Saturday, September 1, 2012

longest day / teachers' day


A lot has happened the past week, and I totally need to blog it down so I can remember this for the rest of my life (recently I have realised how important and useful blog archives are, hence I need to record this dowwwn so I can look back at this next year or a few years later and laugh or something corny HAHA anyway)

Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday ok we got back our papers, and we went through them (of course) on Monday and Tuesday which wasn't all that exciting. BUT left school after 6.30 on all three days. On Monday, we had Teachers' Day Rehearsals, so hobo-ed at the back of the hall learning the longest day dance from Bern HAHA ok yeah. It was really fun dancing to Jai Ho because its a really jumpy song. Tried to sort out our Teachers' Day dance by choosing the appropriate songs, well, we googled a lot of different things to look for good songs, hm! Left after thaaat.

On Tuesday we had commendations, which was basically trying to work in school before commendations but I think that was prettty fail, and then trying to study SS during commendations, but that didn't work as well because I was too busy talking to Prata and Chris HAHAH. Also I had to be Cristina for a day and collect our certs HAHAHA. Okay but it wasn't as bad as I expected Commendations to be, mainly because I had good company and even if I didn't I would have been smart enough to have brought along something to do.

WEDNESDAY was fun FUN HAHAHA. It was actually a marking day for us, but we had dance at about 11? Yup, so I got to school at about 8.30 and did some bio. Saw Charis outside the staffroom (aka my perma studying spot in school because I love it there HAHA) as well. Managed to cover plant bio, before Ms Kek pops out of the staffroom and goes
"What are you studying?"
"So I guess this means I can't disturb you today....?"
"You need help?"
HAHAAHAHA so ended up befriending excel for an hour, collating project care forms. I suck at excel la Ms Kek had to teach me everything HAHA. I realised quite a lot of Sec 4s are staying back for project care which is really cool heh. I only did 4D and my class, because Ms Kek said I could leave the rest for Kimbo Steffi and Tessa who were coming later to help her as well.

Got a little more bio done before the Longest Day Comm comes and we all sort of sat on the floor and tied programme booklets HAHA outside the staffroom. It was quite fun tbh, talking and tying programme booklets! But apparently I slept badly and my shoulder blade region was cramping hehe thanks friends for massaging me HEHE love Nat and Grace :-) Tied tied tieeed, got kind of hungry.

AND so Mrs Choo comes out from the staffroom and goes "edlyn darling, can you do me a favour please I'm very tired k I'll give you chocolate later" YUP HAHAHA so had to walk all the way to LT2 (ok la it wasn't very far i was just equally lazy) to open it up for 2D AND GUESS WHAT They were already inside BAHAHAHA wasted trip HAHAHA anyway Mrs Choo got me food la hahaha which was good. ^_^ Tied a few more programme booklets before heading into the conference room where the other SLs were (They were concurrently learning the steps to Jai Ho, which we already learnt two days before so we didn't need to be there, and hence sat outside and tied programme booklets) just in time to start working on the rest of Jai Ho and coming up with the teachers' day dance! (When I say work on and coming up with I mean Bern does most of the choreo HAHAHAH THANKS!!!)

DANCE DANCE DANCE we finished Jai Ho which turned out magnificently :-) And then got started on a little of TD before we needed to vacate the conference room because the LD comm was going to start on their meeting. Went for lunch with Lisa, and subsequently TRIED to do work with Lisa and Pittas outside the staffroom (I told yoooo) whilst waiting for the LD comm to end their meeting so we could go up for TD rehearsals.

Spent TD rehearsals learning the TD dance which turned out SPECTACULAR too HAHAHAH I love dancing with the SLs so much, and our dances are so cray epic it's amazing. :') So essentially Wednesday was crazy a lot of dancing with the SLs, REALLY REALLY fun but REALLY REALLY tiring at the same time. Heh.

Thursday, LONGEST DAY.

BBCY before flag raising to dance to JAI HO! HAHAAH. Super super super fun, plus it was one of the last dances we would do together sighpie really sad. Okay anyway we had to practice because Mass Dance was right after flag raising, so we ran through it beforehand. Sweated like crazy in school u though :-( Oh well, flag raising lalalalala

Changed out to class shirt (SLs only la HAHAH because we had photo taking later on in the afternoon and it would be quite gross if we sweated in our uniforms) and headed to the sports comm for MASS DANCE!!!! So we basically were assigned to stand in front of some classes so they could learn the dance hehe it was really really fun dancing. OK this is the only time I will say that dancing is fun because normally I can't dance heh anyway.
Pretty cute watching Char and Keren dance too hehe :-) FUN TIME FUN TIMES after an hour of intense dancing, we went back to class for class time!

You see, yesterday our dearest form teacher wasn't in school so Mrs Ng came in and talked to us instead :-) HAHAHA aiya I sort of wished Mrs Ng was our form teacher instead but anyway. Typical Mrs Ng pep talk with lots of references to God and God's word and testimonies and her experience la it was really nice and motivational instead of the demoralising ramblings and whatever naggy things we usually get for times like these. Mmmh got back our progress reports. Didn't get what i wanted la tbh but its good because I'll work 10x harder for Os instead of getting complacent and stuff. LEGGGOOOO 9A1s.

