Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Saturdays :-)

Tried to finish off my teachers day presents in the morning before heading off for tuition, which evidently failed quite badly la huh HAHAHA. I'm going to get them done by tomorrow omg!!!!! Aaaah ok I finished making all my cards, all I need is to write in the content which won't take me more than an hour, but I have two major gifts that are really require effort HMMM I can finish one but the other one, well. Hmm, ok anyway.

After tuition, typical chinese tuition, wrote a bzbd and all, went to KFC to pack the brother's lunch, and to Subway to get my own lunch ^___^ Got home, ate and packed up and got ready for church! Dashed off whoooo!

Always look forward to church :-) Sat with Hammy for a bit before service, Grace came this week! Felt pretty bad because I had to do duty and leave her alone for quite a bit but I'm really blessed that I have super nice church friends who are hospitable so that was great :))))
Worship was whoooo pretty good :))) even though I was doing ppt, so I kinda lagged a bit HAHAHA but it was all gooood! Message was pretty good too, Elder Vincent was really funny and his stories were really relatable. TO BE A BLESSING TO THOSE AROUND ME ok that's pretty easy but hard at the same time k what am I talking about but yes gotta try!!!!!
After service, Hammy kinda went a bit cray cray with the Filipino & British accents HAHAHA but ok it was fun. Not a lot of people were eating dinner, so I just decided to take 188 with hamz. Ryanny was at the bus stop so we took the bus together! Fun bus ride talking about quite a number of things la :))) Hehehe love them.

Packed dinner for brother and I again, and yup scanned in all my polaroids and all that LALALA ITS ALREADY SUNDAY. I'm going to start studying for Os from tomorrow onwards :))))) been talking to Sidd for the past two hours about primary school friends (all of them were commenting on my post and Sidd and I had a concurrent convo discussing about all of them when they commented HAHAHA) AC and I'm pretty won over!!!!!!

We'll see we'll seee

Next week's going to be pretty exciting what with Longest day and Teachers' Day!!!!!!!! I'll see if I can blog but I probably will too fun not to :)))

Going to end off with a photo of my hamster and I ok bye :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Today was pretty fun :)))

Brother woke me up when he was leaving for school, so I was in a state of semi-consciousness from 6-8.30AM, bleh. Okay, but apart from that, the morning spent with Ms Ng and Grace was really quite good :))) Cool morning! Packed lunch, and then went back to school!

Had lunch in school whilst watching the LD comm carry out their games trial, I wish I could have been put in the LD comm, but then again, it has been sort of a blessing in disguise that I wasn't. But still, I think they're doing a really good job, super can't wait for Longest Day with my beloved class of 2012 ♡
Headed to class to see if anyone was there, only Bev was and she was kinda all intense with her oral so I sat outside class to wait for 12.40 to come. Char came soon after noon, and we sat outside class talking and reminiscing about her primary school days and lower sec days HAHAHA it was quite nice to talk :-)

Went up to the staffroom to look for Mrs Choo! Heh because she said she'd talk to me before my oral, and so I decided to bring Char along too! HAHAHA quite funny la how Mrs Choo kept going on about bringing our grandmothers in and coming up with sad stories to win the hearts of our examiners. It was a good time before our actual oral.
Funny thing was I wasn't nervous at all throughout the course of the day. So I'm quite glad teehee. PTL for peace that transcends all understanding because I would usually have been entirely too nervous.

Okay admittedly our topics were pretty crap HAHAHAHA like they were relatively hard. Our reading and picture was about some public debates and arguments thing, and our two conversation topics were about problems faced among our own community and whether historical sites and landmarks should be preserved. W O W given a few seconds to think about such topics is not an easy feat coupled with the fact that when you go in you tend to be pretty nervous as well. BUT OH WELL my examiners were so nice :))))

Came home and started ranting about oral HAHAHHAHA pretty funny la tbh ok but it didn't go thaaat badly when i reflected on what went down.

