Friday, November 30, 2012

today I:
checked X Factor results early in the morning, like I usually do on Friday mornings.
watched three (million) hours of Phineas & Ferb, all of which were new episodes, mind you.
got started on making a few Christmas/end of 2012 cards & letters
watched some masterchef
baked chocolate muffins (successfully, yay)
had dinner

later I need to:
watch the X Factor results show
do up the ppt database for camp
memorise verses for WWF tomorrow

tomorrow I need to:
exercise (ie, swim)
eat less
memorise verses for WWF

Thursday, November 29, 2012

walkie talkie

(how to make beet cake, off tumblr)

came up with a christmas card/letter list this morning, yay

Spent the day with Ayn (my left shift button is working again, hence I am happy, because my typing life now is much easier) and it was really quite fun :-) Met her at WM, and then took 106 down to Orchard (aka my favourite place in the whole of singapore to go to because its probably the most exciting HAHA sigh, life). Talked all the way on the bus, and then went to the Food Junction at Wisma Atria for Ayn to have her lunch (I didn't eat because my ahma made noodles for breakfast in the morning, and I was super ultra full so.)

Walked all the way to Scape to get Gongcha! If I was with anyone else we'd have probably taken the train, but Ayn & I both like to walk so we walked to Scape, got some gongcha, omz nomz! :-) Decided to go to Plaza Sing, so we walked there too! It was kind of a walking marathon today. Walked around cute shops like Smiggle and stuff, and bought pink envelopes from Daiso!

Ritter Sport Ayn bought for me from EE yay thanks bby ^_^

Walked back to Wisma to go to Typo, bought super cute wrapping paper that I have yet to instagram (LOL) and then we walked all the way to the bus stop at gleneagles to board our buses to get home :-) We walked a lot and talked even more, it's really nice how we can talk about anything seriously we almost didn't stop talking for the 5 hours we were window shopping together HAHAHA.
Thanks for the day, dear :')


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

rainbow cupcakes

Baking day today with liz (: (the intensely wonky and un-pressable left shift bar is seriously getting to me aaah) Got up in the morning pretty early (I can't sleep late, but I can't sleep in either, hmph). Hammy left for HK this morning, have fun dearie gonna miss you :* Dragged my lazy butt out of the house and managed to run 4k around the whole Hillview area and back to my gramma's house! Calculated the distance with the map app on my phone HAHAHAH.

Watched some tv, had my lunch, and got ready to meet liz @ BTP! she was a bit late so I had to sit around and hobo a bit, HAHA. Went to fairprice finest to get yellow food colouring and two bottles of coke light (supposedly 0 calories 0 fats I don't see how that works, but, okay.) Walked back to liz's so we could start baking! She actually did quite a bit of research on the different recipes and all for rainbow cupcakes, and it was fun to make although the layering was a bit funky pre-baking.

the purple layer. it was really pretty when we were mixing the blue and red food colouring into the cupcake batter, "like the galaxy"

6 different colours! - red (more to the pinky side), orange (more to the pastel pinky side too HAHAHA), yellow, green, blue and purple (pretty dark, but not bad nonetheless!)

they tasted reaaaally good, even if we do say so ourselves, made cream cheese to go with the cupcakes, but we had lots extra so i brought the extra home for my brother. He'll eat it up one way or another, he loves cream cheese anything. 

all in all, today's baking adventure was a success :-) after we were done with our rainbow cupcakes, liz made cookie dough batter, without eggs, for her friend's birthday :-) ate quite a bit of raw cupcake and cookie batter while weighing the pros and cons of possibly getting salmonella, some kind of illness one may possibly contract by eating too many raw eggs or something. HAHA.


Monday, November 26, 2012

tourists for a day

heehee okay I really like her rendition of this song :-) (my left shift button is not working, and I don't know why so it's pretty annoying I have to use my right shift button now, and that feels unnatural) Hmph.

Went exploring with liz, around MBS, Gardens by the bay, and the general Marina Square, Raffles City area, (stupid shift bar is reallllyyy getting to me now grrr). Whenever I go to the general Marina area, with the integrated resorts and the Singapore Flyer and everything, I always feel like a tourist in my own country, hence we took touristy photos because we were tourists for a day.

Also, we never actually realised that Gardens by the bay was such a huuuuge place. Like seriously, i didn't know such a huge garden/park/I don't know what you classify it as existed in Singapore! But it seemed like a good picnicking place, heehee. May have a picnic there one day. So we basically walked rounds and rounds around the gardens, whilst simultaneously trying to avoid the dragonfly lake at all costs, because, I mean, who would want to walk into a swarm of DRAGONFLIES. YUCK. I see enough dragonflies to last me a lifetime around in school. We had a Mcflurry each prior to walking to gardens and exploring gardens, we pretty much burned it off with all the walking (I hope HAHA)

After exploring gardens, we retreated to Raffles City and drank Coke Light because we were really really thirsty. And then we explored paper market & anbc :-) HAHA the bus ride home was kinda funny. Anyway, all in all it was a good day :') Meeting Liz tomorrow again after lunch time-ish to bake a rainbow cake!!!! Before I do that, I MUST MUST MUST go run in the morning to burn off all the fats. yup.

goodbye, fun touristy day.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

What I am currently doing: reblogging and reblogging from my tumblr dash & listening to the Breaking Dawn Part II soundtrack (I'm not a huge fan, or even a fan to begin with, of the saga, but the soundtrack is pretty good)

What I am doing this week,
Monday: exploring gardens with liz & stacy
Tuesday: idk
Wednesday: dress date with ayn
Thursday: idk
Friday: baking, I guess

yuuuuuup HAHAHA, well I guess since next week I'm going off to Bangkok, and the following week is One Devotion (church camp), it's going to be pretty packed after this week. Pretty excited to go on an uncontrolled shopping spree in Bangkok (rather than going on an uncontrolled eating spree, I have recently developed an aversion for eating too much food. Usually 1.5 meals can last me the whole day ahahaha) and super excited to have an awesome time in camp (:

We'll see.
Things have been.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

I wonder why we don't celebrate thanksgiving in Singapore. It's pretty meaningful, I guess, after watching X Factor HAHAHA yeah, X Factor.