Off to the chapel for level briefing! Watched the video about the buff dude doing the intense death crawl and had fun repeating whatever the coach said in the southern accent heh.

3 achievements you're proud of,
improving for prelims for some subjects tbh hehe i was really glad about that,
all the projects we've done in the course of our SLship, everything we've seen through from the start to the end and poured out our hearts and souls into
the friendships made, pleasures shared and lessons learned apace

2 things you'll miss the most,
how HOMEY MG feels. Seriously MG is like home I know the light switches the power sockets where a lot of things are and stuff like that, I really really really love it here and the environment is just so wonderful I LOVE MG OMG SOB k.
my teachers aka some of the best people ever i love y'all.

the most unforgettable memory (or something like that!)
lessons, even though they may have seemed routine and mundane at that point of time, I'll really miss sitting in class and stuff....... everyday things. :'(

Phototaking with the SLs!!!! HAHAHA pretty fun, did our usual no smile fabs face HAHAHA!!
Went back to class to change back to my class shirt and chilled for a while, waited for 12.50 to go to the audi for the briefing for longest to commence!!!!!!

SUPER GOOD ON THE PC, the opening was gooood! With the storybook and narration and everything and the storyline! Began LD proper with worship :') I love how MG always ALWAYS has worship during a big event, whooooo starting of LD really good! :-) And thennnn we got to play STATION GAMES!

Firstly we were given a list of questions to answer and we had to go to 4T and crawl under tables where they hung paper apples with like options to the answers on it. Some questions were really obvious, but for others you had to go into the crawly thing and hunt for it. Char and I were the first ones in and it was really claustrophobic it was like crawling through a maze ouch. HAHA.

Then we went to the huge gaping hole at the second level, between the corridor of the computer labs and the walkway that leads from the level 2 classrooms to the staffroom, looking down at the canteen and we had to use super long rafia and hooks to sort of hook up waterbottles from the canteen benches below in search of sort of a key card thing to unlock something where there was a hostage somewhere (HAHAHA OK SORRY) it was quite fun but preeeetty hard.

BBCY to paint our bit of the banner and for class identity!!! DOING CLASS IDENTITY WAS SUPER FUN because we basically just used these crayons that are sort of like face/skin paint in crayon form and drew on our arms and our faces (tribal and all). WHEEE had fun HAHA. like the small children we are.

Last station was walking around the school track! Of course there was a twist to it. We had to put on different shoes and each shoe implied that you had to walk with a certain walking style (boots - marching, heels - ballroom dancing, sneakers - shuffling). Char and I had the immense honor (LOL) of choosing the first pair of shoes so we had to walk the entire length of the school track AIYA HAHAHAH but ok it was fun all the games were fun!!!!!

TEABREAAAAK and the food was really good, partially because we were super starving. Went back to class and slacked a bit quite a bit of slacking HAHAH and then we practiced our class item, SEND IT ON! Yay i'm pretty good i could remember the lyrics to the entire song hehe Mrs Lau once called me a music nerd because i can remember lyrics well but that's besides the point anyway. Didn't go for the wet games, because I didn't want to get wet and because we were wheeling jiayi around in a wheelchair because she hurt her foot :( Oh dear.
Pretty awesome though Mrs Liow persuaded the general office ladies to let jiayi keep the wheelchair, and anyway Ms Kek returned it for us so all's good, love my teachers SO GLAD we bumped into Mrs Liow otw to the General office HAHAHA.

LEVEL PHOTO AFTER THAT HEHEEHEHEHE the super cool people forming the words "CLASS OF 2012" and Mr Ong taking an aerial shot that kind can't waittttt to see it :))))

Had another round of practice with the SLs in 4D before dinner time, because dinner arrived late!!! HAHAHA danced so much before dinner I think I burned off whatever I ate before I ate it hahah does that make sense anyway no la just exaggerating..... HEH. Dinner was really really really good! YUM YUM I didn't realise I was hungry until I started eating HAHA!

CAMPFIRE :))))) Okay so we had like sort of an intro thing, the Sec 1 video (YAAAYYY) and then the first group of class items! FUN TIMES BOBBING ALONG TO THE CLASS ITEMS HEHEHE everyone's was pretty high la compared to ours but ANYWAY
Don't Forget the lyrics!!!! Went up to play with meggie because it was either HSM or Disney songs and I LOVE HSM HAHAHA and I know the lyrics to every song for all three movies uhm yup because i had too much of a childhood obsessing over HSM HAHAHA but yup we got the last song in the end which wasn't a HSM song AND I KNOW NUTS ABOUT DISNEY HAHAHAHAH so iaya a bit fail but Shannon and Priyanka didn't know it either so it was okay HAHA!
MORE CLASS ITEMS, hmmm, okay campfire was mostly class items and watching the classes go really high and watching videos (HEHE Pittas and I made the videos HEHEHE) AND OH OUR MASS DANCE OMG OMG OMG
One of the last bits of the night was our MASS DANCE!!!!!! SO FUN the entire level dancing along to Jai Ho so enthusiastically (aiya I bet Ms Ho loved it when we went "Jai HOOOOO" HAHAHAH she was the one that suggested the song to us to do for LD HAHAH) AMAZING FUN OMG I love leading mass dances with the SLs :'''') LTC, Orientation, now this :')))))

