Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Commons are finally over after what seemed like a million years, heehee. Anyway. Mmmmh, rather upset about today's papers. I think I messed up my calculations for physics = i am sooo upset because I knew how to do the questions, they weren't hard. Oh gosh )': & Lit, i was so disappointed with myself because sarcasm was staring right in my face and I just didn't write it down because I don't know how to.

How dumb can I get.

Anyway A Math results were good, E Math alright but I honestly could've done better, I think I invested too much time into my Chem and therefore did not bother much for E Math harharhar. Anyway. Chem was satisfactory, even though I lost all 5 marks in my paper to careless. How dumb. SS was a miracle like srsly yay hope I did Ms Koh proud because I really cannot be bothered with SS. Yup.

I anticipate the rest of my results to reflect rather badly on my progress in Sec 4 however. But wow, I've been Sec 4 for 2 whole months. Let us review. I think Sec 4 has been a really tiring year on a whole, and that there are just so many things from last year that I wish continued, I don't know. On a whole I've just been really like dead this year la. 10 more months to make this year count? Don't know.

Today, Loui told me about one of her seniors whom she was really inspired by because she was so happy and like everyone could see God's grace shining through her. I think that's really exemplary, and it's also really great, and yuuup its so nice to have someone who's so in tune with God and with God like that. I really want to be that kind of person, someone whom others can see God's grace shining through and to really know how great He is.
But really, I have a long way to go. Hmmm.

Haven't talked to you in ages, or at least it feels like it has been forever. Do you ever miss me?

Mmm yup shall stop here I am feeling increasingly upset i'm gg to print chords for tomorrow and sleep. Thank God though, for the new people He has placed in my life, even though it won't ever ever ever be the same.