Wednesday, May 29, 2013

you are what you love not who loves you

chinz and I have hereby declared good photo week/month/year. here's to (trying to, at least) take really good looking photos and *documenting the days*
I hope I've been doing a good job so far.

1. digging through old notes to look for a formula sheet, found these from my two years of hardcore history
2. my brother holding a bag of famous amos, yum. 
3. attempting to study + discovering save rock & roll on spotify 
4. the toy that came with chin's kinder surprise - we had fun playing with it during lit (it squirts water hahaha)
5. bag of fruit taffy from the US that viggy brought back for us :-)
6. my brother got this for his birthday, and i decided to read it tonight. Mitch Albom's a good writer, I'm glad Mrs Lau got me to read Have A Little Faith like ages ago in 2011. 
7. leftover chunk of oreo cheesecake I baked for my brother's birthday (success - other than the slightly burnt base)
8. oat krunch my loooove.
9. chinz hard at work HAHA
10. the classmates playing floorball at the amphi during pe :-) 
11. chinz my model 
12. blast from the past - my super faded ROCs1 shirt. It feels comfy though, i'm wearing it now. sigh, missing the mg days. 
13. dinner on sunday 
14. the kitchen @ grandma's 
15. cool school shoos. 

going for rock out tomorrow at scape with the classmates, I'm so excited. (I'm trying to bring as little things school as possible) Plus, it's the last day of the semester tomorrow, the school holidays start early for us hoooraaayyy. going back to visit mg (partially because there's ltc going on heeheeee) on friday, before slacking + dinner + lwf with the classmates :-) i'm excited to see ejaz act in lwf :-) 

hooked on three new albums - demi (by demi hahaha), save rock & roll and native. i never tire of listening to mirrors too. 

you are what you love, not who loves you