Friday, July 27, 2012

night of nights, tonight

Founder's Day Dinner was A M A Z I N G. A night to remember, definitely

I can't really blog much about it now, but I'll post photos after I scan in all my polaroids after Prelims (I typed mid years, WAKE UP EDLYN, ITS PRELIMS, your last school based exam in MG.) But it was SUCH a wonderful night, took zillions of photos with my beautiful + gorgeous friends & classmates, my beloved beloved teachers, and laughed so much attempting to walk around in heels. I LOVE THE MG COMMUNITY SO MUCH I CANNOT EVEN. I'm soooo blessed to have such funny and loving friends, such dedicated and incredibly sweet teachers, I LOVE MG SO MUCH :')

Didn't really eat the food butttt didn't really expect myself to eat since it was already so late at night and I can't eat so late at night HAHA hmmm. Keren and Char and Kris sat and ate at the table whilst I roamed around taking photos with people! Also, Liz came to crash which was pretty fun! :)))

I love you, class of 2012, ♡

But yes I took some photos with Instagram so here they are for now (they aren't very good quality because I took them in the dark ballroom but it'll do for now)

This photo is so cute x 

Amazingest xxx

Andrea Wong's muscles HAHA

This turned out v v v well 

My pretty cuties x