Wednesday, June 20, 2012

LTC 2012

Honestly, LTC was so so so fun even though I wasn't exactly a part of it hahaha :') gonna blog about it because it's so worth remembering! Anyway, they broke camp today, GOOD JOB to the PC + SFs + the teachers who spent so much time and effort into making the camp as amazing as it was :')

So, headed on over after lessons on Tuesday. Headed to the canteen to look for Sal, (Nicc, Grace & I) and that's when the day started haha! (prior to that, we were just hanging around really awkwardly.) they had extra food, so we ate their lunch and it was like noodles and stuff so I felt really guilty for eating it after because I was so full...... Hmmmm, oh well, at least we're not wasting food? :P

Nik comes over and talks to us, and mentions that she needs to go back to LT1 to pack the stage + make more log for the wet games! So Grace & I decide to follow her (Nicc and Sal had angklung) into the LT! Deposited our things by the stage, and then whilst Grace helped Nik pack the log on the stage, which was kind of in a mess, I sat and crushed small paper balls for their Santa Claus game :) The crazy OCD people made the stage neater! After they were done, they joined me in making more paper scrunchy balls heehee. Quite thankful and blessed that the LTC teachers + PC + SFs are all such nice and warm people, like they didn't tell us to like go home or anything and they let us stay and do things with them :)))))) Really really thankful for that, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH (':

Mmmmhhhh, after that, Grace & I stayed to make blindfolds whilst Nik + the rest of the log comm was running around settling the log and set up for the wet games! :) It was kinda fun slicing up garbage bags (except now I can't find my penknife, shit, its not in school though, I brought it home)! Went out wanting to do work whilst watching them play wet games, but then, Nik needed our help stringing marshmellows, so we went to help them :) (willingly I might add MUCH better than doing work hahahah) it was quite funny stringing marshmellows with Nik, because the coloured marshmellows kinda stick to each other and when you pull them apart they look kinda gross, so Nik fed all the gross looking ones to me HAHA :P

After that I sort of don't know where Grace & Sal and everyone went HAHAHA I just went around with Nik playing wet games! :) Went along to a station with Ayn & Jing's group as well to watch them play! :) And then I kinda stationed myself at Marco Polo because Ms Lau said they may need help filling up the pails with water + Nik was helping Crystal at that station, so why not! :) Got to talk to Abigail & Peixuan too when they group came over to do the station! It was so much fun watching them play and be all excited :)))))
This station was done first because they did two groups at once, so logically they were doubly fast! Went around to other stations after that with Nik, yielding water guns >:) HAHAHA SO FUN K we'd just spray the people who didn't look wet! Anyway, the water guns weren't the intense kind, so they were alright :) Like there was this station where they had to make orange juice with their mouths HAHAHA and then during their debrief, they would get someone to volunteer to drink it so the entire group could move on (but of course, they didn't get them to drink the gross orange juice with everyone's saliva in it, they gave the girl who volunteered a fresh cup of real orange juice as a sort of 'reward' which I thought was kinda cool!). Kinda really wanted to see that station after hearing about it because I wanted to see who would volunteer under what circumstances, quite fun to watch! :)
+ the sliding on the mud tarp thing was really dirty but it smelt so goooood because they used soap powder BAHAHAHA.

P/s the blue gun was better than the red one HEHEHE :P 

Nik's "candid shot" - spraying shaving cream off Aastha's hand.

After wet games were over, went back into the LT with Nicc! D&T was having their worship prac so we sat in and sang along with them! (: they practised their worship set 3 times and it suuuuuch a joy singing and praising God!!!! :))))) Unexpected worship, but it was wonderful all the same ♡ ++ En En could play the guitar sooooo well like she was strumming like CRAZY for One Way HAHAHA (: 

stole this photo off of Nik's instagram HAHA
This is their theme song, and its kind of the first time I've sang it! It's a really really good song!!!!
In every victory, let it be said of me, my source of strength, my source of hope, is Christ alone (': 

Didn't exaaactly eat dinner. Sat with Nicc & Grace and talked and stuff, Nicc was talking about PBB because Siyue & Agnes & Crystal came back for LTC too, so she was telling us all about her PBB hahaha! Went for their talent time after that!!!!! IT WAS SO ADORABLE I SWEAR HAHAHA and it was so fun to watch. All the groups had to come up with a dance item, and they were all so good i mean for something they had to come up with in such a short time frame! The SFs & PC too :)))))) Had fun singing along to the songs HAHAHA it was a high night and it was fun :) 
Talent time ended with a video pertaining to their night games!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NIGHT GAMES WERE FUN OKKKK :))))) Tagged along Ayn & Jing's group whilst they navigated the route to their first station! The Sec 2s were kind of scaring themselves la HAHAHA I think I'm kinda used to school at night so I'm not scared anymore, like I was after FN in sec 2 (figures HAHA). Their first station was the toilet WOW it was creepy! They had to write the theme verse on the mirror, like all PLL A style manz. HAHA. I really like their theme verse! Its one of my favourite verses (: 

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens" 
- Ecclesiastes 3:1 

YUUUUP! Whilst they were walking up to their next stop at 3E, ran into Mrs Lau, Nicc & Grace! Went with them after heehee, they were walking to the squash courts and Mrs Lau was commenting about how she had three bodyguards, all of whom are shorter than her AHEMMMM. hahaha! Met Ms Su at the squash courts, so we all walked together to different stations (: Somehow decided to go to the Dance Studio one, so walked over there! (Nicc was freaking out like nobody's business, Ms Su was scaring her, Mrs Lau screamed into an empty toilet HAHAHA) 
HAD FUN SCARING NICC WHOOO HAHAHAHA. WAH SO MUCH KICK KKKK. Sort of walked Mrs Lau back to the staff room after while Nicc & Ms Su stayed in the dance studio, because I needed to text my mother and stuff uhhh. Anyway, after we sort of walked her back HAHAH went back to the dance studio to look for Nicc & Ms Su! Grace kinda stayed at the dance studio after that with Ms Lau, so Ms Su, Nicc and I went to the MEP room! 

