but it's still food and I'm not a picky person SO WE SHOULD BE THANKFUL ANYWAYS!
6. we learned school cheers. I still feel a bit weird cheering for raffles hahaha. anyway it was q cool how they started off with an affirmation for the JAEs in the unfamiliar raffles environment. 
7. THIS. MEANS. WAR. (interhouse games HAHA)
7a. we went to the marymount field first to play something like capture the flag. basically, hannah, joelle, malcolm, derrick & I just ran around "defending" HAHAHA. we always get to the attacking team after the action's over and their center person is tapped and they have to go back to base, stuff like that HAHAHA. It was siao okay like some of them were SO rough, but it was fun nonetheless, we ran around aimlessly looking for people to uh, tap. HAHA. not bad HH finished second for this game :-) we tried to do attacking but we realised that it was worse than defending so we were like ok we're going back to defending HAHAHA. it was fun, we were q retarded HAHA.
7b. ok we sucked at this game HAHAHAHA it's like dog and bone and there was a lot of cheering and basically everyone was running around and sliding and cheering I was like hoaihgouwhg for this game because i was tired HAHA. 
8. stooooorylliiiiineeeee 
9. clean up!!!!! and a lot of stoning around
10. watching the rest of the OG play basketball + talking to cecilia, yeeting, fengzhuo & audrey, all of whom are very socially awkward but it was v cute HAHAHA + whatsapping Mrs Choo who was laughing at my JC experiences HAHA. 
11. dindinz with the OG!!! when our pizza finally came, and then we played a lot a lot of random games it was a really fun night :)))))) 


Saturday, February 2, 2013

I really really really thank God for my JC life thus far. Even though I've only been to one day of orientation + went back to school just now for a JAE-to-J2-seniors interaction thing, I think I'll really really like it in Raffles.

OG wassap convos are pretty hilarious, it was good to talk to MG-RJ seniors today as well! :-) I can't wait for orientation to resume. Plus, I've already completed my matriculation. BCML, and no looking back (ok technically I can look back because I can change it over and over anytime before Monday, 7AM), but I don't think I will because it's sort of what I've always wanted to do (I wanted to do physics la but I'm totally fine settling on bio as well)

:-) So thankful, thank You.