Sunday, February 10, 2013

we have really relaxed timetables, at least until the 19th of February, when our actual timetables kick in.

On Friday, I had two lectures. In the morning, we had about an hour of break time before our first lit lecture, so hung around with the class in the canteen talking and comparing people to celebrities HAHA. God has super super super blessed me this year okay, like I have an amazing OG + my class is super cool. I have no complaints, no regrets.
First lit lecture of my life! Our lit teachers seem pretty nice + getting an angmoh teacher for victorian lit = YAY HAHA. The only bummer: Lit diagnostic test the following Monday, our next Lit lecture. We're analysing poetry ughoihsaoghwu I suck at poetry :-( Boo. Had a short break before math lecture, so went down w the class to get some food (queued up for the waffles @ 7/11 hahaha well apparently the ones at the RI cafe are nicer)
Maaaaaath ok I was pretty huh when they went through the definitions of functions but I managed to understand after that HAHAH I was q proud of myself after the whole lecture. Spent time with part of the OG, Hong Teong Derrick Yeeting & Audrey before going off! slacked outside 7/11 HAHAHA and made them walk me to marymount gate when I was leaving school :))) HAHA.

homecoming ♡
I've missed MG SO MUCH HAHA even though it's only been a week. Mrs Choo brought me into the staffroom, needed to settle the deco at the buzz area aaah! It was q funny because rachel (she was an ex student! and now she's relieving at MG hahaha I just met her on Friday hahaha) was freaking out over singing for the CNY concert. & she was like "Mrs Choo help me sing with me!" and I was like "haha she can't even read chinese". Sal & grace came totally drenched after that because it was raining so heavily HAHA. Love how Mrs Choo's the SWC yay yay yay we had like brownies & cheesecake & milo & cookies brought to us yuuuummms. super love the MG teachers and how they're always so concerned about our wellbeing.
chilled a lot, tried to do deco. ate super a lot too HAHAH but finally put the deco up after a while!!! hung around school for a bit. my phone was super dying so I basically camped at Mrs Choo's table charging my phone for like half an hour whilst whatsapping her HAHA, her table's a blind spot or something. perf hiding spot! talked to grace & Mrs Lim before leaving school, aaah how I love MG :') feels so so so much like home.

here is a photo of my fave og @ marymount field pre-war games (essep faqih's eyes are closed)