Sunday, October 27, 2013

Saturdays :-) 

LOUDFART @ West Coast Park

6 years and counting with this girl, ngehehehe (': 

bimbos reuinted
I mean look at your face, grace. (grace why the face ha hahah ahaha) 

went back to clarke quay for the second half of the play.
walked around looking for dinner with si, and eventually settled at medi-ya in liang court. lux viggy and weiqi came and joined us at about 8+.

the end of the play was alright :-) (fang and maddie came shortly before the play started)
the fun was after the play, went around adventuring at clarke quay :--))) it was a really good experience, how often do I find myself at clarke quay at 11pm at night?

jedis, robin and harley quinn.
there was a halloween party going on (so yeah there were a lot of people there last night, scary and disturbing - one guy had his pants down um.)

Today @ second service,

realised how much i really realllyyy miss hammy :-( hehehe. I love you, finally took a picture after months and months (5ever) 

random cupcakes i saw by the counter at breadtalk :-) 

here comes the op week.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


We went to watch a play for our learning journey at the DBS Arts Center last night (a pretty obscure, short, white little building along the Singapore River) 
Before that, we had dinner @ Central (the shopping mall), satisfied my subway craving (I get a subway craving like, every week) while the rest of them had ramen. :-) For once we had to make an effort to get there early/punctually, we have issues with moving and being on time. 
"Guys I know how to get there, do you trust me?", asked Simon as he led us on a ginormous round along the length of the Singapore river HAHA. We actually panicked a little because we were afraid we couldn't get there on time, we got a little sweaty and flustered and lost on the way there. But we made it there eventually, where we joined the rest of the class + Mr Cheong & his wife heehee :-) 

my pleasure to sit between these two losers
the lady sitting behind us looks pretty creepy in this photo. 
Some technical blackout cropped up, so the show couldn't go on? The stage manager was really nice about it though, it's apparently the first time it has happened in all his forty years of stage managing, and we were fortunate enough to have been at the receiving end of it HAHA. 
But all in all the acting was really p good, and WOW THE CLIFFHANGER I really want to find out what happened.

So we spent the rest of the night walking around

"Winston you can stand up straight" / Viggy, I think you and I can sit out of this photo, I don't think anybody's going to be able to see us at this time of the night."
Mrs Cheong took this photo for us - despite the bad lighting HAHA.
What are the odds that you ever get to walk around Clarke Quay with your CT and his wife, on a Friday night at 10.30PM?

Settled down at burger king afterwards for supper (stole fries from ben + Si's root beer float + Fang's medicine tasting strawberry sundae okay that was a little gross)
(I'm thankful for my boys, in spite of everything)

We're going for today's show so we can find out the ending, here's to another cool night ahead :-)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


right in the middle of an incredibly trying week.
all I want to do is sleep, tbh.

After months (weeks) of slogging over our WRs, we finally, finally submitted them on Monday. Here is a mandatory victory shot with a few of my favourite people in JC with our 200 page thick WRs (we spent 138 bux printing the two copies on thicker paper. we guarded our WRs with our lives) 
I'll say this again - that I couldn't and wouldn't have asked for a better PW group. Si, Ben, Ali, even though we are not the most efficient, or the quickest workers around (evident from how long we take to get things done and move around etc), you guys are wonderful company and incredibly understanding individuals :-) Thank you for all that y'all have done for the past few months, I really really really appreciate it. 
I love you guys, we're almost at the end, just a little more to go.

Result of baking on Sunday - banana & berries-flavoured-yoghurt muffins with lemon cinammon glaze. Fruity indeed. They turned out wonderfully, except for the fact that the glaze melted when I brought them along to school so it became gross and sticky after a whole day out of the fridge, in my bag /sigh/

(gah I look p bad in this photo but ah well mrs lau looks good, making up for my fat cheeks hahaha)
headed back to mg on monday afternoon with the intention of grocery shopping @ kap with grace, and then going back to mg to pack & distribute happy Os packs to our dear juniors after their english papers. Didn't think we'd bump into each other - I saw her walking down the hill when I was on the bus HAHA - after texting and trying (to no avail) to find a common time. 
yay managed to catch up a little - if only for about 10 minutes whilst grocery shopping for her dinner. Still thankful :-) I love you, remember that you deserve the world.

