Sunday, October 27, 2013

Saturdays :-) 

LOUDFART @ West Coast Park

6 years and counting with this girl, ngehehehe (': 

bimbos reuinted
I mean look at your face, grace. (grace why the face ha hahah ahaha) 

went back to clarke quay for the second half of the play.
walked around looking for dinner with si, and eventually settled at medi-ya in liang court. lux viggy and weiqi came and joined us at about 8+.

the end of the play was alright :-) (fang and maddie came shortly before the play started)
the fun was after the play, went around adventuring at clarke quay :--))) it was a really good experience, how often do I find myself at clarke quay at 11pm at night?

jedis, robin and harley quinn.
there was a halloween party going on (so yeah there were a lot of people there last night, scary and disturbing - one guy had his pants down um.)

Today @ second service,

realised how much i really realllyyy miss hammy :-( hehehe. I love you, finally took a picture after months and months (5ever) 

random cupcakes i saw by the counter at breadtalk :-) 

here comes the op week.