Friday, March 1, 2013

amazing friday, HAHA, I can't express how thankful I am for my classmates + the circle :') they make mundane school routines a lot of fun, tons more interesting :')

started off the day with GP, hahaha Mr Cheong (aka Coach Cheong after the whole inter-class captains' ball yesterday HAHAHA "I told the CT of the other class that half my class are national youth captains' ball players"/"Guys, I know this is a friendly match....... but I want you to maim them.") returned us our diagnostics and went through essay structures while eating his breakfast of a sandwich and water dismally and telling us stories of pizza-for-breakfast-during-his-college-days HAHAHA.
also, manda brought her HSM2 notepad for fang & i today HAHAHA (last friday i was listening to HSM songs on fang's phone so HAHA)
PW zzzzfest hehehe :/
we finished off cell structure for bio, and we had some sort of a test thingy which was kinda well alright I guess but I was so sleepy I wanted to die HAHAHA. z z z z z
Math lecture was hilarious though because Ms Lim taught the reciprocal graphs thing in tutorial so we understood (THANK GOD FOR A GOOD MATH TEACHER WHOM I CAN UNDERSTAND HAHA) already and it was the last lesson of the week and everything......... so practically all of us were on the class whatsapp group talking complete rubbish HAHAHA we were laughing so hard the row was shaking HAHAHA.

CAKING SURPRISE AFTER SCHOOL hahaha we bought a cake for cassia to welcome her to the class so we caked her and ate cake and stuff HAHA. Went to J8 with Fang & Alison after school for subway lunch (SUBWAY AGAIN HAHA had subway on wednesday w alison & ejaz but oh well) and we actually ate and went back to school straightaway to look for ejaz......
ended up slacking in the canteen w fang manda alison & viggy HAHAHA IT WAS HILARIOUS. we were listening to music from my phone and viggy picks all the manly-ish songs on my phone like fall out boy & imagine dragons but when fang got to pick the songs he was all for six degrees of separation "GUYS SHHHHH SHUT UP LISTEN LISTEN TO THIS SONG" and he sang it with such gusto & also some Taylor Swift like "LOVING HIM WAS LIKE DRIVING IN A MASERATI DOWN A DEAD END STREET" HAHAHAHAHA.
also we wrote a card to ejaz :') Laughed so much coming up with things to write in the card HAHAHA and travelled all the way to the PAC and crashed some dramafeste briefing to pass it to him :') I love my screwed up kids so much okay. Had so much fun laughing and chilling (though I couldn't go back to MG)
went for LBA interview with manda, and basically we were chilling for at least an hour before we went in for our turn. We spent that hour laughing so hard at what went down during math lecture and earlier that afternoon. Also, manda edited viggy's mugshot with like 10 different moustache styles and 3 different hairstyles so viggy's look ranged from that of a serial killer to a prata man HAHAHAHA we sat and laughed so hard :")
Interview was alright! :-) Because our interviewer was really nice and friendly and it wasn't an awkward affair HAHAHA except for the *incident*. Took a train down to botanics with manda so my dad could pick me up from there :')

GOOD DAY GREAT COMPANY. Thank God so so much for putting such amazing people in my life in RJ, I miss MG so much but it's all good here too :') fantastic way to start march :')