I LOVE YOU CLASS OF 2012 ♡♡♡♡♡
In the end, guys, I'd want to be standing at the beginning with all of you. 


DANCE PRACTICE with the SLs for like the whole morning before assembly, again! Hehe. Ran through the entire TD dance once, and then some individual parts! Wet weather, so they changed the programme a bit! Returned to class and MAD RUSHED through Mrs Choo's present heh. 

Also Magsim made me SO SO SO ANNOYED this morning pissed off to sky high seriously ok but I won't talk about how she ruined my day. I certainly do not care about her, anyway, ran up to give out presents because the SLs had to go up to the holding room to change and prepare for our item. YUP managed to find everyone except Mrs Lau so was a bit :( because I was really excited to give her her present but its okay I found her after school HAHA anyway

Changed and went through the TD dance again and again, this time full dress and with all our props HAHAH the umbrellas and all, and it was fun, this is probably the millionth time I'm saying that I LOVE DANCING WITH THE SLs.
Headed back to the hall, just in time because the concert started :-)
The first item seriously just BLEW MY MIND HAHAHAHA. Okay so last night, Mrs Choo asked if I could bring my school u for her to school tomorrow and i was like ok sure, why? but she was just all thaaanks and she didn't tell me why so I didn't exactly know I just brought it UNTIL THIS MORNING, when the teachers put up and item for us
all of them wore our school u (except Laoshi and Mr Lim la omg that scene was hilarious Laoshi's shirt was half tucked in half tucked out like some act ahbeng i mean yeah that was their point HAHAHAHA and like Mrs Ang and Mrs Leong were gushing over them) AAAAAHHH ok moment of immense realisation.
and they started acting like US LIKE TYPICAL MG GIRLS OMG I laughed my head off and cheered my head off, what with Ms Su going like us when we want to skip PE when we have our period, Mrs Choo acting all rebel with shades and everything AHAHAHHA I LOVE MY TEACHERS SOOOOOOOOO MUCH OMG :')))))))
Oh yeah the skit was entitled "Nightmare on Blackmore Street" thanx guys HAHAHAHA.

Rest of the concert were items by the SLs and the PB, HAD SO MUCH FUN DANCING WITH THE SLS HAHAHA watching the video that Charis took of our last dance (omg so sad k) and you could totally see/hear the teachers laughing HAHAHA so glad :))))) Teachers Day celebrations were suppppperrrrr the bomb omg love MG

RUUUUUSHED back to SAPS, omg. They chased us out almost right after I stepped in to say hi to Ms Loh with Sidd dang. So we went for lunch, Ms Loh told us to go for lunch and then come back again and she'd come and get us, so we went to Macs, Sidd Byran Zhisheng and I.
Zhisheng was so queer omg Sidd Bryan and I couldn't stop laughing especially when we were walking to macs and he started chasing after birds (?!?!?!??!?!?!) HAHAHAHAHA we literally died and had so much fun with them though. Bryan's hair looks like a elvis presley's omg HAHAHA super funny. The rest started coming to meet us at macs, Justin (aka my bodyguard and my gentlemanly friend who will willingly do things when I ask him to HAHAHA yay!), Richie (aka the boy who ALWAYS rains on my parade) and Bels (meh. HAHAH jk love bels!) Had fun talking over lunch even though the conversation veered towards sick things sometimes and Sidd was the one to drive it back on track HAHAHAHA.
After we had lunch, went to pack lunch for Ms Loh and then headed back to SAPS where we hung out outside the robotics room because Ms Loh kinda sneaked all of us in. Oh yeah, Erwin, Chang Howe and Wei Kit joined us, they met us at the school gates hehe had fun just catching up and talking and laughing at each other :)))

Went back to Macs after they had to lock up the school, it was basically me justin sidd changhowe erwin and weikit HAHAHAH sidd goes: "five testosterone and one oestrogen" DURSHIT HAHAHAHAHA it was so fun talking to them though, always love how no matter how long we haven't seen each other it never gets to the point where its awkward, and I also love how they can laugh at themselves. We sort of spent the afternoon hurling insults at each other like the friendly and non-crude kind but HAHAH really admire that they can always laugh at themselves and never take things to heart :)))) Had fun a fun 1.5h at macs just slacking with the boys and laughing our heads off la :')

HAD A GOOD WEEK so I shall not let my wandering thoughts ruin it.