Yesterday, I went out with the whole group and we had lunch at the Cine food court (after much walking around and queueing for our tickets - we actually watched Breaking Dawn Part II on the opening day) and my lunch was burning spicy aaaah.  Bought like three huge cups of coke into the cinema and thus the movie began. I'm not like a hardcore twilight fan, or even a twilight fan to begin with, but I've actually watched all five movies in the cinema.

Breaking Dawn Part II was really sweet. I mean, KStew does not strike one as a motherly figure but she was so cute with Mackenzie in the movie. There was a whole lot of vampire gore though, although *spoiler alert* it was all just a vision. Alice's vision. I felt so so incredibly cheated after all the vampire gore was over and Jane and Aro and erryone died and all and then suddenly when Aro was decapitated it was all like, oh sorry, this did not actually happen. They were literally going after each other's heads. First one to snap the other's head off and burn the body is the winner. So in actual fact, only the vampire lady who told the Volturi that Renesme's an immortal child sucked it up and was decapitated and burned.*spoiler over*
Ah well, so the whole saga is over! it was a cute ending, nonetheless, with renesme. Plus, the soundtrack is actually pretty good.

Sat in a circle and talked at the open space on the third level of scape, which was pretty nice. :-) decided on where to go for dinner, so Liz Stace & I settled on taka! We ended up watching some Hello Kitty performance going on at the toy fair that was ongoing in taka. We watched practically the whole thing, and it was hilarious, cute and yet disturbing at the same time!
KFC for dinner, Liz's dad was all "I see you all are eating healthy" hahahahaha. Okay anyway, after dinner we went back to liz's, played with ojo for a bit, bathed and then watched the Thanksgiving episode of X Factor :-)))) Yay the highlight of my thursdays, I have to wait so long into the week to watch XF. Meh, but this week was super sweet because it was thanksgiving week, so everyone was like, oh i want to thank ___________, for everything and stuff and it was really awww :')

For the rest of the night,
12-1AM: ANTM CYCLE 17 HEEHEEEEEEEE. The episode where they had to do a photoshoot with Coco Rocha, who is ultra gorg, btw. Can't believe ANTM got so utterly crappy after cycle 16. So I just stopped watching it after cycle 17 :-( Was telling Liz & Stace & Natalie about the models though :-) Hahaha sucha creep.
1-2AM: Searching for movies or shows to watch, none of the stupid links actually worked sigh :-(
2-3AM: More searching, talked a bit and decided to sleep by 3AM
3-4AM: We found Jenna Marbles HAHAHA. We just sat there and laughed non-stop at her impersonation videos, and the ones on Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha were hilarious. I think it was partially because we were high on no sleep.
And then we finally slept.

Woke up at like 8AM this morning, plan to wake up at 7, call in Macs and wake up again at 8 when its finally delivered failed miserably. Had a little bit of breakfast, thanks Liz's auntie (: And subsequently, Liz & I just sat at her dining table and refreshed our twitter timelines every 2 seconds or so. We were kinda watching the results show via twitter, seeing how the XF twitter always spams during the live/results shows. so yup HAHAHA.
Arin (YAYYYY *\o/*) and Bea (mehhhhh upset) were eliminated this week! just watched the results show about two plus hours or so ago, and when they announced that bea was in the bottom two she looked like she was going to bawl her eyes out and it was so so so sad :'( and she was crying whilst singing, and it was just so upsetting because she's so cute and her voice is so unique and raspy. But I think she was on the path of permanently damaging her vocal chords if she went on singing. So aaaah :'(

Got home, played pokemon and read for like the whole day wheeeee. What bliss.

(was i wrong about you, all along? was she right? so what made me ever consider that it might change for the better now? why why why why why why why.)

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Nothing much happened the last two days, so I will make a list of the minimal amount of things I actually did.

1. Caught up on Revenge.
I love Revenge (this might come off weird sometimes because the name of the series is actually a verb) mainly because I love watching Emily. She's like the most scheming person in the world, and nothing, nothing, throws her off guard. I like watching her destroy others' lives and basically watching psychopaths work. She is kind of psycho, but she's a freaking genius.
I love Revenge. I have a few more episodes to go before I finish the whole of season 1, so I might finish it tomorrow morning before I go off to meet the gang (Idk what to call them HAHAHA the bffls? Cru = staff room cru & recess cru, and gang just reminds me of Mrs Choo referring to her group of friends as her 'gang' too HAHAHA) for lunch :-)
Revenge has also taught me that spending time in a/the juvenile detention centre teaches you how to 1. fight/protect oneself against practically anyone 2. make juvy pallies who would profess their undying loyalty to you 3. find a sensei and scheme. Not that I ever want to spend time in juvy.

