Monday, February 25, 2013

So we've been getting along on our legit timetable, with lectures and tutorials in their full glory. Can't say it's the most relaxed schedule ever, but somehow the day doesn't feel as draggy as it did in secondary school, and I'm thankful for the company in school.

got to school early this morning despite protected time (ie, school starts at 9.40, but I got to school at 7+) sat around and did a bit of work at raja block before fangshuo & ejaz came, helped me pack my things and we moved over to the windy benches HAHA. We did some legit work, I finished a part of my lit worksheet with ejaz, and fangshuo was lying around doing his work HAHA.
HAHA it was funny when we told ejaz that dui = ahem in chinese and he literally went round asking everyone in the area whether or not it was true HAHAHA. went to the canteen to get some food (being scorned for my eating habits YET AGAIN. On a side note, I really like the apple bread it's so yumz hehe) before school started, and walked around school a bit too HAHA it was a fun morning with the two retards :')

started off the day with a bio lecture, hm, it was alright! The lecturer was having a lot of fun teasing simon though it was q funny HAHA. and after bio lecture, we had a lot of free time because our lit tutor was late so this was what we did in class:

mega love for my class seriously, (': 14S03S on the way to becoming best class ever HAHA

anyway our lit tutor came HAHA so we proceeded with lessons. She finally gave out a prose for us to assess it was the best thing ever I MISS MY PROSES HAMANA.
chem lecture omg mega stoning during chem lecture HAHAHA damn. we learnt new things though! balancing redox reactions, its a lot of steps to remember aaah so hard but I love chem whoo. lunch after that was good HAHA gave my food away to fangsuho because I can't finish and since manda went home to get her things, she da-baoed fries for the whole class YUM YUM FATS HAHAHAA but omg seriously so yumz yet so guilty.
CHEM PRAC LAST LESSON OF THE DAY!!!!! We did titration though aaah titration the bane of my existence back to haunt me after Sec 4 HAHA. I'm so bad at it now, LACK OF PRACTICE HAHAHA. The chem labs are probably the only rooms in RJ with no air conditioning, and the temperature was so nice and warm and sleep-inducing z z zzzzz.
did some work with viggy, alison, maddie & fangshuo (who takes my things so often i'm q used to it HAHAHAHA) (before they had to go for basketball anyways) before going for the council briefing! did the chem prac + chem and stuff.
the council briefing was a little intimidating, but then again, MG has trained us to pass any uniform checks that may come our way HAHAHA once you've passed MG spotchecks YOU HAVE PASSED THEM ALL HAHAHA I do miss MG. AH i really want council so bad God please help me HAHA dang :(((((  talked to berenice and adeline while waiting for my dad to pick me up, it was nice! (:

ok i'm tired goodnight HAHA