Friday, September 14, 2012

we don't say goodbye, we just say goodnight

Super super awesome week in school :))))) HAHAHA actually amazingly surviving on about 4 to 5 hours of sleep a day? PRAISE THE LORD :) Anyway, just a brief thing about this week before I go off to bed and wake up early, cuz I'm kinda tired now. Hm.

On Wednesday..... Oh yes we had our usual lessons in the morning, english being a particular mood-wrecker. She should be crowned the most insensitive person ever. Mmh. APART FROM THAAAT, lessons were pretty good. Mrs Ng wasn't in school so we sort of went through essays during class? I was trying to learn how to fishtail braid hair (I failed la aiya HAHAHA). Shelby made it look really easy though! Stayed in school to do work until my dad picked me up at 7! Worked with Nat, Grace & Abi (: Also, went to the meeting room to have consultation with some 4G girls and Mr Heng! Felt so enlightened after that HAHAHA I have no drive to study physics I want someone to sit and tell me about it meh.
Dad came to get me, went for dinner. Laughing at my phone at the dinner table because I was whatsapping crazy people HAHA seriously it was super funny k anyway.

Yesterday! Lit was hilarious la HAHAHA Mrs Choo sigh.
"TOUCHWOOD!!!!" *touches plastic teachers' table*
"That's not wood!"
"But Edlyn's head is too far."
Mmmmmh. HAHAHA.
Korean war SBQ test during history which was pretty hard. Meh. Had free time after that and I spent it reading lit essays and going around doing random stuff hah ok. AND CHINESE HAHAHHA okay I haven't finished my homework. Not like I actually do Chinese homework. Sorry laoshi. Heh. So I spent class trying to write my gonghan, but never actually going around to finish it. No drive. Heh.
After school! Did some lit, did some SS, did some history, went to kope Project Care food even though I didn't sign up yesterday, but they had extra sssoooooo.
Lit session with Mrs Choo aka my self-proclaimed (as in she proclaimed it herself) favourite teacher! Hahaha! Went through Nat's, Huilin's, Charmaine's and Sharma's essays! Plus Mrs Choo has this unlimited supply of chocolate idk where she gets so many from HA anyway. Hilarious things happened after that. Mmmh.
Went hooooome did more work :)

TODAY Lit in the morning. HAHA Mrs Choo was all awkward when Pittas walked in couldn't stop laughing HAHAHA. And then had english bleh bleh BLEHHHHHHH. HAHA. Okay I get really agitated during english. 2 hours of math. Killed. Me. HAHAHA I was pretty sleepy. As in I was tired......... But not necessarily that i wanted to sleep hahaha ok confusing nvm.
English mocks in the afternoon! I was so tired I couldn't think HAHAHAH I just finished my incoherent essay and slept for the last 15 minutes aaaah. The cheese bun during break was nice though :3 I'm gg to grow fat HAHAHA SERIOUSLY oh my.

OK gonna sleep now (: here's to more productive days ahead and I am SERIOUSLY going to stay away from blogging until Os (: maybe baccalaurette deserves a post but hmm OK Os HIT ME WITH YOH BEST SHOT

drew this yesterday when I got bored studying. 
really really in love with this song :* 

Wednesday afternoon/evening with these people :) 

tryna improve on my shit rushed handwriting HAHA

reasons why I'm gg to grow fat: stash of chocolates from Mrs Choo & Abi HAHA.