2. Playing Pokemon. Platinum.
AAAAAAAAHHHH ok I am seriously hooked on doing this and fighting trainers and training my pokemon and whatnot it has become kind of an obsession I cannot stop playing HAHAHAHA. I just stopped playing about five minutes ago to blog.
Ah okay this version is really kind of fun seeing how I formerly refused to play in any other region apart from Hoenn (which, imo, has the best pokemon)

uhhhhhhhh. HAHAHAHA

3. Playing random card games/board games with the brah and the couzzin.

YEAAAAAAH okay I really need to come up with that 'to-do list'. Holidays have only just begun :-) (sorz to the Sec 4 to bes and the lower sec and stuff because y'all actually start school beginning January but we start school beginning February.)
And I need to start like sleeping later and waking up later. i don't know why but somehow holidays don't feel *complete* if one does not sleep at 2am and wake up at like 11am or something. I sleep at like 12.30 and wake up at 8. Ha. Okay anyway staying over at liz's tomorrow + afternoon with the bffls!!!! EXCITED TO WATCH X FACTOR TOMORROW, X FACTOR EVER BEING THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY THURSDAYS AND FRIDAYS LOL such a saddo indeed.

goodnight x

Monday, November 19, 2012

all your bullets ricochet

Time to type my six thousand word essay, huh, Jess. HAHA.

Wonderful day out with Jess & Kath today, yay :') Got up at about 8.10, got ready and made ham & cheese sandwiches! :-) 77-ed down to Dhoby Ghaut station, and I got there right on time! :-) Leen however, was half an hour late, so Jess and I just sat down behind this huge pillar and talked and stoned and waited for her to come.

took this photo and sent it to leen when she was still on the way HAHAHA

Walked to Fort Canning to have our picnic! I must say the two of them have terrible stamina HAHAHA they are extremely easily put off by long flights of stairs. And the path we took up to Fort Canning included various long flights of stairs HAHAHA. Went up to look for "green pastures" by the RYC way (Math trot dragon, crossing the road, climbing lots of stairs etc) and Jess was telling us about this escalator that led straight up. HAHA.

FINALLY, we found a good spot to sit down and picnic! About 15 metres away from where they were building a stage for, supposedly, the next concert that is to be held at Fort Canning (Never actually been to a concert at fort canning, but now I know where the stage and everything is!)
THE WEATHER WAS REALLY GOOD, cloudy and all and we felt occasional small drops of water, but other than that, it was perf :-) Kathleen made potato salad (of course. except she didn't exactly make it, but close enough! And it was good!); I brought the picnic mat, thank goodness Jess brought another similar one though, we had tons of space!, and brought above mentioned sandwiches; Jess brought a huuuuge ziploc bag full of grapes, another huuuge ziploc bag full of those yumz Japanese peas, cereal, hi-chew (which she attempted to throw into Kathleen's paper bag. About 30% of the hi-chews she threw actually made it into the bag), and apples HAHAHA. IT WAS A SUCCESSFUL PICNIC, good food, good weather and good company! :-)
Talked about what to look for in a future boyfriend, which actually, I don't know yet and I haven't exactly thought about, apart from the basic stuff like first and foremost, definitely someone who loves God, and someone who's nice and everything, taller than me (which really, isn't hard. seriously.) etc etc. And personality types, which I will read more on after I finish this blog post. YAY just really love spending time with hammy and panda :')

mmmh yum + Christmas coloured picnic mats HAHA

love you two :*

After some successful picnicking, we walked back to Plaza Singapura via the escalator that Jess was talking about previously (it wasn't even, like, operating though HAHAHA). Went to Spotlight because Kath wanted to buy some yarn for her new hobby - crocheting (which she pronounces, and spells as crotch-et HAHAHAHA sorry dear). YAY helped her pick out some pretty cute yarn. It was like yarn with a colour gradient. Pastel pink-blue-purple :-) heehee. They had cute christmas stuff.
Spontaneous decision to go catch a movie (spontaneous for me, at least, because usually we plan to watch a movie before we go out. We being whoever I go out with & I heh), and hence Pitch Perfect at 2.10! :-)))) Really wanted to watch it because I heard it was really good, so yup! :-) Jess bought like 4 new iPhone cases for her & Joanna at Toy Outpost HAHAHA.

STARBUXXXXX shared a Toffee Nut Frap with Kathleen, thanks Hammy :') Kath was getting down with her crocheting, and she was getting really frustrated and talking to herself when she couldn't get the beginning right. Also, she really wanted a pair of scissors so she went up to complete strangers studying/doing work in starbz to ask if they had a pair. Jess and I were just like o_o HAHAHA. Pretty much stoned until 2, and time passed by quickly whilst we were stoning. HAHAHA.


okay i loved this movie AHAHAHA it was hilarious + they can sing super super super well. Go check out the soundtrack, actually, go watch the entire movie because it was realllyyyy good :-) It was like Glee, but much much better, so yay! Had so much fun watching it + everyone in the cinema was really like responsive to all the good/hilarious parts, so yup :-) SUPER AWESOME. I actually still have Titanium stuck in my head aaah you shoot me down, but I won't fall, I am ti-taaa-ni-um. (hence the title of today's post)
Anna Kendrick can sing really well, and the moment she went on screen, Jess was all "She's really pretty". I've seen her in movies before but I couldn't really put a finger on which movies, or which roles. 
Background check on Anna Kendrick, NO WONDER SHE LOOKS SO FAMILIAR she was in like Twilight and New Moon and Eclipse and everything as "Jessica Stanley" and at first I was like what who in the whole twilight saga has that name, it turns out to be Bella's human friend in the school HAHAHAHAHA okay + she was in What To Expect When You're Expecting aaaaah okay I see. 

