Tuesday, April 23, 2013

april showers

let's look back on the month of april.

firstly, and probably the most impactful thing that has happened in april - my own taste of what it would have been like to get into council. Campaigning was crazy insane, staying up till 4AM on Friday night, going to school at 7AM the next day, spending the whole day on posters and photos and videos and speeches until we went crazy. I was, and still am, ultra thankful for my team mates, Megan & Arjun because they are both crazy good people, and they made 3 hours of sleep and two full days of work bearable and interesting :') And also we went for match support, and I actually enjoyed it hahaha cheering for the water polo girls and stuff. (also because we got to miss bio but oops 2 hours of tutorial like seriously who can stand that)
needless to say I was so disappointed when I didn't get into council. Because you see, the odds of getting in were 76 out of 87 people. That's a good 80+% chance, but then no. And gosh it was a terrible feeling.

But what I got out of the whole thing? That above all God's plan prevails. God goes against all odds (whether they are for you or against you), His will above all. That really, I'm just waiting for Him to put me in somewhere He really wants me to be, even though it's not where I want to be. And that I have the sweetest friends on earth. (remember, at the heart of it all, it was never for the title)

2 years (++) later and I am, and will always be thankful to have (had) you in my life. thank you for helping me to be the person I am today. I don't know what I would've done (what I would do) without you.

(nothing else exciting actually happens in april. not that I can remember, anyway)

school has dulled into a routine.
I sleep through mass lectures (ie, Math & Chem ALTHOUGH I REALLY SHOULDN'T BE but after a while I just zz z z z z zzz). 3S takes every opportunity to smuggle food into class/lectures "the other class is taking notes. We're taking food" my classmates are pigs and I love them for being pigs :")
then there are tutorials, assignments, class tests, lecture tests. Gosh I'm still partially in my post Os nothing to do-go out all day kinda mood. Catch up with work, edlyn.
JC is somehow a lot more draining than secondary school. Studying for mid years/prelims/Os was less tiring than this (also because I took like 2 hour naps at our usual study bench after lunch e v e r y d a y/I fell asleep studying very often HAHA) Anyway, I somehow feel incredibly tired whenever I get home.
I'm thankful for the good company in school though, usually I just laugh until my stomach hurts.
also NAPFA was so ache-inducing. I miss running with kris for 2.4, heehee :'(

enjoy some glamorous photos