Thursday, July 3, 2014

america & london i

I'm not done going through & editing all of my photos from providence/new york/boston/london yet, but these are my favourites (some of which I have already edited heh hehH) 

first day - travelling into manhattan on an nyc cab :'-) 

penn station / right outside madison square garden


the city i am absolutely in love with - boston.
i now understand why an entire song is dedicated to its appeal

once u go shake shack u never go back

basically..... went to little italy and had lots and lots of cannoli & tiramisu

the sky looks so nice and blue but do not be deceived it was freezing

times sq

contrary to how shocked/distressed he looks, deanna got this for him for his birthday and perry makes some legit platypus sounds.

i love u nyc.

u ain't had ham & cheese till u had ham & cheese in america

absolute fave shot of the subway - on our way to brooklyn (williamsburg aka hipsterville) 

MoMa home of funky art and funky gifts

god bless americaaaaa

a little blurry but this is one of the best things ever trust me u need this

kevin casually checking off his food list in central park - of which includes hot dogs, pizzas, tacos, hamburgers, tubs and tubs of ben & jerry's etc. all american grub

u have no idea how much i was looking forward to standing on this bunch of rocks in central park bc i saw it in 500 days of summer & extremely loud & incredibly close and the feeling was spectacular, as was the view

really, so, so in love.

portebello marketing 

this isn't the london bridge this is the tower bridge, explains tour guide gracey

i swear this is even better than some of the stuff u get in singapore

TADA there's part one after ages of not updating this space. honestly the best break i could've ever asked for. in love with the states the cities the people the buildings the food (love how everything has a low fat no sugar option & the berries and fresh produce there is amazing) 

just concluded the last cts we'll ever have to be put through in our lives. one step closer to graduating!!! term 2 was actually an awful term, in all honesty. here's to our last semester of formal education! Really need to blog more because I feel like I'm not recording enough of my life down, and half a year has already slipped past & i don't have many blog posts to read and look back upon. 

god bless xx