my arms are still aching from badminton yesterday, sigh.
Tried doing some PT drills with the classmates yesterday on the mph stage after PE. 
This is ejaz doing like 20 crazy sets of planks and push ups. I died after planking for less than a minute, I don't know how he does it hahaha r e s p e c t

how to sleep in the lt (spending all my hours in school wanting to sleep) 
simon ang needs to stop insulting the size of my eyes because his aren't very much bigger
+ saying the same things as me at the same time, I don't owe you any more coookeeee dammit :-((((

as if this photo is an affirmation of how small my eyes are, sigh
(I don't think they were open in this photo, but there wouldn't be much of a difference, would there)
 anyway say hello to my PLOGS PIGS aka the smallest and bestest subcomm for orientation 2014 :---) I love how these people love food so much tbh, our weekly breakfasts HAHA. Excited to spend more time with them as orientation progresses, thank you guys :-)
We had work day today, so we took this photo HAHA + interhouse games were kindav intense BUT FUN! had a good work day, even though I was intensely tired through lectures and tutorials and whatnot.

2 days left of our crazy normal timetable - and a play for LJ with the class on friday night hooray :-)
gotta think of games & shirt designs for camp, camp comm meeting on sunday aaahhh! anyway i'm glad my fave stepboi's coming for camp this year too :-) 

Thursday, October 17, 2013


unexpectedly drained - feeling more exhausted sleeping from 11 to 6 everyday than when I slept from 2 to 6 before promos.

(this is going to be quite a rambly post i mean I have no fixed agenda I'm just going to ramble about the 9 months that have passed, and stop to go to bed when i'm tired)

It's been an incredible 9 months, to say the least. For one, it doesn't feel like it's only been nine months since I've started my JC journey - the year's not entirely over yet, so I shan't start writing my end-of-year post (did i even publish the one that I spent ages on last year) (no I didn't and i spent ages on it whoops i might go dig up the post right after this and publish it - it might not have been finished, but ah well at least i'll get it out of the way by publishing it)

Started thinking about my whole JC journey thus far after fang brought it up on the way to lunch/over lunch. I can't believe we've made it this far, I never fully understood the extent of the remark that MG was a protected little happy bubble until I finally left. Not that the bubble was bad or anything, it was comfortable and safe and homey, MG will pretty much remain at the core of my comfort zone. But going to JC has opened my eyes up to so many things (I guess I knew about them theoretically, they simply materialized when I came into RJ) - was talking about some of it to junheng the other day and hmm.

I don't think I regret choosing Raffles. For obvious reasons, I had my reservations. The whole go back to the AC family or try out a new school thing. (hahaha) But I've met a grr8888 bunch, I wouldn't have traded my experiences and friendships forged in JC for anything.
The first and most evident blessing came in the form of 14S03S HAHA I'm really really glad that I chose to do BCML, I think it was one of the best choices I could've made. But I'm so incredibly thankful for my classmates - from the first few awkward days in school, to our hobo picnic + cake smashing in the HP canteen, to walking around punggol water park/out into the punggol estate area at 2AM at night (one of the best experiences tbh we walked past a sleeping wild boar, along some road flanked by creepy patches of forests, talking and singing so loudly we probably woke up every serial killer within a 50 meter radius HAHA thank God, forreal, that we didn't die or anything looking back it was quite stupid but so so much fun). Thank you guys for making lessons a whole lot more bearable, for always having some form of food being passed around during lectures & tutorials, for being such joys to have around :----))))
MY PW GROUP whom I've spent so much time with recently thank you si ben ali (and mendu thanks for flying off halfway HAHA jk love you) for being the most accommodating bunch in the world. We're going to caaaandy mooountain guys caaaaandy mouuuuntain. COULDN'T HAVE ASKED FOR A BETTER GROUP thank you for our standard two hour long lunches, for being such wonderful company and always making me laugh. love you all :") (brotherhood pls)
the most supportive and wonderfully encouraging campaign mates thank u meggie & jun y'all made my incredibly short journey as a council nominee incredible with the 4AM oovoo and even til now AHHH you guys are da bezzz.
My pillars of strength, some of the best friends i've made in my entire life i've made in JC :----) (you would probably know who you are when you read this haha anyway) thank you for keeping up with my nonsense (almost) e v e r y  s i n g l e  d a y & for being people I can trust and for being wonderful wonderful people i don't know what i'd do without you guys and i love y'all so much ENDLESS HUGS AND KISSES 5EVR.

