Thursday, September 26, 2013

pro(in the middle of)mos

here are some photos i thought i should post 

after an early ippudo dinner from ages ago with stace & liz / colour run shirt after 4 hours of queuing / chinese family dinner with the best classmates bliss to the maximum / farewell party for manda / sending manda off / sending grace off / kathy's baptism / sparklers on longest / mgmgmgmg / impromptu dinner + celebrating stacy's birthday / pw group after 2 hours of giving out surveys / food & promos 

in the midst of promos right now, just had our gp + lit papers over the last two days, so we're left with BCM. Ahhhh i really need to do well for BCM - absolutely no motivation or drive to do any work today (we ended our lit paper at 5pm i've done nothing productive all day) But it feels good :----)
need to get my productivity on tomorrow in school yes that's right let's go