Walked to Cathay because Kathleen wanted mashed potatoes from Popeye's (serious love for potatoes going on here. Otw to Cathay she was walking really quickly because she must've really wanted her mashed potato) walked around Cathay a bit, but there isn't much there, so we headed home! (took the MRT) 
Fantastic day out with Hammy prince + Kath :') wheeee! yay yay yay love you guys! 

Kaykay time to look for stuff to do actually! Now I have SO much time on my hands, I need to do something productive with my time. Jess showed me Pinterest, and I might look for something to do there! Okay I really need to compile a list of things I need to do this holiday, and get down to doing it. It's been a fantastic start to the holidays though, :-) 

For the record, this post is only 1040 words long. HAHAHAHA. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

minwei's wedding / service

Okay I'll blog about today first because I remember today better :-)

Minwei's wedding in the morning! :-) Had a mini gathering before the wedding service started with the CG (whoever in the CG who was there for the wedding) because we needed to write in Minwei's wedding card heehee : P Went up for service! Sat between Kath & Ryan, proceeded to take photos with Jess & Kath before the service started ahaahaha! (super *excited* for picnicking with them on Monday at the botanics, two of my favourite girls ever :*)

Service was reaaaally sweet :') I learnt a new word today, solemnization! I didn't know it was the word for the "I do" part of the wedding service heh :-) Also, it was the first time in a long time, for all of us, hearing Minwei & Ben lead worship again! Heehee :-) Yaaayyyy it was such a happy pappy service :')
Lunch was so good and Kathleen was in like, potato heaven because there was sherperd's pie and potato salad. Had lunch in the youth room with the rest of the youths :-) fun times! Went to say hi to Minwei after we finished our lunch (long queue of people waiting to talk to her HAHAHA) and then we took a photo! (actually, Josh took like 5 because he said something about getting to choose our favourite one HAHAHA)

Left church for Jess's :-) Where 1. she painted my nails (PINK!!!) 2. she put on makeup for me (eyeshadow?) and 3. passed me her perfume so I could spray some on myself. So I essentially smelt like Jess for the entire day HAHAHA. Love uuuuu hammy :') All this while Kath attempted to put on eye makeup for herself, blue eyeshadow "I'M LIKE THE AVAAATAAAAR" HAHAHAHA. Jon drove us back to church for prayer meeting, and on the way we bought some Gongcha at West Coast Plaza :-)

Haven't been for prayer meeting in a while, and it was quite nice. Counting all our blessings, something I have been repeatedly been told to do, but I guess it didn't really sink in that I really do have a lot of things to thank God for. Well, :-/
Hung around before service started! Worship today was goooood :-) Yay! Service today was only worship and some cute pub skit for camp (NOTE TO SELF REMEMBER TO SIGN CONSENT FORM AND BRING $$$ GAH SO ANGST FOR CONSISTENTLY FORGETTING) because there was capping! Decided not to go for capping heh because I was kinda out the whole day so went for dinner with my parents.

Came home and watched like 2 to 3 hours of Masterchef US sesason 3 HAHAHA okay. The only two variety/talent shows I watch are X Factor and Masterchef ultimate loooooveeee

I love you guys crazy :*****


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


aaaaaahhhhh (perks) 

What happened today, what happened today (or rather, yesterday, because its 12.11AM now)

Woke up at like 7AM because someone in the house forgot to switch off their weekday alarm (my father). Fell back asleep after that, got ready, had prata for breakfast (which was yum, but really, super fattening) and went to visit my grandparents (father's parents) for a bit.

Thus began the long drive to Changi Ferry Jetty Pick Up Point, or wherever, it was near like this air base thing. Remember passing by the same place when we had the bio field trip thing to Changi beach. My brother had like ACE camp at Ubin and we had to pick him up. He didn't bathe for four days. Imagine if they didn't let us bathe in OBS seriously, no. But maybe because they're boys so they don't really care as much. Still, it was gross.

Went to Changi airport for lunch.
"New distractions", I'm not sure what she meant by that.
Also, I can still taste the garlic in my mouth from the Aglio Olio, which is a bit gross.

Got home, watched some UK X Factor (basically to check out this guy Mrs Choo says is rly good. He's really quite good. Also, his mentor just *happens* to be NICOLE SCHERZINGER how long have I not watched her on X Factor? Very long. Too long. HAHA) and then changed, took 77 down to botanics to meet Linx. AND THEN IT STARTED POURING so I was kinda stuck at the Gleneagles bus stop, whatsapping. Ha. And then the rain kind of died down a little, so I walked into the botanics and I was tryna look for Linx, and then we were both at a lake/pond (I CAN'T TELL THE DIFFERENCE) but then there were three different ones and we thought we were at the same one and then the rain got heavier. MEHHHHHHH. But it was pretty hilarious.

"CONFLICT WITH EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT" "Yes, what effect does that have on the protagonist?" "PROTAGONIST DAMN ANGST"
Lit-ing up the situation. Sighpie.

FINALLY found each other after idk how long. But then the rain got worse and we went to this shelter place and then we talked and then we stalked this couple taking their wedding photos (IN THE RAIN!!!!!! BECAUSE IT WAS RAINING!!) and then kinda walked around botanics and sat at another shelter. Seriously its v dubious at the botanics if its raining. It'll be dubious x90809509138 at night. Creepy stuff.
My parents were coming to pick me up so we literally walked from one end of the botanics to the other. WALKED and kinda ran the last like 300m in the pouring raaaain it was raining really heavily. But it was a good feeling, I just hope we don't fall sick after this HAHAHA.

It was kind of a fun adventure. Dried off over dinner.

