Saturday, February 18, 2012

To wake myself up, I'm gg to blog about today! I'm blogging on tumblr more than I am on my poor blogger because it's much easier for me to post with my tumblr app on my phone. Okay anywaaay, today was a good day, the best one I've had in ages. One of the best at least.

Woke up at 6.45, got excited for auditions! Haha, it's not everyday you get to sit in to watch auditions (heehee NATIONAL DAY 2011). Okay so anyway, got ready and left the house for school! Actually got to school quite early and hung out in the trellis playing Scramble with Friends ok haha I'm quite lame anyway YES sat there and waited for people to arrive. Slowly but surely they did! Nat, Gabrielle, Desiree, Clarissa, Anjali, Bern (with a hugeass box of REALLY GOOD brownies, our sustenance for the morning), Aaarti, etc etc etc. 

We all had a general briefing before going into the Audi for our duties! Yup so the second day of auditions began, after we double checked the sound system and sorted out the equipments on stage, we were ready to go! The judges filled in and auditions began. 

The bands today were really good! Most of them, at the very least. It was really heartening to see them having the courage and the love to participate for Bandage, and helping out St Luke's! Yup, really enjoyed the time at auditions, from exaggeratedly mouthing all the words of the songs in the sound room with Anjali and Cordi, to communicating with Bern (who was in the area diagonally below the sound room, ah, you'll know the layout if you've been in the MG audi) via her typing things onto PPT slides on her Mac (hahaha the messages were quite hilarious! Had a good time), the judges gushing over Kboys HAHAHHA. Ate brownies in the control room sneakily HAHAHAH, All in all it was a really good time, 

I LOVE BANDAGE #rhythmoflove #beatofrecovery <3 (': I'm so so so glad for the opportunity to be in the comm, since I swoped with Kristin. 

Left school after Tessa's church's youth band performed, followed Huilin's directions and got to church in the pouring rain! (I was freeeeezing in the bus) 

Lunch with the worship band (': walked to Hwanam with Jess my dearest hamster prince and told her some stuff. Heehee. And it really meant a lot to me hahaha. So glad that we were placed in the same group at Camp LOL (': 

Anyway, when we were crossing the road: *Jess takes my hand* "Little girl needs to hold mummy's hand" *judges when to cross* HAHHAAH awww. Total mamaprince. My mama + my prince NO  JOKE HAHA

Good lunch w the worship band except for the really awkward part when Tianyi got RJ and I to sing the MG school song because it apparently harmonizes with the AC one LOL. But otherwise, good good ('; back at church, studied (SORT OF LA I CAN NEVERRR STUDY WITH BELLA) with Bella. Ended up teaching her Kinematics and plaiting her hair HAHA.

Worship was really good although I was so so so tired hehehe. Need to pray for a HUNGER FOR GOD!!!! (': Ya but I could sense God speaking to me about something important today, hmmmm. 

Anyway, CG! It was really nice to have the army boys back and sharing their NS stories hehehe (': RYANNY IS BALDY BALDY AND TANNY WANNY. So's YONGXIANG HEHEHEE. AIYAH they're so funny, really! Haha! Today's study was on integrity, and I guess it was a really hard study to do in terms of how we're gg to apply it to our lives. I mean like in cases when one's integrity is really tested. Hmmm, shall be thinking about that! 

Yup! So that was my nice Saturday (': gg to go do more bio now, I hope I don't fall asleep )'; I love Saturdays soooooooo much.