Saturday, December 7, 2013


Back home after camp, and I am half asleep, and suffering from some withdrawal symptoms. Youth camp is always, always the highlight of my end of year holidays, and this year was no exception. In any case, being in the camp comm this year has fuelled my excitement for camp. I believe that God always exceeds our expectations, and this year was no different.

(designing the shirt means that I have the softcopy logos/designs etc heh heh)

took me a while to think of how to pull the shirt off, but I did. Yay :-) 
One of the questions for QT on the third day was that how does knowing Jeremiah 1:5 change the way you live your life? I think the focus of the camp was really to refocus our lives back to God - to really have a teachable and hungry heart to seek and learn more about Him, and to keep to the will that He already has planned out for us before the beginning of time. For me, it was reassurance and confidence - that I hope that no matter how hard it seems to place His will for us over what we want for ourselves, if God sets us out to start and go through something, surely He will see us through to the very end. Plans to prosper His children, and not to harm them - plans to give them hope and a future

of a pizza party for dinner, rushing to finish the games proposal, spamming photobooth on my laptop, testing out some games (***especially the dirtiest one that I came up with hur) and most importantly, interceding for camp and our campers :-) 

(camp prep)

4 days 4 FBTs 4 colours (hot pink not in photo) 

night before camp @ church (spent the whole day there)

 buying enough groceries to feed an ARMY. We were given numerous judgemental looks at Giant as we grabbed 17 loaves of bread off the shelves and pushed around our trolley that was overflowing with food and games logs. 

#CAMPSUA 2013:

God has blessed me with such AMAZING churchies, and they mean so much to me. I really couldn't have asked for a better family than loudgen, and I'm so so blessed to have these people to grow deeper in God with. 
(my two saving graces in the planning comm this year whom I hold v dear to me)

always finding new ways to embarrass ourselves urgh how painfully glamorous are we: 
thank you krissy for doing games with me - I really doubt that I could've done it all alone if you didn't decide to join the camp comm slightly later and help me out. Thank you for squeezing all your brain juice dry with me thinking up games, for putting so much effort into helping me prep for night games (make up, props and costumes and everything) and dirty games as well :-) I really really couldn't have done it without you, and there isn't anyone I would rather have spent 7 years of saturdays and sundays with. Thank you for taking all my nonsense & doing stupid things with me and always putting a smile on my face. Thank you sweetie, I love you :-) 

ryanny dearest camp co(w)mandant - thank you for heading the camp and for always being so ready to help me - tanking the games proposal with me, helping me think through everything. Two (or three, if krissy's with us!) heads are much, much better than one. Thank you for serving and guiding us at the same time, ryanny you're a real good example for everyone, you're always so ready and willing. Forever love (lowe) from me & the shiny bimbo cg, our fearless leader. Thank you for listening to all the stupid things I have to say, ryanny you're a great guy and I know that God is so so pleased with all that you've done to serve Him and His people :-))))

my two gorjuz animals coming back from prom in their outfits so we could also take prom photos with them (and look like slops next to them) dottie - thank you for always being so patient and loving, you are rly sweet and I'm glad that God has placed you in our cg, you are truly a lovely person with a lovelier heart. Kathy we've come so far, and I think we've rubbed off on each other a fair bit over the last five years, but I'm always so thankful for your honesty and your huggies, thank you for always being so open with me. You always put a smile on my face and make me laugh at the smallest things that you do. You're my sunshine, pandabear, and I'm so proud that you've persevered through and finished this year. :--)))) love you heaps.

it's been less than half a year but i feel as though i've known you for ages. thank you junheng for being the best friend i've met this year, and for sticking it through the second half of the year with me. idk how you take my nonsense on a close to daily basis but you do, and you're always there to listen to me as much as you believe that i am for you. thank you for seeing past my weird preferences and inadequacies, i'm beyond glad i brought you to camp (erryone stop complimenting him pl0x) and that you are growing to love the God and the loudgen family that I love so much. u r such a l0ser (i kid i kid) but i am beyond blessed to have you, love you :-)

pulling an all-nighter was CRAZY HAHA it was the best fun I've had in a while, be it doing more serious things like writing encouragement cards or highlighting my favourite verses in junheng's new bible, or singing songs as ryanny played the guitar when the sun rose, throwing M&M's in collin's mouth, and laughing at the smallest things/doing the weirdest things because we were on a sleep deprivation high.

being games master wasn't easy, but it was sure worth it - thank you guys for being such good sports (esp people like Matt Ng & tianyi , who after dirty games were covered in mud, oil, eggs and flour, thank you guys really y'all are wonderful) and I hope y'all enjoyed all the games, I'm proud of how disgusting y'all got on thursday and the distance y'all walked on wednesday, regardless of how your group placed :'-) 

I went to camp needing a lot of reassurance from God - reassurance that I was doing things right, making the correct decisions because JC was a whole new ball game. The thing that stuck with me the most throughout the whole camp was during the altar call after the second message, when pastor told us to let go of what we want, let go of what we were, and let go of the titles and earthly accomplishments we hide behind. He came up to me and said (I don't remember the exact words, but this was the essence of it) "This is the word the Lord has for you: He is enough for you. You don't need to look for anyone or anything else, because He is enough for you." And it really struck something in me because I realised that my relationship with God was more important than any other relationship or friendship that I may have, that I should be living a life filled with the joy of God above all my struggles, because He is truly enough for me and He will see me through. 

had such a gr8 time with gr8 people and an even greater God, and I couldn't be more thankful.