Did the 2009 physics MCQ, watched Sisterhood of the travelling pants 2 (Idk why but I have this feeling that I've watched it before. I can't remember where) which was not bad! And now I'm waiting for my phone to be done charging so I can SLEEP. and wake up tomorrow and dedicate the whole of tomorrow to studying yes I must.

I'm kinda tired.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Saturdays :-)

Ok tbh I like Saturdays mostly because of church. Mmmh. The morning was not too desirable, started on The Fault In Our Stars (which was, by the way, desirable) went out to explore the new Plaza Sing though, and Greyson Chance was there for an autograph signing which was pretty cool but the fangirls were fangirling x9020909237 HAHAHA.

Iced coffeeeeee

Walked to church from my aunt's house, stepped into the worship hall and got a small cute gift from Jess :') Worship was really good, whee. I think God was really tryna tell me something, and that above all, His love is greater than anything and everything, essentially.

hammy makes pretty stuff :-) Thanks dear :') 

Now my bag is a zoo. all of which are gifts from three of my favouritest people. 

CG was a good time, talked about thinking Godly thoughts and a lot of other random conversation topics, heehee. About how we should get together as a CG and make/cook/bake stuff and then subsequently eat the stuff that we make/cook/bake (of course) HAHAHA, and about Kathleen's potato-themed wedding. I like all forms of potato, except mashed potato.

Valval baked for CG, they taste as good as they look! :-)))

came home after dinner, made Minwei's wedding card on behalf of the CG :-) gonna all fill it up on the day itself, yay! after that I felt too guilty for not doing work to watch Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 so I did the 2009 Chem MCQ and the 2011 Physics MCQ, both of which I did quite well for so yay! and so here I am. 
I will end off with a excerpt from tfios, which btw is amazing. 


Saturday, November 10, 2012

paper people

My hobbies include:

1. Reading plots of horror movies/horror serials that I will never, ever, have the guts to watch
Today I read American Horror Story Seasons 1 & 2. I know all the storylines to all 4 Paranormal Activities and all the Final Destination ones. Read a few random ones here and there too.
There is a psychopathic killer hiding in my room and I'm going to die in my sleep. Yes.

2. Watching the X Factor.
X Factor is like, amazing. To me at least. My liking for Demi has increased exponentially since I started watching this season of X Factor. Even though she makes a huge colourful explosive show out of every performance and its a bit overboard sometimes. Still. DEMI. Haha.

3. Attempting to exercise
I tired running today, but I gave up after 2.5k. Haven't ran or swam in ages because of Midyears/Prelims/Os so I really need to make a point to get my stamina back up.

Aiyo I'm such a sad loser HAHAHA. When I was talking to Mrs Choo on Tuesday (I think it was Tuesday. Yes, it was Tuesday) she asked me (ok this had relevance to our conversation but it seems random) "do you know what you're good at? Don't list me subjects ok. Don't tell me math, chem......." (it seems like I am only good at my academics, and even so, my grades aren't fantastic. Saddo.)

Woke up at like 7.30 today because of my body clock. When I woke up I was like hmmm feels 8ish, 9. I checked my phone and it was like. 7.30. Got a good morning whatsapp from the hamster though :') i love you.
Watched some X Factor in the morning, I actually have caught up to the current episode. Which means I have to actually wait a whole WEEK before I can watch X Factor. Sob. HAHA. This was me back in Season 1 too. Too caught up with EOYs, I think. Time to go on a Revenge marathon next :-))))) Need to check out which episodes that didn't record and then get them and then have a full fledged revenge marathon (that shall happen after Os)

So I sat down at my table, calculator, dark blue pen and all and I flipped open my Chem TYS "Okay I have to do work now". I finished the 2010 paper 1 in like half an hour and got everything right and I was like okie dokes I deserve a break! (after half an hour of work, totally deserving of a break) AND I TOOK A BREAK FOR THE REST OF THE DAY.
Read paper towns, which I finished just before X Factor started at 10 tonight. It was a really good book, but it was really quite deep so I think I need to re-read it soon, to try to fully understand it. As in the book itself was understandable, the plot and all, but there were a lot of whoa human psyche moments. Anyway. Then I watched some Ellen and videos of Demi Lovato talking about rehab (I know, right.) and then I walked and walked and I ran and I walked some more, and went home to have dinner.

I am actually quite tired because I slept for like 6 to 7 hours before I woke up???? I don't know how that works. Oh, I fell asleep somewhere in the middle of the afternoon too. Dozed off randomly.
I'm trying to think of a good title for this post.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair

I just want to watch X Factor all day.

I am on my laptop until I get to watch X Factor HAHAHAHA seriously it is like my life now. Idk what I'd do without watching X Factor (study for MCQs, probably, but that can wait til tomorrow) I'm cold, I feel like my body's radiating heat. Am I going to get a fever? I hope so! So I don't have to go tomorrow. Idk, friendies have been trying to convince me to go but I don't want to. Really.

I harbour so much unforgiveness hur sighpie.

Watched X Factor in the morning, like the whole morning! I woke up at like 9+, a little too late to run so I just watched X Factor (HORRIBLE I need to run tomorrow yes yes I must oh gosh). Done with Judges' Houses! So when I finally get to watch the TV, I'm going to go watch the live shows. HURHURHUR ok seriously I need to get a life. AND Os AREN'T EVEN OFFICIALLY OVER YET

Went to Somerset to meet Kathy, she bought warm soya bean milk and I bought green milk tea and we just walked around Somerset waiting for Kris to come from school! Wanted to watch Pitch Perfect, but IT SOLD OUT (kind of. There were random splatterings of single seats all over the place by the time we got to the ticket counter) super upsetting :(((((( And then we thought of watching Skyfall, but then I didn't exactly want to watch it because I didn't watch all the previous bond movies TOO EXHILARATING FOR ME LA HAHAHAHA.