MEP ROOM WAS SO FUN HAHAHA. Like we hid in the dark and stuff because they were supposed to go into a dark MEP room to look for clues to solve their kidnapping mystery (IT WAS A COOL STORYLINE) and Ms Su sort of went about scaring them..... HAHAHA Nicc had to leave shortly after :( then Ms Su devised a plan HAHAHA. She sat smack at the door so as to scream at the Sec 2s to give them a fright when they open the door. It was really really funny (imagine you are walking into a room. you open the door and the first thing you see when you open the door is Ms Su right in front of your face, screaming HAHAHA) I was supposed to sit and hide somewhere to scare them but the next group that came in was Abigail's group SOOOO Abigail and Peixuan were obviously not scared of me, plus I sat in their group for project planning so they sort of recognise me AAAAND Manda's in that group HAHAHA. Fun times though! :)))) So in between groups, Ms Su says that Mrs Lau's coming to find us. SO she plans something to scare Mrs Lau and she was literally sitting and waiting and looking through the little window in the door for Mrs Lau to come. BUT Mrs Lau kinda knew Ms Su would do something to scare her, so she was all mentally prepared when she opened the door HAHAHAHA. 
Funny funny! So now, all the subsequent groups that came had both Ms Su & Mrs Lau screaming in their faces HAHAHA. 
Dad came at about 9.50, a little reluctant to go home :(((((((((( HAD SO MUCH FUN ON DAY 2 WITH ERRYONE THANKS SO MUCH ♡ ♡ 

TODAY, we had lunch with Ms Ng! Chou, Sal, Grace, Nicc & I :) IT WAS FUN TALKING TO MS NG HAHAHAHA. Laughed so hard at explicit things, and Grace & Chou were talking about ahemmzzzzz. HAHAHA. Fun times! And Nik came over again to talk to us YAY :))))

Sat outside the LT waiting for them to finish their project presentation whilst talking! Chou, Grace & I, mostly! Before that I got to talk a bit to Reenah, and Sal and Nicc before they left for their GB thing! :) Sat there and laughed and laughed and laughed with Grace & Chou for the longest time over the stupidest things
"Shy" and "Sometimes mad" HAHAHAHAHA and taking the stupid poll HAHAHAHA.  H I L A R I O U S but we were being so mean so I can't totally blog down what we were doing exactly :PPPPPPPP But had so much fun laughing my head off with them! :)))))

Watched the Sec 2s play Jacob's ladder after that! They didn't have time to do the suuuuper long one we did last year! The one that lasted for like 1.5h or something! Through the sunset as well! WOW HAHAHA but had fun! Watched them play with Abigail because she couldn't play because she's injured :((((((( Get well soon omg it sounds so painful, her injury!!!!!!
Went into the LT with Ms Ho, sat at the back of the LT whilst they did their closing! So cute how whenever they hear the word "AGENTS" they immediately have to spring up and go "REPORTING FOR DUTY!" It was quite amusing to watch too :P Watched a video, they were given their certs, and Ms Su had a little speech and everything, I can't believe we're already ushering the new batch of potential SLs into their leadership journey!!!!! I can't help but feel so old (a liiiiittle upset that I'm not in the LD comm as well, but oh well I guess) :( plus everyone's calling us the "senior seniors". (or even, the "senior seniors super seniors" SOMETHING LIKE THAT HAHAHA) Mind you my darling Sec 3s, I'm the same age as y'all!!!!!!!!

Went around with Nik after they broke camp talking + removing all the day 3 schedules pasted around the ground level :') 

AAAH BUT THAT WAS THE END OF LTC!!!! It was sooooo fuuuun going everyday and wowwwww omgosh (': Amazing times, WONDERFUL JOB GUYS!!!!!!!! ENJOYED EVERY BIT OF WHICH I SAT IN AND THANK YOU FOR BEING SO WELCOMING TOWARDS US :P ((((: 

Which also means I need to start studying for Prelims starting tomorrow, so I'm going on a semi-hiatus. REALLLYYY wanna do well for prelims, so goodbye computer! Until I find something memorable that I need need NEED to blog about :)))) GOODBYE BUT FIRST ENJOY SOME MORE PHOTOS:

paper/cardboard scrunched up balls


Monday, June 18, 2012

all the roads we have to walk are winding / all the lights that lead us there are blinding

I will start by saying that LTC WAS SO FUN TODAY :))))))) 
Even though I'm not an SF, not am I in PC (HAHA just learnt that they called the planning comm "PC" today whilst talking to Graces, its quite DUH, but still HAHA), nor am I participating (heh) it was still so much fun to sit in and sort of watch and offer help when they needed :)))) Tomorrow night's going to be fun-er I think! Can't wait!!!! GOOD JOB SEC 3s ♡

Okay anyway, got to school rather early this morning, about 6.50? Sat in the trellis and attempted to do some SS. Didn't work la. Char came and we talked for a bit, and then Jui and Louiza (heehee I missed Loueeyyyy) came and I was clearly the only one who was staring in to space and making no attempt whatsoever to do any more SS. I wanted to do healthcare. Like read a bit, but I stopped after Singapore (which I will later regret). 
And then Jui started telling us horror movie plots WHICH IS LIKE MY FAVOURITE THING TO LISTEN TO I never have the guts to actually watch the movies, so I guess that would be the next best thing (sort of) 

Got back to class, moved to the Audi for our briefing....... HAHA we had to do our time trial first, and I just went in and wrote and wrote and halfway through the paper a bug got zapped in the blue lighty thing they hung on the window of our classroom, and it was astoundingly loud....... HAHA. Anyway, it was the SJI paper. It was alright :) 

Tea break after that? HAHA they gave us really small cute sets of like a slice of cake and a small chocolate muffin and a spring roll? Plus Megs made jelly hearts so we ate that too :) Nomnomnom I'm going to grow fat hahahaaa. Went to check our venues for the marking workshop, and headed there. 

