Saturday, October 6, 2012


Hello all, quick post about today before I head off to bed! :-)

Today began like any other day, did work in the canteen with Nik (Grace came later than usual) before going for assembly! Dirty canteen tables are probably the only thing I won't miss about MG. Heehee.

Lit first thing in the morning! Mrs Choo went through our mock papers (which I did well for even though I didn't study and my last topic sentence was flimsy THANK GOD really want to do exceedingly well for Lit) and did some more stuff....... Don't remember HAHA but I'm really going to miss lit lessons. Mrs Choo has actual stickers that say "You have seen light" that she stuck on our mock papers oh my goodness HAHAHAHAHA. It was adorable and hilarious at the same time.

After lit was English but as usual we took about 10 minutes of English which is yay + stood outside class talking to Mrs Choo for another 10 minutes about my handwriting and idk other random things and how she wants to monitor my handwriting heh = double yay!!!!! Spent English talking to Charmaine anyway so. Idk what she was doing but ah well since when was I ever aware. Okayyyyy.

Recess with Keren Char Andrea & Kristin because my idiots weren't in school today :-( hmmm. But it was fun anyway, they're the most adorable & hilarious bunch HAHAHA spent time in the bamboo courtyard trying to come up with cool rhythms and making some plans for after Os, :-)

Math math SO MUCH MATH I am behind Mrs Tee's math schedule and I intend to make up for it I AM SO BEHIND ITS TERRIBLE HAHAHAHA okay I've really been neglecting my math but I cannot be too complacent about things. So, she returned us our mocks which I didn't do too badly for but I could have done way better. And then after that I rushed out an E math paper 1 in like 45 minutes HAHAHA for fear that she will reach my index number and check my work HAHAHA. YUPPP

SEA history test after school today idk I felt terrible during the test and my hand felt weird and for the first time I couldn't finish my paper and my handwriting was SHIT I'm so sorry Mrs Ng sighhhhhh ruined my mood quite a bit......... :/ the SEQs were easy though, sticking to my trusty independence questions!!!!

Spent the rest of the afternoon with my beloved juniors :') first I attempted to teach Kris about the cardiac cycle which I hope she understood!!!! HAHAH it was pretty hilarious though, anyway it was like revising so it was good too :-)
Went down to eat!!!!!! Love Project Care food, thanks so so so much to all the parents & teachers who put in so much effort getting/making food for us :') I luv errythinnnnn.
Went up and played heartattack with Qi & Elinor & omg I don't know her name ahhhh I feel so bad I MUST FIND OUT. I kept losing okay and they kept laughing at me, we laughed until our stomachs hurt OMG but it was so much fun :') halfway through the game Qi decided that going "HEART A-TTACK!" Was cursing ourselves because we wouldn't want a heart attack so we changed it to "A1!!!!!!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHHA OMG DYING HAHAHAHAHAH.
Love my juniors so much :') they made a point to vandalise my hand before I went home.

Fun times, can't believe next week's the last official school week. I love MG too too too damn much, I don't think I will every be ready to leave. MG's home, and that's that. Friends are home, juniors are home, my teachers are home. I LOVE YOU GUYS TOO MUCH I CANNOT sigh :'(

Shall ignore the shit feeling and go to sleep. The prospect of graduating + other things. Well.