So we ended up walking around! F21 first, but there wasn't much, so we went to H&M. HEEHEE the kids stuff is really super cute, idk why they don't make kids clothes in like, adult size, but anyway. Can't wait to go to Bangkok and buy, like, everything. HA. Anyway. Settled at Food Junction after that because Kathy wanted soup, and just talked for like an hour plus :)))) Had a good day out with Kris & Kath, hehe love you both :*

I'm really tired now and I don't know why because I slept for 8 hours last night! HMMMPH. First time in a long time not waking up to the sound of my alarm. Must make a point to run tomorrow. And swim, if it doesn't rain (please don't rain) and then study for like Chem MCQ or something idk if I've already thrown all my science knowledge out of my head, I hope not!
The brother's going for camp from tomorrow onward, over the weekend. DAMN means I'm stuck with them. Alone. Fantastic.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012


So the bulk of my Os is over! The feeling of sadness is starting to set in - we are finally, finally, leaving MG. Anyway.

Got to school bright and early today! Crammed whatever last bit of Chinese I could cram in. Was feeling unreasonably calm, because I didn't have high expectations for Chinese to begin with, a pass would satisfy me. Went up to the hall at about 7.40! Entered dreading the paper, not because I was afraid it was going to be hard or anything (it was pretty difficult, but this isn't in the oh, nothing's too hard for me kinda way but in the I don't care if its hard I just want to finish this shit and pass kinda way) but because I would feel really bored during the paper. Which i did la. HAHAHA. Finished fifteen minutes before time and went to sleep in preparation for the two other papers I would sit for.

Spent break time going around and eating a pau with Abi :') my Sec 3 bbs are leaving for their various ROCs locations, the EE girls leave at 12 midnight and the India girls leave at 2.30am. Suddenly have this very aaaahhhhh :'( feeling because I miss EE so so so much, and I remember us waiting at the airport, drinking Starbucks and freeloading off the wifi in the departure area before going on the plane. Aaaaah I miss it there so damn much LET ME GO BACK sadly I have Os next week so my conspiracy with Ms Koh (for her to smuggle me in her luggage) would not work out too well :( hahahaha :( upset x205919993 but I guess we had our time, and it was a damn good time. Anyway, be safe sweeties drink lots of water and eat all the super good food and I'll be praying for you all back here at home :')

EE :'(

Second paper was a mad rush, a flurry of writing and the sec 3s and the normal Chinese girls were really quiet when they left hehe thanks guys :') I was just WAITING for the two super long hours to be over!!!!!! Anyway I am officially liberated from the horribleness that is learning Chinese HOLLAAAAAA.

Liz's, Bev's and Clarissa's moms provided lunch for us! Thank you! :') it was really good chicken rice!!! Went up to cram more SEA, aaaahhh. Okay I didn't really cram. I just sat there and tried to cram. Hahaha. Mrs Ng came and talked to us for a bit before going up, telling us that we should relax a bit and stop cramming. And then she went up and she told us to go up soon. Mrs Choo came out of the staffroom, she was going home, but she sat and talked to me until we had to go up for our paper :) idk she showed me this really random thing someone whatsapped her, and then I began telling her that I didn't understand like the stupid compre passage but it was okay since I don't usually understand portions of the Chinese papers that I do and she said Kimberly thought it was okay and I'm like AAAH ok bell curve just let. Me. PASS. Said bye and went up, just in time for Mrs Ng to pray for all of us. Wow, it's been two years. Craaaazy. Yeah, thank God for the history teacher that literally saw us to the very end. I love my history teachers, really :') I hope they feel better because they're both sick and flying to EE tonight.

SEA was balanced in the sense that SBQ was hard, but SEQ was alright, because independence was somewhat a repeat of 2010's question on communist revolution so I saw it and I was like THANK GOD I ASKED MRS NG ABOUT THIS yaaaayyyy but SBQ was indeed challenging so it was a fair paper. Whatsapped the primary school cru about plans on going out and partying after Os, Ayn who's leaving for EE tonight (take care sweetie!), and Mrs Choo who asked me about this history paper.

Came back and watched two episodes of Australian Junior Masterchef and an episode and a half of X Factor (I'm almost through the auditions!!!!!) reading Papertowns now too, it's reaaally good.
I'm gonna watch more X Factor once my Ahma's done with her show, going out with Krissy and Kathy tomorrow :* and going to run in the morning before that!

Trying not to think about it because it'll only make it worse aaaah.
Also, I realise how weird I'll feel not going back to school and camping outside the staffroom to study. Going back next monday and Wednesday and thursday and Friday for our MCQs and we're officially through with Os. But MG's like home. Sigh. Gonna miss it there so much I can't even.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Tuesday, I can't wait for tomorrow to be over.

Got to school pretty early today, fiddled about with some Chinese. Mrs Choo got to school and we started talking about X Factor (Nicole Scherzinger is a judge on the UK X Factor what am I doing with my lifeeee) and about how her daughter was complimenting my handwriting (HA.) after that I did some work, Grace came to school and tried cramming some Geog and I am so cool cuz I lent her my geometrical set ^_^ ahahahaha anyway she went up for her human Geog exam.