LT2 :) Sat with Megs Jiayi & Keren yaayyyy I missed Keren too :))) caught up with her a little before the workshop thing started, haha! It was kind of interesting, the workshop..... Hahaha Mr Goh is rather amusing, and he said some things that made us think la so that was good :) the marking workshop wasn't thaaat bad after all! And I didn't do that badly when I marked my paper, I could still remember things about healthcare even though I haven't touched it since last year! WOW HAHA God is good la seriously. 
(During the workshop, Keren made me a ring out of a rubber band, and folded an origami elephant for me which is soooo cute, I kept it in my wallet!) 
Lunch! Mrs Lau walked over and went "Oooh free food!!! SS camp?" HAHA. Quite fun too, lunch :) Megs and Jiayi are so cute HAHA. 

Had our healthcare lesson with Mrs Chen in 3G's classroom! It was alright, surprisingly! I didn't zone out like I expected to.... HAHA. Went through essay questions and how to tackle them, and Mrs Chen explained a little bit more about the welfare state and all that, so I thought it was quite beneficial! SS camp on a whole wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, even though I really don't like SS.... HAHA but yes :) I learnt stuff :)))) which is good, praise God :) 

Went for LTC after that :)))) We went a little before they had tea, so we koped extra food from them, heehee. And then we sort of hung around in the bamboo courtyard :) Was kinda fun, watched them stand out in the courts doing physical training and we're like yesssss physical trainingggg HAHAHAHA. Talked a lot with Nat Sal & Grace :) Like about Nat's painting lessons and LTC and SLship and stuff like that, it was fuuuun! And then Ms Ng came over and got us to take care of her stuff and she let us play with her iPad so I ended up playing Solitaire HAHA. 

When the Sec 2s were playing station games, Nik came over and we started taking photos on Instagram (THE NIK FACE) and tearing up scarp paper and scrunching them up into tiny balls for her game tomorrow! It was really fun la just talking and stuff. Favourite junior hehe ♡ Walked with her to put cardboard boxes at the stairwell of the staffroom staricase HAHA, and walked back before she had to go prep for dinner because she's in log. :) Super good time, plus it was really windy in the bamboo so it wasn't hot at all which just upped the enjoyability HAHA. 

Ms Lau comes over and talks to us for a while, something about marvelling at good bio questions for 10 seconds and thinking to ourselves that our bio teachers are such geniuses HAHA it was quite cute. And then we went for dinner because Ms Ng said we could hang around as there would be extra food for sure, + Mrs Lau called grace and asked if we needed dinner HAHA. Ate with grace & sal, shared a pack of food with Grace and we still couldn't finish eating it, oh well. 

After that, hung around school waiting for my dad! Went up to look at their project planning :)))) IT WAS SO FUN, joined the ND group because I LOVE ND WOW WOW WOW I LOVE ND HAHAHAHA so so so much pride and joy and love associated to it ♡ Sat in their group and tried to give constructive comments and suggestions! Had fun talking to Abigail, Peixuan & Graces too! They're soooo cute HAHAHA and it was really good fun talking to them la :)))) I guess now they know how we felt last year with them HAHA. It was fun observing too :) Went home after that, really can't wait for LTC tomorrow because tomorrow's the exciting night + MASS DANCE (every Sec 4 SL's favourite thing to do) 

fun day + ahahahaha so freaking hypocritical I might laugh and die seriously. 
also seriously. its so freaking hard to figure out - 
WHATEVER i'm going to bed now and not letting these things ruin my perfect day, BYE i'm gg to school tomorrow to finish up my history SEQ homework.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

first sem.

"Class of 2012, it's 2012."

HAHAHA BAM thought I'd start with that. I thought I'd do an "end of semester" kind of thing to commemorate (hahaha is this word appropriate) the first six months of the year that have just like FLOWN by.

In general, for the first like 3 months or so, I think I kinda dug a really deep hole for myself. I vaguely remember (even though it wasn't thaaat long ago) the first two months being utter rubbish for me because I just was really kind of gloomy and mopey and my opinion of life in general wasn't all too good. Sinking sinking sinking.
The good part is that it got better after time, and things started straightening out, structure settled and everything kind of, one way or another, fell into place and right now its not all as bad as things seemed a few months ago. Not to say that everything has been going super well, it hasn't, truthfully, but its much better than I thought it would be.
(this is harder than I thought it was going to be HAHA)

2. Super thankful for the people that held my hand throughout the last six months :)
Really thankful, like seriously.
So glad things worked out eventually, and I'm so thankful because you're always there to listen to me (unjudgingly! ok there's no such word but you get what I mean) and you're super supportive and always there to bring me uuuppppp :)))) Thank you so much because it means so so much ♡
Grateful for Jess too (I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS HAHA) Thank you for bothering to whatsapp me and locking my twitter and making sure I study and for all the assurances and for the hugs every Saturday. really thankful for you my dear hamster ♡
Love all my church friends who make my day all the time and I look forward to every Saturday :)))) for everything guyssss ♡
Can't believe I gotta leave my MG friends after this year, THANK YOU GUYS REALLY y'all make school super fun and bearable. Recess crew  Reenah Jiayi Megs Stace Huilin talking about lots of things , closest bunch :) And going crazy in class with Megs & Jiayi doing really weird things like drawing all over our Chinese papers and laughing at the weirdest things and sitting right behind in the Chapel heh. And for the SLs who are a suuuuuper amazing bunch and they are super super super wonderful to be around because they just bring so much joy :) And class friends, Keren & Char who are super adorable, Kris for sitting beside me during class and going all COMMON SENSE on me. Cris for making me laugh so hard during chinese + talk about weird things. Elizebra who is a zebra and a lazy pok but my history buddy all the same :) GRACE my stay back in school buddy (: Thanks for all the weird things we do together like camp outside the staffroom and idk walk around and have mimetalks with your mac LOL. Thanks for your company and its been fun going back to school during the hols to 'do work' AHAHAH. ♡ ♡ ♡

