Wednesday, June 20, 2012

LTC 2012

Honestly, LTC was so so so fun even though I wasn't exactly a part of it hahaha :') gonna blog about it because it's so worth remembering! Anyway, they broke camp today, GOOD JOB to the PC + SFs + the teachers who spent so much time and effort into making the camp as amazing as it was :')

So, headed on over after lessons on Tuesday. Headed to the canteen to look for Sal, (Nicc, Grace & I) and that's when the day started haha! (prior to that, we were just hanging around really awkwardly.) they had extra food, so we ate their lunch and it was like noodles and stuff so I felt really guilty for eating it after because I was so full...... Hmmmm, oh well, at least we're not wasting food? :P

Nik comes over and talks to us, and mentions that she needs to go back to LT1 to pack the stage + make more log for the wet games! So Grace & I decide to follow her (Nicc and Sal had angklung) into the LT! Deposited our things by the stage, and then whilst Grace helped Nik pack the log on the stage, which was kind of in a mess, I sat and crushed small paper balls for their Santa Claus game :) The crazy OCD people made the stage neater! After they were done, they joined me in making more paper scrunchy balls heehee. Quite thankful and blessed that the LTC teachers + PC + SFs are all such nice and warm people, like they didn't tell us to like go home or anything and they let us stay and do things with them :)))))) Really really thankful for that, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH (':

Mmmmhhhh, after that, Grace & I stayed to make blindfolds whilst Nik + the rest of the log comm was running around settling the log and set up for the wet games! :) It was kinda fun slicing up garbage bags (except now I can't find my penknife, shit, its not in school though, I brought it home)! Went out wanting to do work whilst watching them play wet games, but then, Nik needed our help stringing marshmellows, so we went to help them :) (willingly I might add MUCH better than doing work hahahah) it was quite funny stringing marshmellows with Nik, because the coloured marshmellows kinda stick to each other and when you pull them apart they look kinda gross, so Nik fed all the gross looking ones to me HAHA :P

After that I sort of don't know where Grace & Sal and everyone went HAHAHA I just went around with Nik playing wet games! :) Went along to a station with Ayn & Jing's group as well to watch them play! :) And then I kinda stationed myself at Marco Polo because Ms Lau said they may need help filling up the pails with water + Nik was helping Crystal at that station, so why not! :) Got to talk to Abigail & Peixuan too when they group came over to do the station! It was so much fun watching them play and be all excited :)))))
This station was done first because they did two groups at once, so logically they were doubly fast! Went around to other stations after that with Nik, yielding water guns >:) HAHAHA SO FUN K we'd just spray the people who didn't look wet! Anyway, the water guns weren't the intense kind, so they were alright :) Like there was this station where they had to make orange juice with their mouths HAHAHA and then during their debrief, they would get someone to volunteer to drink it so the entire group could move on (but of course, they didn't get them to drink the gross orange juice with everyone's saliva in it, they gave the girl who volunteered a fresh cup of real orange juice as a sort of 'reward' which I thought was kinda cool!). Kinda really wanted to see that station after hearing about it because I wanted to see who would volunteer under what circumstances, quite fun to watch! :)
+ the sliding on the mud tarp thing was really dirty but it smelt so goooood because they used soap powder BAHAHAHA.

P/s the blue gun was better than the red one HEHEHE :P 

Nik's "candid shot" - spraying shaving cream off Aastha's hand.

After wet games were over, went back into the LT with Nicc! D&T was having their worship prac so we sat in and sang along with them! (: they practised their worship set 3 times and it suuuuuch a joy singing and praising God!!!! :))))) Unexpected worship, but it was wonderful all the same ♡ ++ En En could play the guitar sooooo well like she was strumming like CRAZY for One Way HAHAHA (: 

stole this photo off of Nik's instagram HAHA
This is their theme song, and its kind of the first time I've sang it! It's a really really good song!!!!
In every victory, let it be said of me, my source of strength, my source of hope, is Christ alone (': 

Didn't exaaactly eat dinner. Sat with Nicc & Grace and talked and stuff, Nicc was talking about PBB because Siyue & Agnes & Crystal came back for LTC too, so she was telling us all about her PBB hahaha! Went for their talent time after that!!!!! IT WAS SO ADORABLE I SWEAR HAHAHA and it was so fun to watch. All the groups had to come up with a dance item, and they were all so good i mean for something they had to come up with in such a short time frame! The SFs & PC too :)))))) Had fun singing along to the songs HAHAHA it was a high night and it was fun :) 
Talent time ended with a video pertaining to their night games!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NIGHT GAMES WERE FUN OKKKK :))))) Tagged along Ayn & Jing's group whilst they navigated the route to their first station! The Sec 2s were kind of scaring themselves la HAHAHA I think I'm kinda used to school at night so I'm not scared anymore, like I was after FN in sec 2 (figures HAHA). Their first station was the toilet WOW it was creepy! They had to write the theme verse on the mirror, like all PLL A style manz. HAHA. I really like their theme verse! Its one of my favourite verses (: 