OKOKOKOK going to watch masterchef soon *happypapz*

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Saturday, August 18, 2012

i'll be your shelter, i'll be your storm

CATWOMAN *Anne Hathaway* 

I really really really want to read this book. Going to town tomorrow, gonna see if I can find it.
If I can I'm just going to buy it I D O N T C A R E 

Today was a fun day, got to wake up like by myself, without the use of any alarms so it was really aaahhh heh satisfying. Anyway played Batman on the XBox with my brother (unfortunately there was no Catwoman for me to play as so I settled for Harley Quinn) before going for Chinese tuition (didn't fall asleep at all for the first time in weeks!) 

Had lunch at Sushi Tei @ Vivo with the extended family which was yum btw ate so much Japanese food I was such a happy fatty afterwards aaah! And then bus-ed to church. :)))))))

church friends are the best, always look forward to seeing them after a whole crappy week because they brighten up my day x1029098. So today worship was really good so yay! And then we went to Ryanny's house after worship for bible study with the CG :) And then we had dinner there HAHA the usual feast whenever we go to Ryan's to eat. THANKS RYANNNN you're a really good host :) 
& then bused home with linx and so here i am scrolling through tumblr & batman stuff being semi-obsessed with catwoman aka Anne Hathaway hahaha ok 

can't understand half the shit going on sometimes. 
i'm tired of trying if you don't. 


Friday, August 17, 2012

the dark knight rises

Okay I don't exactly feel anything..... quite annoyed the past two days with the primary school teachers literally shutting us up and disallowing us from talking like seriously.... Y'all should try starting with your own students who scream whilst running across the hall while we have our exams. The P6s were in the next freaking BLOCK on the other side of the school. I mean I understand they have oral but do you have to go to this extent? You don't see our teachers crawling around the primary side.
Okay angst over.

This week's papersssss.... Physics 2 was pretty bad PRETTY BAD HAHAHA. mostly because I couldn't do a few questions and I felt pretty ngeh about it because I'm usually pretty good at physics.... Hmm. Okay.
Was positively dreading the A Math paper. Super didn't want to do it because I had the notion that it was really hard, and considering paper 1 didn't go all too well, I was hoping for 2 to make up for it..... Before the exam I was joking with Mrs Choo about not wanting to sit for the paper, so could she take it for me instead. She goes sure, I'm very good at A Math! HAHA. But it turned out alright, PRAISE THE LORD :)))) It was better than Paper 1 actually, so yay!
SEA was good good good GOOD. Mrs Ng said she had to really try to decipher my handwriting though, first time teachers are complaining about my handwriting!!!!! HAHA okay so it's pretty shit when I sit for exam papers that require me to write quickly + non stop.
Bio & Chem MCQs were pretty good :))))) happy about that.  Physics today wasn't as bad as Mr Liu had put it out to be. As in yes, it was challenging, just not as difficult as I expected it to be, since he said it was worse than 2. We'll see.
Didn't understand shit for chinese LOLOLOLOL END OF STORY. Apparently it was easy. I think not. SO THAT WAS THE END OF PRELIMS!
Okay la so the prelims period was kinda alright. It was simply taking papers in the morning, going to study with Grace outside the staff room afterwards, and talking to our lovely teachers :)))) Definitely something i'm going to miss so much after we graduate. :/

OH OH new TV series I love. Watched Revenge on Wednesday night, after I tweeted that I saw the creepy promotional ad for it on TV and Mrs Lau said that its a good show and that I would like it and so I went to watch ittttt and it was GOOOOOOD. The pilot was amazing like wow. It was a little scary though but oh my so goooood! Gonna continue watching :))))

Today I watched The Dark Knight Rises with Jiayi Meggie and Stace :-) Okay so everyone says this after they watch TDKR but: IT BLEW MY MIND. Tbh the violence and fighting scenes were scarier than The Dark Knight (I've watched it quite a few times, on TV and because my dad bought the DVD) because Bane is more confrontational & brutal than the Joker & Harvey Dent.

