Tuesday, July 16, 2013

the walls start breathing / my mind's unweaving

maybe i'll pick up the habit of blogging regularly again. 
I hate the feeling I get at about 5 or 6 everyday, if I'm still in school, and I get so so so tired. Its like the sum total of the day's exhaustion dealt into that one hour. After 6 months, I finally get what they mean when they say that JC is just so tiring, and a lot more difficult to slog through as compared to secondary school. (took you long enough, edlyn) 
the highlight of today would probably be taking polaroids with mendu & jaz during lunch break, and the feeling of being so blessed by God.

I think I have a few people to be thankful for, and I haven't told them that enough. Maybe I haven't told them that at all, and that's so lousy of me. I love you guys, I really do, each and every single one of you, and maybe one day I'll get past my insecurities enough to say this to your face. But know that I really do appreciate everything. 

I wish I could give better advice, I'm so terrible at putting the right words into sentences
"i understand" - pretty much use this phrase a lot, but its either I don't understand at all, or I understand completely. (do you get what I mean)