Friday, September 21, 2012


Today was super hilarious so I must blog about it :-) before I start on bio! 

During recess today I was talking to Meggie and Jiayi about JC life and how we're going to be and stuff and it was super funny omg I laughed until I cried HAHAHAHAHA we were talking about how meggie's going to like scar some boys for life. BAHAHAHAHA. Love my two bbys they make my day :* 

School today was like running a freaking MARATHON like we had lit and then physics and then SS and then History and then more lit omg. I fell asleep during history, when Mrs Ng gave us a two minute break HAHHA I really couldn't take it anymore sigh. And then we had some two hour long lit session after school (in the LT. It was too cold then Mrs Choo adjusted the air con temperature to like 30 degrees omg what then it got super hot HAHAHA) HAHAHAHA crazy marathon. 

After that, walked to the staff room with Mrs Choo talking about random stuff HAHA. Studied there with Abi & Grace, teaching Abi bio and math and doing some bio myself until I went mad and started walking around aimlessly. Today was also Violate Carol Bear Day I swear everyone EVERYONE was doing weird things with her today ESPECIALLY GRACE SIM HAHAHAHA. My poor cutest teddy bear on earth.  

Went crazy right, so I took a walk around the school with Mrs Choo who was going around asking who was staying after 7. Talked some more, idk about a lot of random stuff like she asked me about my friends and all and we saw the handballers she was creeped about last week HAHAHA. Walked out of school with her too and she was reciting some Whitney Houston song lyrics with sexual connotations and she told grace & Abi I was singing dirty songs WHAAAAT HAHAHAHAH. Fun la (: going back next year before I start JC to help her do stuff yay! (: Ultra blessed because I have insanely amazing MG teachers like her (: 

Kinda done studying for bio! It's like 12.20 I planned to be asleep by 12 BUT ANYWAY HAHA okay I'm not worried because bio is like my best subject? But I CANNOT BE COMPLACENT and I reaaaaaally want to do super SUPER well for the mock test tomorrow. Okay, help me God to keep awake tomorrow! 
I think it's raining the thunder was super creepy but HOORAY RAIN. It's been super hot the past few days and I should go to bed mmh.