Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Saturdays :-)

Tried to finish off my teachers day presents in the morning before heading off for tuition, which evidently failed quite badly la huh HAHAHA. I'm going to get them done by tomorrow omg!!!!! Aaaah ok I finished making all my cards, all I need is to write in the content which won't take me more than an hour, but I have two major gifts that are really require effort HMMM I can finish one but the other one, well. Hmm, ok anyway.

After tuition, typical chinese tuition, wrote a bzbd and all, went to KFC to pack the brother's lunch, and to Subway to get my own lunch ^___^ Got home, ate and packed up and got ready for church! Dashed off whoooo!

Always look forward to church :-) Sat with Hammy for a bit before service, Grace came this week! Felt pretty bad because I had to do duty and leave her alone for quite a bit but I'm really blessed that I have super nice church friends who are hospitable so that was great :))))
Worship was whoooo pretty good :))) even though I was doing ppt, so I kinda lagged a bit HAHAHA but it was all gooood! Message was pretty good too, Elder Vincent was really funny and his stories were really relatable. TO BE A BLESSING TO THOSE AROUND ME ok that's pretty easy but hard at the same time k what am I talking about but yes gotta try!!!!!
After service, Hammy kinda went a bit cray cray with the Filipino & British accents HAHAHA but ok it was fun. Not a lot of people were eating dinner, so I just decided to take 188 with hamz. Ryanny was at the bus stop so we took the bus together! Fun bus ride talking about quite a number of things la :))) Hehehe love them.

Packed dinner for brother and I again, and yup scanned in all my polaroids and all that LALALA ITS ALREADY SUNDAY. I'm going to start studying for Os from tomorrow onwards :))))) been talking to Sidd for the past two hours about primary school friends (all of them were commenting on my post and Sidd and I had a concurrent convo discussing about all of them when they commented HAHAHA) AC and I'm pretty won over!!!!!!

We'll see we'll seee

Next week's going to be pretty exciting what with Longest day and Teachers' Day!!!!!!!! I'll see if I can blog but I probably will too fun not to :)))

Going to end off with a photo of my hamster and I ok bye :)