Did a little more Chinese, mostly slobbing around, did some history. Mrs Choo came out again to look for her gang HAHA and we talked about JC subject combis. Charmaine came to school this morning! :-) great to see her again, told each other about what we've been doing since last Friday, and laughed over the weird As GP topic HAHAHAHA it was really quite funny "wild boob" HAHAAHHA. Yay had fun catching up with Charchar :') Chouster came to school and we started on some actual work after the Geog girls were released from their exam. Talked to Chou, Grace, Stef, Ms Lau & Ms Ho shortly after the Geog exam and Ms Lau was legit sad about us finishing Os and officially leaving :'( awwww. Chou informed them about what happened after yesterday. Honestly, sweetie, it's one thing to break the rules, but it's another to be disrespectful, and yet another to be an SL at the same time.

Did a little more work, they were fogging the school and it was extremely disgusting smelling. Somewhere along the way we closed the doors to the staffroom area. Ms Ho and Mrs Lau came out and Mrs Lau was contemplating whether or not go out into the fog, and Ms Ho literally opened the door and pushed her out and closed it HAHAHA it was pretty hilarious. Stef kept trying to get us to go for lunch, but she eventually went with her classmates HAHAHA.

Left for lunch at Bukit Timah Market at about 11.40, and I swear we went on some adventure. After feeding ourselves, we went to get food for the teachers so we walked to BTP to get Subway for Mrs Renjan and Soya bean milk for Ms Ng. AND WHILST WE WERE WALKING BACK, we totally forgot we had to buy coffee for Mr Liu and we were like !!!!!!!! Coffee!!!! By then we were at the foot of the hill and it was going to rain, so we kept praying it wouldn't rain, got to KAP to buy coffee, and sped walked back to school AND THANK GOD IT DIDN'T RAIN whoooo God is Faithful!!!!! Hahaha!

Talked to Ms Ng a bit whilst cooling down, and then Mrs Choo came out and we talked about what we meant to talk about since last Monday. It's really quite cool yet scary because she did sociology and stuff like that and she can seriously assess you psychologically once she knows you rather well. Like I was just like whoaaaa everything she said was true, to a large extent at least idk how to describe it. Anyway, talked to her for like an hour about stuff that's been going on and sigh. I guess it was nice as in she was really nice about it and it was nice to tell someone about it. But yeah. Something tells me what she said is true, but I so badly want it not to be true, and I'm sure it wasn't like that. Idk. IDKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Sighpie. Okay.

Left for home shortly after that, gonna attempt to better prepare myself for tomorrow now.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Hello wuuuuuurld HELL WEEK IS OVAAAHHHHoiahgoiahsgoiahsogfisahg. Shall post about the week, I'm slacking my head off today, a well deserved break after a week of absolute intensity!

SO the last post was on Monday! A Math paper 1 was full of shit mistakes so I was like craaaaap must do like really really REALLY well for Paper 2. THANK YOU GOD BECAUSE I DID. They (I'm not entirely sure who 'they' are) have this thing of uploading answers to math papers after the paper and the answers are pretty reliable because they work it out and everything 98/100 FOR PAPER 2 and 70/80 for Paper 1 PHEWWWWW I was really so relieved so my A Math grade is saved :') THANK YOU GOD OMG OMG OMG. okay. That was A Math. HEART ATTACK. Chem on Tuesday was alright. I will assume it was alright. HAHAHA usually my Chem's not bad so I'm not scared of that. It was an okay paper, like it was pretty straightforward so thank God for that :-)
Other than papers, what else did I do on Tuesday, hmmm...... Crammed chem with Chou, Sal & Grace before the chem paper, rushed out to ask Ms Ho the answers to the A Math paper HAHHAA, pretty much it, too busy crammingzzzzz.

WEDNESDAY. Bio day! HAHAHA got to school really early and mugged for bio. Legit freak out mode on Wednesday. In the morning I was really calm and just going through notes and stuff, casually...... And then like 2h before the paper I was super duper restless and panicky HAHAHA alamak. Studied with Chou Grace and Sal as usual before the paper, hmmmmm. Bio was pretty alright I guess, I mean it was a pretty straightforward paper as well so thank God for that, but I got like a really weird feeling when I was doing the paper, so hmm. But it was okay! :-) Spent 20 minutes after the paper trying to convince Mrs Choo over whatsapp to hold extra lesson tomorrow. I succeeded la OMG EVERYONE CAME PLS HAHHAHAH will post about this later when I get to thursday.
Studied a bit of physics and then moved on to History for the rest of the night. Really wanted Stalin to come out but........