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens" 
- Ecclesiastes 3:1 

YUUUUP! Whilst they were walking up to their next stop at 3E, ran into Mrs Lau, Nicc & Grace! Went with them after heehee, they were walking to the squash courts and Mrs Lau was commenting about how she had three bodyguards, all of whom are shorter than her AHEMMMM. hahaha! Met Ms Su at the squash courts, so we all walked together to different stations (: Somehow decided to go to the Dance Studio one, so walked over there! (Nicc was freaking out like nobody's business, Ms Su was scaring her, Mrs Lau screamed into an empty toilet HAHAHA) 
HAD FUN SCARING NICC WHOOO HAHAHAHA. WAH SO MUCH KICK KKKK. Sort of walked Mrs Lau back to the staff room after while Nicc & Ms Su stayed in the dance studio, because I needed to text my mother and stuff uhhh. Anyway, after we sort of walked her back HAHAH went back to the dance studio to look for Nicc & Ms Su! Grace kinda stayed at the dance studio after that with Ms Lau, so Ms Su, Nicc and I went to the MEP room! 

MEP ROOM WAS SO FUN HAHAHA. Like we hid in the dark and stuff because they were supposed to go into a dark MEP room to look for clues to solve their kidnapping mystery (IT WAS A COOL STORYLINE) and Ms Su sort of went about scaring them..... HAHAHA Nicc had to leave shortly after :( then Ms Su devised a plan HAHAHA. She sat smack at the door so as to scream at the Sec 2s to give them a fright when they open the door. It was really really funny (imagine you are walking into a room. you open the door and the first thing you see when you open the door is Ms Su right in front of your face, screaming HAHAHA) I was supposed to sit and hide somewhere to scare them but the next group that came in was Abigail's group SOOOO Abigail and Peixuan were obviously not scared of me, plus I sat in their group for project planning so they sort of recognise me AAAAND Manda's in that group HAHAHA. Fun times though! :)))) So in between groups, Ms Su says that Mrs Lau's coming to find us. SO she plans something to scare Mrs Lau and she was literally sitting and waiting and looking through the little window in the door for Mrs Lau to come. BUT Mrs Lau kinda knew Ms Su would do something to scare her, so she was all mentally prepared when she opened the door HAHAHAHA. 
Funny funny! So now, all the subsequent groups that came had both Ms Su & Mrs Lau screaming in their faces HAHAHA. 
Dad came at about 9.50, a little reluctant to go home :(((((((((( HAD SO MUCH FUN ON DAY 2 WITH ERRYONE THANKS SO MUCH ♡ ♡ 

TODAY, we had lunch with Ms Ng! Chou, Sal, Grace, Nicc & I :) IT WAS FUN TALKING TO MS NG HAHAHAHA. Laughed so hard at explicit things, and Grace & Chou were talking about ahemmzzzzz. HAHAHA. Fun times! And Nik came over again to talk to us YAY :))))

Sat outside the LT waiting for them to finish their project presentation whilst talking! Chou, Grace & I, mostly! Before that I got to talk a bit to Reenah, and Sal and Nicc before they left for their GB thing! :) Sat there and laughed and laughed and laughed with Grace & Chou for the longest time over the stupidest things
"Shy" and "Sometimes mad" HAHAHAHAHA and taking the stupid poll HAHAHAHA.  H I L A R I O U S but we were being so mean so I can't totally blog down what we were doing exactly :PPPPPPPP But had so much fun laughing my head off with them! :)))))

Watched the Sec 2s play Jacob's ladder after that! They didn't have time to do the suuuuper long one we did last year! The one that lasted for like 1.5h or something! Through the sunset as well! WOW HAHAHA but had fun! Watched them play with Abigail because she couldn't play because she's injured :((((((( Get well soon omg it sounds so painful, her injury!!!!!!
Went into the LT with Ms Ho, sat at the back of the LT whilst they did their closing! So cute how whenever they hear the word "AGENTS" they immediately have to spring up and go "REPORTING FOR DUTY!" It was quite amusing to watch too :P Watched a video, they were given their certs, and Ms Su had a little speech and everything, I can't believe we're already ushering the new batch of potential SLs into their leadership journey!!!!! I can't help but feel so old (a liiiiittle upset that I'm not in the LD comm as well, but oh well I guess) :( plus everyone's calling us the "senior seniors". (or even, the "senior seniors super seniors" SOMETHING LIKE THAT HAHAHA) Mind you my darling Sec 3s, I'm the same age as y'all!!!!!!!!

Went around with Nik after they broke camp talking + removing all the day 3 schedules pasted around the ground level :') 

AAAH BUT THAT WAS THE END OF LTC!!!! It was sooooo fuuuun going everyday and wowwwww omgosh (': Amazing times, WONDERFUL JOB GUYS!!!!!!!! ENJOYED EVERY BIT OF WHICH I SAT IN AND THANK YOU FOR BEING SO WELCOMING TOWARDS US :P ((((: 

Which also means I need to start studying for Prelims starting tomorrow, so I'm going on a semi-hiatus. REALLLYYY wanna do well for prelims, so goodbye computer! Until I find something memorable that I need need NEED to blog about :)))) GOODBYE BUT FIRST ENJOY SOME MORE PHOTOS:

paper/cardboard scrunched up balls