Friday, March 30, 2012

tick tock, this is a clock

Yet another week has slipped from us, and I feel extremely lethargic. For the past 5 days, I have been surviving on five hours or so of sleep a night, this is usually the case when school begins. I'm extremely pressurized because Mid years are in 4 weeks and 5 days, it may seem like a very long time, but in actual fact it is really NOT. So much work to cover, I haven't even started on the new things that I have learnt yet. Sigh, extremely extremely stressful.

Anyway, today was quite a good day on the surface, really did have a lot of fun, but I feel kind of bad now....... HAHA shall not be said here! But yeah, about today:
We had a really long flag-raising this morning, because there was an abundance of medals and trophies to distribute, and the German students from the French-German school we visited when we went for ROCs3 last year came over for a visit! It was really pleasant, they sang us a short song. It was German but it sounded vaguely like an english song that I recognized. But yeah so cute! Haha! Had devotions, and then went back to class :-) Also, today MG observed Earth Hour, which was really funny because Earth hour & Lit coincided, and we were anticipating Mrs Choo's reaction towards the heat :P

She was in a really really REALLY good mood today, for some odd apparent reason. Had English at the Bamboo courtyard, we sat on the steps and went through compre/summary answers! It was a nice short lesson. She even released us early to get ready for our next lesson, which is really RARE tbh. But yes, she was in an immensely good mood, so!

Went back to class and waited forever for lit to start because Mrs Choo was like fifteen minutes late :P Sat in class and talked a little about personal statements and testimonies and lit and stuff, hmmm! Lisa lent me her fan to fan myself :P It was a really good fan, HAHA! Mrs Choo came and dismissed us to come up with the good points & bad points for the three societies mentioned in the Chrysalids for 20 minutes! Hahaha, yeah so discussed w Kris, Jiayi, Andrea W, & Nicole in the bbcy :-) After discussion, went to the LT because we knew Mrs Choo was there and went in hehe.
Had a good time rolling around on the floor and enjoying aircon cuz I was rly tired and hot.... HAHA, waited for the rest to come in and ranted a bit to Mrs Choo. (who came up with a really scandalous cover-up as to what we were really talking about HALLO WHUUUT HAHAHA) Mrs Choo told us about our target setting next week, which I thought was pretty scary because the school has this programme (it's rather accurate) that predicts your L1R5 for Os and we're going to get that prediction next Wednesday! Aaaah! After that, went through chapter 15 and came up with a new abbreviation for PBQ HAHAHA LMAO RATARD. Lesson ended 5 minutes late, stayed in the LT to talk to Mrs Choo after lesson hehe she's so nice la she has such faith in me, and in all of us its really heartening. Ranted some more, ended up being like 10+ minutes late for SS hahaha I felt quite bad......

SS! Did some handout on globalisation and its PES effects (political, social, economic) haha! Not bad not bad, it was quite interesting seeing how I really don't like SS at all :P Ms Koh's so nice!!!! Haha most of our teachers are so amazing, I swear!
Had Math next! Finished our second integration worksheet aiyaaaa. HAHAHA integration's the reverse of like differentiation, and I'm just like lalala. Okay! Managed to do one question on the homework list because we ended before time!

Recess was HILARIOUS. Went up to 1D & 1I to help Grace give out Bandage thank you cards, but they weren't there, so went to eat w Reenah & Huilin before going back up at the end of recess to hand it to them. Yup! After Huilin and Reenah left had the most hilarious conversation with Megxie & Jiayi I seriously couldn't stop laughing HAHAHA. The way Megan thinks ahhhh, its really funny! Hahaa yup so they followed me up to the 1D & 1I to give out the thank you cards, the people weren't actually in class so I handed the thank you cards to their classmates to put on their table, and like one class had such eager girls that they were kind of snatching to see what the card was about even though it didn't really concern them HAHAA OKAY NEVERMIND.

EYE DISSECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't find my cable so when I do I'll upload the photos on! We watched a youtube demo vid on how to dissect the eye and what we would be able to see and stuff and Mrs Liow paused at certain points and explained a bit and stuff :-) And then we got ready to dissect! Dissected w Char & Jiayi and it was SO FUNNY. Got our gloves & labcoats on and then Mrs Liow said we could take pictures so I RAAAAN to my locker to get my camera I swear I looked kind of demented running in a labcoat + latex gloves on omg embarrassment hahaa........ ANYWAY. Dissection was RLY RLY RLY FUN Char was really grossed out though. I liked cutting up the parts of the eye and tearing off the layers and stuff OMG SO FUN HAHAHA. Char took quite a number of photos because her gloves were clean until the end of the experiment, when she finally picked up her courage and touched the stuff HAHAHA. SO FUNNNN. Answered the questions on the dissection worksheet and got ready to leave for swim meets :-)

Got to Toa Payoh w Stacy after having lunch in school! (: Talked on the way there, took 171 to Newton MRT and then MRT-ed to Toa Payoh. Waited for the swim finals to start, was really hot and stuff hahahaa.... After Reenah came, left to look for Grace, who was w Heliodor! Sat at the Olson block and contemplated just falling asleep because I was so tired...... HAHA. Was quite sad I couldn't be there w the Carnelians when they were having post mortem. Looking through the photos that they took today on facebook I SWEAR THEY ARE THE CUTEST I LOVE THEM OMG HAHAHAHA I'm the most blessed SF ever to have them as my LTC group <3 <3 <3

Anyway, helped Heliodor out a bit with tying rubber bands and walking around with Grace checking stuff, haha! Not bad! Heartened by their efforts towards this project (: Went around and talked to like Sal & Berenice and Tessa and all (: Hahaha! Synchro girls were really good, and they used a HSM song ~*inner HSM fan shines through ok I really loved HSM at this point in my life and I still remember all the songs k~* Was really tired by the time the finals ended, couldn't decide how to go home, I wish I could fly...... HAHA anyway, asked Mrs Lau if I should take bus/MRT because she usually helps me make such life-changing decisions HAHAHA. mostly because I can't ever decide and just nua...... So yup took the MRT home w Huilin and talked quite a bit! (:

Did some plant bio, gg to read it again before I got to sleep so I'll remember it tomorrow when I wake up (: Also, I upgraded my aspiration tonight HAHAHA, really heartening how we came up w a cool plan, made me realise that some friendships/relationships really do last for a long time <3 Gotta go to school for SL day tomorrow, yay! :-)

I feel like such a........... Okay nevermind.