I love them, because I REALLY couldn't ask for a better group to be an SF to. They really do put their hearts into everything they do and they're so cute and so fun to talk to. Love sitting in for their meetings and be all amazed by how organized they are, and talking to them after that :) So so so proud because they're the group with the largest number of people making it as SLs, and even the ones that didn't make it through, I know they're still amazing at what they do :) Can't believe they're going to do LTC on Monday (TOMORROW) and be SFs themselves. Thanks guys for bringing so much joy into my days heehee, y'all are an amazing bunch and y'all did soooo well for your fundraiser, BEST GROUP EVER ♡

has been crazy and will only get crazier. Studying for mid years was like wowwwww amazingly long and tiring and the actual mid year period was long and tiring as well HAHHAA. BUT WHAT TO DO its sec 4, I guessssss. OH WELL I GUESS ITS ALL FOR Os.

5. God.
Sec 4 has really taught me to like put my trust in God and have faith that He will come through for me in the end. I wanted to give up (or rather, give in.) so many times but HE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH :) I've learn to ask God for like super super super a lot of joy in whatever I'm doing or whatever I'm facing, and for His strength as well and it really helped la :) Though whenever I get overly upset I forget about all these things but I guess that's something I have to work on right? Gotta do my best to live my life for Him :)

BANDage seemed like so long ago. But it really wasn't, it was about 3 months ago? Hmm. I'll miss staying back in school till super super late to do auditions/tech runs/full dress rehearsals and rocking out in the PA booth HAHAHA. It was so much work but so much fun. For the past few years CIP was just like oh ok its going to be for the good of others but for Bandage, because we went for the St Luke's visit, we could really truly understand what and who we're doing this for, ultimately, and it was just so amazing when we found out we raised like 80k +++ :')
Even though the whole project had its flaws, like we felt a bit lost in the planning process, but it all worked out in the end and everyone, especially the ICs and the teachers put in so much effort into this it was so heartening. RHYTHM OF LOVE, BEAT OF RECOVERY :)))) ♡

So many things have happened in the past 6 months, some unmentionable HAHAHA (nothing horrible or anything) but its crazzzzyyyyy somehow I think the past 6 months have forced me to grow up a little and (as Mrs Ng would say) just SUCK IT IN, whatever may come. This year, being the year of many lasts, is probably going to end faster than ever expected. The next semester will probably just fly past us and we'll graduate and stuff but for now let's just take it slow and make the most of it :)
I'm sorry if this was incoherent. I couldn't materialize my thoughts into words properly in some cases and its just a little messy :( Hmmm. But okay that was semester 1 for you.

Still don't want to go back to school though. Unsettled things.


Saturday, June 16, 2012


First I will blog about today in pictures (ish)

Woke up, noticed my film camera sitting unused on my bedside table, picked it up and started taking extremely random photos.
I'm gonna start using it again because its so cute and I think the photos will turn out nice if I take them nicely HAHA but hard to say because I'm not exactly professional but. 

Had Chinese tuition after that aaaand it was alright la. 
But I deduced then and there that I cannot read Chinese obituaries. (there was like some MCQ compre on some obituary and I was just like uhmmmm huh?) But yes anyway. I haven't touched Chinese for forever after that Chinese overdose over the last two weeks of term 2. 

Lunch @ Coffee Bean was goooood. But I couldn't finish half my plate. My mother finished it for me. I think my stomach shrank. Even though I couldn't finish half my plate I still didn't eat dinner because I was too toooooo fuuuuulll. 

Took 176 down to church :)))))))))))))))))
I love church like seriously. I felt so so so genuinely happy LIKE happy to the max this week (with the exception of Monday) like I was happy but I wasn't THIS happy. Guess that's what happens when you're in the presence of an AMAZING God and wonderful church friends :)))))))

Bels got these things for me from London :))) THANKS BELLAAAAA. The book's about Joseph(/Josef LOL) Goebbels AKA Hitler's head of Propaganda's daughter. Like it was written in her perspective. Its good, from the first bit I read but I don't think I can read it at night and not get nightmares because I'm a fricking scaredy cat HAHA. 
The badge was really cute and so was the Shakespeare verse and the eraser heehee even though now I think Bella and Elijah both think I'm a major bimboooooooo. (yup)

WORD WITH FRIENDS SHOWDOWNNNN was really intense like we played a few rounds so it was Dog and Bone first and the boys were like bam all over each other and stuff so it was kindaaaa scary HAHHAHA. And then we had the quiz thing which was really cute and less intense HAHAHA. And thennnn the individual persons' quiz whilst they played Call Me Maybe in the background HAHAHA. It was super super super fun :))) yayyyyy :) And a good way to encourage us to keep God's Word in our hearts :) FUN TIMES + the CG won 3rd yaayyyyyy :)))) 

Ok so this photo's a littttle blur but yup Jess & I used the same colour nail polish! Coincidentally! HAHAHA HOW COOL IS THAT great hamsters think alike ^_^
(er random stickers Elijah placed on our em hands ok.) 

had apple juice for dindinz because I wasn't hungry. I'm starting to feel a little hungry now but oh well I'll just have to wait for breakfast tomorrow then! 
Sat in the car for an hour because father drove to the carwash + mother had to pick things up from her friend's place. Also, brother came back from Scouts camp quite funny and gross la the stories he told me LOL.

Also, the Polaroid film I ordered with Jess came so yayyyyy :))))) 
Finished my History homework, BYE BYE MARIA HERTOGH SBQ YAY so I'm here now and that was Saturday for you and I think I'm going to do an end of semester post and somehow do something for Father's day I AM A FAIL.



