Sunday, February 17, 2013

thus far

I haven't blogged in a long time (by my standards, anyway), but it's essentially been CNY & lectures-only-timetable-schooldays.
It was so good to go back to mg on friday and not feel a tinge of awkwardness going around the school, seeing so many familiar faces, meeting my lovely-beyond-compare teachers & juniors. Watching TDD rehearsals + bandage auditions, aaaah super super nostalgic.
feels like home.

CNY day #1 polaroid w the brudderboy :-)
side note: I ate so much during Chinese New Year, I am still disgusted with myself damn. 

hunting around for new stationery - two mildliners, one purple and the other deep yellow, and two 0.28s yay
also, found the silver linings novel, I was happy hapz papz :-) still reading it now, but I think I should finish age of innocence first, ngahhh. 

DIY phone cases are fun 

picnic with the class in the HP canteen hahahaha, it was a lot of fun, a lot of good food, a lot of abuse (MRT gaaame) and a lot of nonsensical chats with the classmates :') 
14S03S :') 

w the boob in the train after take 5! 
which was pretty fun, apart from getting all sandy. 

cuties today at sunday school :-) 

MY NEW JANSPORT - in bright pink (:
my old one has served me very well for the past 2+ years.

my favourite kind of dinner.

growing fat, gotta seriously watch what I eat. back to the holiday diet!
super sleepy, three lectures tomorrow + a lot of briefings + chorale auditions HAHA worth a shot!