I LOVE CATWOMAN *ANNE HATHAWAY* x109803985 MORE NOW OMG OMG she was such an amazing Catwoman in the show, was really impressed with her fighting abilities. She acted really well too, wow wow wow! HEHEHE. &&& JGL!!!! heh he was such a good cop

(spoiler alert)

Didn't watch all the intense fighting scenes because. HAHA just because I cannot handle intense fighting scenes. Quite gross how he was in the prison and his inmates were trying to help him escape and the nice old man goes "you have vertebrae sticking out of your back" and he shoves it back into place AHMAGAH.

Was really really sad when Alfred left Bruce Wayne omg no :( Then again I get upset when the characters on screen get upset very easily. But ahhh oh dear :((((

The plot twist at the end was the most shocking thing ever though. How Bane wasn't the child that was born and eventually escaped from the prison, but it was Miranda Tate aka the woman that invested in the renewable energy thing under all the bullshit that she wanted to "sustain the earth" but she just wanted to turn it into a bomb to fulfill her father's will or whatever. She was the child that climbed the wall and escaped. And Bane was the guy that helped her escape wow when she stabbed Batman I was like craaaaaaap but then again this means that Batman'll get together with Catwoman so :)))) HAHAHAHA.


Took me a while to recognise him though, meh :-( 

Loved the movie okay :) 

9+ weeks to Os, 9+ weeks left in this home of mine, and after 4 weeks of Os, I'm officially gone. 
I'll miss home so much.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

long weekend

have a physics paper tomorrow...... but ah. HAHA. Can't really study for physics anyway, just comparing answers and trying to internalize how to phrase some questions rn. Really really grateful for my physics teachers, really, because they always put in a lot of effort to come up with the answers to tutorials, test papers etc etc and upload them for us + availing themselves for help + doing up powerpoint slide notes for us :-)))) Yup super blessed to have wonderfully dedicated teachers! 

anywaaay, National Day celebrations in school on Wednesday were alright :) I mean I really miss doing ND from last year. Met up with the comm, so glad that all of them (except Tessa who lost her shirt HAHAHAHA) came in their I LOVE SG shirts :)))) Yays! And had a really amusing concert with Cristina and Keren and Char :) our class attendance sucked tbh but that's alright I guess I kind of expected it HAHAHA. 
Mmmmh went a bit high, and that was all. ~
Went to Orchard to have lunch at Mos with Grace & Charis after that, and bought myself some Starbucks yay! 've been craving starbucks so that was happy papz. :-) went to Beauty World after that with Grace to check out "Yue's bookshop" HAHA. And walked home after that, which was yay because I like walking great distances (Okay so it wasn't thaaat great a distance, but it was great enough HAHA)

Thursday & Friday were spent alternating between mugging and uhm slacking HAHAHA I guess the urgency to study for this week's papers didn't entirely set in until Friday when I was like oh, I need to study for this week's papers, aaaah. HAHA but all's good because I'm done with Southeast Asia :) Sort of la, I didn't study the entire thing, I'm doing Nationalism and Independence because Unit 2 is just too long and boring...... Hm. HAHA ok. 

YESTERDAY was fun timez at church :))) packed lunch to eat after tuition! Had lunch + did work with a very frustrated Felly who was trying to do her math at the usual table outside the kitchen & kindy rooms HAHA :)) SEA + Physics arhhh! K so did quite a bit of Physics which I was pretty happy about and then went up for service :))) Aah loved the songs that we sung for worship + message by Pastor Kok Fai was really funny, learnt about how God exemplified all five of the love languages :))) 
Okay so Pastor said this and Rachel kind of wrote it down and instagrammed it so:
"In the equation of love, there are two entities. There is a God and there is you. And God loves you." 
:))))) Simple truths. 

