Friday, August 3, 2012

prelims level 1

Its Friday! I'm only done with 6 papers and next week is my heavy paper week despite it being only 3 papers but they are my heaviest papers. Anywayyyyy, Prelims have been utterly draining and I shall just take this rest time to blog about my week :))) HAHA.

The two days leading up to prelims were pretty, well, I don't know how to describe it because I just really wanted prelims to come so I could do it and not sit through lessons (not saying that I don't like most of my lessons or my teachers I just don't want to learn anymore HAHAHA too much to study as it is) so it was two days of idlingggg. When the weather gets really hot we tend to be all restless and murderous (regardless of whether we want to kill ourselves or kill others HAHA all in the life of a Sec 4) + Monday and Tuesday lessons are pretty zzzzz.
Laoshi was in China, which was good. HAHAHAHA didn't have Chinese so I ended up talking and slacking aiya one does not expect me to do Chinese during Chinese. Or any other time for that matter. 
Stayed back in school to study a bit :))) Ultra love my studying spot outside the staffroom. When its not noisy and stuff which is most of the time except for dismissal time or early in the morning. Its really nice to sit there and study because its so quiet and teachers walk in and out and I love my teachers because they're always so helpful and its quite fun to take a short break to talk to them :)))) 

English on Wednesday was pretty alright. I mean, English is just.... English! Wrote my compo about RYC because RYC is a very good event/experience to use because there's so much I've learnt from it and so much I'm supposed to learn from it so I can always put both of that in HAHAHHA. Miss doing RYC tbh, this time last year I was wrapping up RYC + planning wonderful wonderful National Day :)))) Aaaah happy memories. 
ANYWAY so English was alright, went for SS extra lessons after that and then parked my ass outside the staffroom to study Healthcare with Grace. Ms Ng was having lessons with 4E outside the staffroom too and when she brought them snacks she brought us snacks too :)))) 

Yesterday was a pretty intense day. It was the SS paper first thing in the morning and Healthcare came out!!!!! Although the whole world did Healthcare HAHAHA I wanted to do the Northern Ireland question because I actually studied Conflict in SL & NI, but I didn't know how to answer part (b) so I went and did Healthcare instead. Heh, I think SEA History & Lit have trained me to write my hand off so SS and 20th Century is actually less in comparison to the heaps we have to write for the former, finished with 2 minutes to spare HAHAHAHA.
The first thing Ms Koh said when she saw me after the SS paper was "YOUR VENICE DIDN'T COME OUT" BAHAHAHA gotta love my teachers and how they know I spot like nobody's business. 
E Math was okaaayyy. It wasn't that bad. 
After the paper, went to look for Mrs Choo with Pittas & Charmaine and it seemed like the whole world was looking for her HAHAH okay not the whole world but it wasn't only just us. She went through a few things whilst we awkwardly stood outside the staffroom in a circle HAHAHA. Then Pittas and Charmaine were talking geog to their geog teacher (geog is like a foreign language to me) so I went with Mrs Choo to her Sec 2 class so I could ramble about my insecurities for Unseen HAHAHA.
After thaaaat migrated back downstairs to study lit, did lots and lots of Sophie and relationships, took a walk with Ms Kek so I could help her carry things down to her car as well before returning home HAHAHA. Crammed Chrysalids like nobody's business, A Math took a back seat! 

Aaaaand A Math kind of killed i hate how I always ALWAYS make the stupidest careless mistakes when it is the actual test and I do fine during lessons AIYAAAA I was kinda in a semi-panic mode during the course of the entire paper, but when i did I just looked up to the verse on the wall on the left of the stage (left from where I am sitting, like facing the stage) "My grace is sufficient for you for My power is made perfect weakness" 2 Corinthians 12:9 gotta loooooveee that the school decided to put it there the year my batch is having Os :))))) Anyway i think I won't do as well as I wanted to for A Math. :((( Mrs Loh showed me how to do the question I spent ages trying to figure out AAAH she made it look so easy. But she said she tried the paper and it was indeed tough so I felt better about myself :) HAHAHA. Mrs Loh is so sweet. 
Opened the lit paper and was all OMG NO WAY HAHAH they tested portrayal of women again and they tested negative portrayal of women for EOYs last year. Plunged right into that question because well the other question was kind of ...... it was about the relationship between David and ROSALIND and since I never ever study Rosalind I just was all meh and moved on. Prose was alright........ it was indeed amusing HAHAHA. 
After the paper camped outside the staffroom. Crashed Ms Ng's help session with Danielle and Celine :)) HAHAHA. Got to rant to Mrs Choo about the lit paper as well. Heh. Anw Danielle and Celine were so cute we were doing bio with Ms Ng and obsessing over how cute Min Xuan (Mrs Ruth Tan's daughter) was AWWWW SHE'S SO CUTEEEE after the entire bio session she came over to our bench and Danielle played with her hair. :')))) Had a nice time talking to Danielle and Celine too OMG HAHA they're so hilarious. Fun fun :))) Did some chem and went home, but before that stopped to talk to Ayn and after that Erica & Su Ern at the concourse :) Love my juniors :)))))) 

SOOOOOO i need to go study now. despite it being a tiring week, it had its ups and downs and AAAH HEAVY PAPERS NEXT WEEK. GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH!!!!!!!!