Thursday, June 14, 2012

So hmmm what did I do today

Got up at about 9.15, thought today wouldn't be a good day (not a very good day indeed), so I flopped around in bed and finally dragged myself out at 10. Did absolutely nothing until lunch, did absolutely nothing after that HAHAHA.

Watched tv......... And then Jess whatsapped me to do work ("I see you!!!!!!!!") so I did E Math. Finished the second paper because I didn't want to do my E Math papers. And then I finished my notes on Alkanes & Alkenes


And then I watched TV after I was done with my work (finished everything at about 7, but did Alkenes whilst watching AGT because I can't not watch AGT haha ok I can but I really wanted to watch it). And then I kinda am here.
gotta try out a 'new diet' we came up with L O L draw faces on our food so one would feel guilty when one tries to eat it so as to deter us from eating food lollllll.

I'm all over the place today. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

“Because you never think the last time is the last time, you think there’ll be more. You think you have forever but you don’t.”

(Title's from Grey's Anatomy, according to Tumblr!)

Todaaaaay, hmmm, was quite eventful :-) Hobbled around the entire day though because of a really gross + bad blister on my big toe, sigh. :( It huuuurts.

Got to school at about 8.30 in the morning, after making myself wake up really early so I could go to school early! Walked into school and found Erica sitting in the trellis! So she was waiting for their SF training/LTC games trial to start, and she was half an hour early HAHA so that was quite funny. Sat down and talked to her for the next half an hour or so, about EE, Sec 3 & 4, Chinese Os and LTC :-) So glad for LTC '11 and the wonderful wonderful juniors I made. As I've said, I'm so glad I got to SF the Carnelians because they are a truly wonderful bunch <3

Went up to camp outside the staffroom, said hi to Ms Ho, Ms Lau & Mrs Lau who walked in to the staffroom hehe. Grace came, did a bit of work before Mrs Lau comes out of the conference room and gets us to do her a favour - staple consent forms hehe. Our first 'break'. Sat and stapled, Mrs Lau gave us a bunch of pink staples in case we ran out, but I never did. Well, I took a row of pink staples anyway HAHA and handed the stapled forms back to Mrs Lau :)

Headed down to the canteen to get some random stuff to eat with Grace, and then went up again! Attempted some Chem! Was really glad for the help though, whilst Mrs Lau was walking in and out of the conference room/staff room, she taught me Alkanes & Alkenes. So first, I drew a table with the names & the formulae & the structures, and then I kind of slacked for a bit, hahaha, and when she came out again she stopped and she taught me the rest of alkanes & alkenes and I finalllyyyyy understand :-) Hahaha Mrs Lau's a wonderful teacher la, I can learn super a lot from her in like 10 minutes (:

Nicc came up soon after, and we sort of slacked for the next half an hour......... Took a walk down to the printing room when Mrs Lau asked for a favour, to bring her ABS supp worksheet down to the printing room, hmm. And then we kind of talked? Hahaha quite fun to talk to them ^^.

Went to Liz's house (CASA LOL) for lunch! Quite fun talking to Liz because we went kind of super highhhhh HAAHA. Like who knew, that you could type in Chinese nouns on the iPhone and they'd churn up the emoji for you! So we spammed Aang with EXTREMELY queer texts, played some cute games on Liz's phone, and talked and talked hehe, we did everything but watch confessions of a shoppaholic, which was playing on Liz's antennae TV in her room LOL. It was an enjoyable 2 hours, love Liz :) Glad we're index number partners, we're both quite... Weird HAHA. Yes.

Liz has the complete GG Season 1, ie the only season I watched HAHAHA but it was gooood.

Liz's Stitch collection (there's a lot more where this came from)

Went back to school and looked for Nicc & Grace! Decided it was too hot outside the staffroom, so we picked up the guts to go ask Mrs Lau whether we could crash in the computer lab where the admin comm was doing stuff. Hahaha it was quite conducive though, because Mrs Lau & Ms Su did a good job of shutting us up to do work, heh. Finished my Alkanes notes + half of my alkenes notes! And it was a such a nice temperature, heehee.

Sat at the bamboo courtyard watching the Sec 3s do their games trial, plus I think Nicc and Grace tried to do some work. I was already like ngeehhh about work. So we ended up watching PLL season 3 and gosh its creepy I REALLY NEED TO CATCH UP but sigh I no time, at all. Sigh. Okay but it was kind of fun freaking out over PLL and watching the Sec 3s.

I miss being Sec 3 la, I really do. Like. Aiyah OK ANYWAY.

Helped the Sec 3s carry their stuff to the conference room, got to talk a bit to Nikashchiaaaaa. ^^ Kind of bombed their debrief. Actually, we just kinda sat at the side of the conference room, and whilst Ms Su was giving her debrief, we just moved up front to talk to Mrs Lau hahaha (:

How far we moved up........ based on distance from Mrs Lau LOL she took these two photos:

from this farrrrr
thanx for making my legs look nice heh heh heheheh.

to this close HAHA
I am doing the Nik face because I love Nik LOL.

Fun times. Went to the concourse to wait for my father. Watched PLL with Grace in the meantime. I love PLL yes yes I do. 
Ok that was a preeeetttyyy eventful day :)
We are all pink smurfs with Mrs Lau now. Shhhhh. Pink pink pink smurfs lalala. Hahahah luv this bunch, made my day <3

Tomorrow I will complete as much work as humanly possible and then I'm just not gonna do any work on Friday. I haven't decided what I'm going to do on Friday, but I will find something more exciting than doing work.
Seriously, who wants to spend their last day of the June hols. Not me, that's for sure. Which is why I will find something to do.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The Vow lalalala 

"The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost."
-G.K Chersterton 
Which Linx & I (sort of) concluded is true.


:-) Jess posted this on my wall. V v true though mmmh.


I need to take more (good) photos on Instagram. HOW ELSE AM I GOING TO REMEMBER THINGS (apart from this, maybe). I'm going to do this starting tomorrow. Heehee.