Crammed Fascist Japan before I went into the hall on Thursday because I figured they might ask Japan since they're taking it out of the syllabus after the next batch. EXTREMELY THANKFUL because fascist Japan came out as a question on its own and it was so straightforward!!!!!!!! Like the WWII one required a bit of thinking (didn't actually read it until the end of the paper because Japan was the first question and I was like JAPAN!!!!!!!! and I read the questions and i was like !!!!!!!!) AHHHHH!!! And half the SBQ was inference although i missed out the Red Peril bit because I didn't know what the Red Peril was until Mr Goh pointed it out HAHAHA but its okay!!!!!! Was really really thankful for the history paper so its okay :-) THANK YOU GOD heh, got reminded of Jeremiah 21:31 before the paper started "The horse is ready for the day of battle, but the victory rests with the Lord" WHOOOOOOO HAHAHAH
After that I really had 0 mood to do any physics, hmmm. Helped Sal and Grace & Chou and that was pretty much all I did...... Oh and Mr Lim answered my questions before we stepped into the hall, hahahaha so sweet ok because he still remembers like half of 2I or more :') SO SWEET. Mmm, got to talk to Nik bb too :* I miss that little sweetie, watched her grow as an SL since 2011 :') LOVE YOU and I'm so proud of you BANDAGE OVERALL IC!!!!!!!!! you're gonna be great sweetie, had fun just walking around and talking to her :')
Ok physics was pretty shit..... to a certain extent. The questions were rather odd, but the paper got progressively better. The things they asked for the first few questions threw me off a bit, but the rest of the paper was good :-) Okay la. Physics was the toughest science paper out of all the three I did. BUT OK!!!! Rushed down for lit the LT was packed ok. HAHAHAHA. Stoned a bit la because I was pretty tired and thrown off by thursday...... I mean it wasn't just the physics paper but it helped consolidate everything :-) hung around and talked to Mrs Choo before I went home and she was like "I didn't expect everyone to turn up" HAH. HAHAHA. Talked about random stuff (as usual la hahaha)!
Got home and panicked. Legit panicked for lit oh my gosh hoaihgaoihowiahgaois HAHAHAHA panicked to the primary school cruuuu HAHAHAHA I love that bunch la even though they make fun of me all the time. Went mad la, kind of. HAHAHA. Crammed quotes and slept at 1.30 I figured I could because I only have one paper today and I wasn't planning on studying so I wouldn't need the sleep and the mental alertness HAHAHAHA.

LIT THIS MORNINGGGGG (okay I will blog in greater detail about today because I can remember HAHAHA) cramming quotes before going into the exam hall. Mrs Choo came and gave a sort of round up to me before we had to go up. Was pretty scared la got her to come to school earlier today HAHAHA.
What I felt when I entered the hall all the way to the end of the paper:
Felt unusually peaceful for something I was freaking out about....... Thank God, really.
Opened the paper and frantically searched for the Chrysalids text. Read the questions roughly, and saw "sophie" and "aunt harriet" i was like omg omg omg omg omg no freak freak freak freak NO THEME OR GENERAL QUESTION AND THEN I read the Sophie one i was like hell no, and then I read the Aunt Harriet one and was like I CAN DO THIS I CAN ACTUALLY DO THIS PRETTY WELL AND I WROTE AHAHAHAHAHA I was so so so happy because Aunt Harriet quotes are like the ones I can remember the best.
WHOOOOO went on to the prose and I was like craaaaaaap nooooooo HAHAHAH the prose was actually pretty hard ok plus the part i wasn't impressions like it typically is. It was technique and the second part was sort of impressions sort of anything goes so I was like praying really hard I wouldn't do it wrongly...... FEAR. HAHAHAA I managed to finish the whole paper properly so was pretty glad about that.
looked for Mrs Choo after the paper because I needed to know that I did the prose rightttt and I did THANK GOD. srsly so happy went mad with chou and grace. walked around school and went to have pumpkin soup which tasted really good and helped Ms Kek paste up seating plans for MEP! OMG THERE WAS THIS PRE SCHOOL GRADUATION THING GOING ON IN THE AUDI and the kids were soooooooo adorable I think I died omg. I like little boys I think little boys are cuter than little girls. The boys were dressed in like suits and tuxes and rolling around on the floor and the girls were in pretty dresses and omgggg soooooo adorable omg omg omg.
Retreated back to "The Abode" as chou calls it now. (our study bench outside the staffroom HAHAHA) and sort of talked and slacked and went mad. Fleh came and told us lame jokes and kept us company because she had free period (bio!) HAHAHAHA so it was pretty hilarious. Was waiting for Stace to end her paper so we could go to United Square together to meet liz. :-) Mrs Choo walked out to talk to us before I left and like i sent her this screenshot of the 6-2 group chat because Will said his teacher in SJI said something good about the lit standards in MG and Mrs Choo was all "I am more disturbed at why you are talking to so many weird boys why are you talking to so many boys" HAHAHA. And she told us really hilarious stories about her squash adventure HAHAHAHA and she kept making fun of meeeee :( was upset about how I can't watch NC16 movies and she was like "please you probably need to bring your birth cert along to the cinema because when they look at you they won't believe you have an IC" I was like heeeyyyyy. But she said "if i tease you so often you are very high up because i don't bother to tease normal people" HAHAHAHA so I was like awwwwwww (I think). Pretty hilarious conversation with her, Chou & Grace HAHAHAHA sigh (happy sigh)
Left for United Square! Did 2 S-es out of our SSS HAHAHA had Subway for lunch and then went to Starbucks to get Christmas drink!!!! Fun time with the boobs HAHAHA talking about random people and enjoying their company :') HAHAHAHA idiots tried to share a chair and they got like stuck... in the chair.... HAHAHAHHA.
Came home and watched 3 solid hours of X Factor auditions and 1 hour of Junior Masterchef HAHAHA today is my slack day!!!!
HAPZ GONNA GO ON TUMBLR NOW BYE. Another 2 hours of X Factor later on! WHOOHOOOHOOOOO i love X factor wheee. but first, photos from this week:

Nik :****

Fries nom. 

Procrastination ttm last night HAHAHAHA sigh. 
Discussing the gender of the swimmer in the physics paper.

LUNCH TODAAAAY I want it again sob.

STARBUCKS not a good picture but ok 

NEW NAIL POLISH COLOURS!!!! Was obsessing over them on Sunday night while watching Despicable Me. I was supposed to be studying for SS. Mrs Choo was testing me on essay questions to get me to study haaaa :P 

done with SS for the rest of my life YAYYYY

Idiotssssss :( 

Last minute history cramming

BYE :*