Went down after service to celebrate birthdays! Krissy the extremely stm girl baked wonderful red velvet cake for Ryan's + Liang Le's + Val's + Hannah's birthdays (HAHA mass celebration of birthdays around this period)  YUMZ can't wait until she bakes for me for my birthday HAHAHAHA ^^^^^^^. Took photos tooooo wow fun times with the church friends :)))) Couldn't thank God enough for such a wonderful bunch of people, love my churchies so much :') 


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

prelims week 2

Isn't it funny how a year can change things.
Then comes the second part of the day, staying back in school for all sorts of various reasons, and of late, for National Day. I can't say that I'm the most patriotic person, and I can't say that this task given to me, to head the planning committee, has drained me of a lot of time and energy, but yet at the same time, I love doing this, I love being busy and preoccupied, and on top of all of that, I love the people that I have spent so many afternoons with the past three weeks after school. Tessa, Bev, Berenice, Kristin, Lisa. You guys are the most amazing people to work with, from WALKING INTO THE HALL LIKABOSS, to laughing at MLGIs, to stressing over deadlines, complaining and whining about how hungry and cold we are like full-fledged hobos, running all over school and having countless meetings outside the staffroom in the morning, and just laughing a lot sometimes. You guys, I know we're going to do such a good job on Monday. And I can't ask for better people to spend my afternoons with.

I really miss having National Day rehearsals and meetings. Skipping meals, doing proposals, freezing in the audi/computer labs, it was all worth it. It was worth every last second, I loved every last second. Really excited to go to school for celebrations tomorrow :))) Mrs Choo was trying to convince me not to come to school this morning because she wants me to "stay at home and study" lmfao. Wouldn't miss National Day for anything :)

Reading through notes that date all the way to last year, the national day period, and I really miss you :(((( sighpie.

My days consist of:
Cramming in the morning for the first paper in the canteen with Berenice & Grace / Grace/ Nik
Sitting for my first paper in the morning. Ms Ng said I was so intense during the bio paper just now when she purposely walked past my seat HAHAHA.
Skipping food and cramming for the second paper which begins exactly an hour after the first paper ends.
(Today I didn't have a second paper so I sat and I waited for Grace and got to talk to quite a lot of people like Nik about Bio hahaha + Ms Ho about history stuff because I was kinda trying to study SEA and future things, like JC combis and stuff and I realised how much I don't want to think about it aiyaaahhh can I just stay in MG for the rest of my life + Ms Ng who pops by everyday stuck stickers on her pigeon hole today :))) + Mrs Choo who wants me to write her a booklet-ful of notes after prelims BAHAHA)
Going for luuuuunch the canteen is so nice and quiet when the rest of the school's in class for lessons
Cramming for the next day's papers (Today we don't have a paper until next week YAYZ so I spent my time talking to Grace and Charis LMAO)

Not bad I like it when we have to sit for all those major school exams and school ends so early so I just end up slacking/studying/talking to people outside the staffroom :)

byebye waves of nostalgia

Friday, August 3, 2012

prelims level 1

Its Friday! I'm only done with 6 papers and next week is my heavy paper week despite it being only 3 papers but they are my heaviest papers. Anywayyyyy, Prelims have been utterly draining and I shall just take this rest time to blog about my week :))) HAHA.

The two days leading up to prelims were pretty, well, I don't know how to describe it because I just really wanted prelims to come so I could do it and not sit through lessons (not saying that I don't like most of my lessons or my teachers I just don't want to learn anymore HAHAHA too much to study as it is) so it was two days of idlingggg. When the weather gets really hot we tend to be all restless and murderous (regardless of whether we want to kill ourselves or kill others HAHA all in the life of a Sec 4) + Monday and Tuesday lessons are pretty zzzzz.
Laoshi was in China, which was good. HAHAHAHA didn't have Chinese so I ended up talking and slacking aiya one does not expect me to do Chinese during Chinese. Or any other time for that matter. 
Stayed back in school to study a bit :))) Ultra love my studying spot outside the staffroom. When its not noisy and stuff which is most of the time except for dismissal time or early in the morning. Its really nice to sit there and study because its so quiet and teachers walk in and out and I love my teachers because they're always so helpful and its quite fun to take a short break to talk to them :)))) 