What I am doing tomorrow:
Going to school early in the morning (8, probably. I don't want to get stuck in the peak hour traffic thing with all the workyworking people though. Let's hope there aren't super a lot of people tomorrow morning, hmm)
Idk if I'm running because after doing work
I'm going over to Liz's! (CASA HAHA I just have to like walk halfway down the hill....) so she can feed me lunch + we can watch a 'random movie at her house' LOL.
And thennnnn come home (preferably in time to bathe and then watch AGT because I love AGT) and decide what to do after that.

What I did today:
I woke up at about 9.40AM (WAH PIG K I slept slightly before 12 the night before heehee. I'm going to miss sleeping this long once school reopens. In fact, my sleeping time would approximately be halved)
And then I brushed my teeth and washed my face and put on my shoes and went out for a run (HAHA I slept in a Jackson tee + black shorts so I could simply saunter out of the house) Ran from my ahma's house, past my house, the entire length of the hillview estate & back. Stopped running after I got to the traffic light after the Petals, walked the route that went past the market back home. :-)
remind me next time to eat something before I go running because I felt so queasy after I stopped running and I had to sit down on the pavement (HAHAHA) before getting up to walk again but yes that was my running adventure. About 4+km so I feel pretty good.

Came home and vegetated in front of the TV for a bit before dragging myself to bathe. And then I went to vegetate in front of the TV some more before Matt and Jess both told me to "GO STUDY" via twitter. how I love my church friends HAHAHA.
I KINDA DID A LOT TODAY so I was really happy HAHA. Got on the history mail to get the impact of colonial rule template, and filled it all up so I'm all set in terms of notes for impact now! Looked through the SEQ questions I'm supposed to do with Elizebra and did it yayyy I know how to do it so that's done!
And then I went and finished Cat High's A Math Paper 1 which was like WHOA  I COULD EVEN DO PLANE GEOM PARTY PARTY.
And thennnn, looked through my Chrysalids before dying HAHAHA I really cannot bring myself to study for my combined when it is not a day or two before the actual exam this will be my downfall.
Also because Jess was getting so pumped about word with friends when we were tweeting each other the competitive spirit in my arose (LOLOL) and I got down to memorizing verses! I'm done with 1 John 4:10, Matthew 6:33, 2 Timothy 3:16 and Matthew 18:20 and seriously the references are the hardest bit to memorize k. I WILL REMEMBER EVERYTHING BY SATURDAY I mean what is this compared to bio + its tons more important (in a sense HAHA)

AGT + Minute to win it + Junior Masterchef Australia (!!!!!) I LOVE TUESDAY NIGHT TV SHOWS I LOVE WAH WAH WAH ok so now I'm here and I will go to slepe soon because I don't even know why I'm getting so tired with so much sleep.
I'm gg to wake up at 7.30 tomorrow HMMM WHAT SHALL I STUDY TOMORROWWWWW. I'm not gonna do anymore math. Maybe lit. Or Chem because I left my Chem textbook in school OK LIT AND CHEM.

My ambitions keep changing. Right now I wanna do psychology but I don't think I'm emotionally stable enough as of right now to do psychology because I wanna do like depression and mental stuff and all i think its quite interesting i don't know if that can be considered psychology but hhhhhmmmmmmm.

HAHAHA ok goodnight I'm going to pack my stuff for tomorrow :3

Monday, June 11, 2012

illuminate the no's on their vacancy signs


1. Before brunch/lunch, I will run from home to Rail Mall & back because I need exercise and I used my iPhone map thing its 5.2km in all LET'S GO GAIZ.
2. Finish my history homework, ALL OF IT (The SEQ thing + Mariah Hertogh SBQ)
3. E Math papers, and boy do I dislike E math.
(If I have time I will fill in the answers to my bio paper. Which I didn't because I was too lazy because they required me to write. so. much.)

:( SO MUCH WORK. I DON'T WANT TO DO. HMPH. But I will finish them all. And somehow study for SS. I hate SS. Anyway. L O L Ayn's tweet reminded me that I have Chinese homework that I completely have not touched HAHAHA I'm dead whatever HMMM LALA.

Today was a good day. :')


Sunday, June 10, 2012


HAY so I'm backkkkkk from church camp misss meeeee (LOL who am I kidding)

View from my hotel room's window :-) 
/Notice the five similar towers of decreasing height - that was the hotel we stayed in when we went for our P6 Malacca Trip in 2008, good times, good times.

Church camp was alright! :-) It was a good time, even though the messages were tailored to appeal to the average adult so I was a bit lost at times (Minwei just thinks I'm 'slow' in getting things HAHA). But I learnt quite a bit, I guess :-) These are not messages I commonly hear so yay! I think I ate a lot. But at the same time I was so full all the time, so I don't know. Hmmm. Watched a lot of Masterchef + ANTM 16 (WHEEEE my favourite cycle omgz) + an episode or two of Grey's Anatomy & Desperate Housewives HAHAHA, watched a lot of Starworld because there was Starworld *\O/*

AND YES I DID WORK. But NO I'm not a mugger like Matt thinks. Finished the VS Physics Paper ('Installment 1' of our physics homework), the BPGHS paper (BAWL it was kind of hard...... sigh), looked through the bio papers because I was too lazy to write down all the answers, they were too long....... Hmmm. GOOD PROGRESS.

All in all it was a good rest and a good escape from this country, sighsigh. ;) Even though we had to go all the way down to the lobby so as to attain access to wifi. Also, I do realise I'm the least bit picky about my food. Maybe that's why I'm so fat HAHA.

Straight after we got back, I went for this with the Matthews + RJ.


