Tuesday, February 19, 2013

today was the last day of our slack timetable, but it was good fun because after math lecture on composite functions and weird graphs and weird set notations, plus an admin-filled half-block civics, we went down to celebrate the jan-feb bbs' birthdays :-)))

cheesecake!!!! we cut too many slices so we used the remainder for cake smashing HAHAHA I got so much cake smashed on my face cake was in my nose and on my specs and ew HAHA
but it was good cake. 


the awesome class, thank God for giving me such cool classmates :') 

A LOT A LOT of stoning in school today while waiting for the CA interview in the late afternoon zzz but I'm done with all my CCA trials (hopefully i get into something hopefully i get through council interviews I REALLY WANT COUNCIL OH MY GOSH anyway) 
it was a good day spent, the first half of it at least! :-)