English on Wednesday was pretty alright. I mean, English is just.... English! Wrote my compo about RYC because RYC is a very good event/experience to use because there's so much I've learnt from it and so much I'm supposed to learn from it so I can always put both of that in HAHAHHA. Miss doing RYC tbh, this time last year I was wrapping up RYC + planning wonderful wonderful National Day :)))) Aaaah happy memories. 
ANYWAY so English was alright, went for SS extra lessons after that and then parked my ass outside the staffroom to study Healthcare with Grace. Ms Ng was having lessons with 4E outside the staffroom too and when she brought them snacks she brought us snacks too :)))) 

Yesterday was a pretty intense day. It was the SS paper first thing in the morning and Healthcare came out!!!!! Although the whole world did Healthcare HAHAHA I wanted to do the Northern Ireland question because I actually studied Conflict in SL & NI, but I didn't know how to answer part (b) so I went and did Healthcare instead. Heh, I think SEA History & Lit have trained me to write my hand off so SS and 20th Century is actually less in comparison to the heaps we have to write for the former, finished with 2 minutes to spare HAHAHAHA.
The first thing Ms Koh said when she saw me after the SS paper was "YOUR VENICE DIDN'T COME OUT" BAHAHAHA gotta love my teachers and how they know I spot like nobody's business. 
E Math was okaaayyy. It wasn't that bad. 
After the paper, went to look for Mrs Choo with Pittas & Charmaine and it seemed like the whole world was looking for her HAHAH okay not the whole world but it wasn't only just us. She went through a few things whilst we awkwardly stood outside the staffroom in a circle HAHAHA. Then Pittas and Charmaine were talking geog to their geog teacher (geog is like a foreign language to me) so I went with Mrs Choo to her Sec 2 class so I could ramble about my insecurities for Unseen HAHAHA.
After thaaaat migrated back downstairs to study lit, did lots and lots of Sophie and relationships, took a walk with Ms Kek so I could help her carry things down to her car as well before returning home HAHAHA. Crammed Chrysalids like nobody's business, A Math took a back seat! 

Aaaaand A Math kind of killed i hate how I always ALWAYS make the stupidest careless mistakes when it is the actual test and I do fine during lessons AIYAAAA I was kinda in a semi-panic mode during the course of the entire paper, but when i did I just looked up to the verse on the wall on the left of the stage (left from where I am sitting, like facing the stage) "My grace is sufficient for you for My power is made perfect weakness" 2 Corinthians 12:9 gotta loooooveee that the school decided to put it there the year my batch is having Os :))))) Anyway i think I won't do as well as I wanted to for A Math. :((( Mrs Loh showed me how to do the question I spent ages trying to figure out AAAH she made it look so easy. But she said she tried the paper and it was indeed tough so I felt better about myself :) HAHAHA. Mrs Loh is so sweet. 
Opened the lit paper and was all OMG NO WAY HAHAH they tested portrayal of women again and they tested negative portrayal of women for EOYs last year. Plunged right into that question because well the other question was kind of ...... it was about the relationship between David and ROSALIND and since I never ever study Rosalind I just was all meh and moved on. Prose was alright........ it was indeed amusing HAHAHA. 
After the paper camped outside the staffroom. Crashed Ms Ng's help session with Danielle and Celine :)) HAHAHA. Got to rant to Mrs Choo about the lit paper as well. Heh. Anw Danielle and Celine were so cute we were doing bio with Ms Ng and obsessing over how cute Min Xuan (Mrs Ruth Tan's daughter) was AWWWW SHE'S SO CUTEEEE after the entire bio session she came over to our bench and Danielle played with her hair. :')))) Had a nice time talking to Danielle and Celine too OMG HAHA they're so hilarious. Fun fun :))) Did some chem and went home, but before that stopped to talk to Ayn and after that Erica & Su Ern at the concourse :) Love my juniors :)))))) 

SOOOOOO i need to go study now. despite it being a tiring week, it had its ups and downs and AAAH HEAVY PAPERS NEXT WEEK. GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH!!!!!!!!