Saturday, February 4, 2012


Do you know how much I miss you? Nah. 


I shall blog about today because today is easily the best day in the entire week (the rest of the week kind of sucked la I hate how tiring school is grrrrrrrrrr) Aiya school is so tiring really, what's the point anymore. This year sucks. But its important. That does not mean it doesn't suck so bad though. Its only the second month and I hate it so bad already.

Enough negativity. Got to church after lunch, just as the worship band was about to go for lunch ~ So yup I just tagged along LOL. Sat w my Hamster prince yayz (: (HAHAHA "Slay the dragon!!") She used my phone to instagram (YAY JESS YOU FINALLY KNOW HOW TO HAHAHA) Bella & Linx wearing matching purple shirts LOLLLL. It was quite fun hahaha I love my churchies they're such nice people (: Hamster Prince paid for my milo YAY thanks luv youuu ^___^

Got back to church, the rest went for prayer meeting whilst I "studied" with Bella outside on the big table HAHA she has the Chinese TYS and the Nov Os paper that we did last year was inside! I feel old. HAHA. Yup listened to some songs as well, did a few differentiation questions, yuuuup. Went up after that, watched the worship band prac + scrolled through tumblr. At that point I was feeling very ............ but yup worship started soon after.

I think worship today was really powerful, like I could really feel God's presence. Like really really realllly. And honestly I think He was trying to tell me something. Like through all the songs that we sang I was quite reassured of God's promises and I felt a little better. I mean, I think I just have to surrender everything to God and He'll make it better because He's awesome like that. But yeah I just pray that I'll have my eyes fixed on God in the week ahead, even though its really really hard sometimes and yeah.

When I feel that I have nothing left to live for, I pray that I will remember that I am living for Him.

CG was good! Hahaha! I'm so glad the Queenstown boys are participating and stuff in bible study and its really heartening to see how God has moved in our CG <3. Missed Ryanny + Yongxiang though ): But yup it was good nonetheless, first time Matthew Hooi led! :-) Yay!

Okay so yuuuup. I can't help but feel like I am living for Saturdays. I don't know laaa. I really don't anymore and I really don't know who to turn to anymore. Isn't it easier if I just don't open up anymore? Sighz.