Monday, February 4, 2013


orientation is TIRING oh my goodness HAHA. what we did today, in lists because I'm too tired to write in proper paragraphs but today is a blog-worthy day.

1. 1.5 hours of SND dance oh my gosh dancing in the moonlight is freaking hard to learn + I'm not a natural at dancing so it's like *flails arms around random and attempt to look like I know exactly what I'm doing when I don't, not AT ALL.* I CANNOT REMEMBER ANYTHING.
2. learning the institution anthem tbh i miss the MG school song with loooving hearts and joyous song we sing to MGS and tell the fame of that fair name for we can do no less we hope that we may honour bring and heaven ever bless our school the fairest in the land our own dear MGS. I miss MG. I do I do I do. 
my favourite part of the instituition anthem is the last line that goes "with God to guide the way" and I was like whoaaaaa. HAHA. 
3. SND song! learning our batch song, which was q well written whoohoo had fun singing :-) 
4. house hour! The HH cheer is damn cool HAHA like in raffles they take cheering & houses 109504902815098521 times more seriously than we do in MG HAHA, but it was q fun learning all the cheers and stuff :-) House hour was cool. 
5. lluuuuunnnchhhh we started with forfeits HAHA so we made guys propose to guys and lame stuff like that. I miss the good camp food that MG always provides like MG provides damn good food but here, we don't get very good food but it's still food and I'm not a picky person SO WE SHOULD BE THANKFUL ANYWAYS!
6. we learned school cheers. I still feel a bit weird cheering for raffles hahaha. anyway it was q cool how they started off with an affirmation for the JAEs in the unfamiliar raffles environment. 
7. THIS. MEANS. WAR. (interhouse games HAHA)
7a. we went to the marymount field first to play something like capture the flag. basically, hannah, joelle, malcolm, derrick & I just ran around "defending" HAHAHA. we always get to the attacking team after the action's over and their center person is tapped and they have to go back to base, stuff like that HAHAHA. It was siao okay like some of them were SO rough, but it was fun nonetheless, we ran around aimlessly looking for people to uh, tap. HAHA. not bad HH finished second for this game :-) we tried to do attacking but we realised that it was worse than defending so we were like ok we're going back to defending HAHAHA. it was fun, we were q retarded HAHA.
7b. ok we sucked at this game HAHAHAHA it's like dog and bone and there was a lot of cheering and basically everyone was running around and sliding and cheering I was like hoaihgouwhg for this game because i was tired HAHA. 
8. stooooorylliiiiineeeee 
9. clean up!!!!! and a lot of stoning around
10. watching the rest of the OG play basketball + talking to cecilia, yeeting, fengzhuo & audrey, all of whom are very socially awkward but it was v cute HAHAHA + whatsapping Mrs Choo who was laughing at my JC experiences HAHA. 
11. dindinz with the OG!!! when our pizza finally came, and then we played a lot a lot of random games it was a really fun night :))))))