Wednesday, October 23, 2013


right in the middle of an incredibly trying week.
all I want to do is sleep, tbh.

After months (weeks) of slogging over our WRs, we finally, finally submitted them on Monday. Here is a mandatory victory shot with a few of my favourite people in JC with our 200 page thick WRs (we spent 138 bux printing the two copies on thicker paper. we guarded our WRs with our lives) 
I'll say this again - that I couldn't and wouldn't have asked for a better PW group. Si, Ben, Ali, even though we are not the most efficient, or the quickest workers around (evident from how long we take to get things done and move around etc), you guys are wonderful company and incredibly understanding individuals :-) Thank you for all that y'all have done for the past few months, I really really really appreciate it. 
I love you guys, we're almost at the end, just a little more to go.

Result of baking on Sunday - banana & berries-flavoured-yoghurt muffins with lemon cinammon glaze. Fruity indeed. They turned out wonderfully, except for the fact that the glaze melted when I brought them along to school so it became gross and sticky after a whole day out of the fridge, in my bag /sigh/

(gah I look p bad in this photo but ah well mrs lau looks good, making up for my fat cheeks hahaha)
headed back to mg on monday afternoon with the intention of grocery shopping @ kap with grace, and then going back to mg to pack & distribute happy Os packs to our dear juniors after their english papers. Didn't think we'd bump into each other - I saw her walking down the hill when I was on the bus HAHA - after texting and trying (to no avail) to find a common time. 
yay managed to catch up a little - if only for about 10 minutes whilst grocery shopping for her dinner. Still thankful :-) I love you, remember that you deserve the world.

my arms are still aching from badminton yesterday, sigh.
Tried doing some PT drills with the classmates yesterday on the mph stage after PE. 
This is ejaz doing like 20 crazy sets of planks and push ups. I died after planking for less than a minute, I don't know how he does it hahaha r e s p e c t

how to sleep in the lt (spending all my hours in school wanting to sleep) 
simon ang needs to stop insulting the size of my eyes because his aren't very much bigger
+ saying the same things as me at the same time, I don't owe you any more coookeeee dammit :-((((

as if this photo is an affirmation of how small my eyes are, sigh
(I don't think they were open in this photo, but there wouldn't be much of a difference, would there)
 anyway say hello to my PLOGS PIGS aka the smallest and bestest subcomm for orientation 2014 :---) I love how these people love food so much tbh, our weekly breakfasts HAHA. Excited to spend more time with them as orientation progresses, thank you guys :-)
We had work day today, so we took this photo HAHA + interhouse games were kindav intense BUT FUN! had a good work day, even though I was intensely tired through lectures and tutorials and whatnot.

2 days left of our crazy normal timetable - and a play for LJ with the class on friday night hooray :-)
gotta think of games & shirt designs for camp, camp comm meeting on sunday aaahhh! anyway i'm glad my fave stepboi's coming for camp this year too :-)