Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Haven't blogged in about 1.5 months, but JC's been sucking me dry. (The novelty of going to a new school has finally worn off - and in its place, a strong sense of homesickness and nostalgia. You only hate the road when you're missing home.) What with PW deadlines to meet, promos in 3 weeks - 19 chapters of bio, 9 chapters of math (enough to kill me - have I mentioned I really really suck at math) the most daunting of all - and SIGH.


But if there's anything I've learnt the past few weeks (the past week, most prominently of all), after sending so many people off, and after so much has happened, has been said and has been done, it's that the value of your relationships with the people you love far supersedes the importance (or, in the long run, the possible lack thereof) of your grades.

Sent Amanda off with the classmates a few weeks ago, it was an emotional time at the airport, and we got into a bit of trouble getting back to school late, but nothing would compare to getting to say a proper goodbye and going full-on micelle mode at 8AM in the airport (and then having breakfast HAHA). Take care dear, we miss you in class.
Grace left for Cheltenham on Friday morning (her flight was at 2AM, to be precise). Took the longest train ride of my life from Bukit Batok to Changi Airport (two opposite ends of the island + I hate taking the MRT, it was surprisingly crowded at 11PM) to see her off. MY DEDICATION. But it was nice to get to see her off, this goodbye less emotional than Amanda's because Grace isn't migrating HAHA and she'll be back pretty soon. But I miss you already, you idiot. It's kind of like you never left because there's still whatsapp and everything, in spite of the outrageous physical distance, but I still miss your bodily presence. HAHA. I love you long distance, doob.
The whole of Wednesday afternoon and most of Friday (I didn't go to school after sending Grace off mmmm HAHA) was spent in MG with Mrs Lau, and wow I mean I was supposed to be studying but I don't regret how I spent those two afternoons at all, I felt more purpose and meaning to doing those things as compared to like mugging reaction kinetics or the equivalent. Above all, I am very thankful, because for all the times we've fallen out or grew apart, everything somehow manages to fall back into place in the end, definitely someone I'll treasure for a long time :----) thank you for everything, i love you. (also I watched an abortion video like a legit abortion video cuz Mrs Lau was conducting sex ed and i went to watch her conduct said sex ed it was scarring just thought i should mention that)

to my dearest sec 4s, don't give up. keep holding on, cherish your last days in mg. Os may seem ultra daunting, but it's one of the best times you're gonna have (trust me, you're definitely going to miss it when you go up to JC, and you look back on your secondary school days). can't believe i've seen some of you grow up since sec 2 aaaahhh :") can't wait to see all of them on wednesday (although I walked into the lit and history prelim paper going through venues on friday lol lol lol awkward times with edlyn)

I haven't done my math tut. but ah well the night is still young (loljk i'm going to bed soon it's like 1)