Thursday, February 7, 2013

HH05, 14S03S

orientation was intensity, but I had so much fun + the OG was really really cool, I'm really starting to miss them arrgggh :-( it's okay, OG breakfast tomorrow :-)
I have no photos as of now because they - namely, Adriel hasn't - haven't uploaded the photos yet grrr :( but I will update this post once the photos are uploaded yay! had war games yesterday, that was pure intensity, fell down in the muddy marymount field a lot + wore muddy socks mmm. wrecked my old pair of school shoes HAHAHA it was filthy.
danced our hearts out, sang our hearts out, cheered our hearts out. Loved Orientation, so so blessed to have been through the whole process of it all, blessed with an amazing OG, and thankful to have been placed, of all schools, in Raffles. 4 years ago I wouldn't have imagined that I would ever step foot in RI, but I'm sorta glad I did, as much as I miss MG.

today, we got our class allocations, BCML REPRESENT! We played a few icebreaking games with our Civics Tutor (haha he's pretty funny) and our classmates, and I think I have pretty nice classmates! Aaah I hope they don't judge my weirdness sigh. 2 truths 1 lie, which was quite interesting to come up with. Settling admin matters in class. hmmmm.
14S03S (or, 3S hahaha I think we have a really good letter of the alphabet)
after that we had a really long break in between civics and our first bio lecture (the first lecture of my life) and we just hung around in the canteen for about two hours.... Got bored after finishing my food and walked around the school with Kristin :-) Really really missed Kris, and I'm thankful for someone like her in RJ whooo! Love you girl :* sat in the noisier side of the library (the library is HUGE and it looks really good btw HAHAHA + there is a movie watching corner, we were sitting there) to talk hehehe :')
went for my first bio lecture with Natalie, new classmate whoohoo! she was so excited about her new set of zebra pens & mildliners HAHAHA. We jumped straight into the syllabus right after the lecturer gave an intro of As bio and our teachers and the assessment mode, resources and whatever. I was like whoaaaa okay but it was a pretty good lecture! I don't think I'll regret taking bio, even though I still want to do physics HAHA but its okay because I like both :-)
had four talks back to back for the next 3h!?!?!?! I just kinda drifted off halfway hahahaha sat at the back of the PAC catching bits and pieces of it while whatsapping the boobs & Mrs Choo & the OG HAHAHA. Mmmm well.

Chem + lit lecture, and then rushing back to MG because I end early! I end at 11.30 but we're only allowed to leave school at 12.30, some school rule thing. hm. :(
OH WELL, homecoming :')