Monday, June 3, 2013


I'm a quarter done with my JC life, more or less, and I don't know how I feel about it exactly. JC's been good, and although at times I doubt my decision to go to RJ (and not going back to the AC family instead), I realise how blessed I am to have met my new friends and classmates and acquaintances.

so here is what happened on the last day of school/friday

ROCK OUT 2013 - it was such an experience. I've never been to an actual concert before, and this was a pretty dang good eye-opener. Moshed like crazy, I was initially sandwiched between loads of tall guys (disadvantage of being a short person) but my classmates were lovely anyway, and they tried to move us shorter people in front so we could see without straining our necks :") After the intermission, went to look for mendu. She had a really really good spot right in front of the stage, no obstructions!!!! And it was a dang good time just dancing, jumping, and singing along at the top of our voices.
The lighting was amazing as well. AMAZING TIME IN GENERAL.

Back to MG in the late morning to afternoon, to indulge ourselves in familiar faces and the warm fuzzy feeling we always get when we go back home to MG. I know I've said this a million times, but MG will always be home, my family will always be there. Can't imagine a life without my batchies/juniors/teachers, they've always been there for me in my four years in MG - and they continue to be even as I have left.
MG's shaped the person I am today, whether it is because of the lessons imparted by the people I have met, or the values inculcated in me through the school culture - I wouldn't be half the person I am today if I weren't an MG girl.
Yup. Sort of helped out at Sec 1 CIP, they brought cute little nursery & kindy kids in, after which we sat in an LTC training session for a bit. (PBSL CAMP HERE WE COME) Always good to be home, where I know I'm wanted HAHA. I like doing favours for my teachers, because they've done so much for us anyway.

Presenting you my gorjuz classmates

Lady Windemere's Fan with the classmates! (funny photos taken from Leemz's camera) had a really good night watching the production and going around with my classmates and taking pictures. The production was really well put up, and yeah it was a really good night in general :----))) don't regret giving LTC finale night a miss for this, even though half of my heart wanted to be at LWF and the other half wanted to stay for LTC. 

Finally, I'm so proud of this boy heehee LORD WINDEMERE, I know it wasn't an easy task at all, and you did a dang amazing job. One of my best friends/best big brother ever given such a short time, thank you for always having my back, I'll always have yours :') so, so, so blessed.

Goodnight, I need to spend my june holidays studying for CTs.