Had dinner with the 2 Matthews before RJ's dad drove us there to Emmanuel Assembly of God! (IN BEDOK HAHAHA the east oh goodness) BUT IT WAS AN AMAZING NIGHT

Worship was like whoaaaa could really sense God's presence, sang my heart out and it was an amazing time! The message was wow too, the pastor who spoke was really really dynamic and the things he told us about God was like whoaaaaaa too. That God is raising up a generation for Him in Singapore, unlike any before, that's like whoaaaa. (& I want to be a part of that generation, exciting stuff) AMAZING AMAZING NIGHT, and I'm soooo glad I went because it was so worth it. This life is for You. Felly gave Linx & I a ride home, THANKS FELLY!

One word to describe it: WOW.

Your love is so high, Your love is so wide, Your love is so deep, Your love is so long :') 

I have tuition soon.
Tomorrow will be a good good good day yayz


Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Packing for church camp

Lunch. Oh man.

Today was interesting,
Well not really.

Went back to school in the morning with Grace, at about 9.30? Sat down for a good two hours to (attempt) to do my Nan Chiau paper 2, and that didn't totally work out. I nearly flipped the table because the questions were so impossible. Gave up after question 9, but it was a good attempt. I guess.

AND SO I got down to exercising after giving up on Nan Chiau's paper. Went running on the school tracks (with Grace) and I am pretty proud of myself. For someone who hasn't exercised for about two months, I could run 6 rounds straight teehee, that's 1.75 rounds short of 2.4k ^___^ So was pretty glad there. After cooling off, Grace & I walked to KAP to buy lunch *as seen above*

It was heavenly. I could eat soba forever and not get sick of it (probably) 
I was so sad when I finished my soba, sigh sigh. LIFE OF A FATTY, yes, I must say. 

On the way back from the PE office, after unsuccessfully looking around for my CCA report, we met Mr Ling! Who offered to get my CCA record printed! YES now it's nice and fine and dandy, 25 points in the baaagggg, pretty glad since I'm thinking of DSA-ing to ACSI.
I'm already filling up the application form. I think I will DSA even though it may seem that I will never get to go in since I'm DSA-ing through 'leadership and academics' 

(LOL I don't even want myself will they want me????)  

Went back to our usual spot outside the staff room (I love the spot outside the staff room. Today there was practically nobody in school so we didn't have anyone to talk to, hmmm D:) and then I finished the BPGHS Paper 1, WHEEPEEEEEE it was kind of hard, but I managed to get all the questions so I was really pleased with myself :-) And then I went home. And watched Ellen & AGT. 

I forgot to watch masterchef.

I'm going to my cousin's place now to stay over, and tomorrow, ITS CHURCH CAMPPPPP! :-) I'm really excited because, well, its church camp and I'll get to go out of the country, holaaaa. And then..... Yes. I brought along work to do. Probably won't post anymore so

I am in a weird mood today


Monday, June 4, 2012

we were infinite

Hehehe the memory verse book-gift thingy Kris Matt & Ryanny did for all of us for Word with friends! (glad my pack didn't say something weird like "Mr Fish". Or something worse HAHAHA)

Its the Perks of Being a Wallflower trailer aaaaaahhhh *scream scream squeal squeal*
There are so many GIFs of it on tumblr now. So I'm just going to reblog every single one. Its crazy how they are able to make so many gifs from a 2 minute + long trailer I can't wait for the movie to come out I swear its going to be the beeeest. Time for me to spam GIFs:

Okayyyy so you can tell from the start that Patrick's gay by his looks. In the book they only reveal this later on when Charlie finds him. But yay ok!

Bucket list tasks related to driving/being in a car: 
#1 Drive to Vegas Skies (sounds good)
#2 Drive someone and let them do this 
#3 Make someone drive me on a pickup truck so I can do this



Anyway, I spent the day doing A Math papers, how riveting. I want to get some Starbuxxxxxx (my parents seriously need to give me more allowance.) Hmmm. But yes. I was distracted so I spent a grand total of 6 hours doing a paper 1 & paper 2 (supposed exam time: 4.5h) and then I watched tv at night (AGT & Disney shows, which btw, although the old ones were better, aren't thaaaat bad as people put it out to be. I mean, still quite good what! HAHA.) AND THEN I ended off my tv marathon with HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL I love High School Musical MY DEAR FRIENDS IT IS MY LIFE OAIHGOAHGOA

"someday, you're gonna thank me for this"

What a boring life. I don't know what to do with my timeeeee I need to start using it wisely because TIME CHECK: 8 WEEKS TO PRELIMS, 20 WEEKS TO Os WHY IS EVERYTHING FLYING PAST ME
s o  f    a   s   t      I              c a   n '    t         k   ee   p         t   r    a     c k.

At least I'm leaving the country after tomorrow. I can't wait for church camp. I always love church camps because it means having church for four days straight and being with the church people (ok, this is the biennial full church camp and not a lot of youths are going but still. AND ALSO I CANNOT WAIT FOR END OF YEAR YOUTH CAMP YAY YAY YAY YAY). COME ON GOD I WANT MORE OF YOU :-) One more daaay. Even though I'm bringing work to church camp like Math and SS and Lit.
& then the week after that I have to do my Bio Chem Physics for Skill 3. I love my sciences I am a science person.

I'm going back to school tomorrow to do work. I think I'll run as well. At least 5 rounds because I haven't ran in a trillion years. I need to EXERCISE and I'll make it a point to go swim because we're gonna be staying in a hotel for church camp. Hotels creep me out. And since nothing seems to creep Minwei out yaaayyyy my roommate HAHAHAHA. I WILL RUN and then I'll figure out what to do for the rest of the day YES. Probably bring along math + SS because I need to spend more time on that.

I'm bored now so I'm going to sleep like now and then wake up at 7.
(I am a morning person)

Also he kind of looks like Ezra in PLL. I forgot the actor's name BUT DO YOU SEE THE RESEMBLANCE?


