Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hello, happy Sunday everyone!

It has been a good weekend, I must say!
On Saturday morning, woke up early and headed back to school for SL day! It really was worth it and I totally enjoyed the time we had together, prefects, SLs and the SL teachers. (': I swear they're the best bunch ever! We had a talk on leadership and stuff, and I felt the speaker was really good! Haha his kids are soooo cute and he's entertaining and can bring his points across well, so it was rather enlightening! After that, had a time of worship and it was goooood! Always good to praise Him :-) something I really love about my school, that we always involve God!
And then the teachers took turns to talk omg they were so sweet. Ms Ho was hilarious la, Ms Ng said that when she asked Ms Ho what the main purpose of the session was, she said "dunno" HAHAHA. They were all so incredibly sweet, Ms Ho was evidently very excited to see us because she was bouncing and going all "I MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH" because she doesnt teach us and all. omg so so so sweet. And yeah they basically talked to us about how it was their privilege to work with us and all, (': I love the SL teachers la I swear they're the best. It was a really good time just listening to all of them talk and encourage us and yuuuup. I'm so glad that Ms Ng put me through after P1 Picnic, because it has really been one of the best things that have happened in my life, being an SL and being a part of all of this love. <3 so it was a really good morning spent in school, totally worth waking up for.

Youth was PPP, and it was such an amazing time just singing praises to the Lord and praying that it really didn't seem like 2 hours. The presence of God is so wonderful!!!!!! Whoohoo I SERVE AN AWESOME GOD (: Yup, it was really good seeing all the churchies again, they really do make my week. What a wonderful time spent in church, best best best! Let's just take this week to remember the great love poured out for all of us on the cross! HOLY WEEK! WHOO! Hahaha I really do love PPP Saturdays because it's just all about worshipping Him ^____^

Spent Saturday night finishing my Sec 3 physics syllabus, and I'm so pleased that I did so much! I'm done with revising Dynamics, Kinematics, Light, Pressure, Lenses, thermometry, KPT, which is almost everything! Hooray! :-) did plant bio? Respiration, Nutrients and some Hitler and Stalin this morning, YES. Suddenly felt so motivated to study after church, haha! :-) so yup, it has been a very productive weekend, yay!

Can't wait for Good Friday this week, it will be spent productively as well! Also, going to watch the Vow on Thursdays with my beloved prince, totally psyched! Haha :-) so yup stuff to look forward too! Aaah mid years in 4.5 weeks, LET'S GO GUYS