Okay sorry rambling. That was incredibly random
His ways are higher than my ways, and I think I've learnt to understand and accept that. I've tried out for things i thought i really wanted in jc and it didn't work out, but looking back i can really see God's hand in my life (as cliche as it sounds, but it's true), that He knows what's best for me and that everything's going to work out in the end in my favour because I AM HIS FAVOURED CHILD yes. :")

I don't know how you can feel thankful and empty and aimless and exhausted at the same time, but I am. Haha.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


It's been a week since all my papers ended last wednesday, but quite a lot has happened over the last few days.
& it's also been a year since my last official day in mg, watching my juniors leave is making me feel so so nostalgic, I kind of miss 2012.

post promos pancake + playnation party (cray alliteration going on right there) with the classmates @ strictly pancakes, we ordered 6 pancake sets + chicken wings HAHA, and shared it among the 8 of us. Strictly is really filling though, got a chance to taste like so many different flavours (sweet & savoury), yum yum
I'm so glad I tried the chocolate pancakes + lemon curd oh my it tasted AMAZING lemon things taste amazing. (the above is a pretty crappy picture, it does not do justice to the actual thing HAHA) 

Went over to playnation after stuffing ourselves with good pancakes, and we played band hero + DANCE CENTRAL (wowowow dance central is actually a really fun game with wonderful choreo, I wish I could dance better, dang.). But ah, it was really good fun :----)))) 
Thank you guys for the wonderful post promos party 

 After I&R + OP lecture and collecting our WR final drafts,
Walked around Orchard with Fang Viggy Ali & Si for the whole late afternoon/evening/night and wow it was great fun being back in Orchard *SHOPPING* after forever :")
It was interesting shopping with my guy friends, though HAHA.
Viggy looking really happy in his shades in topman

mmmm fang in a cap HAHA

my first perfect batch of pancakes after a few semi-successful attempt YAY YAY wow I gotta stop with this pancake obsession HAHA.  

normal transparent plasters because PRINCESS PLASTERS ARE NOT WORTH THE MONEY sigh. 
+ mildliners because a lot of mine died after highlighting my lit exam texts HAHA

Been spending the past 4 days, from like 9 to 6 with my PW group working on our OP (***special thanks*** to the bestest buddy ever HAHA tq for all your references and for looking through my slides even tho you didn't have to and for chasing me to do pw when i'm so lazy yay :-*) 
It's crazy like omg. But I'm so thankful for this bunch, you guys are amazing and p good company, for all the long working hours and 2 hour long lunches HEEHEE (& who traveled to 313 for lunch because I got so excited about sumo salad HAHA.)

 op dry run day @ A21 today, 5+++ crazy hours in the classroom presenting/contributing questions/giving feedback. I felt like I was a judge on a panel when it was our turn to giving feedback. 
It was freezing btw
Today was a crazy day, all in all. 

photogenic classmates being photogenic / fang's angels HAHA

okay bai. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013


an occasional dose of home. 

watching the sec 4s enter their last (official) week of school and lessons, & as nik pointed out, I can't believe I've survived a year away from home. a whole year away from where i had the time of my life, nearly a year since Os, over a year since our last dance performance/mass dance with the SLs, nearly two years since falling sick in the czech republic (lol), taking jumpshots outside the german parliament building (reichstag) & visiting museums and concentration camps. 
leaving behind the people and things you've come to know and love isn't the easiest thing, but what i learnt this year is that your relationships in mg are set in stone. your friends are always gonna have your back, your teachers are always going to love you and want the best for you, and no matter how far you wander, you'll never be too far from home.
I couldn't have asked for four better years, and I'm so glad God placed me there (when, in the beginning, i wanted to be anywhere else but here) 

on a side note, PROMOS HAVE FINALLY ENDED and i'm so thankful that God has brought me through them. I knew I could have put in more effort but I wouldn't have sacrificed my time any way else over the past few weeks/month or two. 
a lot to consider, and a lot more to come, but heaps to be thankful for. 
J1's coming to a close, as quickly as it started. The large part of this year has whizzed past, and i've met some of my best friends in rj. 
ok i think i'm going to be spending a lot of time with my pw group in the forseeable future, a  l o t  o f  t i m e.
we'll see how the rest of the year plays out, it looks exciting :-)