Wednesday, December 18, 2013

a whole load of random photos to post from last week (haven't transferred the ones from this week onto my air) 

frozen + lunch + sogurt with the animals (full force, yay!) :-) 
Frozen was gr888 can't stop listening to the songs (& singing along to them too), and finally satisfied my craving for sogurt, ahhh :'-) 
Exploring the currently hip west with the animals, what with JEM & JCube & Westgate, everything's in the west and you don't have to leave the area to shop anymore (not that I will, but yknow)

baked rice & bed of shredded cheese pre baking / potato salad / broccoli & melted cheese 
presented to you by the bimbo cg :'-) all that took us 2 long hours to prepare in kathleen's kitchen. It involved boiling a lot of potatoes, ryanny taste-testing raw meat, stealing shreds of cheddar (which tasted amazing btw)  

selfie with a pandabear fanboard HAHA I love you :-) 
spent time in kathleen's study playing resistance (!!!! new fave game bc it was really fun lying loljk but hey it's a good game and you don't need much to play it - just good judgement and even better acting skills) & talking & learning how to play the guitar (on my part) 
gr8 day spent with gr8 bimbos :'-)

good lunch sandwiched between dancing, singing and more dancing on work day :---))) my sandwich doesn't look like it's a lot, but it was incredibly filling. 
Good food @ habitat, & good company (plogs) :--)))

HAVE NOT SEEN MY FRIENDS IN AGES AND I MISS THEM SO MUCH why do our schedules crash like nobody's business :-( miss spending ridiculous amounts of time with them doing absolutely nothing 
here's to spending the coming year together :-)

woman in black with plogs :-) the only comm small enough to fit onto one table/go for outings with ease HAHA the play was super shocking, and slightly sleep-inducing at certain points, but it was a good night 

starbucks 1 for 1 (TOFFEE NUT) | an afternoon with my source of optimism, advice & cheer, someone I can trust with all my heart, since 2010/2011
yay i love you heaps and I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate you :'-) 

xf sleepover w my boobs :'-) 
+ we watched mean girls too. rachel mcadams is pretty & rather innocent looking, even when she's playing the queen bitch.

insta dedication bc it was his birthday, love u muchiezzz :'-) 

yep that was last week time is passing too quickly byebyebye