Thursday, March 1, 2012

outrun my gun

This is honestly the cutest thing evaaaar.

Heehee. Zac & Taylor doing their version of Pumped Up Kicks on Ellen :-) ITS SO CUTE OH MY GOODNESS if they get together I will ship them full on I mean they're so cute. Anyway ^_^ Megs watches this video and tells me "I forgot Zac could sing! :O" HAHA TROY BOLTON IN HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL (one of my guilty pleasures tbh if you knew me in primary school & Sec 1/if you know me well enough for me to confess this guilty pleasure of mine to you HAHAHA my love for it was pretty intense in the past)

ANYWAY TAYLOR SWIFT & ZAC EFRON (: Singing to pumped up kicks on the guitar whee! Hahaha anyway, had worship band practice for Chapel today in the band room in school and it was really fun because I learnt how to play the guitar a little, C, D, G & E Minor! I was quite pleased with myself and it was really fun just sitting there and strumming the guitar randomly, figuring out how to play the songs with the guitar + drum + keyboard hehe and just singing worship songs unto God! It was really fun :-)

Had Bandage rehearsals today as well! Stayed in the sound room and went damn intense with the lighting HAHAHA, like it was Cordi, Ms Ng and I being super super intense with the sliders that controlled the lights, trying to get cool effects and match the rhythm of the songs and all. It was so funny though, couldn't stop laughing.
Played around and took photos with Grace's camera and Cordi's DSLR as well, it was a fun night, although I was like super duper duper tired halfway through the night, and we had like no dinner, so we were kind of starving and tired and it was rather cold. Oh well, it was a night well spent in school. :-)

Came home and had dinner whilst whatsapping Jess :-) "our date over whatsapp!" HAHA because we were both eating and whatsapping each other, aww :* HAHA so I'm like here nowwww.

Lessons today were alright, I guess. Got mah Physics back, I actually scored higher for physics than chem brace yourself the world is gg to explode haha nah jk. Scored better for Chem paper-wise, but overall-wise, obviously I will do better for Chem right HAHA. Still rly satisfied w my physics, after doing not-so-well for my first class test. History was really disappointing, because I did know what to write and I had all the examples in my head, I think it was just how I didn't really bring my point across effectively and I didn't have much time to go into in-depth explanation, so I didn't do well. :'( Sigh. I hope this will serve as an appropriate wake up call, no matter how disappointed or discouraged I am because when it all comes down to it, its only Os that matter and I'm not planning to do History in JC. yeah well I don't take disappointments very well, I'm sorry I'm a baby I know. 

I'll stick to my sciences.

Anyway was rly quite upset and Chem was just meh too, but I got cheered up after recess bandage sales, talking to Nat and SAL and doing shift with Linh, & Rachel whilst playing this dubious ukulele that seemed to not belong to anyone, but we later found out that it belongs to Nat. But yes :-) PLEASE SUPPORT BANDAGE GUYYYS ITS FOR SUCH A GOOD CAUSE AND ITS GG TO BE AMAZING.

I'm really tired so I'm going to bed now oh gosh can't stand being so tired hahaha. I really want to sleep.