Thursday, November 28, 2013


i have this thing for looking through old photos every now and then.
I've realised that I took horrible, downright absolutely HORRIBLE photos when I was in Sec 3, hence the wasted photo opportunities in eastern europe (ROCs 3). Sigh. So I've decided to gather all the photos that I had taken, and put them through some photo editing.
cropping, slapping on filters, rotating them a little, increasing the exposure and the sharpness.
and these are the results.
<it was b e a u t i f u l there, I hope one day I'll get to go back again - this time, taking care with the food I consume and the amount of water I drink, so I won't fall sick again and have to spend my Prague day in a communist hotel, falling asleep in the middle of a movie on HBO. Go easy on the food, chug water consistently.>
also, some photo credits to my friends that I went on ee with, they took some of these photos and I edited them a little, thank you friends (I took some of jiayi's and berenice's photos, heh thanks guys)

was a little hesitant to edit the concentration camp photos last night. I mean, I was editing photos close to midnight. So this was the only one I worked on. 

the black things were the curtains of the bus windows. 

view from the reichstag, i will always remember that spirally shiny place. 

the train station with incredibly high ceilings. 

that is all - i really miss germany. 
i wonder why i'm only doing this two years down the road. i need to take better photos.