Wednesday, February 29, 2012

extremely loud and incredibly close

Today I watched an amazing movie.

Alright, admittedly, the movie was different from the book, well, of course, what would one expect from a movie adaptation of a book? But it was pretty good, they added in some things, took out others as well. Anyway, I'm looking through the EL&IC tumblr hashtag, so here are some photos I found.

If you were wondering what these photos are, they are all in the book (cool, right? I mean the entire concept of the book was really cool, what with the literary devices haahaaaa & the photos that Oskar took) 
1. Its a rly famous photo of this poor man falling out the window to his death. At the end of the book, the photos are arranged such that he is floating upwards. The book ended with the line: "we would have been safe." / 2. The key Oskar found. The entire story centered around him finding the lock to this key, which he believed would lead him to his father. / 3. The story of this lady at the Empire State Building. Her boyfriend/husband (i forgot which) would carry a super powered spotlight and walk the streets of New York w it so she could see this beam of light from the Empire State Building. (': / 4. I think this was from when he visited Coney Islands. 

I think loss is something we can all relate to. This movie is centered around loss, the loss of one who you hold extremely close to your heart. It was really really heartwarming. Towards the end of the movie, the last half an hour or so, I was crying and crying and I couldn't stop because it was soooo sad.

I think the only thing this movie was lacking was the story of the Renter (his grandfather), his grandmother and Anna (like if you didn't read the book you wouldn't know who Anna is but anyway his grand aunt, his grandmother's sister) because it'd be much clearer as to how Oskar found out that the Renter = his grandfather. I thought that bit was really really reaaaally sad )': the house and the autobiography and the nothing and something places and everyone dying and how he burned his hand because he was looking for Anna only to find her house burning I was like )'''': 

My father died at 9/11. After he died, I wouldn’t go into his room for a year because it was too hard and always made me want to cry. But one day, I had completely heavy boots, and I went into his room anyway. I missed doing tae kwon do with him because it made me laugh. But I went into his closet where his clothes and stuff were. I reached up to get his old camera… (incomprehensible jumble)… Dropped down about a hundred stairs and I broke a Bouvet(sp?) Inside was an envelope with black written on it. And I knew that dad had left something, somewhere for me, that the key opened and I had to find. So i take it to walt, the locksmith, I get from Stan the doorman, who tells me keys can open anything….. For all the five boroughs… I count there are 472 people with the last name black, there are 216 different addresses. Some of the Blacks live together, obviously. I calculated that if I go to 2 every saturday, plus holidays, minus my hamlet school play, Minerals… comics… It’s gonna take me about 3 years to go through all of them. But that’s what I’m gonna do. Go to every single person named Black and find out what the key fits and what dad needed me to find.

I divide the people by zones… and I really had to tell my mother another lie, because she wouldn’t understand how I needed to go out and find what the key fit, that would help me make sense of things that don’t make sense like him being killed in the building by people who didn’t even know him at all.

And I see some people who don’t speak english or are hiding in a room with parakeets…. Hizelle Black who’s all prayered up and spoke to God. If she spoke to God, how come she didn’t tell him not to kill her son?…. Enough to let people fly planes into buildings and maybe she spoke to a different god than them.

And I meet a man, who’s a woman, who’s a man, a woman all at the same time, and I didn’t want near her, because she-he scared me, because she-he was so different. I’ve always still wondered if she had a VG or a penis, but does it matter?

And I see Mr. Black, who hasn’t heard a sound in 24 years, which I could understand, because I miss dad’s voice that much. Like when he would say, “Are you up yet?” or “Let’s go do something.”

And I see the twin brothers who paint together. And there’s a shed, and it just has to be a…. it’s just a shed! And Astrid Black, who does the same drawing of the same person over and over and over again. And Boris Black, the doorman, who was once a schoolteacher in Russia, but now says his brain is dying.

Or Amos Black, who has a coin collection, but doesn’t have enough money to eat every day. Or Alan Black, who has a view of Gramercy(sp?) Park, but not a key to it. Which is worse than looking at a brick wall. And I feel like I’m looking at a brick wall, because I tried the key in 148 different places, but the key didn’t fit, and open anything… what dad needed me to find so I know without him everything is going to be alright.

And I still feel scared everytime I go into a strange place. I’m so scared I have to hold myself around my waist, or I think I’ll just break all apart, but I never forget what I heard him tell mom about the sixth borough. That if things were easy to find, they wouldn’t be worth finding.

And I’m still scared everytime I leave home, everytime I hear a door open, and I don’t know a single thing that I didn’t know when I started. Except I miss my dad more than ever, even though the point was to stop missing him at all.

It hurts too much. Sometimes I think I might do something really bad.

I loved it I will watch it again. It is so so so so so so so sad.