Saturday, January 28, 2012



So I am back from Ryan's! Before that, I will blog a paragraph about my week:
I'm quite glad that this week is a short week, really. School is tiring as usual, I have three tests all on Thursday next week and I need to spend the entire of tomorrow studying, I suppose. Sigh. IT KINDA SUX ESP SINCE ALL OF THEM ARE ON THE SAME DAY I have my physics + chem + history test on thursday and E math (I think) test on Friday omg plz kill me naoz.
Otherwise, Thursday and Friday were alright I guess, normal school days. Lessons, hanging out with Grace after infocomm on Friday, having an extremely bimbo morning trying to take a polaroid (which turned out rly well actually) with Mrs Lau, having homework dumped on us, etc etcccccc. Tiring ttm but guess we have to live with it. I can't wait to graduate. Actually no, I'll really really miss MG, but I want to graduate for certain reasons. Oh well. Maybe I'll blog those reasons down when I actually graduate. But for now, I'm gg to enjoy my time in MG. :')

TODAY! Went to my mother's boss's house for some CNY gathering lunch thing, had 2 popiahs and Kueh Lapis my ultimate weakness for lunch! Stayed there for 2h + it was quite boring, I was just playing Scramble with friends on the iPad with my brother...... Yup all because I forgot to bring my book. :-(  Left for church after that though!
Worship! OH HAPPY DAY HAPPY DAY, YOU WASHED MY SINS AWAY! Sing that during chapel sometimes, its a cute + good song (': Message today was alright, I think it was really what I needed hahaha. *refers to message notes* Today's message was titled His heart, my heart and essentially the repititive question being asked was "Is God holding your heart?" and I think it was really just wanting to let God take control, and be like the center of everything we do, and that really everything after that will fall into place because God really does care for us and He loves us and everything. & His grace is so wow! Also, when the pastor prayed for me, there was this one sentence that went something along the lines of how she prayed I would seek after God's love, and God's love is something human love can never match up to because its so great, and yaaa. I think that's what I've been doing. I mean, of course I will still want love from other people because I am needy like that, but I think what that meant was that God will always be there to pour forth His love for us. So yup, I guess that's what I needed. (':

After message! Talked to Bella who was being a queery like she usually is. Seriously she gives the QUEEREST comments about everything. Perv. HAHA. Thennnnn yup took polaroids w my prince <3 + my two bimbos LOL :-) WENT TO RYAN'S AFTER MUCH PREP
Hung around there with Heidi taking pictures and eating gummies & listening to Tianyi tell some stories about random things. HAHAHA whilst waiting for the rest to come back w Ryan because they were stalling him! HAHAHA pretty funny trying to find a place to hide to surprise him. I think he sort of knew about the surprise but it was good fun anyway! GOODBYE RYANNY YOU (& your hair omg I really want to take a picture with him when he's bald, I think it'll be rly funny HEHE ^____^)
So the rest came back and dinner was served! Spent the rest of the night eating + sitting on the couch and talking and taking pictures with Jess my hamster prince, & Krissy. Talked to Joel & Tze Jun too hahaha they were quite funny.
"Do you find it hard to talk to boys? (cuz I'm in a girls' school)"
"Errr, I'm talking to you now?"
Anyway, my hamster prince did really weird things with my phone like tweet nonsense to herself, whatsapping herself, and omg Instagram ("how do you take a picture" "press the centre button (I meant the "Share" thing)" *presses home button* HAHAHAHA WHAT). And there was this period of time when Jess + Krissy + Weiren just started singing Disney songs HAHAHAHAH. A whole new world, Mulan songs, little mermaid songs and, er, Dora the explorer? HAHA. But it was a good time spent nonetheless, really good food & good company & must really thank Ryan's parents for being so nice HAHAHA we are forever going to his house to eat food (LOTS OF IT) and do stuff hahaha!
Had a great night, mah hamster prince waited for the bus with me even though her's came first (awwww. Initially she was willing to walk to the super far 176 bus stop HEHE I love my prince <3), bus-ed home with Xyn Yee and I was practically BRAIN DEAD ON THE RIDE HOME hahaha but it was fun anyway! (: Talked and stuff. (:
but yuuuuup really pray Ryanny + Yong Quan + Yong Xiang have a good time in army!!!!!!!!!!!! And that God will protect & guide them all the way aww gonna miss them and their hair HAHAHA. (':

OKAY TO BED, need to wake up early to study tomorrow lesighz.