Sunday, July 7, 2013

june and beyond

on a lighter note,

my ticket back home along with the rest of the class of 2012 :-) 
as if it's not already perfect, 25th July 2013 happens to be a Thursday - ie 3 hour long bio 4.10pm day THANK U MG. 

best ops team @ gales opening dinner/being awkwurd bunniez lol i love u guys - all the lateral thinking questions/scary stories backstage

best company, 've known this boy for the whole of about 3 weeks but i'm more than thankful.

from jiayi my sweetie - nothing that scares me into studying like the thought of edna mode ahahaha. 
junheng & i finished the pack while studying/watching wongfu

managed to find a day to have dinner with ALL my girls (us & our usual camwhore session in sogurt there weren't many people there at 9pm anyway so it was all good)
jap food + sogurt + major catching up session i love u guys thank u it was wonderful seeing all of you again, till next time. :")

mah study buddies last year i miss writing poems about/for qi HAHA

missed these girls aaaaaaah 
holding and squeezing each others' hands like a pumping heart HAHA/folding origami during lessons with keren (probably the best thing that came out of magsim's communist reign was that keren got placed behind me in our sad little single rows); being classchairs tgt/going crazy with andreawong; char the best deskmate leading up to Os, i miss talking to her & pittas my two mature & wise friends :"( 

5(years and for)ever and ever i love u. here's to many more years of nonsense together

red bowl lunch last week the day before my chem paper with gracey :") I miss u MG food I have taken small portions for granted for 4 years.

visiting p often, july has always been a hapz month in mg

post CTs island creamery with some of the classmates and shared this amazing mudpie with leemz hehehehe yum let me eat u again

ok bye time to watch eternal sunshine of the spotless mind hola