Friday, July 20, 2012

I am drinking soup and typing this because I haven't blogged in ages and another week has passed, all too quickly. They said it would be fast, time would fly by, but I didn't expect it to go by as quickly as this. 

The week has been a roller coaster. Too fast, too many ups and downs, and before I know it, it's over. It's been a week of looking back at the last 4 years, a week of intensive prelims prep, a week of lethargy and <5 hours of sleep a day on average. 

Ms Kek posed us a question during assembly: what are the three things you'd miss the most when you leave MG? 

I'd miss how homely it is here. I'd miss the familiarity of the place, how I'm used to going around school in the dark, how I can randomly take strolls around school, how I can camp outside class/on the study benches/outside the staff room to do work. How everyone is so warm and so familial. Sometimes I spend more time in school than I actually do at home, and apart from lessons I really look forward to going back every morning because it feels like home. 

I'd miss my teachers, because I've been blessed with the best bunch ever. There are national exams where teachers from other schools come over to invigilate. I look at them and I look at my own teachers, and there is this inexpressible difference between the former and the latter. I love how my teachers are so warm, I love how they always answer or questions, I love how they know so many things. I'll miss how the ones who don't teach me ask me whenever the see me "How are you?" "How is life?" and tell me to take care of myself. The teachers in MG are so personable, warm and caring, I don't think others would be able to compare. Love them so much. 

I'd miss my friends, how friendship transcends classes, levels, batches. Tbh I didn't feel that way in SAPS so I really thank God for wonderful friends, lovely seniors and adorable juniors. I love how they make me laugh and how we can talk rather easily. I'd miss their company and I already miss all the memories. FDS full dress today had pictures of ROCs, of the things we used to do, and I had goosebumps just thinking of how far we've come and how wonderful this ride has been. Long live all the magic we made. 

Filled with absolute emptiness and tiredness this week. Incomparable nothingness, just plain routine. Have so many things I want to say but I can't and too many walls. Toooo many. Quite a few of my friends aren't gg to church tomorrow and of course i'm upset la because I really miss them. But I go to church for God more than I do for them so I'll trust that He has a wonderful time with Him planned out for me tomorrow? 

I don't know anymoooore.