Saturday, September 22, 2012


OMGOSH okay I really need a break from lit. Just spent about 1.5 solid hours compiling and editing quotes for Camel! Which forced me to look at my book again HAHA I really can't be bothered to study lit but I should because I really want to do well. Anyway, after this I need to go and finish my essay on Gordon (note to self: change name of document. Currently it is "spider rapist!" before sending it to Mrs Choo HAHAHA. I think she'll just laugh at it though.)

Bought my ink from the bookshop for my stamps and I'm really happy because my stamps are so pretty now and I don't have to like manually colour my stamps with my black marker when I want to use them.
Lit this morning was like oh my gosh so horny HAHAHAHA. But it was hilarious I swear. Even though my class is like pure innocent and Mrs Choo is like not and I'm like the only one laughing er. HAHAHA. Love lit lessons, gonna miss them so much :')
English lmfao did so badly for mocks sighpie I really need to pull up my socks for english, I really shouldn't take it for granted that I'm going to get an A1 for English without trying. I think I need to start trying. If I can get an A1 for chinese, why not english right.......... Anyway sat at the back of the class with Jiayi talking hahahahahaha because Meggie wasn't here today!
2 hours of Math was spent doing an E Math paper 1 sigh E Math :( Really don't like doing E Math papers, BUT I FINISHED IT ANYWAY! :-) Okay yeah so I must really make it a point to practice more math. Which I don't, hah.
Went up to study for bio with Jiayi before the mock paper! The mock paper was alright :) I guess! :) Like it wasn't that hard but yeah. I really REALLY want to do super well for it. Hmm, we'll see!
Project (according to Charmaine who keeps correcting my pronunciation, its prah-ject not prow-ject because Project Care is a noun) Care food today was really good YAY (: Pasta! Really grateful for all the parents who come and cook for us, super sweet really :') and the food they cook are all sooooo good! YUM! And really thankful for the teachers who stay too :') Gonna really really miss them seriously.

THAT WAS ABOUT IT FOR TODAY I caved in and watched X Factor whilst doing a little bit of work in the evening before math tuition but yes I LUV X FACTOR I CANNOT RESIST at least I am super resisting Revenge.

Back to my essay on the spider rapist!