Sunday, June 3, 2012

where can you run to escape from yourself

“You don’t love someone because they’re perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they’re not.”
— Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper

Ten Things To Do When You Feel Like Crap:
1. Have a really hot, long shower. Cry if you need to. Sit on the ground. Feel sorry for yourself. Let the steam soak into your skin. Let the hot water wash your face clean. But the moment you turn off that water, you are done feeling sorry for yourself. Make a decision to move on from that sadness.
2. Clean. I know, cleaning is boring and annoying - but how about that feeling you get when you are finished? The smell of the vacuum. That feeling of accomplishment? Who knows, you might even find money along the way. Totally worth it. It’s like starting with a clean slate.
3. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while. If your first choice doesn’t pick up, choose someone else. Ask them all about how their lives are going and tell them about yours. Not only will it take your mind off whatever crappy thing you have been plagued by, but you will laugh with them! Laughing triggers endorphins and endorphins make you happy! 
4. Go for a run or a walk. This get’s your endorphins and dopamine going crazy. You will get more energy and more happiness just because the chemicals in your body are running around! 
5. Stop and take it all in. Walking in the night? Stop and look at the stars. Breathe in the cold air. Feel alive.

6. Stop whining. Ever heard the saying “love life and life will love you back”? Or, the idea of the power of attraction? It’s true! If you sit around saying “why me, waaaaa waaaa” then bad things will happen to you. You’re already defeated. If you start saying, “I will be happy, I will accomplish my ambitions, I will find love, I do look amazing, I am a great friend” etc., then not only will you start to believe them but you will be amazed at what amazing things start to happen. 
7. Drink tea. This always works. Not a tea fan? Try hot water with a slice of lemon and some agave syrup.

8. Make a conscious decision to stop holding certain grudges. We all have people we have held grudges on in the past. Let them go. If you feel like you owe this person an apology, don’t be too proud. Send them a sincere facebook apology. Sincerity is in the intent, so even if it’s a 2 sentence apology - as long as you mean it it’s worth it.

9. Cook some really nice, warm food. Stimulate your taste buds with anything as simple as two minute noodles or as lavish as a three course garlic bread, pasta bake, chocolate mousse triple combo.

10. Write down a list of goals to achieve for the week. As simple as “buy insect repellent” or as large as “jog for 25 minutes non stop” and tick them off when they’re done. You will feel very accomplished and that alone will help pep up your mood!
Remind me to try this one day

Os AHAHAHA life sux.

Ayn linked me to the 10 second trailer today!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHH AOIHGOAITHJOWIHOIAH PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER
(do you remember)

Recently I have been reading (yes I finally have time to read hoooraaaayyy not that I am going to have a prolonged abundance of time or anything). I've just finished Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult and damn its sooooo goooood. She can write from viewpoints very very well, and its just ahhhh crazy ok i really love it.
I love Jodi Picoult.

Lalalala some photos (from the book and from the past week. Mostly taken with Instagram. Have I mentioned that I can't find my camera charger. I need to go buy a new one or something I NEED MY CAMERA CHARGER I have no clue how I lost it but its so tragic I swear): 

Half of my heart's got a grip on the situation half of my heart's got yoooou.

I love this you should try it. 

Stupid A Math. Stupid me forgot to bring back plain white foolscap from my parents' again so this means I have to do it on pink paper. Math is a waste of my pretty pink paper sigh.

Super cool shirt my cousin designed lubit. 

Legit Japanese Milk Tea my cousin bought during her transit at Japan hahaha it was guuuud. 

What happened since the last time I blogged (Friday, Saturday, today):
What did I do on Friday. Oh yes I did Math. So much A Math I wanted to die even though it was probably about 1.5 full papers (2 Paper 1s, 1 Paper 2) It was A Math overkill.
I read as well. Lone Wolf aaahhh love ok. 
And then I had Math tuition during which we started on integration and I hate integrating but I must get over my hate of integration because I need to do it for Os. Same goes for Plane Geom I think i'm going to cry I CANNOT SEE PLANE GEOM.

Cousin came over Saturday morning whee ok so she helped to put together my FDD outfit. Wheee, and then we went to IMM for lunch + shopping bought stuff have I proclaimed my love for GSS + Summer collections YES. (Bimbo moment forgive me)
Dad dropped me off at Haw Par Villa station so I could go meet Grace & bring her along for service whoooopeee SHARE MY SATURDAY JOY i love saturdays like crazy. Worship was goodiegoodgoodamazin + message on missions was good, sharing was really interesting :-) Love my church friends I swear they make me so so happy. 
Matt likes to read my tweets because he thinks they're amusing because I rant about life.
Jess & her kidnapping and macaroon-craving. Mmmhh suuuup love my hamster. 
Super glad Grace liked service :-) 
Had dinner with them, hilarious conversations over dinner, talked about weird names hehe. Everyone sort of rushed through dinner because they were going for capping, whilst Linx Chris & I were gg to go for Bel's play. 
Really really needed to pee (Linx & Chris reminded me time and time again otw to ACJC) and when we got to ACJC we were madly looking around for the toilet. MET RICHIE AND NAT hehehe it was so good seeing them! 
The musical was nice! :-) could tell they put in so much effort into it so yay! Chris & Richie kept trolling the musical HAHAHA (eg. "Look look power rangers/powerpuff girls"). + it was a liiiittle cheesy so Linx & Chris were getting goosebumps HAHAHA it was funny. 
got home really late, bathed and crashed and slept for 10 hours because i was so tired. 

wow 10 hours. 

Did more shopping today BAHAHAHA I love shopping I am out of controoool. Need more $$$ to buy clothes grrrr bimbo. 

I need to do more work tomorrow, sigh, even though I really don't want to. I want to go out for lunch/bux (HAHA anyone????) Gg back to school on Tuesday and then CHURCH CAMP CHURCH CAMP CHURCH CAMP from Wednesday to Saturday! (can't wait to get out of here. I don't know where here is but I want out of my current life HAHA. maybe being in a different country will help) 

(and you wonder why I have trust issues)